To be or not to be.

Published: November 5, 2010

Update, 1st December.

Lead collisions have taken place forming the quark-gluon ‘perfect liquid’ already seen at RHIC in minimal quantities. The ‘perfect liquid’, mainly, a mixture of u, s and d quarks – the same composition that strangelets have – suppressed systematically jets of particles that should have exploded in a quark-gluon gas. Those particles stayed inside the ball of fire for enough time to form dibaryons, the simplest strangelet particles that can be created in accelerators. It is the ‘slow’ extinction scenario by accumulation of strangelet particles that could be falling undetected to the center of the Earth – where they would take years to reach enough critical mass to provoke the conversion of Earth into dark matter. Thus we will not know for a long time if CERN has killed us, as strangelets will take a long time to eat the planet inside out. Yet if strangelets are being formed, by now the process should be irreversible. The future is no longer in our hands… And this fact – that humans have put their destiny on the hands of a useless machine for the sake of money, fame and power, not certainly of knowledge, requires a philosophical, final coda on the nature of the human ‘child’ and the cultural mechanisms that have allowed this potential genocide to happen unchecked: To be or not to be in this Quantum, Russian Roulette is the question the human sheeple has not even asked and now it will be decided by the Laws of Strangelets. It couldn’t be otherwise. In the DarwinianUniverse respect=survival is not granted but earned. And humans have not earned  it with their arrogance and despise of the basic laws of survival…

To be or not to be

'To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them or die...' W.S.
Nov, 5th

I don’t think Mr. Penrose has succeeded in his release of CASTOR papers… A week has gone through and nobody reported on the CASTOR papers. The phones didn’t ring during days. It was the last shot of those who opposed CERN before the shots of this Russian Roulette take place. Now as the first rays of the 5th of November set on the Jura mountains the time of truth has come to all of us: we have 99 hours left before the experiment takes place . The proton run has ended and now the machine is being set up for hadron collisions.

The experiment will not be halted unless a last minute miracle happens.

This is a scandal of global proportions, which nobody can defend – a company who affirms in its internal documents, it will make an experiment that has 70% chances of blowing up the world. So it will be covered up for the sake of a machine too big to fail, as Government’s agencies hid the enormity of the BP spill even after it had happened. And the effect will be the same. Probability will become reality: the spill of ice-9 strangelets will ‘likely’ kill us. And the fictions, the lightness of humans, the bonfire of vanities will become a shrieking sound. And then the great silence of 30 billion years will be casted upon us…

It is easy to understand what this means: It is time to die and if we are lucky, time to reflect on the fact that human beings have accepted an experiment which can kill us, just because it was made by a machine, the idol of our civilization, for which we will gladly die, as we used to do for religious causes.

For a full description of the CASTOR papers and the 11/9 event, risks and documents leaked from CERN, please consider the previous post.

Even if we survive 11/9, the fact that the experiment is carried on without the slightest control and opposition, only means we humans will keep searching for higher forms of mass and energy, till definitely we cross the barrier of stability of strangelets, black holes and other forms of dark matter that will devour us. Make no mistake, the end of the race for higher energy in accelerators should be an event, which creates a stable black hole or strangelet that devours the human race – NOT an intelligent commission of politicians and citizens, who decides to stop this disguised arms’ race. And since the industry will keep pushing further upgrades and plans to reach always new energies, sooner than latter the planet will blow up, with the indifference and acquiescence of our political and judiciary institutions.

Indeed, at the same time the LHC starts its ion run the Federal Court has uttered his final decision on our appeal for rehearing en banc:

‘Judge Pregerson and Judge Clifton have voted to deny the petition for rehearing en banc, and Judge B. Fletcher so recommends. The full court has been advised of the petition for rehearing en banc and no judge has requested a vote on whether to rehear the matter en banc. Fed. R. App. P. 35. The petition for rehearing en banc is DENIED.’

So we can only reflect on why our species is so absolutely dumb as to push his self-extinction without reflection, ‘rehearing’ or the slightest token of self-doubt. How this is possible? How humans can ‘believe’ in machines more than in human life? Do we have any freedom of choice or it is eviL, the anti-particle of ‘Live’, natural to our consciousness and actions as a species? Why we don’t have enough just ‘being humans’?

How does it work the brain of our species to be so inflexible, irrational, arrogant and ignorant of the supreme goal of existence – survival, existence itself? And does our death, once we realize how limited we are as a species, matters at all to the Universe?

I would like to reflect on those issues, considering the theme of our non-survival from both, the scientific and ethic perspectives, and from the perspective of the human brain and my failed struggle, as a humble reflection of why we have failed as a species. In that sense, the reader will excuse me if, as a good chess player does, when he sees no chances to save the lonely king, I change my mood now in what can be the last days of our lives to a time of calm and purity, acknowledging we, ‘real humane beings’ have lost the battle of survival. If there is indeed a time to live and fight for existence, once the battle is lost we must humbly accept the dictum of the Universe

In this case the dictum of one of its essential laws, the law of survival, which we, complexity theorists, have translated into mathematical equations, not so long ago… But to understand that law we must first to understand the meaning of mass, and why our ‘light mass’ has no chances in this game.

Einstein vs. the Higgs Hoax: The unbearable lightness of being human.

Mass is the information, the form, the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe. This was explained by Einstein with his Principle of Equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. Now we know, thanks to the advances of complexity that the Universe is made as Einstein wanted, with 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose frequency carry the information of the Universe. Those facts have empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations which I provided in several congresses and papers of complexity.

When you consider the two arrows that create the future, energy and information, as we do in Duality, the science I was chairing in international congresses till it ‘was canceled’ after I put the suit to CERN, all simplifies and explains itself, like it happened in earlier astronomy when Copernicus put the sun in the center. And one of the things it simplifies is the meaning of survival, which can be resumed in a simple equation:

Max Energy x Max. Information = Survival, top predator species.

This function E x I, is the existential force which explains that a species with the best energy body/force and informative particle/head will survive.

In Physics, according to Einstein most of the form, the in/form/ation of a particle is carried by its mass, which has more ‘formal’ dimensions than the lineal forces of energy that move it:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv – where v is the frequency of information of a bidimensional, clock-like vortex of mass.

This again is a general law of all systems. In biology we have found that most of the information of cells is ‘stored’ in the ‘dimensional’ warping of its protein and RNA/DNA molecules. Dimensional form is synonimous of fractal information. Information is form. So a bidimensional mass or a tridimensional charge stores more information than a gravitational or electromagnetic motion/force. And the combination of both, forces and informative masses/charges, give us the ‘Existential Force’ or ‘momentum’ of a physical system. In the same manner in a biological system, a top predator is a species with more energy/motion (felines) or information (apes.)

That is, a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency, and energy is defined as lineal motion, the existence force is equivalent to a particle’s momentum, Max MV, indeed determines the survival particle in all collisions. In biology the species with better body and brains survives, which made us the top predator species of this planet.

The catch is that as complex, ‘fractal beings’ extending in several scales of reality, we must possess more Existential Force in each scale of reality that all the other species that surround us. This is the reason why bacteria can kill us in the ‘plane of fractal existence’ of chemical forms. And a black hole can kill us in the ‘plane of fractal existence’ of masses. Since in those planes a black hole has more physical/mass momentum than a human being. And in the chemical scale, viruses can have better RNA/Protein systems that the cells they prey on.

