Star Panel Fabrications in
Popular Sky Programs, 11-Nov-2009
Marshall Masters, Author & Image Analysis
Jacco van der Worp, MSc, Star Panel Research

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Star Panel Fabrications in When people are looking for proof of the existence of Planet X, one of the first places they go looking is one of the popular sky programs, such as Google Sky and Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.

While these are incredibly useful tools for the common man to learn about astronomy, in terms of research they’ve only proven to be a source of targeted image fabrications.

Granted, one instance is a fluke, and twice is coincidence, but this has become a wide reaching, well-coordinated pattern of fabrication that is anticipatory and topically oriented. The goal of these fabrications is very simple. It is to take people down fruitless rabbit holes, so that they will lose interest in the topic.

Further to that is the new NASA mantra of “we would have seen it by now” which completely sidesteps the need to say something more meaningful, such as “we would have reported by now.” There is a huge difference here between knowing something and sharing it with others.

Newbies who seek smoking-gun proof often proceed on the assumption that agencies such as NASA have a blemish-free history of honesty and total transparency. If that were the case, why are so many notable NASA Astronauts telling us that UFOs are real, contrary to NASA’s position on the matter?

If you believe our space heroes, NASA is holding back on one of the biggest life-changing topics imaginable. This begs a logical question. If NASA is going to be less than honest about UFOs, why should we presume they would treat the topic of Planet X any differently?

Patrons who have been following Planet X research for some time, already know how this game is played. However, newbies are hesitant to challenge the authority of NASA, for fear of being mocked and humiliated, so they quietly turn to popular sky programs with the aim to find “the proof” just lying there before them.

It is a reminiscent of a time when European immigrants arrived at Ellis Island thinking their fortunes were in hand. All they needed to do was to pry loose, a few of the gold paving bricks everyone in the old country said were certainly to found in America. With those golden bricks in hand, they’d set for life. However, what they found was a completely differently reality, but not one entirely absent of new opportunities.

To you patrons who have been following this topic for some time, heads up. This article documents another assault on the newbies with new and devious fabrications. Frankly, it is one of the most sophisticated patterns of fabrication we’ve seen to date.

Mikh’s Letter

Days after we released our video briefing titled Planet X Special Report No. 01: Where is Planet X?, we received the following e-mail from Mikh Modest, a patron in Germany.

Mikh Modest, October 28, 2009
eMail to

Dear YOWUSA-Team / Dear Mr Masters,
I have a Question concerning your recently published PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT NO 1, which I hope you can send me a short answer to it soon:

In the report, you say that Planet X is currently approaching the inner solar system through the constellation of PICTOR.

What I don’t understand is, if this is the case, then WHY has GOOGLE SKY and MICROSOFT censored the alleged position of Planet X in the constellation of ORION?

These are two VERY different places in the sky and Planet X CANNOT be seen in BOTH of them.

I used Google Earth / Sky myself to see the blacked out area beneath Orion, a topic which was touched on the website some time ago.

BUT THEN, BY USING YOUR INFORMATION OUT OF THE PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT NO 1, I looked up Planet X’s trajectory as you showed it in the report, and I found ANOTHER AREA THAT >COULD< HAVE BEEN CENSORED.

The coordinates in Google Sky:

LATITUDE: -42.555447°
LONGITUDE: -125.513189°
(RA 3h37min51.72s Dec -42°32’16.78″)

Taking into account that the star map pictures were shot in 2007, this COULD very well be where Planet X was back then according to your trajectory in the Special Report No 1.

Thank you very much in Advance,
yours sincerely
Mikh Modest

We were impressed with Mikh’s level of detail, although we have been dubious about the veracity of popular sky programs since we first began reporting on these star panel fabrications back in June of last year.

YOWUSA.COM, 29-June-2008
The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?
The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?We’ve received numerous emails from subscribers and visitors about a redacted area of space on both Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope. We’ve been following this and thanks to a new YouTube video by NoStarPanel, there is smoking gun proof of a massive cover up.

The area in question is located in the Southern part of the Constellation of Orion, below the ecliptic (the plane) of the solar system. An area of space that has long been of interest to Planet X / Nibiru researchers.

As a result of covering this particular sky panel in Orion, the only thing we became convinced of was that there was a fabrication. The purpose of this fabrication as we reported in our video briefing Planet X Special Report No. 01: Where is Planet X?, was to draw the attention of newbies along the ecliptic and out to the edge of the system, with useless fabrications so as to exhaust their attention.

As we reported in our first Planet X Special Report, serious researchers never gravitated towards these fabrications, other than to report them as we did. However as a result of Mikh’s letter, we have found an entirely new kind of star panel, photo manipulation fabrication.

Interestingly enough, these fabrications appear to be to be coincidently based upon the estimated planet X trajectory presented in our book Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide.

It is noteworthy that we found three fabrications on one star panel dating back to 2006, which references 1999, 2001 and 2007. Each of these appears within 1° to 2° of our estimated trajectory for planet X spanning a period of some eight years, and all are found in a single panel dated 2006.

