Twenty-sixth Warning, October 20, 1987

‘The souls I love so much do not comprehend that ‘the despot’ has possessed their hearts, he has locked them in a prison made of scandals and corruption and evil of all kinds.  Self-obstinacy and hatred has enchained them to evil.  They are not aware of the pain they cause me.  My revelations do not penetrate their minds.  They do not wish to humble themselves, repent and ask for forgiveness for the blood that has been spilt for them.  I have come to recuperated what has been lost.

If they would repent, I would offer them a safe haven in the blanket of my Mercy, but if they continue living in corruption, there will be no Mercy; all the nations of the world will drown in tears, there will be mourning as a consequence to their actions, earthquakes, floods and all sort of illnesses never seen before.  This poor humanity is blind and deaf in front of my Love warnings.  I want to insist on this and ask:  Why don’t you meditate and pray more?  The air is corrupt, sin has invaded all things.  What pain!


          In the above historic photo, Pope John XXIII signs the Constitution Humanae salutis on December 25, 1960 thereby convening Vatican Council II. Angelo Roncalli was elected Pope John XXIII barely two years earlier. No one expected more than a transitional papacy from the 76-year old pontiff. Yet in January 1959, just a few months into his office, he announced plans for an Ecumenical Council to overhaul the Catholicism.  He opened the Council–popularly dubbed Second Vatican Council–but saw it through only the first session. As much as it is identified with John, he died June 3, 1963, before half of the Council was over and any of the documents had been promulgated. On his deathbed, John XXIII is rumoured to have said:“Stop the council!”, but his successor Pope Paul VI continued the council which was to change the Catholic Church so much that has become barely a reflection of what it was before.

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Humanity has totally integrated itself to Satan. The priests are numb, quiet and not concerned at all about any wrongdoing.

Open Satanism In The Vatican?

          Please notice the picture above with an upside-down cross. In his article, The Kingdom of Satan, Professor J. S. Malan says this about the inverted cross . . .   “This cross is not broken, but turned upside down. It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel of salvation. Inverted symbols are typical of the opposite values pursued by Satanists. People who are sometimes sacrificed to Satan on Black Sabbath are crucified upside down in accordance with this tradition.”

“…even now are there many antichrists…” —1st John 2:18.

               It is easy to find Satanic websites and occult stores where you can purchase all types of items with inverted crosses. The “Upside Down Cross” symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. Necklaces are worn by many Satanists. It can often be seen on Rock singers and their album covers.”

               The “Bent Cross” is a grotesque emaciated depiction of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who died to provide salvation for those who belie   ve in Him. This scepter is used by the post-Vatican II Popes on many occasions. Its occult ramifications and connections cannot be disregarded.

Pope John Paul II with frontal view of the Bent Cross.

“They allow all profanities to go on and step on Me.  I beg them to open their eyes before it’s too late.”

          This uncanny image was captured in Poland during a ceremony commemorating the 2nd anniversary of John Paul II’s death.  Some people are calling it ‘a miracle’.  .  .  Some others are looking at it as:‘Are these the cleansing fire flames of Purgatory, for it couldn’t be eternal damnation.  .  .  Your advice?

           “Let them know that when the time to reflect and repent is over, the arm of my Justice will inevitably fall on them. (In other words, no matter what hat you wear, even the crowns the world bows in front of,  you will get what you have earned.’)

           I ask, repeating my request without rest, so that all man listen to my warnings and come back to Me.  I stretch my arms, hoping to embrace all those who repent.  I bless you.”

          ‘In God’s Name’ a book written by David A. Yallop as an investigation on the murder of Pope John Paul I – who ‘died’ only 33 days after his election – makes these words of Jesus: ‘The souls I love so much do not comprehend that ‘the despot’ has possessed their hearts, he has locked them in a prison made of scandals and corruption and evil of all kinds.  Self-identity and hatred has enchained them to evil’ take shape in a ominous and true to facts Vatican horror story.  Yallop, a Roman Catholic himself,  initiated his investigation because of a petition from people who resided within the Vatican who were not only shocked with the Vatican Bank scandalous affair, but very concerned about the cover up of the true circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Pope’s corpse, thus, since the very start he received innumerable and valuable insider’s“leaks.”  In the course of his three year impeccable and exhaustive research he discovered that there existed a net of corruption composed of outstanding figures of the financial, political, criminal and clerical worlds, who had ‘maximum interest’ in getting rid of the Pope John Paul I.  Yallop concluded that Pope John Paul I had indeed been murdered.

