and how You and I and Everyone else can DEAL with them and DEFEAT them once and for all

      Most of us have heard all about the New World Order by now, the Vatican the Royal Families, the Zionist Rothschild’s – Rockefeller’s, The Black Nobility, The Committee of 300 Families, The Illuminati, Freemason and so on.We all no there is Evil people in this world manipulating our every move.But What I am Hearing as of late is??? “What can we do about it??? Were do we Start??? or What can I do to stop this evil rape of the world and the enslavement of all its people under a few Super Wealthy Billionaire ‘s “I am only one person”??? Well this essay will try to confront and answer these very important questions and provide solutions we as simple people can enacted and execute on this evil force of Criminals who’s crimes go back to almost the beginning of time and include the mass murder of millions if not billions of innocent people.We will deal with history from around 1770 onwards…To go back any further in time is to large a duration to explain it all here and this is really about solutions we can all partake in.
We will start with the Zionist(not real Jews The false Jew from the Bible or The synagogue of Satan) Rothschild-Banker money tentacle of this Vatican Pyramid Octopus style Cabal, loosely called by some “The Holy Roman Empire New World Order”… As the first Pope was in fact Caesar Constantine who declared himself Pope Constantine I… Therefore the Pope is really a Caesar… So it’s really Pope “Caesar Benedict XVI “Christ on earth or Antichrist on earth or God on earth as the Vatican sees it. This particular tentacle the Rothschild Banking Dynasty gets its starts around the 1700’s with Lord Mayor Rothschild’s(Quote “Give me control of a nation money supply and I care not who makes its Laws”) plan for his five son’s to dominate through the manipulation and deception, by total control over Money, Media and Military power and how by controlling these key things total world domination would be possible to attain over time. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is the Vatican’s banker today. Under primarily Vatican Papal (Black & White the pope being the Vicar of Christ or God on Earth) orders, over the last century the Rothschild Bankers have deceptively and fraudulently gained total control of almost every nations money supply worldwide.Actually G.W.Bush’s “Axis of Evil” is countries without a Rothschild central bank.The United States Federal Reserve is an example of a Rothschild Central Bank.Then by also controlling the up & down of the global stock markets they would have total control of the world’s financial system and do!!!. They also used the system of financially backing both sides in fraudulent Wars (which were all started by the Vatican’s web of Jesuits conspirator-coadjutors) worldwide so they would then be able to manipulate any Governments or Royalty indebted to them into doing there bidding. All these fraudulent criminal atrocities were done to profit and gain total global power for there Holy Roman New World Order  Papal-Caesar Dictatorship which is now very close to completion.
Every, War, Conflict, Revolutions, Depressions, Uprising, etc. etc.etc.were all manipulated and created by them to further their global agenda The Rothschild’s main weapon today is 1:Crying Anti-Semitism (cried if anyone accuses them of any crime, fraud or misdeeds… It’s  used to deflect the attention away from their crimes which they never dispute or deny and rather turn all attention onto the shoulders of their accuser for being a racist!!! It works every time and in any countries) 2:There “Media Empire” including all mainstream Television, Radio, Newspapers and Publishing Empires. By owning all the five major media network worldwide, owned directly or indirectly through subsidiaries and corporate conglomerates they control the flow of deceptive information going out to the masses..They then keep us distracted by all the useless sport and stupid shows we watch hypnotically.Yes there are many shows and many voices to be heard but there all coming from the one source one ventriloquist on top of them all .All show need corporate sponsors who support the agenda of the big five and that is why 2/3 of the world goes hungry while they pay billion of dollar sponsorships to sport players to play with there balls… All to keep us distracted from important issues.Like to pass the Patriot act to limit your Civil Right and Freedom. It is one big huge monopoly owned by the Rothschild ,Rockefellers,JP Morgan and Oppenheimer Brotherhood.Control over the Internet, Publishing, Recording, Cable and Satellite companies can all be traced back to the same big five media Empires: General Electric, Time Warner, Viacom, Disney, News Corp.They now have the power to make or break political leaders around the globe.