That fact alone prevents these fabrications from going beyond a simple smell test. However, newbies to the topic, who are searching for proof as opposed to information, are quite gullible to such tactics. With this in mind, we will now present our image analysis of these three fabrications, plus a fourth week called the Cube.

What We Found

While we were deciding what to do about Nikh’s letter, we also received other e-mails with links to YouTube videos, and questions on the same topics. Since Nikh’s letter placed this fabrication on or near our estimated trajectory for Planet X, we were curious to see if we could find any more.

Jacco van der Worp took the lead on the research. His goal was to find two or more fabrications on or somewhere near our estimated trajectory for planet X. He would then send to me the suspect images, and I would perform the image analysis.

When we started this, I felt it would take Jacco a week or two, but the following day, he came back to me with four fabrication suspects. After examining all four, I determined that all four evidenced photo manipulation. This were not natural aberrations or incidental database errors.

Skymap with 4 Fabrications

Please note, Jacco plotted his analysis using Starry Night Pro, Version: 6.0.0. The viewing point is from Earth: Lat 0 Long 0 (equator due south of London). The co-ordinates are noted in J2000, and the the source for panel fabrications is Google Sky (part of Google Earth).

We want to begin our analysis with the Cube as we call it, since it is not on our estimated trajectory for Planet X, but is indicative of the kind of fabrication one would expect to see.

The Cube (-5h01m48.24s -

We call this particular fabrication the cube because it reminds us of the Borg, cube-shaped spaceship we all saw in the Star Trek The Next Generation television series.

Like the fabrications we reported with The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?, the Cube is arguably designed to catch one’s attention. A hook, if you will, for newbies searching for Planet X proof, via an unpopular sky program.

Assuming this star panel dated 2006 was mysteriously updated in 2009, this fabrication almost 10° away from where Planet X would have been in about mid-August of this year.

The Cube (-5h01m48.24s - 1 of 3
The Cube (-5h01m48.24s - 2 of 3
The Cube (-5h01m48.24s - 3 of 3

The important thing to note with this fabrication is how this very dense overlay patch fits neatly within the star field. But your eyes follow around the edges to see the relationship of the patch to its adjacent stars. With that, we move on to position one of three.

Position 1 — 1999 (-2h59m30.94s -

Position one is found at a point where planet X. What is immediately striking about this fabrication, is that like the Cube above, it fits within the adjacent stars surrounding it. It is located approximately 6° above where Planet X would have been in 1999, assuming this were not a star panel dated 2006.

Position 1 — 1999 (-2h59m30.94s - 1 of 3
Position 1 — 1999 (-2h59m30.94s - 2 of 3
Position 1 — 1999 (-2h59m30.94s - 3 of 3

The year 1999 was a important one for me and the co-founders.

In that year, I published my first major article in August with my analysis of the COMET C/1999 H1 (Lee) imagery as described in my Nostradamus — King of Terror analysis.

It was also the year I joined with Jacco van der Worp, Janice Manning and others, to launch, and we first went live in December of that year. A most interesting year indeed, as was 2001.

Position 2 — 2001 (-3h07m40.94s -

Of the four, this position is the most interesting fabrication, as it represents an intricate collage of patches. It is located approximately within 3° of where Planet X would have been in 2001, assuming this were not a star panel dated 2006.

Position 2 — 2001 (-2-3h07m40.94s - 1 of 3
Position 2 — 2001 (-2-3h07m40.94s - 2 of 3
Position 2 — 2001 (-2-3h07m40.94s - 3 of 3

What is remarkable about 2001 for us, is that this is when arrived at the conclusion that the principal cause for global warming is principally solar related, with severe exacerbation due to anthropomorphic (man made) causes. A view that is more widely held these days.

It was this conclusion that put Planet X on the radar scope for us, so to speak. It resulted from our efforts to explore the possibility that a massive object in a long period orbit could be the cause these infrequent solar flare ups, as shown by the deep time history of our planet.

This led to the publication of our first Planet X article in January 2002, Did Planet X / Nibiru Kill The Dinosaurs? which then fostered a long-running analysis of Planet X. the result was our book Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, which we first published in 2007. Another interesting year.

Position 3 — 2007 (-3h37m51.72s -

What makes position three interesting is that it combines elements of the fabrications at position one and two above. Like position one, it is a large patch that floats within the adjacent star field, and like position two, it is a complex, multi-layered fabrication.

Position three comes the closest to the orbital estimate we presented in our book,Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide. It is less than 1° from where Planet X would have been in May 2007, assuming this were not a star panel dated 2006.

Position 3 — 2007 (-3h37m51.72s - 1 of 3

Position 3 — 2007 (-3h37m51.72s - 3 of 3

Without a doubt, 2007 was a big year for us. it represented the culmination of an effort to write our book Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide. A book initially conceived shortly after the December 2004 Sumatra super quake and tsunami.

Therefore, we now arrive at the point where we must answer a logical question. “What exactly are we seeing here?”