In other words, the existential force of a strangelet or black hole is far larger than any type of matter in this planet.  It has been proved in the Galaxy ‘ad nauseam’ that the collision of a black hole of any size with any other type of star converts the star into a black hole. And at the end of that processes galaxies become galaxies of dark matter, with no visible light… All has been eaten and transformed – reason why MACHOs  of dark matter dominate the Universe, and will deal with the light human being, playing to be ‘macho-men’ against the real MACHOs of the Universe (Massive Halo Objects).

Imagine what dark matter will do with the unbearable lightness of mankind…

However, the true understanding of mass would unveil the Higgs Hoax and the fact that we have built the LHC just for money, as part of the natural evolution of the military-industrial complex, reason why Mr. Higgs’ absurd particle has become dogma. In that regard, what we face today is not only an existential problem due to the LHC machine but an intellectual problem, due to the fact that humans worship machines more than intelligence.

Further on, quantum physicists work with a single arrow of entropy=energy, ignoring all about the sciences of information and the meaning of masses as information, forms, dimensional form. They are halting the development of true science, using the methods of religions and the military to impose their false ideologies of the Universe – censorship, bullying, money and political power. But they cannot censor the Mind of God, the laws of the Universe, and the consequences of creating the most powerful, attractive vortices of mass of the Universe on planet Earth.

Those who impose their truth with the tools of power, will be the laugh of the Gods.‘ Einstein

The wrong side of GodoG: Death and the ego

‘Finally the God of Death taught man how to erect the fire from where the Universe evolves.’ Kali Upanishad

The paradox of the Ego, or ‘Galilean’ Paradox is common to all fractal species of the Universe, which observe reality from its own point of view, and so they think they are the center of the Universe. Galileo found that the Earth did move, even if we humans see it quiet and at the center of the Universe, because we gauge information from our point of view. Thus all species think to be so important that nothing can destroy them. And yet all beings are just an infinitesimal infinite, a point of view that maps out the infinite Universe in its infinitesimal mind.

If you are grasping the meaning of a complex Universe, you will realize that reality has ‘two sides’, two elements or motions that create the future of all of us, in complementary manner. The arrow of information or arrow of life that warps energy into complex forms, of which the human being is one of its summits. And the arrow of energy and entropy, which moves and expands form, erasing it, of which the vacuum space created in big-bangs and the awesome energy stored in the mass of black holes, are its summit. It follows that we humans should have revered the arrow of information that created us as the summit of the Tree of Life – the positive side of GodoG, a Universal mind with ‘two inverse sides’, the information of life (God), and the Energy of death (doG). And again, in complexitythanks to the simplifying order caused by the use of two arrows of time, we can express those two sides with simple equations:

Life = Max. Information x Min. Energy,   Death = Max. Energy x Minimal Information.

Whereas existence is a simple cycle of creation of life from a young age of maximal energy till a 3rd age of maximal information, which ends in the explosive big-bang of death that breaks our cellular systems into its parts, killing the whole and liberating the simpler energetic parts of which we are made. We die, and our nervous and blood systems die and the cells break apart. A star or galaxy dies in a quasar and breaks into its atomic parts. We could say that we are ‘dust of space-time’ and we return to the dust. But all intelligent/informative species want to exist and fight for the arrow of life.

Yet he elites of mankind have worshiped the wrong side of GodoG, the inverse mirror of Life, the eviL of Death and weapons for so long they haven’t reacted to this tragedy. They are all shouting now together: ‘Welcome Kali Yuga, your time is now. Do your job, ‘give us the fire’, clean this corner of the Universe.’

Unfortunately physicists have reached the absolute limits of ego-trips, because to their very limited informative mind and energetic body as human beings, they have added ‘metal-instruments’, more complex than ours, stronger than our carbon-flesh. This, they never realize, was just an attachment, but they consider to be part of themselves. So they think to be more intelligent than the rest of humans because a computer calculates for them, stronger than anyone because a weapon kills for them. The church knew better when it told Galileo that his ‘eye-glasses’ were an instrument of the devil, since the church was defending the human senses, the right of man to be the measure of all things. This was of course, also an ego-trip but a survival ego-trip that favored us. What is a ‘double jeopardy’ of complete arrogance and ignorance is the attitude of physicists, which worship a different species, the machine and toil to evolve those machines and weapons of death that can extinguish us, because they ignore the informative nature of man.

Today the machine is the measure of all things, and soon in the future, the machine will be the ‘only’ measure, as we humans become obsolete or extinguished by computers, A.I. robots and energetic machines like the LHC. But as long as we do not realize, we are just an infinitesimal being, in an infinite Universe and control the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’, this process that will extinguish our species this century, seems unavoidable.

CERN and people like Hawking, claiming that Einstein is double wrong and time travel exists because black holesevaporate traveling to the past, without any proof, just because they fancy to think so, truly show the only quality in which Humanity is ‘big’  – our ego – the fictions we invent about our role in the Universe, as the only ‘Son of God’ (Abrahamic religions) or the ficntion that we are the only intelligent species of the cosmos (scientific/mechanist religions) and that if we ‘think’ something with mathematics it ‘must be truth’, because ‘mathematics is the language of God’ (Galileo) and machines the Instrument to see it – ‘God has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’ (Kepler). This astonishing concept – that because Hawking thinks something with numbers it must be truth, was explained by Einstein, when asked what if his theory was wrong, ‘then God will have to change the Universe, to adapt it to my theory, so beautiful it is’. The harder they fall…

My view is the opposite. Complexity teaches us that we are nothing, specially in terms of energy and that energy is the cause of death. Complexity teaches us that an overdrive of energy is what erases the information of life (Max E x Min. I =Death).

It finally shows us the beauty of truly understanding not only the physicists’ ‘how’ but the ‘why’ of reality, provided by those ‘existential arrows’ and the ‘will’ of each part of the Universe to absorb more energy and information. This is, ultimately the ‘program’ that designs reality, as billions of ‘egos’, of ‘points of view’, of ‘gauging particles and being’, fight for absorbing more energy and information. And yet, the chaos of all those beings fighting for the limited energy and information of the Universe at the end brings a ‘program of evolution’ which we have treated with detail in our post on the grand designbecause those particles or species who collaborate together become more complex, stronger social beings that survive. And this is what physicists again have forgotten: they are part of a species that has to evolve socially and fight together for survival, who must be respected and cherished and defended from machines like the LHC. Yet Mr. Ellis, the theorist-head of CERN said that his job is ‘to defend the LHC from mankind’ – the harder they fall.

Indeed, mankind has never been interested in the ‘why’ if it doesn’t cater to his ego. So today refuses to evolve his mind beyond their ego-trips and myths of superiority, condemning instead to silence those who confront her with the bites of reality. And that silence of politicians and the press in this issue is just more of the same.

But not only humans are an egocentric lot whose perception of themselves far outreaches what they are truly worth. It follows from that fact that their self-perceived qualities are mirages of that egocentric outlook. Let us consider two of those myths which have been at play in this bizarre finale, with the reality of the species – the myth of freedom vs. the complete lack of freedom of thought and action of the species, and the myth of bravery vs. the cowardice to confront the death of our egos and desires.

Greed is the program of the Universe

In the graph, you are like everything else in the Universe of fractal beings of energy and information a fractal being made around two basic ‘cellular netowrks’:

An energy field – a biological body- that moves you.

– And an information field – a head – that gauges information.

You are not different in quality from a particle that has a field of energy that moves a cyclical vortex of information (a mass or a charge, depending in which fractal scale of the Universe you are in).