This UNELECTED Holy Roman Empire Cabal of Super Rich Billionaire’s  all get together to decide our fate on Planet Earth on a daily basis and all that gives them this power is the paper money they counterfeit and create out of thin air. Then they loan it out with compound interest repayment to almost all governments worldwide and the Truth is that this paper money is really worth NOTHING… NOTHING at ALL… Unless of course we the common citizens of the world give it value, And we all have given it value so far… As we have all been blinded and deceived by this criminal fraud counterfeiting scheme through lies and deceptions perpetrated on us by ours own supposedly elected puppet government officials. These Super Billionaires hire Puppet Millionaire CEO’s to run there central banks for them then to lend $$$ to our puppet governments officials, this is done with the promise that the country will repay it with all the Taxes collected every year… Again, ALL THE TAXES not some ALL. This is the collateral demanded by the Central Bankers in order to get the loans in the first place. This is why our governments no matter which parties are in power are always raising and inventing new taxes to collect from the citizen’s. As these loans with compound interest tact on them are loans that can never be totally repaid. Once the country is in debt it is always in a perpetual debt circle to these Central Banks forever. Because then when the government needs money say for road repair or hospitals or whatever else it requires it for and we the people of that country thinks our taxes cover this nothing could be farther from the truth, as the government then has to go again to the same bankers for more loans and more compound interest to use to fix the road or hospitals or whatever… Hence our increasing humongous National Debt… This Cabal of Super Billionaires also hire more Criminal Puppet Millionaire to do all there criminal dirty work for them as well and this way they remain hidden out of sight and safe from repercussion and criminal prosecution by society in general
So lets say your country defaults on its loan payment or just decides to say FU to the bankers as did Saddam Hussein Well we all saw what happened to Saddam Hussein.  First they try to make a deal with the government in question to acquire special privileged or to change country laws in there favor or to rob  the natural resources of that country for way less than its is really worth on the world market then they will lend them more loan that they know this time cannot be repaid by the country and then they go through more demand for resources which usually is what they really wanted in the first place…Then when the country finally realizes what has happened to them and what is really going on and says FU to repaying these criminal banker thief Step two of the bankers extortion goes into affect and they send in black op to subvert and start a pro democracy revolution between the common people to overthrow the leaders who figured out they were stealing their country. Them If that doesn’t work they use the last and final solution they justify Militarily attacking the country for some made up reason like they did with Iraq and Saddam. But most countries leaders bow down long before step three and usually become complicit and in league with the rape and robbery of their countries natural resources from the people of that country… A good example is the Shaw of Iran or Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines or Manuel  Noriega of Panama all at one time good friends of the USA
Its like a big game of Monopoly to them and there the Bankers and when they do not like the rules they simply change them to suit them. So what can we do??? Well first off we have to look at what there fears are.In reality 1% of the world population of over 6.5 Billion people are controlling the other 99% of us.That 1% own the world banks, and most of the worlds wealth, land and its resources.So why do the rest of us passively cooperate with this madness. Because that wealthy 1% that write the rule has taught the rest of us 99% to obey them and feel powerless to change things.When we feel powerless to change things we cling to passive attitudes and let them get away with murder, plunder, counterfeiting, extortion etc.etc.etc.  the worst atrocity crimes imaginable. When human being feel powerless we say things like “That’s just the way it is or Ignorance is bliss or Things aren’t that bad or Let God take care of it. Remember “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” and that is exactly what is happening in today’s world. Despite all the red flags many people still denies these problems even exist they have the” Hear no Evil See no Evil Speak no Evil” attitude. But as we said before there are solution to this evil problem. Remember also “You will live under the amount of Tyranny you put up with” and tyranny in today world is becoming more and more apparent each day now. We must say no more to them and right away… We can defeat them. It lies in knowing what there three biggest fears are and how we can control these ruling families through there fears. There biggest fear is EXPOSURE or being dragged out in the open for all to see in the light of truth. First off the Vatican powers believe most people think of them, The Vatican & Roman Catholic Religion as pure white & clean and as honest as God himself and could never be part of such a Evil plan let alone be its controllers But they are…  Another good example is the Bilderberg’s group. There meeting are secret there attendees are secret Its all held behind closed doors and they always demand media black outs why EXPOSURE as well .They have gone to great length to cover up there trail of horrific disgusting crimes and to win the publics trust through their media monopolies…Without public trust there ancestral plan for world domination is doomed to failure. The second biggest fear is losing PUBLIC SUPPORT. If we the public stop cooperating with there bullshit there plan is doomed to fail.If all the Catholics worldwide were to turn away from the Vatican and Catholic Religion tomorrow!!! Tomorrow the Vatican would be powerless rich as hell grant-it but powerless all the same…  There third and biggest fear by all is ORGANIZED RESISTANCE by an informed and fearless public who would and surely should hang them all by there scrawny cowardly necks until they are all dead…The wealthy Vatican hierarchy and all there cowardly pedophile priest, the royalties and the rest of the Elite ruling families no from experience that the will of the people can defeat all there military and monetary might in a second flat.Vietnam is a perfect example of this as they wanted that war to go on and on forever, but the American public said no more and it stopped that fast. ORGANIZED RESISTANCE. There is no doubt at all that these ruling families can be totally defeated by bringing there worst fears into reality.
