12 Things We’d Say about Health
If It Weren’t for Lawsuits

Disclaimer: Only a doctor can diagnose and treat disease. Consult with your physician before making any significant health decisions. Be wary of published articles such as these. These are not statements we are making as fact, only as things we would state as fact if we had no fear of being sued.


1. Conventional doctors are egotistical, brainwashed drug pushers who know nothing about health.

Yes, there are some good doctors out there, but unfortunately doctors typically don’t know anything about health. Their expertise lies in disease management and whatever the drug companies have told them.

2. Alternative health doctors and practitioners with their potions, herbs, creams, and supplements are typically no better than conventional doctors.

You may think that OLM is all about the alternative medicine practitioners. While we do feel that the best doctors in the world practice alternative medicine, we prefer a holistic naturopath who understands how the whole body works together. You can’t fix one symptom and/or one organ while ignoring a toxic lifestyle and expect the body to work right. The biggest problem with doctors of both the conventional and alternative varieties is that they tend to think that their one area of expertise, be it drugs, surgery, herbs, or chiropractic, is the answer to everything. First and foremost, if you want to be healthy, you need to adopt a natural, healthy lifestyle. And if your doctor doesn’t address this, he or she’s not the doctor for you. It should be noted that most doctors who say they take a holistic approach do not, and they still have a lot to learn about what really is a healthy lifestyle. You’d be surprised to know how many doctors don’t even know what essential fatty acids are (they think they do, but they don’t).

3. Complementary alternative medicine is for people who can’t make up their minds.

In most cases of complementary alternative medicine, the “alternative” part is so weak and’ half-assed” that there would be no positive results without the conventional medicine. However, with the conventional medicine, it’s extremely hard to get anywhere with alternative medicine because you are too busy adding chemicals to your body.

4. Medicine is very rarely used to restore health.

Whether it be alternative or conventional, medicine is typically used to cover up symptoms so that one can go about a toxic lifestyle unhampered.

5. Health and fitness are not the same thing.

Look at Lance Armstrong! While he is a remarkable man, and a hero in many respects by most standards, he had to be in extremely poor health to get cancer. Health and fitness can go very well together, but they are not synonymous. Powerbars, gelpacks, protein powders, creatine, Gatorade, and caffeine are not healthy.

6. Healthcare in America and most of our modern societies is all about illness –
not about health.

It’s about treating and managing illness. The goal is to make patients feel good enough
to carry their illness through their toxic lifestyles. When is the last time you heard of the
modern medical establishment coming up with a cure for anything?


7. The majority of supplements sold are ineffective.

Synthetic vitamins, fillers, undigestible minerals; the list goes on. Forget buying quality supplements at your local drug store, GNC, multi-level marketing sources, or even at most health food stores. At best, most supplements are weak and ineffective. At worst, supplements are toxic and actually cause deficiencies.

8. Vaccines do more damage than good.

This article is not here to argue whether or not vaccines can eradicate disease. But there are too many vaccines, they contain toxic ingredients, and they are damaging the health of our children. It’s out of control! Why more people don’t see this is absolutely amazing!

9. Pharmacies are the unhealthiest places to be.

There isn’t anything healthy at a pharmacy!

10. There is a cure for cancer, diabetes, and most of the other illnesses plaguing us today.

The cure is a natural, healthy lifestyle. Raymond Francis says it best, “There is only one disease, cell malfunction. There are two causes, toxicity and deficiency.”

11. You and only you are responsible for your own health.

The easy part is accepting this. The hard part is undoing the brainwashing most people have had. Health is much simpler than we make it out to be. Eat mostly raw, nutrient dense foods as free of toxins as you can find. If most of your diet consists of raw fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown properly (in rich soil), you will prevent almost every disease plaguing man today, and eradicate most as well.