We are not different from any other system of energy and information in the Universe. All systems desire more energy for their field/body and more information for their particle/head. And that is the program: to feed on energy, to gauge information and to mix them both to reproduce yourself. Those 2+1 arrows of time exist in all systems. Even quarks and electrons feed on energy, gauge information (reason why physicists called quantum theory a gauge theory) and from time to time when they absorb enough energy reproduce new particles. This is the program.

The dual will of the Universe, the 2 arrows of time, the program of seeking energy and information, is the fundamental law of Duality, of the Universe, as a ‘fractal of energy and information species’. It is called the Principle of Complementarity wave-particle in physics (all physical entities exist together, as an energy field that moves and an informative vortex that gauges). It is called the duality body/head, cell/nucleus in biology. Since there are not living beings without both (except the slavish red cells of pure energy that die constantly in your body). It is the case of genre (woman have a reproductive, informative body; men have an energetic, lineal, body). And it explains the fact that you are merely a system of 2 primary networks, the energetic, digestive and blood system; and the nervous, informative system which combine in a reproductive, hormonal system. Thus, you are more complex than an atom, but of the same quality. Your senses are the outlets that absorb energy and information for those systems, which then under the laws of ‘fractal evolution’, have diverged into more complex, secondary networks.

This means you are programmed to want more energy for your body and more information for your mind, and you absorb them through your senses. Further on, you combine your energy and information to reproduce, because your ‘time-existence’ is limited by the cycle of life and death that all forms of ‘existence’ follow, as they move from an age of energy (youth) into an age of information (3rd age) and then explode into a big-bang of death. Those simple laws of the program of the Universe apply to all systems of energy and information – all what exists in the Universe. And while they make us exist and ‘feel’ and enjoy life, they also limit our freedom, since all what we do is to gauge information (from Tvs, to computers to books to words, to images) and feed on energy (so the eye likes the red colors and motions of energy, the body feeds on a variety of foods, and the machines we do are either gauging information like this Pc or creating energy that enhances our bodies and brains).

So our program is followed now at CERN. Those people merely gauge ‘data’, information and are eager to produce huge amounts of energy. What they don’t seem to care much is about the survival arrows of time, we study incomplexity – the arrow of reproduction that ensures the continuity of a species with ‘limited existential time’ and the arrow of social evolution into more complex beings, which I call the arrow of eusocial love and maximizes the Existential Force, Max E x I, of any species.

The white matter brain.

The 3 brains of the human being control our existence and define the program of greed. We perceive with our senses; whose perceptions are processed by the grey matter brain, and then imprinted in resistant white matter, lineal, energetic, axon-connections. This external program mixes with an internal program coming from the body, which defines our wantings for energy, reproduction (sexuality), and come first to the limbic brain and then to the axons. Both programs, the one of the body and the one of the brain, thus, mix and create together the white matter brain of beliefs that define our actions, memories and behavior in a greater measure. Because women have more axons wired to the limbic system, they live more for themselves, inward-looking, emotionally-driven. Because men have more axons connected to the grey matter brain and the external visual senses, they are more connected to space, mathematical designs and motions within that space. Yet what matters to this post is the fact that once the axons of the white matter brain are imprinted, we live according to beliefs, which are more difficult to change as the variability of the white matter brain is restricted once those connections are fixed. This means most humans are neither rational, nor emotional but basically ‘programs’ with a ‘motherboard’ of lineal, simple logic thoughts, not very different from that of any computer system.

If the duality of bodies/heads gives birth to the Complementarity principles of Physics and genre, the existence of a series of basic wills are expressed in our human organism through the senses – our outlets to the energy and information of the body and brain. We use those senses to absorb different energies and information and combine both, in reproductive processes. We sense sexual reproduction of the body through touch; we smell the energetic food we eat, and that information used to guide hunters. And finally we taste that energy. While our brain perceives space with our eyes, reproduces information with words, and uses the 6th sense of feelings and the limbic brain to guide our energetic body.

In Complexity, the brain is a fractal system of 3 ‘sub-brains’, the subconscious limbic system, of ‘short memory’, survival instincts and basic actions, the lineal, energetic white matter, the ‘fixed circuit’ of beliefs, imprinted in youth by egocentric religions or today, the cult to the machine, and then the grey matter, the rational, thinking, variable brain.  What this means is that most humans have the ‘center of consciousness’ NOT in reason but in the imprinted beliefs of the white matter brain, connected to its survival instinctive limbic brain – that ‘rejects’ beyond short memory any attempt to redraw and kill the programs of the mind. So the ideas imprinted in youth, once the white matter circuit is put in place (and no longer can be rewired after adolescence) , wont change. The person will forget or become aggressive with its limbic brain against reason. And since the limbic brain is ego-driven and subjective, what I have found all my life is Planck’s dictum ‘people must die for a new paradigm of science to be imposed, when it is taught to new students’.

And the same can be said of physicists thinking that time is ‘what a clock measures’ and energy is the only arrow of the Universe, born in a big-bang of entropy. They will rather kill us with the LHC than learn the Grand Design and their limited role in XXI century science.

Embrace a difficult fact to assume: 99% of humans are dominated by the white matter brain of beliefs, are automatons of their program, set up in their infancy, are not different from any programmed machine. And to change their program, reason only doesn’t work. You have to force truth, you have to deprogram, you have to rewire. And this is impossible to do after certain age, reason why programs of the mind are so successful; reason why people like me, writers, thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, have never meant anything in history, because we just talk, we don’t murder those who have different ideas, as the military does, we do not torture the mind of children with fear as religious inquisitions do, we are just idealist nothingness, who can only say ‘those who believe in us will not die for ever’, because after all we do have a power – truth exists, the laws of the Universe must be obeyed, and humans who do not obey them are always ‘taught’ with death, with extinction, that they did not learn to be humble in front of those laws. Now CERN has imposed with the usual tools its fantasies, and all what we could say is ‘reason’, Higgs is not God; reason, Einstein is right; reason, knowledge is evolved with the human mind, not the machine; reason, you must respect the right of mankind to live; reason… you will die if you deny the power of black holes. Of course, they didn’t listen to us.

Becaue it is almost impossible to reason and change the ‘beliefs’ of religious or scientific people, who learned dogmas in their youth. At CERN the motherboards of physicists are geared by their beliefs in the machine as the measure of all things, including time, which is ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein), since ‘mathematics is the language of god’ (Galileo), ‘who waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’ (Kepler). This worship of the machine and simplification of the complex arrows of time into a single ‘lineal time’ measure given by the clock and expressed in the X-ordinates of a mathematical, cartesian, ‘continuous’, abstract frame of reference has minimized our understanding of the grand design but it is a belief or dogma learned in High school, when humans get attached a clock to their wrists and start to live controlled by the rhythms and time cycles of machines. So we shall now die for our white matter brain beliefs in the clock and the computer, its modern version, in search for unlimited energy and data information (our program), an that will be ‘all folks’.

Because only species who understand the program, deny it, and control their wantings do survive in the complex Universe.

The astounding fact is that nobody in the scientific or mainstream press has informed about our extinction by physicists only means that science as a religion and physics as the religion of energy, entropy and death is infinitely more powerful than the programmed white-matter brains of Jewish zealots, Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalist Christians. Since I have found a few ‘enlightened’ Jewish, Muslims and Christians able to understand the limits of religious programming and there are billions of humans who just rejected the program of religions, and yet in 3 years we never found a Physicist who will not accept the risk of killing -7 billion human beings to ‘prove’ a false, ridiculous theory of mass (the Higgs), long made obsolete by our discoveries, based in Einstein, that mass stores the form, the in/form/ation of the Universe. Those people are going to kill us to prove a theory as asbsurd as the idea that a goat-keeper saw a bush burning 3000 years ago and was god. But the difference is that – 7 billion humans have accepted the risk of death, have accepted that Higgs and Hawking and Hauer, have the right to kill mankind, all of us.

