Satan and His Jesuit Superior General in Rome Make Plans for the 21st Century

ANTIPOPE Pope of Rome Reflecting the Dreams of Satan Your Editor has his ideas as to Satan’s plotted “Mystery of Iniquity” for the 21st Century.  The following is a fictitious conversation between Satan,“the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4) and the Black Pope, the devil’s Jesuit Superior General of theMilitary Company of Jesus/Horus, the revived Military Order of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon. Satan is in Red; the Black Pope is in Blue. General Nicolas, it is time that I fully informed you as to my quest for the 21st Century.  I now demand your full attention that you, in turn, may command your legions of most obedient soldiers, within and without my Company of Jesus yet to bring forth my Antichrist to the world. What is thy bidding, my master? In counseling with my demonic thrones, principalities, powers and dominions, I have decided that the course of my perpetual war on the earthly presence of the Risen Son of God, my mortal enemy, must now commence.  My war, as you know, is against those two damnable reminders of the presence and future work of the Risen Son of God, that abhorrent Jesus of Nazareth.  Those outrageous two peoples are the Spiritual and the Physical Seed of Abraham through Jacob. The first peoples are those in whom resides that disgusting Person of the Holy Spirit of God—they internally possessing the very presence of the Son of God!—they who believe on Adonai and preach the gospel of God’s saving grace from that dastardly Reformation Bible now nearly in every language on earth.  To my utter frustration, I have not been able to prevent them from spreading the Truth, though I marshal all my hosts against it, spiritual and physical.  Indeed, the One Who is in them is greater than me.  When their gospel is believed and a people embrace the Word of God, I cannot rule them politically: We cannot shackle them with our White Pope’s Temporal Power.  Therefore, they and that rebellious gospel of Christ must dealt with: True Christians must die and that Book must be outlawed, banished from all cultures and consigned to the flames!  Do you hear me? Yes, my master. Those other peoples whom I utterly detest, that nation of whorish, mammon-worshippers preserving in their veins 13 royal bloodlines yet to inherit the promises made to their cursed Patriarchal Fathers—Abraham, Issac and Jacob—are the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites.  Though I know I cannot destroy all Jews (these immensely aggravating peoples!), yet we are going to slaughter as many as possible particularly in North America—as many as I will be permitted to sweep away.  While fulfilling this flanking maneuver, we shall simultaneously attack all nations, pitting them one against another, they in the end to be fully submitted to the Temporal Power of our White Pope in Rome.  For, as you know, General Nicolas, in order for me to fulfill my ancient quest of receiving universal worship through a final Pope of Rome, murdered by my hand and then raised from the dead by my lion’s grip, he then to destroy the Vatican via his Ten Kings and move to Jerusalem and ultimately to rebuilt Babylon, several battles must be won. I await your directives, my Lord. You have been given command of my most spectacular of all military orders of past millennia.  Now you will be the means of my greatest victories over the Son of God: my “Mystery of Iniquity”—How dare the Holy Spirit call it so!—is about to triumph.  And if the Son of God does in fact momentarily appear to retrieve those vile bodies of his most disagreeable people, both dead and living, then we shall be completely unrestrained.  Though God the Father has decreed a specific day of redemption for these worthless creatures who have and do mightily oppose us, may that day arrive as we speak. Most agreed my Lord Emperor. We have brought tens of millions of violent and intolerant Muslims of Color into post-World War II Europe, after we uprooted and destroyed nearly every vestige of the White Protestant Reformation during our Second Thirty Years’ War having commenced with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and ending with the atomic detonation at Nagasaki.  My Jesuits were present at both events, and of course, directed all post-war diplomacy setting up my Cold War Hoax that really began at Malta in 1945 and ended at Malta in 1989.  Ah, those Knights of Malta/Knights of Oannes have been most obedient to their Grand Master subject to your predecessors and will continue to be until we bring to power my Babylonian Messiah—the true savior of the world! O haste the day, my Lord Satan!  You have waited since the murder of our beloved Nimrod, cut to pieces by that diabolical Shem! We are presently moving the Arab world into the hands of our Muslim Brotherhood, created by your Order in 1928, the same year we created Opus Dei!  After the present fray, we shall excite the Arab Muslims and the Black Communist/Muslims to begin a race war/holy war in Russia, Europe and North America.  This will drive all of those White, Bible-rejecting, Apostate Orthodox, Apostate Protestant and Apostate Baptist Christians into our hands, they sacrificing political liberties in exchange for our beloved, absolutist Roman Fascism to be led by ruthless dictators of my choosing.  We perfected the massive military colossus within each Empire during the Cold War Hoax through our most obedient of tools—those ignorant and foolish Americans; now will be the time to direct our armadas to my ends. My Jesuit warriors are presently in motion to effect these plans, my Master. Excellent!  But here, I must be cautious.  For I intend to use the Word of God to fulfill my plans.  The blessing and the curse of Genesis 12:1-3 must be so employed that I will even compel the Son of God to be a co-conspirator in the plot.  God keeps his promises, this I know.  My lesson with Job, I shall never forget.  I shall move the Muslims/Blacks to persecute Bible-believing Christians and Jews within Europe, Russia and North America—to begin with.  