Egypt 2008
These very rare and precious images are each a portal,
intentionally created to embody and transmit the energy of
the sacred sites.  Egypt is home to some of the most powerful
and holy temples on the entire earth.  May these photos bring
love, understanding and remembering.
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Khufu, The Great Pyramid of Giza
Rare interior shots of the Great Pyramid.

Passageway into Queen’s Chamber

Grand Gallery

Sarcophagus of King’s Chamber

Khafra, The Middle Pyramid
Mana refers to this Temple of Divine Feminine as “The Black Pyramid”.  Since cameras are forbidden inside,
it was essential to bring mine to share with you all this once-in-a-lifetime shot of Mana at the sarcophagus (center).

The Sphinx
Most visitors to the Sphinx can only get as close as the surrounding gate.
There is an indescribable power when standing between the paws.

The Giza Plateau
Scenes from our private camel caravan around the plateau and silent meditation overlooking the pyramids at sunrise.

Aswan – The Nile of Upper Egypt
Perhaps the most peaceful city visited during Sacred Journey, this Nile jewel is home to the beautiful Nubian People.

Temple of Isis – Philae
The opportunity to hold ceremony within the inner sanctums of this temple before sunrise and before tourists are
allowed to enter made the experience something that cannot be compared.

Nile Tombs

Baby Croc’s For Sale

View of Aswan

Felucca, sailboat of the Nile

Hathor Columns

Isis Temple Portal

Temple Corridor

Roman Satellite Temple

Isis Sanctuary Detail

Isis Sanctuary
Entrance & Altar

Egyptian God Bes

Satellite Temple Column

The Island of Silence –
Site of the Battle of Set & Horus

Temple of Hathor at Dendera
This is the temple of the Goddess of Love and Joy.  While this temple is one of the most defaced of all, it remains as
one of the most beautiful.  Many of the detailed images were taken in an underground chamber.  Note the Goddess Nut
depicted in the yoga asana “plow pose” (halasana) and the scene of Horus’ immaculate conception (bottom right).

Temple of Kom Ombo – Dedicated to the Crocodile God Sobek
It was here where the initiate would dive into a deep, dark pool unknowingly filled with crocodiles.  One had to
find the way to the other side through the difficult test of the underwater course.  Dozens of mummified croc’s
that were part of the initiation were discovered here; some in excess of 20 feet!

The Rebirth of Light

Temple at Edfu – Dedicated to the Battle of Horus and Set
Once again, we were blessed with the great privilege to experience the entire complex on our own.
We shared a very magical meditation in the sanctuary that is ordained with an ark of Horus.  There are some
amazing hieroglyphs at the temple rear.  The symbol of Atlantis, the “X” in the circle, appears here.

Temple of Seti I at Abydos
Site of the Osirion, Tomb of Osiris.  This is one of the most important sites of the ancient world.
There are images of modern space craft (middle left) depicted on the walls of this temple that is over 3,000
years old.  Here also appears the most rare image of all: the “Flower of Life” (middle right).  Print quality
versions of this are nearly impossible to find.

Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Valley of the Kings – The Forbidden Photos

Tomb of King Tausert

Tomb of King Tausert:
Wall Detail

Tomb of King Saptah

Karnak Temple – The World’s Largest Temple Complex

Luxor Temple – Dedicated to the God Amon

Tutankhamun &

Saqqara – Site of the Step Pyramid of King Zhoser

Sarcophagus of The Great
Architect Imhotep

Rare image inside the Pyramid

Habibi – Friends Along the Journey

The Keeper of Kom Ombo

Bat of Karnak

Guard of Hatshepsut

Tourist Police at Giza

Nubian Boy of The Nile

Bibi Bana

Crystal Peddlers of Sinai

The Musician

The Lion Cub

Children of The Nile


Sinai Peninsula

Desert Oasis

The Red Sea

The Shell Collectors

Nuweiba Resort

Holy Mount Sinai
Our mid-night pilgrimage to the top of the Mountain began at 3:00 AM.
We arrived just before the great disc emerged.

The View from the Top

Mount Sinai

Cave of Moses

Mount Sinai Detail

Biblical “Blazing Mountain”
that guided Moses to Mt. Sinai

Saint Catherine’s Monastery
Located at the foot of  Mount Sinai, the walls of St. Catherine house the site of the
Burning Bush as well as the Sacred Well of Moses.

Sacred Well of Moses

The Golden Calf?

The Burning Bush

Sufi Splendor

Bonus Images

Mana & Friend at St. Catherine’s

The Great Camel Race

Glyphs of Elephantine Island

Colossus of Memnon

Hathor of Khnum Temple

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Heaven on Earth Created by God

The Flower of Life at the Osirion
Form for Meditaiton

Bedouin Women

Boys of Luxor

Bedouin Girls

Police Playing in Aswan

GIrls at the Wedding

Guard of Karnak

Skulls of the Monks

Pilgrims Praying at Mt. Sinai

Egypt 2008