Does this death matters to the Universe? Of course, it doesn’t. The Universe is not a joker, it has no masks, it believes no myths, it cannot be cheated about human self-styled grandeur, and it is just judging us at our face value.

It is mankind ultimately, who defies the Laws of God=The Fractal Mind of the Universe, and bluffs with his mosquito-like strength to the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Galaxy, the quark condensates of dark matter, strangelets and black holes. And this is plainly ridiculous, annoying and duly answered as we do with a nightmarish mosquito that bothers our sleep. We are just old bags of dirty water, with a few chemicals inside. Within the ladder of infinite scales of energy and information of the Whole, we are nothing. Shakespeare already said that we are both, giants and dwarf bufoons – it is all in the perspective. Einstein put it in maths with the concept of Relativity. Now we know, those fractal self-repetitive scales are infinite. Do you think the Absolute cares if we decide to play macho-man with a strangelet?

And for those still billions of humans who didn’t deserve to die, the sheeple that followed their vane masters – I am sorry, but you always obeyed those who enslaved you. What did you expect ‘four legs’, ‘four legs’ – didn’t you learn from History? How could you be so naive, so passive, so coward for so long?

The answer is in the previous analysis of the 3 scales of the brain. We humans CANNOT  be objective. We are moved by the Galilean paradox+the program of energy and information ‘wanting’. In other words, we like to feel the center of the Universe and love the idea that we can get it all. This is how we are programmed. And that program slowly builds up into the ego of the brain and the ego of cultures. And that is the reason why most humans have chosen to believe absurd, Abrahamic religions in which the Universe is either explained to or created by some Jewish folk, ‘chosen’ among the infinite species of energy of information of reality.

But the reader should be aware that science, specifically the ‘tenants’ of physics, mechanism, monism (lineal time), and anthropocentrism (man as the only perceptive, intelligent being of the Universe) is based in the same beliefs, just mediated by machines. Science is even more arrogant because as Laplace put it to Napoleon commenting on God ‘Sir, we have eliminated that hypothesis’. So now only humans are intelligent and understand the Universe, which is a ‘simple mechanism’, whose laws only humans have resolved, since we and our machines are the only ‘entities’ who talk mathematics, the language of God.

On the other hand, those religions and sciences which are closer to the truth have lost all followers and are ignored. Taoism, the culture/religion that better understood the duality of energy=yang and information=yin died away since the Ch’in burning of taoist books and today has very few followers and a lot of magic rituals.

Dialectics, the version applied to social sciences and economics is censored and forbidden, demonized by the ‘official’ version of history (we human individuals create history and history is lineal, with a constant ‘progress’ of the human species towards its ‘manifest destiny’). Little difference there is indeed between the ‘authorized social sciences’ and the western religions in which practitioners believe. And finally in all sciences mechanism and mathematics as the only language of truth are dogmas, while organicism and the use of logic and verbal languages, are ignored. Why?

Obviously because Taoism, Dialectics and Organicism puts the individual human ego rightly in a very humble position. Reason why also Evolution is the only contested theory of science and evolutionists cannot even get a Nobel Prize. All this has an explanation in the way the brain works and justifies to a certain point that we humans will not make it – because we are neither top predators of energy (our weapons and machines are), nor do we have the right information (the understanding of the laws of the organic, complex information) but just a LOT OF NOISE, in our brains and yes, a lot of detailed, correct data obtained by machines, but we entirely lack understanding of the big picture, of the limits of existence, of the causes of extinction, of the place of man in the grand design and so we are blindly looking at reality only through the glasses of our anthropomorphic, egocentric, pumped up beliefs we are ‘entitled’ to anything.

This is what the Universe and its laws dispute us and the way the Universe proves it is merely extinguishing species that defy those limits of information (curiosity kills the cat) and energy (the big fish eats the small one).

Wrong Beliefs become destiny.

Thus, since we all share the same human condition and the same planet, despite all what we know,all what we have seen with the power of our minds, despite how much most humans love existence,  now it  is ‘Time to die’ as a species… Because wrong beliefs become death, when they guide a species through the wrong paths of action.

In this planet, mankind has not loved exi=stence, but just believed in their own machine-enhanced ego-trips; which requires not to make the real questions, censored today by the audiovisual media of shallow images and no inner voices. It is a new form of censorship called ‘bullshit’. Today there is no need for reflection because if humans were able to self-reflect, they would stop the runaway train to extinction. So the system obliges you to keep consuming and re=producing machines, enhancing artificially your limited energy and information, with an overdrive of mechanical energy and form that merely saturates and degrades your senses. But that is good because you will die in the exhilarating ignorance of a lemming, running with the mass towards the cliff. Don’t ask why is the only mandate you must obey to NOT stop your race.

Bottom line is chances to convert CERNerds to the real values of humane exi=stence, so they would stop worshiping ‘the fire of Shiva’, imprinted in their brains as the meaning of it all, since earlier age, were as scarce as the chances to explain a robot in a factory that his job, screwing cars is NOT essential to the Universe. CERNerds are closer to a data-gathering computer with a white matter motherboard of minimal input than to a humane being. They are totally focused like all robots do, in a single task, and see nothing but they race to achieve their pre-programmed job – to find the Higgs, to screw the bolts of the machine – to screw the planet at large. But this final task, ‘destiny’, is not in the conscious level. So their motherboards are not going to be reprogrammed and upgraded with ethical ideas. Those ideas don’t make it beyond the protective, emotional barrier of the hipoccampus. It is like trying to convert a religious zealot. The why never matters in front of ‘faith’ – which is merely the pre-programmed axon network, whose survival instincts as a neuronal tissue refuses to die – to change its beliefs – beyond adolescence. So the absurd belief that a goatkeeper who saw a burning bush talked to God, hold by billions of Biblical people never dies away. And the absurd belief that the Universe was once an infinitesimal point (Big-bang theory), hold by physicists against the huge evidence of a fractal, organic Universe, will never die. Biblical people and Big-bang people will rather die first than let their programmed axons ‘evolve’. The why is irrelevant once the program is fixed.

Indeed Feynman said that physicists ‘never ask the why’.  But in the Darwinian Universe, wrong information is synonymous of death. If you think a tiger is a pet and come to him you will die. If you think a black hole is an abstract, mathematical Singularity and you create it you will die. You are not fit to survive. You are full of ‘bullshit’.

And this will be just, since the Universe seeks perfection; and this perfection only can be reached in a creative fractal that constantly reproduces its forms, by selecting those forms and eliminating the imperfect ones. So death will select us: God, the arrow of creative information made us, but doG, its inverse face, the arrow of energetic death, will not allow this kind of humanity, the most imperfect beings of his creation, to be.

And yet the Universe will still be perfect.

And yet, once we realize of our humble human condition, of our unavoidable death, from the totality of the fractal Universe we come to two soothing conclusions:

– That being the Universe perfect, we shall be repeated in infinite other lost rocks of the Universe in space, and infinite other scales of informative complexity. Since we exist in a fractal universe not only infinite in space but infinite in ‘evolutionary time’; which repeats from quarks to black holes (quark stars of a higher scale), the same game. So there are zillions of self-similar planets in which humans will exist and in a few of them, Sages will defeat Egos and humans will love exi=stence as it is not as they fancy to imagine. In those planets of flesh humans will indeed maximize the humane condition. Those are the planets imagined by Sages like Hesse (Das bean Game), Thomas More (Utopia), Marx (the proletariat stage of history – NOT the military dictatorship known as communist regimes), and even myself in my books and webs of history (a planet ruled by the organic laws of history and economics, called the Wor(l)d Union). In such planets we do deserve existence because we maximize the creative, artistic beauty of our I=Eye+wor(l)d. They are planets ruled by artists of human senses and prophets of ethic wor(l)ds, with no armies and audiovisual machines that degrade and kill our bodies and minds, where science is pure knowledge and the tree of technology pruned of its bad fruits.