12. Ignore the top disclaimer. That’s only for us not to get sued.

Note: Please remember, the entire list, including number 12 is what we would say only if we had no concern of lawsuits, but we do. OLM

TRUTHTALK gave a copy of this to our doctor and the look on his face said it all.It was like we had knocked down the big stigma wall from around the DR title and brought them down to earth so all could see them for what they really are failures at curing diseases. As for the trauma side of medicine today’s doctors are phenomenal If only we had,had a Camera…I also asked him how long they studied nutrition in Med School and he answered about 9 hours.We asked him to counter our claim that today’s doctors treat symptoms and not the root causes of the ailment. He could not…

Mandatory Vaccinations

Who Owns Your Body?

Mandatory Vaccinations

   If you think the U.S. Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to refuse a compulsory vaccination program, think again. It never has. Mandatory vaccination laws date back to 1809, giving states and municipalities the right to enforce compulsory vaccination under police powers, which are designed to protect the public health and safety. Children are required to be vaccinated to attend day care centers and schools, young adults are required to show proof of vaccinations to attend college, and soldiers must submit to vaccinations required by the military.1
Currently exemptions are allowed for medical and religious reasons. Some states allow exemptions for philosophical or moral convictions. But what will happen if we face a public health emergency—real or contrived? The governor, the state board of health, or the state health officer may expand compulsory vaccinations for children and adults in response to bioterrorism or a pandemic and can choose to levy fines and/or force quarantine for those who refuse.

   On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the flu pandemic alert for the influenza A virus H1N1 (called Swine Flu) to a level 6, the highest level. WHO’s July 6th update reports 94,512 laboratory confirmed cases and 429 deaths worldwide. The United States of America reports the highest number of cases with a total of 33,902 laboratory confirmed cases and 170 deaths. To clearly see the increase rate, compare these numbers to the CDC’s July 24th update report of 43,771 cases of novel H1N1 in the United States and 302 reported deaths.

Drug Profits

2 Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO’s Director General,reports, “…the overwhelming majority of patients experience mild symptoms and make a rapid and full recovery, often in the absence of any form of medical treatment.”  So far, the pandemic is of moderate severity, though this could change. “The virus writes the rules and this one, like all influenza viruses, can change the rules, without rhyme or reason, at any time.”  Severity can also vary from one country to another due to many factors.
Though most of the severe and fatal infections were reported from adults 30-50 years of age, the majority of cases in areas of “large and sustained outbreaks” have occurred in people under 25.

   Dr. Chan warns we are still in the early stages of this pandemic and that countries who have seen a peak in cases should prepare for a second wave. She also states, “I understand that production of vaccines for seasonal influenza will be completed soon, and that full capacity will be available to ensure the largest possible supply of pandemic vaccine in the months to come.” 3
Influenza pandemics can indeed result in widespread morbidity and fatalities. We have only to look back to the pandemic of 1918-1919, the Spanish Flu, which infected one-third of the world’s population and killed 50 million of the approximately 500 million it infected.4 (Wikipedia and the CDC 5 state that the number of deaths could have actually been as high as 100 million). Many died within hours of their first flu symptoms from virulent pneumonia. The Spanish flu was a H1N1 Influenza A subtype, as is the current Swine Flu (or novel H1N1),4 though the current pandemic flu is obviously a less virulent strain.
If you follow news reports on the current pandemic, you will notice nearly every report reminds us that a vaccination is in development and will soon be available.
Though the historical and legal precedence was already in place for mandatory inoculations, fears of an avian flu pandemic

early in this decade set government wheels in motion. President Obama was one of five senators to introduce the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Act in October of 2005, a bill that was not passed. However, the fear of an avian flu outbreak and the looming threat of bio-terrorism did result mandatory vaccines

in recent laws that further pave the way for compulsory vaccinations if the government declares the need while holding the drug companies harmless if death or illness results from vaccinations: The Project BioShield Act of 2004 (S. 15) and The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act (2006) are two examples.

