• There maybe others so brave but I haven’t found them yet)Natural news posted a article a couple a months ago about Big Pharma threatend to prosecute any website posting fillers and ingrediants of the vaccines. So i feel there is at least several reasond why the ingrediants are so hard to find:

  • 1-if the masses knew what was in each dose they wouldn’t take it

  • 2-they don’t want us to know because they want to kill us

    Here is the list:

  • 1-aluminum hydroxide

    2-aluminum phosphate

    3-aluminum sulfate

    4-amphotercin B

    5-animal tissue;pig blood,hosre blood,rabbit brain,dog kidney,monkey kidney

    6-chick embryo,chicken egg,duck egg,calf(bovine)serum,betaprop­iolactone

    7-fetal bovine serum,formaldehyde,formalin,ge­latin,glycerol

    8-human diploid cells(originating from human aborted fetal tissue)

    9-hydrolized gelatin,mercury thimersol,thimersol,merthiolat­e

    10-monosodium glutamate(MSG),neomycin,neomyc­in sulfate,phenol red indicator

  • 11-phenoxyethanol(antifreeze),­potassium diphosphate,potassium monophosphate

  • 12-polymyxin B

  • 13-polysorbate 20

  • 14-polysorbate 80

  • 15-porcine(pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein

  • 16-residual MRC5 proteins

  • 17-sorbitol

  • 18-tri(n) butylphosphate

  • 19-vero cells

  • 20-A continuous line of monkey kidney cells

  • 21-washed sheep red blood