This will be a massive slaughter, a delightful Inquisition, especially in America.  These actions will bring the Lord’s curse upon the Muslim peoples, the Lord then, in turn, blessing my dictators when they put down the commencement of this 21st century Holocaust.  Yes! how I love that word—Holocaust, a real “burnt offering” of despicable racial Jews and especially Bible-believing Christians. My Jesuits are presently assembling our fascist movements in the US, the EU and Russia.  The sons of your Jesuit-led Nazi SS are about to repeat the victories of their fathers—the killing of perfidious Jews, heretic Orthodox and Protestant Christians, and this time, millions of worthless Muslims! Careful my General!  Above all not too much zeal.  We must drive the White peoples of these Empires to desperation, to the place where life is unbearable do to forced imposition of thieving Socialist-Communist policies as well as immense Black-on-White/Muslim on Christian and Jew crime!  These idiot White peoples will then BEG for salvation and We will give it to them!  My perfected International Intelligence Community directed by your obedient soldiers will control the dictators as well as their armies.  We shall then launch a war against the over ONE BILLION Muslims peoples, their leaders to betray their own peoples into our hands.  Once Russia, the NAU and my White Pope’s EU is “Muslim-rein” the peoples of each Empire will be totally united, blessed by the Son of God as I have intended. I beg your pardon my Lord, but what of that “heretic and liberal” America plagued with millions of Bible-believing Christians and racial Jews?  Do we not desire to use our Chinese, Russian and surviving Black, Arab and Turkish Muslim Armies to invade, destroy and partition that battleground? Precisely, General.  Therefore, we must create massive anti-Jewish fury within North America AFTER our Department of Homeland Security purges our North American Union of its Muslims and Blacks.  North America is not the land of Black Ham, but of Asian Shem, with the White sons of Japheth permitted to dwell in the land of Shem.  If the Black sons of Ham are not subordinated to the White sons of Japheth, then they have no right to live in the land of Shem.  Thus, the Son of God will aid us in the ridding of the Empire of all American Blacks—they actually believing they are equal with White men!  Ah, casting all history to the wind, they are most devoted socialist-communists given over to my religious maxim of “universal equality!”  What a day of delight whence, after I have used these fornicating, lawless, violent African savages to justify the imposition of martial law, they shall be trucked and trained to the nearest concentration camp finally to learn their last lesson in “universal equality!”  All too easy, hatefully-racist buffoons that they are.  Had they aided the Whites rather than robbed, raped and murdered them, they might have stood a chance in escaping our design. Oh yes, my Master.  Our Sons of Loyola were the “heart and soul” of our most successful American “Civil Rights Movement.”  Why even serial adulterer Martin Luther King had an audience with our White Pope of Rome!  And, as planned since the days of our most obedient Thaddeus Stevens’ Reconstruction of the Old South, we have finally amalgamated the Whites with the Blacks, weakening the White race in preparation for its unavoidable defeat and subjugation by our racially and culturally superior Chinese and Russian armies!  What a delightful day that will be when those godless sons of the Puritan fathers—in addition to those “liberal” White Roman Catholics—are forever extirpated from the face of the earth! You speak well my General.  You have my best interests at heart, because of which I chose you to be the Superior General of my revived Knights Templars—my irresistible Society of Jesus, preparers of the way of my Antichrist/Man-Beast.  Now once the American fascists persecute the Spiritual and Physical Seed of Abraham, the Son of God must curse them.  His four sore judgments of war, famine, disease and death by invasion will be the lot of North America.  Meanwhile, my most beloved Kingdom of Jerusalem (called “Israel” to my utter detestation) will be secured for the building of the Son of God’s Third Hebrew Temple.  My Roman Papacy will aid in its construction because that Temple is to be MINE!  From there I will be worshipped by all and those who refuse will be guillotined!  And if my Hebrew Temple is to be constructed, there cannot be an Arab Muslim presence to prevent that construction, SO THEY MUST BE CUT DOWN to a minimal number in Jerusalem.  No suicide bombers can be permitted to damage my precious Temple! I understand my Master.  This will fulfill our founder’s dream of setting up headquarters in Jerusalem!  For this was the same dream of the Knights Templars, that wily Son of God using our Pope of Rome to suppress with the fire of immolation! Let us stay on point, reviewing one final goal.  My revived Kingdom of Babylon must be realized.  Our present American-led Crusade into Iraq is fulfilling this quest to the uttermost.  My new capital in Baghdad is about complete, cleverly disguised as an American embassy situated on 104 acres—just like my Sovereign State of Vatican City!  My papal knights, the great merchants of the earth, are enjoying their new playground of Dubai, the city feigning poverty and bankruptcy thereby enabled to escape all debts incurred in the building of that portion of revived Babylon! Yes, the two most important cities to our most beloved Army of Jesuits are—Jerusalem and Babylon!  May they endure forever under your most illustrious rule, and I, your obedient servant, to maintain it with my international Holy Office of the Inquisition! You are now dismissed General.  Go, and we shall convene later upon the next Black Mass on Capitoline Hill.  As you know, I am your commander and the immediate ruler of this world, giving both the first and the last command. End of Conversation between Satan and his Jesuit Superior General, Adolfo Nicolas