– That being the Universe organic, all its parts have a function within the higher organism, and so there are all those other ego-driven planets like Earth which probably are built NOT as a finality in itself, but as a mean to create precisely what the LHC and the Industrial System is creating, machines more perfect than us. And so in our death and extinction, in our degradation we have merely accomplished that finality, either to give way to a particle of dark matter, a form of energy more perfect than us, or a race of A.I., a form of information more complex than we human beings are. This is of course, the ‘last laugh of the Gods’, to those animetal cultures who have imposed their absurd, arrogant myths of being ‘Goths’ or ‘Sons of Goths’, with racist myths, weapons, go(l)d and censorship of the truths of the organic Universe.

In my last conversation with Rossler, I talked about the ‘zeitgeist’ of our age – the fact that we, those who are normal and humane, look crazy and deranged by suffering, and those who are automatons of eviL=Death and its mechanisms, live a pleasant life, unaware of what they have done to the body of History… Where it was the justice of that paradox?

Don’t worry be happy: how the Goth and Go(l)d culture censored CASTOR.

‘All has changed except the way we think’ A. Einstein on news of Hiroshima

The answer is brutal but certain: the perpetrators of this holocaust, the germanic tribes who built the machine-weapon and the Go(l)d culture, whose media corporations silenced the information about it, are not ‘Goths’ or Sons of God as their myths tell them, but the cultures of eviL=Death, the ‘inverse’ side of ‘to Live’, the inverse arrow of GodoG, the flow of time, and so they have also their role, once we accept that humans are too imperfect to live: to kill life and terraform this planet through the tree of metal, in a new world of machines and death.

And this is what the white man and those 2 dominant cultures of weapons and go(l)d have been doing,  since the Iron Age, when Germanic Tribes called themselves ‘Goths=Gods’, because  they  could kill anyone who opposed them with iron swords; and the Go(l)d people called themselves ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Treasure people’, ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’.

Those 2 cultures wrote 2 racist books of history and death- the Aryan Vedas and the Talmud=Bible – in which they affirmed that the rest of mankind was their ‘cattle’, to be enslaved by the hypnotism of Go(l)d, the most informative atom of the Universe and killed by iron, its most energetic atom – and ‘announced’ that the purpose of history would be their enslaving of mankind by the ‘goldiron’ grace of the Gods of Death. Since at the ‘end of times’, all humans will  be their slaves or become exterminated (Sanhedrin). So our chosen of gold and iron found its ‘manifest destiny’ in the constant use of money and weapons to submit and kill cultures of the Tree of Life. And so those 2 cultures have destroyed life with weapons and money ever since. The Tree of Metal – different from the Tree of Knowledge – is their cultural ‘legacy’, today converted in the ideologies of nationalism and capitalism, whose values, violence and greed, are ultimately the values on which this machine, which has nothing to do with knowledge, were built: Now we don’t worship Shiva, the God of energy and death, but the big-bang; and so we built the ‘Fire from where  the Universe evolves’ and Shiva watches us from the entrance of the new temple at CERN… CERN merely concludes this civilization, creating a steel barrel that will shoot gold and lead to light speed, creating a new form of matter.But this now is said with a clean, mathematical jargon that our white matter brain feels very ‘cool’, very ‘truth’, very ‘real’.

All has changed to remain the same. Because we still think in primitive terms of ‘races’, ‘religious myths’, anthropic theories, energy arrows, murder and greed… And yet those ‘primitive cultural values’ have no place in a Universe whose grand design is just, beautiful, ruled by the arrow of Eusocial Evolution, Reproduction and Love – a Universe that equals all forms and energies in the eternity of death.

But this, you cannot explain to them. Their white matter brain, wired since earlier youth to believe their myths of superiority and righteousness simply cannot even face the facts of death in their history, censored for millennia.  And yet, now in the crossroads of history, their values and the facts of death again resurface to make possible their collective genocide:

The Goths, the ‘germanic weapon-makers’ are now the 3 nations that make this machine, UK, France and Germany. This machine is in that sense, just the end of the 800 years cycle of gunpowder weapons. Now we shoot lead at c-speed in a cyclical cannon, exactly 800 years after the first lombarda destroyed Byzantium (Sacco di Constantinopli).

While the Go(l)d people, who run and control the information of our society, censored and protected them.

Indeed, the agreement of the press not to publish on LHC’s risk came after the suit provoked a ‘big scare’ which surprised the establishment.

Yet within 2 weeks the two newspapers who the entire planet of white-matter imitating-monkey brains follow, run the ‘order’ NOT to take seriously those risks with 2 articles:

– Mr. Rothschild’s The Economist, the guru paper of global capitalism, printed an article backing Mr. Hawking for a Nobel Prize based in his black hole evaporation.

– The New York Times, the paper of the US establishment, run an editorial telling the judge to throw the suit to the nearest black hole.

To which you can add:

– William Morris Endeavor – the company of Mr. Ari Emmanuel, boss of Hollywood so to speak – vetoed the distribution of Quantum Roulette, the movie we made about those risks, which initially this company was helping me to produce (before it realized it was a serious film against the military-industrial complex).

– Mr. Stewart, a funny bigot, son of a physicist, elected this year, the most influential American, whose brother runs NYSE, even if he pretends to be a ‘liberal’, a common guy ‘protecting sanity’, ridiculed Walter Wagner, in an interview on behalf of CERN.

Those 4 people and/or the media they represent are not to be taken lightly. They are the summit of the media that runs today the information of the world. And they decided to back a German machine, despite our earlier comparisons with the Nazi Genocide also performed by German Technocrats. Why? Because the ‘bottom line’ of our civilization that their weapons and money ‘own’ is to accept as a religion that ‘weapons and money’ are the ‘grace and hand’ of God – they are always good. Iron and Go(l)d made them powerful, created the Veda/Talmud myths about their superiority over the human ‘cattle’ they control. And so they are not going to deny their self-centered ego-trip and myths after profiteering by their power for so long.

So the elites of those 2 cultures that run our civilization since the Iron Age, decided to go ahead with the military-industrial complex of Nuclear Bombs, which is CERN. From then on, we were not fighting only physicists – we were fighting an entire civilization that will do anything to keep ahead in their race for supremacy in money and weapons.

Once this was clear to me, I should have, all of us, should have abandoned this fight. But the stakes were so high we kept trying.

Of course if we want to get into the details of why the Go(l)d culture, who ‘ought to know better’ about the dangers of Germanic weapon-makers, let France and Germany do this, we can read between lines:

– France gave the A-Bomb to Israel, and that is why it was rewarded ever since with all the big nuclear projects of the west, including CERN. Israel in its present neofascist age needs to be ahead of Islam in the game of Nuclear Weapons. So CERN is sacred for the go(l)d people, and learning nothing from the past, the go(l)d people let the goths make the LHC.