Here are 14 of the best SOLUTIONS to act on IMMEDIATELY to take back our beautiful world from them, to change it for the better for all humanity forever!!!  And to never ever again let a few Evil elite billionaires control the many again. The time is now to ACT and ACT we must… If not they shall surely attain there New World Order Hell on Earth for Mankind or what is left of humanity after there first order of business the culling of 90% of us.
Solution # 1
EXPOSE THE 300 SCUM BALL FAMILIES Is to expose these ruling Families and their generation of horrific crimes against humanity.The most powerful way is by communicating by word of mouth telling friends and other through the internet on websites and study groups.Design a webpage of network such as this one, to Share pictures and article and videos, films and DVD’s.Raise money give money to organize lobbied do whatever you can to stop this insane madness there are perpetrating on us.Citizen worldwide learned a hard lesson that peaceful public protests do not work because the Committee of 300 families created Think Tanks like The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome, The United Nations, The Round Table mastermind there plan for world domination and control.We as citizen have to form also our own think tank to mastermind a plan to stop them.We have to learn who the past and present members of the committee of 300 are.At the top of the list are: The Royal Families of Britain and Denmark, The International Banking Families: Rothschild (Evelyn, David), Rockefeller(David), Morgan(Jon Paul), Warburg (Paul, Max, Felix), Oppenheimer(Harry), Bush (Samuel, Prescott, George H.W., George W.Jeb), Gore (Ormsby, Al), Kissenger(Henry), Buffet(Warren), Carrington(Lord), Constanti(House of Orange), House of Hapsburg, Russell(Bertrand), Turner(Ted), Strong(Maurice), Schroeder(Andrew), Baring(Barnato), Prise Waterhouse, Astor(Lord), Churhill(Winston), Delano(Marquis Charles Louis), Harriman(Averill), Hesse(Sir William), House(Colonel Mandell), Huxley(Aldous), Mazzini(Giuseppe), Mellon Scaiffe(Richard), Mitterand(Francois), Montague(Samual), Montefiore(Lord Sebag), Paley(J.P.W.), David-Weill(David), Pearson(Lord Cowdray), Bundy Bloodline, Collins Bloodline, DuPont Bloodline, Freeman Bloodline, Kennedy Bloodline, Li Bloodline, Onassis Bloodline, Reynolds Bloodline, Van Duyn Bloodline, Merovingian Bloodline, Disney Bloodlines, Krupp Bloodlines, McDonald Bloodlines, ETC.ETC.ETC. and the list goes on and on, but these are the major players of the Black Nobility or Committee of 300 Families get to know them and know them well for their Families crimes are some of the Worst most Horrific Genocide crimes in History
Solution # 2
TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY Is to take back control of your own money.Right now your money is in the banks of these  families.Long ago the bankers discovered that most people left most of there gold in there bank for safe keeping, they discovered that they could lend out other peoples gold and charge interest on it without being discovered.Soon King and Royalty were borrowing money from them to finances wars. They then found out that backing both side during conflict was very profitable.This made them very rich.Since Wars were very good for business bankers started stirring up wars. All war since the Napoleonic war were started by these  bankers.They financed both sides and this is how they stole the bank of England and so on.Eventually they got so rich they built banks all over the world They made Billions lending out other people money at huge interest rates, from remember money that did not belong to them in the first place.Royalty became their biggest customers and they rewarded the bankers with high society titles of nobility such as Lord, Baron and Sir.Using there blood money and royal influence they changed the laws of nations so they could put central banks, mint and money supply in there private hands.Out of every $1000 of other people money they kept only $100 in there bank and lent out the rest at interest.then with the money they made they started up other businesses like the steel business to build rail for their Railway companies to transport Oil for there oil companies.Pretty soon the banksters new businesses grew into giant corporations.Those giant corporation soon turned the world oceans lakes and rivers into giant toilets exploiting every resource on the planet for there own greedy benefit.Profit from all this made them the world richest families but their greed did not stop there.This is when they fomented there plan to rule the entire globe They told people they know longer had to save up for all the things they wanted they created shiny plastic cards and people could buy things at interest putting everyone in the world in debt to them. For whoever owns all the world money owns the world.Soon people did not even realize there pay check was being put in the bank without ever being cashed.There plan is to abolish paper money all together and finally to replace it with the RFID chip Then they would control all. If you got out of hand or disobeyed there rules they would just simply turn off your chip and by this they would control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. People believe their money is safe in these bank It is not.The banksters created the great depression and are on the verge of doing it again They are in total control with everything that happens on the stock market they decided if the markets go up or down, soars or crashes, the control the price of gold ,oil etc.But you ask why would they want to crash the markets, simple to destroy people confidence in the money supply and create a cash less society and to force peoples cooperation into there fascist one world government run by them.According to the Zionist plan written by Adam Weistaupt and Albert Pike the ruling families will bankrupt the middle class and repossess there private property, they will reinstate the military draft and continue disarming nations until there is no one left to disarm.They will make it illegal to possess a firearm or any other weapon that could be used to resist them.when the crash does come they will blame it on the phony war on terror which they control and finance on both sides