What Are We Seeing Here

What we are seeing here is a pattern of photo manipulation fabrications in the online databases of popular sky programs and what is important to keep in mind, is that:

  • One instance is a fluke
  • Two are a coincidence
  • Three or more make a pattern

Is this pattern of photo manipulation in any way shape or form, evidence or proof of Planet X? Absolutely not. This is because one must always keep in mind the wise insight of Dr. Brian Marsden, Associate Director of the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatories. “The failure to observe an object only proves one thing. You have failed to observe the object.”

However, there is a prima facie case that by using their unfettered access to the databases of popular sky programs, disinformationalists are attempting to relate goals with the same photo manipulation fabrications documented in this article. Their goals are to both stifle interest and lay a trap.

Stifling the Interest of Newbies

The pattern of photo manipulation noted in this article represents another variant of the aggressive disinformation campaign being waged in the topic since March of 2008 (or well before that), when we first published an article titled. First Planet X / Nibiru Images Leaked by an Anonymous South Pole Telescope (SPT) Informant.

The first article we published in June 2008, described the first instance of these corrupted star panels to come to our attention. The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?.

Clearly, the disinformation goal of the Orion star panel fabrications was to draw public attention out along the ecliptic to a very familiar constellation. This disinformation was well documented by diligent Youtubers such as NoStarPanel and others.

The result of this Orion disinformation scam was that many newbies lost interest in the topic. This is because there was no smoking-gun evidence of Planet X to be had, but rather, the pointless conjecture of an opinionated debate. It was a relatively simple scam, that stifled interest in the topic for many, but not for all.

After the Orion scam finally petered out, the disinformationalists then reversed direction along the ecliptic, towards the center of the system with bogus Sun dog cell phone photos and red Herring SOHO imagery.

As we documented in our video briefing, Planet X Special Report No. 01: Where is Planet X?, this scam, just like the Orion star panels scam likewise petered out as people eventually caught on to the manipulation.

However, this particular scam was most like a drag line than a single hook.

A Trap

The reason why so many people are being taken in by the sky panel scams is that they are searching for proof. Proof that they can take back to their loved ones, coworkers and friends as evidence of their sanity.

So let’s assume that those of us who founded are craving validation, and that this assumption leads a disinformationalists to set a trap, using a time-proven tactic. Like fishermen, they know that you change your bait to suit the cravings of a trophy fish. In this case, that would be an assumption that uses validation for proof.

Think of it. In this article, we’ve documented three positions that bear a close resemblance to the trajectory estimate we published in our book, and which further corresponds to key years of significance in our research and publishing efforts.

Were we desperately seeking proof for validation, would this not induce us to throw caution to the wind and view these fabrications as a gift from the heavens? To finally have the smoking guns we think we need to prove we were right all along. To experience the gratification of standing up from the trenches and proudly proclaim “we are right! Here is the proof! Look!”

A disinformationalist would bank on that, and just because we saw through this scam doesn’t mean there will not be another, and another after that. Like cockroaches, they’re always looking for cracks in the baseboards, but what you looking for?

The Honest Truth

For some time, we no longer accepted popular sky programs as reliable tools four our Planet X. research. Nonetheless, they are tremendously helpful learning tools, so do not hastily throw the baby out with the bath water.

Rather, accept the wisdom of an old saying. “You can play with snakes all you want, as long as you remember to hold them by the heads.”

When it comes to the sky programs always hold the snake by the head. This is because they have become the playground of disinformationalists, and they can anticipate where people will search for gold paving bricks, or even push them down the wrong street for that matter.

Will the sky programs ever give us any form of reliable information about this topic? No, not likely, but set your own course and follow your own internal compass, and you’ll do just fine.

Yes, there will come a time when this object is reported, and that we expect will be just before it becomes nakedly visible.

Until then, there other things that we can observe that will be clear and incontrovertible signs. One such sign will be a massive redeployment of overseas forces to homeland basis. Watch for that.

Also accept the fact that there are those who are working forcefully to ensure your ignorance. Once they are irrelevant to you, they can no longer do you any harm, until such a time as when our constitutional liberties have been suspended. In the meantime, plan despite them, and plan for the worst. Then pray for the best, which may well be the case.

As much as you may wish not to believe in a benign outcome, know this. In a global cataclysm the ignorant will do most of the dying, and they are also the least likely to survive after the initial event.

Worse yet, having suddenly met their proof in the cruelest of ways, the ignorant will stumble about as dazed children, dependent upon those who allowed them, or even perhaps made them to be ignorant.

You have the right to fight for your life, and willful ignorance is the most foolish way to abdicate that right.

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Cut to the Chase on

What the Heck is Happening with Jupiter? – Author, J. Edward Carper

In September 2003, published an article titled, Could NASA Use Galileo to Create a Jovian Nagasaki? by Jacco van der Worp. In this article, discussed what could happen to Jupiter once the 48 pounds of Plutonium-238 plunged deep into the gas giant, and that is exactly what came to pass.

Fast forward seven years to the present. Did the story die there or is there more? Yes there is and it is not pretty says J. Edward Carper, author of The Philosopher’s Stone for the Transformation of Jupiter: Project Lucifer.

The bottom line is that Jupiter could already be well along in the process of becoming a sun and when it lights, a lot of us are going to die. That is, except the elites who’ve awoken this terrible monster To suit their own aims.


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