            Among other things because, Pope John Paul I in spite of his humble and gentle persona had decided to stop this corruption on the but and had already started to investigate the involvement of the Vatican in the Calvi banking scandal and the methods of running it by its president cardinal Paul Marcinkus, the masterminds of this scam were members of “P2″, an Italian branch of the IlluminatiThe night he died he was finalizing changes in the Vatican’s hierarchy, planning to excommunicate 100 top-ranking Vatican officials who were ‘P2” Freemasons. So, I guess, they felt they ‘had to kill him’.  At the time, 1978, membership in the Freemasons was still ground for excommunication in the Roman Catholic Church Canon Law.  Several of these Freemasons as Cardinal Marcinkus, Cardinal Jean Villot of France and Cardinal Cody of Chicago, were co-conspirators in the Vatican Bank scandal, in which 2.4 billion US dollars were embezzled from the bank, having been funneled into “dummy” Panamanian accounts.

John Paul I shaking hands with Cardinal Sin of Philippines only three hours before his death–quite obviously in the pink of health.

           Only a few hours later Pope John Paul I, pope for only 33 days, was pronounced dead of a “possible myocardial infarction.” Could it be a “possible overdose of ‘Digitalis’?* It seems that no one really wanted to know what really killed him as an autopsy was forbidden.

*Note –  Nostradamus saw this situation clearly in the 14th century. According to his prophecy, twelve cardinals induced the recently elected Pope to have dinner with them to examine the banking scandal situation; to see where he stood on it, and when they found out that he was set on a deep cleansing.  .  .   ‘The one who ‘wears the Great Cape’ will be induced to examine a situation.  At dinner the twelve cardinals will stain the tablecloth with a murder, murder that they will have to commit.’   Quatrieme IV. 64. (‘The Era of the Antichrist’ page 142 available at www.booksthathelpus.com andwww.amazon.com )

Nobody knows exactely what happened to John Paul I.  It may have happened that the ‘red hats’ involved in the Masonic P2 and the banking scandal dropped some Digitalis in his food or drink and got rid of him. Many members of “P2″ – the secret Masonic society to which Calvi belonged, as well as many Cardinals who are still “P2” members to this day – carry with them a fatal dose of ‘Digitalis’ – so they can kill someone or commit suicide instead of “spilling the beans.”  The reason being that all the members of “P2” know many things about each others’ criminal dealings; including those committed by high persons in the Italian government, and in the Vatican. Digitalis, being organic (from the foxglove herb), is not traceable in the body.  It’s used to treat congestive heart failure, by making the heart pound harder.  Obviously, an overdose causes a heart attack.  But being organic, it is completely digested by the system almost immediately, though its effects take two to six hours to take effect.  Without a thorough examination, death would appear to have occurred through a massive heart attack.
Subsequent to John Paul I’s murder a few interesting things happened:

           Karol Wojtlya was elected Pope and became John Paul II in 1978. He reversed Roman Catholic Church Canon Law in 1982 so that membership in the Freemasons was no longer grounds for excommunication from the Church of Rome.  John Paul II “sat” on the banking scandal, until several European nations threatened to sue the Vatican bank for default on their money.  Ronald Reagan – who first introduced in one of his speeches the term New World Order’ – bailed out the Vatican Bank with $300 million of “discretionary CIAfunds.”  (Either tax money or illicit CIA drug money.)  Ronald Reagan also signed a Concordat with the Vatican in 1983.  His reward?  Possibly the Roman Catholic vote in the 1984 election.

            Seeing all this corruption will indeed help anyone to understand better the pain and the words of Jesus,

            ‘The souls I love so much do not comprehend that ‘the despot’ has possessed their hearts, he has locked them in a prison made of scandals and corruption and evil of all kinds.  Self-obstinacy and hatred has enchained them to evil.  They are not aware of the pain they cause me.  My revelations do not penetrate their minds.  They do not wish to humble themselves, repent and ask for forgiveness for the blood that has been spilt for them.  I have come to recuperated what has been lost.”

Twenty-seventh Warning, October 21st 1987

‘Pray for humanity.  I want them to listen to Me.  I am bending over this earth.  I am making Myself visible after many of my warnings.  I am sending many signs.  My heart is bleeding of pain.  .  .  The wrath of God is over them!  The cup is overflowing.  There are just a few good men.  I give you my words so that you spread them out.  I command you to listen to Me and do that.

            I am pleased that my good servant has begun the Masses of reparation.  This is the time to let the people know and speak to their conscience.  I want them to know because I love them. 

The world is full of terror.  Satan has possessed the souls and this sinful humanity doesn’t want to repent, this is why these warning must be heard in every place in the world.*

*Note – It is probably this message of Our Lord that moved Monsignor Milingo beyond fear of self-safety to choose a place as the Fatima Conference, where he knew was going to be not only thousands of people, but the world press, to announce that there are formal Satanic practices going on at the Vatican.

I know you have done what you can, but there’s need to let them know that this is the Last Hour. 

Masonry, directed by a raging Lucifer, their patron*, has a plan utilizing every evil that can be imagined to do great damage to earth. But I am powerful enough to meet my goals, much more than humans can comprehend.  The evil they do is powerless against Me.  I bless you”.