So what can you do before the banksters faze out money all together and crash the whole system. If you have money in one of there large banks Withdraw It Immediately By putting your money in there bank you are enriching and empowering them with control over your money and pretty soon over your life.Cut up your credit and debit cards.Pay only with cash or money order or certified cheque.Take all your money out of the rigged stock markets.Cash in your treasury bill and bonds and retirement savings plans.most of the retirement funds have already been looted.Trade in your paper fiat currency for something of real value such as gold silver precious metals and buy yourself a fire proof safe and keep it all hidden.It not the thief down the bloc you should be worrying about It the  banksters Many people are under the impression is a government agency and that the government print their money it the private banksters that print it with there Evil Masonic symbols on it shows you who own it THEM.If you think you own your car, your house or other credit purchases a financial crash will remind you of just who exactly own it.Most people believe there hard earned tax dollar goes to pay for stuff like roads bridge and other public services and so on but this is not the case the truth is all of it every penny goes to pay the National debt the government owes these banksters then they lend your hard earned tax money back to the government at interest to finances these public services.Before the bombing, theft and destruction of Iraq every American citizen owed the banksters $70,000 per citizen.It is you’re skyrocketing debt and your nations skyrocketing debt to the banksters that helped them enslave the world and there doing it with your money, your labor and your approval.Since these families hide their money and do not pay any taxes!!! Why should you… Avoid paying any taxes you can.The banksters game is taking your money in taxes and lending it back to you at interest IF YOUR NOT MAD YET YOU SHOULD BE…So what do these banksters do with all your money you ask.They bomb, rob, kill, colonize, exploit all to advance there cause of Global control and for your eventual total enslavement ARE YOU MAD NOW…
Solution # 3
REFUSE TO FIGHT THERE WARS Refuse to fight the banksters murderous war and stop supporting other who fight there wars.One of Americas favorite slogan is support your troops no matter what, even if that war is illegal, unjust and a lie and even if your tax dollar is paying teenager by the thousands to die for the lie. Most soldiers are naive broke out of work teenager who are romantically duped into believing they are heroes for fighting for freedom.But really what there fighting for are the 300 wealthy families who are systematically disarming the world of all weapons of resistance to their Global empire…
Solution # 4
STOP VOTING IN THERE DEFACTO ELECTIONS A forth solution is to stop voting.Most countries only really have two parties one candidate for the rich and one candidate for the even richer.It really doesn’t matter who you vote for as they are really just paid puppet actors doing the bidding of the ruling families Because both candidates are sponsored by the lobby groups of these ruling scum balls. Most people will say it is better to pick the lesser of two evil but they are still voting for the same evil and supporting a corrupt electoral system.Remember that both John Kerry and George W. Bush both swore an allegiance to SKULL & BONES long before they ever swore allegiance to the American people so it really did not matter who won even though it was determined long before the vote and even then you had to wonder who there true allegiance was to…Not only were they both Skull and Bones man which is rooted in German Freemasonry but they are both descendent to the British Royalty, The Black Nobility and the Hebrew Tribes of Israel
Solution # 5
STOP OBEYING THERE DEFACTO DISEMPOWERING LAWS Is to stop obeying laws designed to disempowered you.The success of the ruling families depend on your obedience to their laws that they make and break including the Ten Commandments
Solution # 6
STOP SHOPPING AT CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE SUPER STORES — BUY SMALL THINK BIG Buy Small and think big…Stop shopping at corporation stores like Wall Mart and big grocery chains.Shop local and by farm fresh and from farmers market as much as you can.Grow your and raise your own food as much as you can.Big banksters corporate food supplies are genetically modified and patenting the food you eat and the seed you need for growing foods as well as animal DNA.Besides the farm who supply the meats to these corporate conglomerates subject the animal to massive Steroids and antibiotic immunizations, inhumane treatment overcrowding and abuse.So think before you shop…
Solution # 7
STOP DONATING TO DEFACTO CHARITIES Stop Donating to Charities… Most of the bigger better known ones take most of the money pays administration fees which turn out it goes right back into there pockets.What philanthropist they are… They are also used them to launder there other dirty drug and weapons trading blood moneys.They also set up these big charities to make themselves look friendly and charitable and to cover up there real agenda.
