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THE SKULL AND BONES: The Order of Yale secret ally of the Illuminati

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Safar 1431H / January 2010

SkullBones secret occult sect 322

The Association of Yale secret ally of the Illuminati

“The Skull and Bones is just the club’s elite, establishment (establishment). Thus, while President of the United States have gone to Yale was a member of Skull & Bones “

“Last year (I graduated from Yale), I became a member of Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret in fact that I can not say more. I’ve made 14 new friends. “ GW Bush, With God’s help, Paris, Editions Odile Jacob, 2000, p. 76

The Skull and Bones (literally ‘skull and bones’) is a secret society of Yale University in the United States. This group is also known by the English under the names “Chapter 322 “ and“Brotherhood of Death” (“Brotherhood of Death ‘). This is the first secret society that has emerged at Yale, under the leadership of William Huntington Russell in December 1832. In the late 19th century, it is one of the most prestigious American secret societies, with “Scroll and Key,” “Wolf’s Head”, “Book and Snake” and “Berzelius”. The “Jason Society” (or Jason Scholars-) is the elite of about Yale.

Some companies honor located in other universities have obviously been inspired by the Skull and Bones or have a similar prestige, its members being recognized as the elite by the students. Examples are the “Cap and Skull” at Rutgers, the company “Bishop James Madison” at the College of William and Mary or the “Iron Arrow Honor Society” at the University of Miami.

There are other companies named Skull and Bones at Pennsylvania State University or Vanderbilt University, but these are just clubs of alumni who have, besides the name and logo, absolutely nothing to do with the original Skull and Bones.

The Yale College is just an extension of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria founded in the 18th century by the disaster Adam Weishaupt . All circles globalists (Trilateral, Bilderberg, CFR, Pilgrim Society, Atlantic Council, Bohemian Club of San Francisco, …) are only the outer circles of the Order of Yale, one of the most important “core leaders “ tyrannical subversion, across the planet. World domination is their major concern. The crest is that of “Skull and Bones” (skulls and bones) which was also on the uniforms of the SS NAZI HITLER. The number 322 is a tribute to Adam Weishaupt. Funded by the family Rothschild , the Order of “Illuminati” was created by Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany. Being born on February 6, 1748 into a Jewish family and converted to Roman Catholicism, he became a Jesuit.Freemason, having separated from the Roman Catholic Church, he was heavily involved in the practice of witchcraft. He died November 18, 1830 in Gotha. It was November 18th the 322nd day of the year.


William Huntington Russell, Samuel Russell’s cousin, studied in Germany from 1831 to 1832.Germany was then a land of new ideas. The scientific method is applied to all research on human behavior. Samuel Russell, cousin of William Russell, is a leading protagonist of the Opium War. Of American citizenship, he is the founder of Russell & Company in 1813, which would compete in the 1820 British rule on drug trafficking towards China. One of the prominent members of the association was Warren Delano Jr., grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Prussia blame the defeat of its armed forces against those of Napoleon in 1806 while his soldiers are considered the best in the world. Thus in 1817, German universities are creating a new type of educational system based on principles still apply today, prepared by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, in his “Address to the German people” , says children must now take the reins of government. His professorship at the University is taken by Hegel, who taught there until her death in 1831. It is with him that the German idealist philosophy after Kant peaked.

Germany has secret societies composed of students. William Huntington was thus initiated in one of these student societies. Back at Yale, in 1832, he created with Alphonso Taft society of Skull and Bones. The term Bones proves to be the body of a chapter in a German university.

In the early 18th century, all American universities, whether it’s Harvard, Dartmouth, Williams, Bowdoin, Middlebury or even Amherst, were founded by Congregationalists. But they faced competition from Presbyterians, prompting the president of Harvard, Increase Mather, to act. In 1701, he left his position and created a new university, “so that the interest of Religion be preserved, and that the Truth be transmitted to future generations.” With the help of ten ministers, nine in Harvard he able to found the Collegiate School of Connecticut. In 1711, Isaac Newton, Richard Steel and Elihu Yale were contacted to transfer books from their personal collection to the new institution. Contacts with Yale, became extremely wealthy through its activities in the East India Company and as governor of the colony of Madras, were particularly fruitful. Generously funded university, which pays tribute to him by taking his name from 1720, Yale University.