*   On the June 29, 1962, hardly a week after Paul VI was elected, a black mass was held in the Vatican, at the church of Peter and Paul , to enthrone the fallen angel Lucifer as its chosen head.

Twenty-eighth Warning, October 22nd 1987

‘I have suddenly manifested because I’m troubled by the sins of humanity.  Many are still far away from me and my divine Will in their heart.  But I love all; I love even those who hate me.  My great pain is to see my own.  .  . They spit on me, as if I had never come to the world to redeem it, as if I didn’t exist. 

Woe to those who degrade my words!* They take upon themselves a great responsibility. 

*Note –  To degrade Jesus’ words is a ‘modern common practice’ of the ‘modern Gospel’s interpreters’ who ‘want to make His words more ‘comprehensible’ to people!  i.e.  Jesus says: ‘Not only of bread leaves man alone, but also by the Word of God.’ meaning exactely what He says, that ‘the Power that moves the Universe, moves the Atom, also moves you, thus you can be sustained by It, if you Know It, by being in contact with It’ for It is the Source of All Life.  This immense Quantum/Spiritual statement has been translated as: ‘Not only of bread leaves man alone, but also by ‘every word that comes out of the mouth of God!   The word ‘degrade’ that Jesus is using means exactely that, ‘to reduce anyone or anything to a lower rank, degree, in this case, to take power away from a word by reducing its original power connotation to a powerless one .’

“Look at the World through my Divine Light.  Then you will comprehend what causes all destruction is self-identification and pride.  If besides these two elements they harbor hatred, prejudice and rancor in their hearts, what can be done for them?  I wish to save tem all. ‘I bless you’,

          I wish to remind you here that we are now living in a unique time in history, in which the choices of one single generation are going to determine the glory or destruction of the whole human race.  In other words, we are like a bridge to heaven of to hell.  So, let’s  not just ‘read’ the messages of Jesus, let’s  assimilate their content and become His helpers to preserve all we cherish, and transform ourselves into the unlimited Beings with unlimited Potentials of Being that we were meant to be.   And – please hear me well – this is NOT a question of religion, but a question of the survival of the human race, of Beingness, of learning the Science of Being and learning how to Become Immortal by overcoming our ego-self identity.  For the first time in recorded history – or at least the first time in our relative knowledge of what life is – we can actually choreograph our life as we like it to be, fore we have the power to preserve or destroy all life.  Let’s start right now to look at the World through the Divine Light!

Twenty-ninth Warning, October 24th 1987

‘I have been pierced by innumerable swords, but I will forgive all those who repent.  My blood is being poured out in its desire to suppress the corruption of the world.  I warn this world that is creating so many horrors that they are incurring in a tremendous retribution. The thin thread that separates it from the abyss is ready to rip, because many do not want to hear my call; at this point there will be no way to salvation.

As I said before, the souls that I love so much do not comprehend that their hearts are possessed by Satan, he has locked them up in a prison made by scandal and malignant corruptions of every type.  Hatred and imprudence has chained them to evil.  They are not aware of the pain this causes me.  My approach and My words do not touch them at all.  They do not want to humble themselves or repent. In any case the greatest pain for me is to see those consecrated to Me offend Me.  If they want to save themselves they must repent and accept the redeeming Grace of the Blood I spilt for them.  I wish to free them from their darkness.  I will shelter them in my Mercy’s blanket only if they repent.

If they continue living in corruption, there will be no Mercy, (The Law of Cause and Effect works relentlessly)  there will be only tears, morning, earthquakes, floods and all sorts of illness.  These poor souls are blind and deaf to my Love call.  The air is contaminated and sin has invaded all souls.  The hands of men are armed, and great retribution will fall on them.

I love them; this is why I am giving these warnings before is too late to repent.  More meditation is needed.’    ‘I bless you’,       

Thirtieth Warning, October 25th 1987

            ‘I’m calling humanity with all my Love.  My heart is pierced by blasphemies and mortal sins of all types!  The world has joined Satan!  I want these sins to be eliminated by meditation and actions of reparation.  The world is auto-destroying itself!  Italy is being prepared for its destruction and the expansion of an atheistic consciousness; corruption has reached its limits in.  .  .    They are considered responsible of many non-Sacramental unions, because they have granted this licentiousness.  This is terribly sad for Me.  They have lightened many small fires such as this, which are as contagious illnesses that flood the souls contaminating them. 

          The same Romans will betray Rome and all of Italy.  Many spies and traitors will renege of their own country.

          My own consecrated ones offend Me and spit on my Presence in the Holy Sacrament of my Love.  They commit profanity and renege of Me!  They do not believe in my Mystical Body and do not even have anymore the will to believe.  How much pain! 

          Many of my churches will be devastated and ransacked, my Sacred Body stepped on.  Many refuse to serve the Eternal Father and have fallen out of Grace.’    ‘I bless you,’