The queens husband Prince Phillip is the international president of the WWF the worst offender and people get sucked in to donating millions per year all the while thinking they are doing there share to help the world when nothing could be further from the TRUTH…
Solution # 8
BECOME A FREEMAN ON THE LAND AND WITHDRAW ALL PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ANY FLAG Become a freeman on the land and stop swearing allegiance to these corrupt defacto nation states countries or societies or any other flags, and especially to Britain’s gracious and noble Queen who is neither gracious nor noble but an inbreed tyrant Zionist in disguise.Do not bow to any others state or person trying to impose power over yourself.Remember if there is a God there is no one between you and him .
Solution # 9
REJECT DEFACTO CLAIM BY RULING FAMILIES TO YOUR NATIONS PUBLIC WEALTH Refuse to recognize the illegitimate claims of the ruling families to your nations lands, water, resources, railways, airlines power companies, health plan and other publicly held properties that they have been busy privatizing while you were sleeping in front of the TV set.The ruling families have been stealing your nation land and resources threw corporate privatization, which means they have been buying up your nations publicly owned property and where is it all leading to, an eternal world empire in which the power of these ruling families can never be challenged and the earth and all living things will be helplessly at their mercy
Solution # 10
NAME NAMES Put the blame where it belongs on the ruling families not on there faceless corporation.Corporation like WorldCom, Enron, Merril Lynch, Halliburton are owned by real people with real names and real faces.The public is deceived into believing that ordinary people who invest and buy shares in these giant corporations actually own them… Nothing could be further from the truth… The only shares that really matter are the class A shares all of which are owned by the ruling families.There hand picked lackeys who sit in for them as company directors get shuffled around like packs of slippery cards
Solution # 11
REJECT PROPAGANDA Reject the propaganda, that keeps you passive.Bible believers are taught that Armageddon Apocalypse and the rule of a Satanic Leader is true because the bible says so.Don’t protest do not resist just be passive.These messages are repeated over and over to the millions of bible believer worldwide.Since the ruling families view religion as the opiate of the masses they provide funding for organized religion worldwide.Christians Muslim and Jews have been tricked into praising their God AMEN at the end of every prayer
Solution # 12
ARREST THE COMMITTEE OF 300 FAMILIES Arrest the Committee of 300 Families for their horrific crimes against humanity.Those crimes include Genocide Mass Murder using Americas Atomic Nuclear and Chemical weapons of mass destruction against Japanese and Vietnamese populations Hundreds of thousand of innocent human being were burned, deformed and vaporized with tax payer money…The ruling families crimes also include The Holocaust of Kazar Jews, espionage, drug smuggling and trafficking, extinction of species through environmental rape and pollution, extreme degradation, humiliation, cruelty and torture, blackmail bribery, conspiracy, slavery, racism, mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing, terrorism and the planning and cover-up of 911,grand theft, tax evasion, insider trading, profiting from Hitler’s Nazi labor camps and trading with the enemy, loan sharking, smuggling, corruption, political assassinations and the list goes on and on.The committee of 300 inbreed Families are clever ruthless and morally insane.Since they control the military the weaponry and the world wealth who’s going to arrest them for their horrific crimes and how.The worlds citizen must gather together in large numbers and make citizen arrest of each member of these 300  families
Solution # 13
GET PAST YOUR FEARS Get past your fear and take action!!! Fear is paralyzing and the ruling families know this. They use their media monopolies to fear mongering, terrorize and paralyze the masses.You are either with us or you are with the terrorist which really means If you are with us, you are with the terrorist
Solution # 14
IF THEY CAN TAKE IT WE CAN TAKE IT BACK If 300 families can figure out how to steal all the worlds money, power, wealth and resources and then enslave the masses under one world empire… Then 300 of the same families can figure out how to stop them dead in there tracks… THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING We can take back our world and we must So put away your fear and fight back SAY NO TO THE NWO
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