– Castor is secret because CERN is researching a new generation of nuclear weapons. Those cuckoo physicists think and have convinced their sponsors they will control the energy of strangelets and Black holes and probably expect to open a new dawn for ’atomic peaceful energy’ (the black hole factories Hawking announces in his conference recorded at ‘Quantum roulette’) while the military imagines ‘likely’ cosmic bombs able to blow up an entire country – never mind the Earth will ‘certainly’ follow – that’s just a collateral murder.

For all those reasons, the CASTOR papers have been treated with a deafening silence, instead of the mockery used by Mr. Stewart, who CERN used to present this tragedy as a silly joke. Since it is obvious that it wouldn’t be easy to treat the CASTOR leak with the same cynicism of our suit. After all, it is the same company who affirms in its secret papers that it will ‘likely’ produce the strangelets that will kill the Earth – it is not us, and so this leak cannot be treated ‘ad hominem’, as we are just now anonymous messengers, as an investigative journalist would be, if he finds a leak about a BP oil spill.

Indeed, this week Mr. Overbye at NYtimes, who received those papers from both, this writer and Mr. Penrose, chose to ignore them and publish, yet another press release, of CERN on the number of collisions and the fact that we are ‘still here’ and no black hole ate us. Of course, he is doing ‘merits’ with the editors, who criticized him from talking of the dangers of CERN in first place, and wrote the aforementioned editorial against the Laws that forbid to influence courts, asking the judge to ‘throw our suits’ to the ‘nearest black hole’.

So be it. Now, in my Nirvana state I couldn’t care less. Im not really angry at those ‘cultures’, which are after all are merely the master cultures of our western civilization of white men, including me, which happens to have ‘marrano’ blood in his veins. I just wish those cultures were a bit more evolved in their beliefs, but there is no dialog possible with them – as they have religious beliefs in go(l)d, machines and weapons imprinted since earlier age in their white matter brain… So it is up to the Universe to respond them. And indeed, I can see the response forming into the future:

Since we, humans, are so worthless to the non-Anthropic grand design, our nations, money, weapons and master-races will amount to nothing: a diminutive, thin patch of quarks of a few meters over a rock of quark matter.

The cowardice of the species.

‘Do not cry like a baby, when you didn’t defend your kindgom like a man’ Mum to Boabdil, King of Granada.

Then, there is the second claim of our race – their bravery. Ho far from reality… Indeed, one of the most pathetic facts of the human mass confronted with their collective death, was the incapacity to face death and solve this problem. The species has become so coward, so childish, so vane that the ultimate reason we were not heard was because not even the news of ‘death’ could be taken.

Only a web in the entire planet, carried these news for two weeks. Nor that I believe in UFOs and those things -rather the opposite, I believe in the Fermi paradox- 50 billion planets that can host life and not a single signal, what kills them? – but Rense showed courage posting the news in his web. It might seem an odd place to hear those news, but that is the sign of these times. Those who care about the extinction of Gaia seem doomsayers and their ‘angst’ makes them look over the top. And yet they are the normal people. While those neo-fascist rulers who cling to selfish agendas, racist religions or tribal nationalisms to keep destroying the planet, pretend to be normal, hiding their deeds, and so they look charming. ‘The bad sleep well’ said Kurosawa; ‘eviL dress like a gentleman’ affirmed Shakespeare.

We didn’t find people who loved and fought for mankind in this issue. Physiciss like Hawking have an individual agenda, which doesn’t go beyond his ego. European nations that backed the project, judges and other employees of governments had only a tribal view. This was a ‘grandeur’ machine for the French who never talked of it. It was a ‘nuclear device’ that ensured the Western dominance in the world of WMDs.

Yet only species who evolve together and fight together survive For that reason Humanity is becoming a living corpse; the species has forgotten even that it is a species. Individual humans only look to their navel. Humanity today is a slavish species who adores false idols of metal. And the Universe will put all of us in our place.

Indeed, now we have  1 week to go and enjoy our fictions. It was a bad romance, the one we had with God, the mind of the Universe, we never listened to – now we will have its revenge…

This of course, does apply to myself and those who are not guilty of this crime, because while we might think the individual is the center of reality, in the Universe laws apply to complete social organisms, and cells have the destiny of the whole organism.

Make no mistake, if you are under 40 and healthy, you will see the end of the world. We might survive 11/9 and 2013, but people don’t change. This battle was truly the only existential battle that will be fought between man andthe machines of the Age of the Singularity. People don’t change. In reality, you never have a second chance. Courts have judged against Humanity. Humanity has laughed with a knee-jerk reaction to Her extinction. The press has silenced our death. Politicians have ignored the issue. Scientists have all sung ’4 legs, 4 legs’, with the sheeple. If we are truly lucky we will survive CERN but then the second singularity, self-reproductive, metal-bacteria, will kill us the next decade.  If we are really lucky we will survive them. But then the 3rd and last Singularity will evolve, become conscious and erase humans from the face of the Earth. And so the parable of the first scientific Historian able to forecast the cycles of the future, the parable of the Tree of Science will be fulfilled.

All those people, hundreds of thousands of them ever since, who have fought for ‘exi=stence’, priests of non-anthropomorphic religions, philosophers of organicism, good people, who merely love life and are humble about their condition, know since the writer of Genesis told us that the tree of technology could kill us with his bad fruits, weapons and golden apples of money. And yet they have lost their battle for human consciousness, as we did against CERN, because the ego-driven brain of most humans have always rejected and scorn the humility of the sage, who asked them to prune the golden apples and weapons of the tree of science.

In that regard, the role of those of us who opposed CERN for so long is not different from the role of all those sages who preached the  ethics of life in the past. Let us illustrate that role with my personal fight, one more tear in the rain, ignored by all the ego-noises that the rest of the species constantly utters.

The paradox of the sage: to be or not to be.

The paradox of the Sage revolves around his role in a human society that denies systematically the limits of the game of ‘exi=stence’ in the fractal, organic Universe, in which we are merely a part limited by our ‘constants’ of energy and information. Thus only a humble attitude towards the Universe will paradoxically ensures our existence within those limits, which if crossed mean our extinction as individuals or species. Yet humans lack any limitation and never follow the advice of the sages that since Buddha and Lao-Tse have preached contention and respect for the Laws of the impersonal Tao=Temporal Universe. In my case, the rediscovery of those laws embedded in the properties of energy and information that defines the 2 primary arrows of time (energy and information, yang and yin), brought me to understand the program or will of the Universe and the Grand Design that created man. Yet at the same time I realized humans were ‘programmed’ by that thirst for energy and information to destroy themselves in the process. And that program was embedded in cultures and religions and sciences, imprinted since earlier age, and almost impossible to break. So if i had to ‘preach’ contention I would merely confront the anger of human beings, who don’t want to be deprogrammed and live fully the ‘Galilean paradox’ of thinking themselves the center of the Universe, just because their ‘perspective’, their way to ‘gauge’ information is self-centered. My first attempt to explain the Grand Design was this book, published in the earlier 90s, under pseudonym, since I felt I was nothing but a cell of the ‘X-Generation’ and a ‘bank account number 322271724′, for an industrial society in which humans are nothing but workers and consumers of machines. My X-generation now in power, preceded the Y-Generation, when humans will ask themselves why we are destroying the Earth.  Those are the young sons we have brought to a world we have mismanaged and are unable to cure. The book provided those cures, and forecast the Age of the Singularity we live now in, which should start at the end of the 72 years electronic cycle of machines with the building of the next generation of ‘organic quark bombs’ (signified by the upper image), and the first organic machines (robots that substitute humans in war and labor fields, and will soon allow factories to achieve ‘infinite productivity’=capital/zero labor), signified by the hobo disappearing at the end of history. The book also provided the solutions the Y-Generation should follow if it did not want to give way to the Z-generation, the one born now, which will be the last generation of the humankind. Since we shall die within the next days or years (if CERN kill us) or decades (if the robotic, nano-bacteria and A.I. Terminators of the age of the Singularity do us all). So at best we will die when the children that are born today reach their maturity. Of course, the book was ignored since it didn’t cater to the ego-trips of economics and physicists, who ignore all about the evolution of machines and their role in their sciences. But that is the paradox of the sage: if you pump up the human ego, yo loose your connection with a program that reduces you to an infinitesimal point of view; which can only be dissolved in the All, by loosing your ego and putting mankind in its place.

