I have always felt a very heartsick feeling of something wrong or something not just right with this world as it was but had no Idea.That being said it was not until 2 years prior to 911 that I got my first computer then 911 the event happened that I finally let the Genie into my boxed mind and boom it was like every question I new I had asked myself, now had to be answered. Very quickly in my Awakening I think everything I new or though I new became a lie in a sense and had to be proven or disproved. Having injured myself on the job in the early 90’s I was on complete disability and feeling a lack of purpose.So you guessed it I went at it full speed firstly by reading book on thing that should have been read in high school but were not From the Art of War by Sun Tzu to Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler to Communist Manifesto by Carl Marx to Protocol of Zion by Unknown Author Russia 1903 to Modern Money Mechanics by the Federal Reserve Board and many many more. Throughout my reading it became more and more apparent that a faction of society that has been responsible for all the most barbaric part of our history from behind the proverbial curtain so to peak and as far back as our so called known history goes and are still now trying to take total control and forever,this time. There in there End Game and Humanity had better wake up and wake up fast and everyone must do there part in spreading the word of the TRUTH and stopping this insanity once and for all time to come.