Links with the Congregationalism would ensure Puritanism in education and the operating mode of Yale. Students and teachers must take the profession of faith as they enter the facility, and would be expelled if their sincerity was questioned. To add Puritanism a fierce elitism: students are classified upon arrival at Yale, not according to their capabilities, but the social position of their parents. Top class, the son or grandson son of governors, vice governors. Then come the family members of judges of the Supreme Court. A lower in the ranking are the son of former students and pastors. Back of the pack, the son of farmers, merchants and artisans. This ranking determines the place assigned to each student in the classroom, the chapel and canteen. Yale became the ideal-typical example of an institution that produced the elite and its internal hierarchy. Decommissioning is usually caused by a breach of discipline, and sanctions the fact that the student has tarnished the honor of his family.Added to this rather unusual mode of operation the license explicitly given to older students in hazing, or to bully and humiliate students of lower classes. The regulation provides a series of measures to ensure compliance with the most arbitrary hierarchy, based solely on age. Lyman Bagg illustrated in a book, four years at Yale, published anonymously in 1871, how he analyzed the mechanisms established by the institution. These authorized practices showed, he said the “enormous power” customs “of the school in creating a temporary madness that turned weak men into cruel beings and good men into beings without mercy.”

This tendency to elitism, brutal hierarchy and Puritanism encouraged the students to the late 18th century, to create several associations parallel to the university. This is initially literary associations, such as Linonia and Brothers in Unity. All the students were urged to adhere to one or the other organizations. This is not elitist enough for those who want a strict reproduction of the new“aristocracy” U.S.. In 1780 the branch of Alpha Phi Betta Kappa organization is based at Yale.Several other companies emerged at that time: the Beethoven Society, the Hexahedron Club …Gradually, the literary circles lost their importance, replaced by secret societies, most elite and more closed. The mid-19th century, they number three: Skull and Bones (Skull & Bones), the Scroll & Key (Scroll and Key) and Wolf’s Head (Wolf Head). Meanwhile, the faculty of Yale decided to follow suit.

It is difficult to ascertain the circumstances of the creation of the secret society. This would initially a reaction to the exclusion of a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eleazar Kingsbury Forster. Outraged by the process, and willing to give new vitality to Yale, William Russell had condemned the Phi Beta Kappa, housed Forster and founded, with thirteen other Yale students (including Alfonso Taft), a more secret and stronger , originally called Eulogie Club, named after the Greek goddess of eloquence. Under the influence of a recent trip to Germany, Russell included a great number of references in the Germanic ritual. In 1833, the young members adopted the skull and bones emblem. At the same time, the number 322 became the “key figure” of the organization. It is indeed in 322 before Jesus Son of Mary what the Greek orator Demosthenes died. According to the “tradition of Skull and Bones”,the goddess Eulogie went then to heaven, before falling in 1832 and joined the secret society. Tall tale!

Quartermaster General-THE-FALLS-the-Skull-and-Bones.jpg

Since 1832, at Yale, fifteen juniors are beaten each year by their seniors to be initiated and integrated into the group the following year. They say each initiate receives $ 15 000 and shows a grandfather.Far from being a sort of fun house whose activity would be reduced to only years of campus, the group then maintain close relations to promote the success of its members worldwide post-graduate.

The operation of the organization is now better known. Fifteen members are recruited each year, allowing us to estimate that about 800 the number of living members of the organization at any given date. Mentored by older members, fifteen new impétrants meet twice a week for a year to discuss both their lives, their studies or their career plans. Debates on political and social issues are also held.Once a year, the company organizes a retreat in Deer Iland, a large island in the St. Lawrence River, near New York, which was built a stately club with the English, according to the will of George D.Miller, a member of Skull & Bones and generous donor of the residence.


In his book The United States Secret Establishment , Anthony Sutton denounces the ability of the Skull and Bones to establish chains of influences vertical and horizontal, allowing for continuity in their plan to dominate politics.