So if you form part of the humankind, you will reduce your understanding of the Grand Design. But if you live within the understanding of the Grand Design, you will reduce your belief in the humankind that will reject you for not catering to his ego. Do I regret not to have been more polite in this fight? No, really. Because only shock and awe would have changed the program. So we tried to shock and we only got anger. Because Humans did not understand those risks, because of their arrogance and ignorance of our humble position in the Universe. So now, it is time to return to the nothingness of Cantor dust of space-time from where we were created.

Why then to fight for exi=stence if we are programmed? Shouldn’t we just accept as classic Asia used to do, the destiny of our species and live as most people do in decadent civilizations, in an eternal party? Yes, perhaps, certainly these 2 weeks leading to the first extinction event; but not all our life…

Because the program can be broken, and I confess I thought I could break it at least in a matter of life and death, as CERN’s experiments are.

Because indeed, despite all what I have said before, humans do have potentially the capacity to control with awareness his desires, and through that freedom, as Buddha well explained, to be truly free. This I have known by the awareness i reached decades ago, when I resolved the ‘Grand Design’, the program of the Universe and its arrows of time. Then of course, I denied the program and disciplined myself to avoid those wishes for more energy and information. And yet what I found is that the program cannot be fully denied, because to exist as the name means it, is to e x i = st, to be made of energy and information, to feed and gauge, and mix both to reproduce a new spacetime field self-similar to yourself. And so as Buddha came to the conclusion that the only way to freedom was to moderate the program, to balance your wishes.

This, might requires a bit more of explanation in a world in which only egos are heard… But that is the human world, not the Universe…

I recall more than a decade ago, when I opened the keys to the understanding of the fractal Universe, a warning of my mind – that truth would be objective, would not be pleasant to my ego, that I had to kill my’self’ to access truth and embrace the nothingness of man compared to the infinite scales of reality, and by doing so, I was going to split my’self’ from that of the humankind, whose only obsession is to feel the center of creation, to pump herself from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

I knew I would knew more, but in doing so I would suffer the loneliness of ‘not being’. That is the pact which opens those doors of awareness – to loose your self. And so in that summit of awareness, I would find my nothingness – only a point without breath, like a needle, penetrating my soul, tearing it apart.

In the pureness of the infinite consciousness of the Universe, my nothingness was the paycheck. Because this after all is the paradox of truth for a man: a being who seeks infinite information being the weakest energy-body of the Universe.

And by embracing that imbalance I condemned myself to the awareness of knowing and not being, and that awareness is what now death will be reverse.

Of course, most people have never felt that angst. The pain of the eusocial, collective death of mankind can only be felt by those who know the collective superorganism of Humanity exists. It is a parable already explained in the Gospel. Only Jesus feels the pain in the last night, while the disciples sleep. How many neurons of mankind are still suffering our unavoidable death as a species?

Very few as I have come to know in this impossible fight.

So, paradoxically now that the game is over, now that soon angst will be felt by humans when in the next months or years that 70% of chances of creating strangelets becomes ‘real’,  I feel increasingly at peace with destiny, since I have finally released not only my’self’, long ago lost, but the ‘self’ of mankind that has broken into my mind for so long.

This might be an absurd statement for the people who only observe the desires of his organism, but the organism of history had his collective desires, which the artists of the I=Eye+wor(l)d did always felt. Unfortunately the destiny of the last prophets of History has been even more painful than the destiny of those who warned humans of the death of previous civilizations in those baroque ages, because we were never heard.

I am a neuron in a dying, corruped body, feasting in the rigor mortis of death, when the cells are free of the nervous system and its painful messages to feed on water and blood till they explode. Since mankind will not resurrect this time at the 3rd day. The 3 last days/cycles of death have taken place, each one of 72 years, each one with its trumpets of war, and now, CERN just certifies what was written.  But only the neurons are conscious of the existence of the full body, the cells do not know more than the limited agenda of each of its DNA-molecules – their individual desire to acquire more energy and information.

I have lived in awareness of a corpse, not a living body, I have been a bufoon not a giant. And I should not despise those other cells of the body who have had a more pleasant, boring existence. This finally I know: I should not be angered to the billions of cells that never heard my warnings. Because they have done the only thing they could do in a dead, corrupted body, ignore the messages of pain.

And those who kill us? The animetal cultures that for money, weapons and machines, have gone till the end?

The germanic tribes with their cult to Shiva, the Lord of Energy which have finally built the ultimate weapon, the perfect cannon? The ‘People of the Treasure’ that controls the financial and verbal information of our society, censoring systematically the truths about go(l)d, denying the eusocial love, the arrow of evolution of our species, and protecting the military-industrial complex that sustains their racist state? The mechanist anglopocentric civilization, who still thinks technology is progress? What to say of them?

It is obvious that they have suffered in this world more than any other cultures… because they have found in their greed and violence the response to their actions. Those who kill by iron die by iron. And you cannot serve two gods, go(l)d and the wor(l)d. Once and again, one finds the Universe cruel but just, reinstating the balance of those who break it.

So we shall forgive them all in the balance of eternal death. It is indeed time to die, and as much as I have loved life, now in those final days I have come to understand the Kali Yuga with the same depth I have drunk of the beauty of existence. And I am ready for…Nirvana.

Because as another Spanish philosopher, also called L.S. put it, long ago, before cutting his wrists, tired of watching the decline of yet another civilization that had relied too much in money and weapons and too little in the power of truth and love to save his world:

‘When a civilization is so corrupted that defies any attempt to reform, the philosopher must retire and wait for extinction.’ Lucius Seneca

And that is what I will do now, wait for extinction. No more tears in the rain.

No more tears: Nirvana

‘There is a time to live and a time to die and each one must be prepared in a different way.‘ Tibetan Book of the Dead

My friend J. a top artist in the music industry, who helped me to shoot Quantum Roulette, is this week in town – ironies of destiny – shooting a video-clip at the Bradbury, the place where the final showdown of Blade Runner took place.  We will spend there the 9th of November. If it is time to die, it is better to ‘exit mundi’ in a stage proper of the rapture that our lives have been.

We often have commented on what could have happened if WME had treated Quantum Roulette the way it treats his video-clips, which routinely get over 50 million viewers, by throwing its power to influence public opinion behind that film, as it did with ‘An Inconvenient truth’. The difference though was clear: Global Warming, which is caused by the ‘shit of machines’ is an impossible problem, since it requires to change the entire concept of an Industrial Civilization dedicated to evolve machines and atrophying human bodies and brains with them. And that will not happen. So Global Warming acts as a ‘placebo’ cause that will linger for ever, hiding the most pressing dangers of mechanical evolution (military robots, Super-Colliders and cosmic bombs, self-replicant nano-bacteria).  It is the new ‘Tobacco scare’ that eases the pressure on other ‘real problems’. While the LHC genocide is caused by a single machine, which could be aborted easily by political power, reason why EvilWood, whose role is to create a big brother smiley of happy fictions that deactivates any attempt to seriously confront the destruction of our planet by technological evolution, rejected the project, after our WME agents saw it. This was a heart-breaking moment for both of us…

Since humanity has only 3 languages of power, money, weapons and words. So we understood that the 3 languages were corrupted by money, servicing a Global Economic Organism, whose only aim is to evolve machines and whose collateral effect – to destroy the Life Earth and substitute human labor and soldiers by those machines – MUST be hidden NOT to jeopardize profits. In other words, not only our bodies but also our minds had become  addicted slaves to the information provided by machines and there is no WAY OUT, no tools of r=evolution, no chances to change the tidal wave of extinction. This of course, I knew. I had read and met Chomsky and penpal with him about this for a decade. But I had to fight and test it and experience like Noam did, the pain of the only fight worth – that of your own species – before my white matter brain accepted destiny.