   The Project BioShield Act further erodes safeguards for safety of vaccinations by expediting and streamlining the approval process in case of a health emergency. The three main components of Project BioShield are:

  • Ensuring that resources are available to pay for vaccines and other drugs
  • Speeding up NIH research and development by authorizing NIAID to accelerate the normal contracting, scientific peer review, and approval processes
  • Providing new emergency-use authorization for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical treatments that have not been formally approved and licensed 7

   The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act allows the Health and Human Services Secretary to declare an epidemic or disease to be a national emergency. The current pandemic has been declared a national health emergency and anti-viral drugs which have not been approved for young children will now be allowed due to the emergency. Some believe this act allows the HHS secretary to mandate vaccinations. The language is unclear. There is no question that HHS purchases the vaccine, stockpiles the vaccine, pays the states to distribute vaccines, decides who will first receive vaccines, and so forth.
A level 6 pandemic is characterized by the person to person spread of disease with community level outbreaks, in at least 2 countries in

more than one WHO region. The level system does not take into account severity or mortality.6 The United States has declared the pandemic to be a national emergency. The question now is what criteria will be used to mandate vaccinations?

non GMO project

   Let’s face it, there is so much government corruption going on with the whole GMO business, we may never get our government to label GMO foods. They don’t want us to know what we’re eating! If we knew, maybe we might actually take back a little power. You know, choose not to engage in the biggest scientific experiment of all time!
So if we can’t get a label that states a food includes GMOs, how about a label that says it doesn’t?
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization, a “collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, processors, distributors, farmers, seed breeders and consumers.” Their mission is to ensure we have a choice, that we are able to purchase and consume non-GMO products.
In order to use this label, products must be thoroughly tested by approved third party sources. This process is currently in the start-up phase, with testing underway and labeling to follow. Brands that have enrolled in the program to carry the Non-GMO label include Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Lundberg Family Farms, Eden, New Chapter, and Nature’s Path. Recently, Whole Foods jumped on the bandwagon with their Whole Foods product line and their 365TM product line.
Watch for the label; it should be hitting the shelves in the fall. www.nongmoproject.org

Details – News

Issue 9 | September 2009

   We applauded when the Obamas told Americans they were planting an organic garden at The White House. Now we wonder why they didn’t just ask Monsanto to plant their latest GMO seeds.
President Obama appointed Thomas Vilsack, former governor of Iowa, as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Vilsack, a well-known supporter of GMO crops, was voted Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization and was the founder and former chair of the Governor’s Biotechnology Partnership.  He is credited with the proliferation of industrialized hog farming in the state of Iowa, putting tens of thousands of independent family farmers out of business. And it was well known that the Biotech Governor of the Year enjoyed the use of a Monsanto private jet during his governorship.
Former Monsanto advisor Michael Taylor has been appointed as a senior advisor to the FDA commissioner on food safety. The Organic Consumer Association reports Taylor has been “moving through the revolving door between the employ of GMO-seed giant Monsanto and the FDA and USDA” for the last few decades. The Association credits Taylor with the FDA’s decision to approve GMO organisms under the GRAS ruling (generally recognized as safe) and for “ushering Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) through the FDA regulatory process and into the milk supply — unlabeled.”  The Association says he also authored more than a dozen articles criticizing the Delaney Clause, a federal law (now overturned) that prohibited the introduction of known carcinogens into processed foods. Taylor is now reported to be the leading candidate to staff a new White House Food Safety Group.

Food Safety

   The Organic Consumer Association also reports that Dennis Wolff, the Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary who is also a dairy farmer using rBGH, is rumored as President Obama’s choice for the Under-Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety. The association warns that Wolff spearheaded Pennsylvania state legislation to prevent labeling rBGH milk and dairy products contaminated with Monsanto’s (now Eli Lilly’s) bovine growth hormone.
Safe food should be a fundamental right guaranteed to every citizen. The FDA is supposed to protect our food supplies, not cater to big business interests. Check out the Organic Consumer Association’s website for more details. OLM