The Whitney-Stimson-link Bundy represent the “vertical chain”. WC Whitney (1863), who married Flora Payne (of the Standard Oil Payne dynasty), was secretary of the Navy. His lawyer was a man named Elihu Root. Root engaga Henry Stimson (1888), as he left law school. William Howard Taft, 27th U.S. president and Bonesman also engaged Stimson as secretary of war in 1911. Later it became governor-general of the Philippines. Hollister Bundy (1909) was Stimson’s special assistant and a key man in the Pentagon symbol of Satanism during the Manhattan Project. His two son were also members of Skull & Bones: William Bundy (1939) and McGeorge Bundy (1940) were very active in government affairs through their positions in the CIA , the Defense Department and the State Department, and as aids special to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. They thus had a significant impact on the flow of information and espionage during the unjust war in Vietnam. William Bundy went on to be editor of Foreign Affairs, the influential quarterly of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). McGeorge became president of the Ford Foundation. Two other families of Bonesmen very influential were the Harriman and Bush . Averil Harriman (1913) is considered a “wise” within the Democratic Party. His brother Roland Harriman (1917) was also an active supporter.

The presence in the organization of the most prestigious American families is obvious. Lord, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhaeuser, Pinchot, Rockefeller , Goodyear, Sloane, Stimson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush , Lovett and so on. The Skull and Bones is just the club’s elite, establishment (establishment). Thus, while President of the United States have gone to Yale was a member of Skull & Bones: This is William Howard Taft, George HW Bush and George W. Bush. Likewise there are countless of personalities members of the organization who have been, then, important functions in the political, diplomatic, media, or even intelligence. In 2004, the U.S. presidential election two members opposed the organization, George Walker Bush and John Kerry.Yale could not lose this election!

Eventually you know, the unjust war against Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, Somalia, and the rest of the world, to continue in 2008 by the pin Obama to the present.

The organization has important contacts in the diplomatic field, particularly within the Council on Foreign Relations . For example, Henry Stimson, Secretary of War Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, Averell Harriman, and J. Richardson Dilworth, manager of the interests of the Rockefeller family satanic , were members of Skull and Bones. Members of Skull and Bones also played some role in the media world. Henry Luce and Briton Haden, members of the organization since 1920, would include the idea of creating the Time magazine at a meeting in “the Tomb”, the headquarters of Skull and Bones, located on the campus of Yale University and named Averell Harriman, in turn, founded the Today newspaper in 1937 which merged with another magazine to become Newsweek.

Connections within the CIA are particularly impressive: William F. Buckey, ultra-conservative member of the Agency and notorious propagandist, was a member of the association, as did his brother, James Buckley, Under Secretary of State for Security, science and technology, in the government of Ronald Reagan , a position where he oversaw the granting of assistance to U.S. military plans right destination.Hugh Cunningham (Bones 1934) also had a long career in the U.S. service from 1947 to 1973. This is also the case of William Bundy, Bonesman of the promotion in 1939, and Dino Pionzio (Bones 1950), head of the CIA station in Santiago in 1970, where he worked to destabilize the government of Salvador Allende.


The Illuminated of Bavaria, though they did not last long (1776-1785) nevertheless had a considerable influence on the policy that led to the fall of Napoleon in Bavaria and the reunification of Germany then. This influence has manifested itself through secret societies who used new methods of Adam Weishaupt PAWN AND UNDER THE ORDERS OF JESUITS VATICAN . However, there was a change of course. On the internationalist and egalitarian, some old became enlightened patriots and elitist. Before the invasion of the territories of the future Germany by Napoleon, it was fragmented into more than 300 states, cities, bishoprics, etc.. The Napoleonic Wars would motivate older who reconvertirent illuminated in the fight against the French occupation through new secret societies like the Tugend-Bund and the Black Knights. Just like Weishaupt had understood is by focusing on youth that can change things. Thus the university professors put feet on the kinds of lodges (chapters) in the breasts of German universities. The influence of these companies was instrumental in the downfall of Napoleon. The money came from, among others, people like the Rothschilds who were becoming increasingly powerful. Here’s what this diabolical Mad Asylum escapee Adam Weishaupt said: “By this plan we shall direct all mankind in this manner. And by the simplest of ways, we will do everything in fire and flames. The occupations must be so arranged and distributed, we could secretly influence the political transactions. “ You understand that it is inbecause of these two men Aleyster Crowley and Adam Weishaupt as many demons men have seen the light, Satan (Iblis) let him be accursed at any time before the resurrection to turn men away from Allah’s path, so be careful or you étez my feet.