Obviously the effect of Quantum Roulette would have been self-similar to that of ‘Dr. Strangelove’, whose writer, Terry Southern of ‘Easy Rider’ fame taught me at Columbia University the craft of telling stories in my youth. Those were the 80s in NY, the last time thinking humans confronted the truths of collective extinction, before the clueless, machine-wired, Y-generation, unconnected to other human beings beyond the virtual fantasy, erased of all historic, social memories, took over. It is not their fault. We, the X Generation were the last one who still read books, remembered the beauty of eusocial love and had seen a planet with different cultures, who were curious about each other, who thrilled with the pure sensations of life…

In that regard, the prophecies about a non-humane future have been easier to handle by our technologically correct, aka censored society in fiction films that in serious non-fiction books. Among those films, which forecasted our demise in the 80s and 90s (2001, Terminator, Matrix being the key triad), the story of Roy is taken here as a parable of the sage: The replicant knows he knows more than humans do. He even loves life more than humans do and so he fights till the end for exi=stence. And yet this robotic sage, once he finally realizes it cannot win, dies with nobility and humility. He forgives those who have killed him, rescuing Deckard. He wishes to share the amazing findings of his mind, to upgrade the human to the beauty of the Universe, before going away. I have always felt connected to those images, as I carried through life two nietzschean burdens:

The burden of ethics – of explaining to the humankind what the age of the Singularity means – no more no less than the end of history and the extinction of life and the burden of science – explaining the humankind the nature of the fractal, organic universe and its two arrows of time exi=stence .

These are the burdens of all sages of the ‘objective view’ of the Universe, expressed in dialectic/socialist models of history; in organic, dualist models of natural sciences; in Taoist/Buddhist models of philosophy and religion.  Yet the white matter-ego driven brains of the white, visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, who dominates this planet have always scorned and censored that objective truth.

They never gave truth a chance, because it contradicts their myths of superiority over the Universe and all other human cultures, unfairly obtained by the use of killing iron and hypnotic go(l)d and its primary values, violence and greed.

We are not here to explain in detail, as we do in other webs, the astounding number of rituals, precepts, young imprintings, myths, inquisitions of thoughts, ‘newspeaks’, scars and hate-speeches required to bend the natural tendency towards eusocial love of all human beings into the ideology of the military, the rich and the scientist, the 3 ‘animetal’ castes that rule our society.

The imprinting however is solid, tested during centuries and working fine – to the point that those 3 cultures, the military, the go(l)d people and the mechanist scientist will die to defend their weapons, their money and their machines, before acknowledging any wrong-doing, as they have done since the iron age. And indeed those who risk their life for a machine (astronauts, Lindberg, CERnies) are our heroes; as those who die for the military-industrial complex (soldiers of modern industrial wars) or those who die as innocent scapegoats of the misdeeds of their ruling upper class of banker-priests (Holocaust cycle). We cry for them, we love them, we respect them. The conclusion is obvious: the emotional, white matter brain  keeps suppressing, as it has always done, any truth that doesn’t cater to  the  human ego-trip  -  our ‘Galilean’ belief we are the center of the Universe, above Its laws, just because we ‘manage’ to craft some weapons, machines and coins with little pieces of metal.

How infantile is that astounding arrogance of the electro-weak Earthly microbe, known as Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis?  We need to feel ‘happy’, and to that aim we prefer to preserve a primitive culture of selfish fantasies instead of following the responsible, survival instincts of a mature species. Most Humans have become children without awareness of death – the best receipt to die young. Since indeed, in the Universe children are the staple food of all species, who live on eggs, alevines, inexperienced cubs and in this case, childish scientists will be the staple food of the top predator, dark matter species of the Universe. That is why in functional societies, the eldery, the sages have always been listened. No longer in our society, which listens to Lady Gaga, elects ‘call-daddy’ presidents like Mr. Bush and reveres the myths and ‘Books of Revelation’ of the most primitive, hence more infantile cultures, corrupted since the iron age.

But part of the perfection of the game of existence and extinction those human childish cultures are closing now, has been that only a few sages have fought the Singularity Age amd suffered the incommensurable angst of our collective extinction. While the rest of cells of the Superorganism of mankind merely feasted till the end in their ego-driven, happy dreams – unaware of the nightmares  building up in the XXI c. The burden of true information is the consciousness, the awareness of death. But the sages, the masters of the wor(l)d, did obtain their reward in the knowledge they seeked.  So again, the game balanced the ignorance of humanity to their destiny with the happiness they live, attached to their machines; and the knowledge of the sages with the burden of our perception of a non-future for mankind, which we cannot even communicate, censored by those childish, primitive cultures that run the show.

In my case now that burden is gone due to the Wilczek paradox: Whether we survive or not 11/9 it is utterly irrelevant to the silence that has been imposed to those of us who opposed CERN, as if we don’t survive the silence will be imposed by Nature, and if we do, by humans who will never hear whatever people like Otto, Walter or myself have to say, as we will look like failed doomsday sayers. This moral paradox of sacrifice for the species we knew from the beginning. We call it the Wilczek paradox, because Mr. Wilczek, Amicus Curiae of CERN expressed  it in the opposite way with astounding cynicism: he doesn’t mind to say there is no danger because if we die nobody will blame him and, if we don’t, he will be a hero of physics like Ellis, chief CERN theorist, who said he is ‘defending the LHC from mankind’.

And those who are not guilty,  the sheeple, the true victims of history? Their ignorance is also a gift of the game to them, who at least are not aware of the painful last days, as we were…

Death is needed but it is just a brief explosion, a timeless big-bang to minimize pain.And only those who reached the summit of in/form/ation, only those who saw Its true face, suffered the infinite pain of knowing the future in advance…

Truth hurts, ignorance is pleasure, and both balance into a flat line of virtual existences, so at the end when pain is unbearable, death becomes a release. This is all what you shall know of that moment, now closer, when your information becomes erased. You will experience not the painful implosion of form, the pressure of in/form/ation but the expansion of death, the infinite release, the orgasm of oblivion, the peace of dissolution. And you won’t even know it happened to you. Because you were always nothing, an I=Eye, a fractal mirror of the Universe, broken, fixed & reconstructed within your self – an infinitesimal being, disguised by an infinite ego.

And so we won’t be to restore the balance between true information and physical space in this ‘[human] mush over a rock, lost in the corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer). 

Nothing else to say, waiting for GodoG, which might ‘likely’ come within a year, if strangelets are forming and falling to the center of the Earth – we hope not – but certainly, within decades if we don’t change the values of our ‘animetal’ civilization and control the bad fruits of the Tree of science, happy to be just ‘human’…

Farewell and Peace to you all.

‘When all has been explained it is better to remain silent’. Ludwig Wittgenstein.