But beware, do not believe that the Skull and Bones secret society is the first of its kind to have existed within American universities. Indeed, 5 December 1776, students of William and Mary College founded, long before Russell and Taft, a secret society, the Phi Beta Kappa. A second chapter of this company was formed senior at Yale in 1780, 53 years before the creation of Skull and Bones.

In The Cyclopedia Of Fraternities, a genealogical table of all the Greek fraternities of colleges in the U.S., shows Phi Beta Kappa is the source, the parent of all systems of fraternities American high schools. There is a line between Phi fraternity at Yale in 1780 and the Skull and Bones in 1833, and through other companies of seniors, but “only at Yale” as the key and the Scroll and Wolf’s Head. Phi Beta Kappa are the first three Greek letters for “Philosophy Biou kubernetes” or “love of wisdom, the helmsman of life.” At the symbolic level and found in both fraternities: a skull and a boat.

John Robison, a Scottish stonemason , came back in the order of the illuminati but after discovering what was afoot, published in 1798, a book called “Proofs Of A Conspiracy”. He sent his book to all the kings of Europe but was hardly heard, if at all. The Skull and Bones has indeed inherited, certain practices and especially methods of illuminati . The resemblance between certain rituals described in “Proofs Of A Conspiracy” is striking. Robison describes the initiation ceremony of the “Regent degree” of Illuminism in Bavaria. In this ritual “a skeleton is placed close to the insider, whose feet are extended to a crown and a sword. He then asked if this is the skeleton of a king, a nobleman or a beggar. As he can not decide, the chairman of the meeting he said that “the only important character of the man.” But in the sanctuary of the Skull and Bones, one can read, in German, “Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, Bettler oder Kaiser? Ob Arm, ob Reich, im Tode gleich. “, Meaning” who was the fool, who was the wise? The beggar or king. Poor or rich, we are all equal in death. “


Skull and Bones AND Nazi

One member of the organization Skull and Bones, Prescott Bush was managing director of Union Banking Corporation (UBC) which helped to finance the coming to power of Adolf Hitler .The business relationships established by Bush in 1923 continued even after the war started. However, the U.S. bans on trade with the enemy (Trading with the Enemy Act) following the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, shares of UBC, including those of Prescott Bush, are entered October 22, 1942.The government notes that Bush’s bank “manages the benefits of the Thyssen family (Fritz Thyssen was the personal banker of Hitler) and owned by nationals of a certain enemy nation.”Prescott Bush was denounced as a collaborator. He still retains his position until 1943 with the supportof the lawyer Allen Dulles, the man who later CIA. the death of Fritz Thyssen in 1951, shareholders of Brown Brothers Harriman & get their money back. Prescott Bush received $ 1.5 million for his share in UBC, he gives his son, George Herbert Walker Bush, to engage in the oil

skull bones bush

Following are the wars and the division to better rule the world by setting up their factory, army, and especially their pagan worship of civilizations disappeared, on this, the Qur’an refers numbers of stories of great civilizations worshiper propagating evil False God on earth, who were Sprayed by Allah, this is after being warned many times to quit and return to the worship of Allah, by the unique message of all prophets, and Allah does not love not the makers of disorder, finally after all these real data, what do you think will happen to the American headquarters of the Illuminati and its 51 th state of Israel Zionist sect against Allah and the Irresistible Force More Impressive in ?



“The Past Some Troubling Franc Masons: The Bush Family Hadolf brought Hitler to power! “


“Book of Antony Cyril Sutton major on Skull and Bones, Adolf Hitler … “