The Probabilities of Disaster

Published: February 25, 2010

The Probabilities of Disaster

The Probabilities of Disaster

CERN appears to invent its probabilities. One BBC quoted ‘expert’ stated the probability of blowing up the Earth was like winning the lottery 3 times in a row. Another expert copied Bethe’s calculus of 1 in 4 million chances to blow up the Earth, made for the Atomic Bomb. Initially the company stated it was ‘very unlikely’, which means a 1-10% in statistics. Yet when it was noticed that such probability meant in legal terms a genocide of 1-10% of mankind, from 60 to 600 millions, between 1 and 10 World Wars of ‘real victims’, the company obliged its workers to sign confidentiality statements of zero risk.

And that is the official story: probabilities of human extinction are decided by a Company whose ais as chief theorist ‘John Ellis put ut is: ‘to protect the LHC from mankind’.

Yet according to sciences’ Totalitarian Principle, particles that are not forbidden by the laws of physics always appear. When you switch a bulb, electrons always flow. If particles appeared only ‘sometimes’, the Universe would be unstable and we would not exist.

Indeed, CERN says that the probabilities of extinction are small, one in a million and things like that. This is rubbish. We must understand to which degree CERN is lying when we understand the meaning of probabilities in quantum theory: quantum probabilities are not referred to the existence or not of an event, which either exists if the laws of science allow it (Totalitarian principle of physics: all what is not forbidden by the laws of science will happen) or do not exist if those laws are wrong. Quantum probabilities merely are a tool to know where a certain electron exists in a certain place, due to the uncertainty of its position – but there is not uncertainty in its existence in time, the electron does exist. Thus, probabilities apply to the task of finding the location of the electron in space, not to define if the electron exists or not. For the same reason, if the laws of strangelets preclude that strangelets will be formed, they will be formed. So there is 100% of chances that those strangelets will be formed and grow. If we lower those chances is because we give certain ‘hope’ or chance for those laws to be wrong at our present knowledge. Yet when a liar at CERN or an enthusiast groupie physicist’s blog tells you that there is 1 probability in a million, he is inventing them. It is like saying every time you switch on a light, it might work or not. According to Maxwell it will always work as long as the cable is working. The same with CERN’s experiments. That is why they are so frightening, because according to Einstein and our theory of strangelets they will exist and swallow it all.

CERN has mislead the public to dilute the LHC’s risks. The question is: are strangelets and black holes forbidden to appear at CERN by the laws of Physics?   The answer is: no, they are not. Indeed, the 3 proofs of the scientific method: mathematical accuracy, logical consistency and experimental proof, each one valued at 33% of the total probability.

The strangelet scenario meets these 3 proofs: mathematical accuracy, since Chen from the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Physics proved that 1000 quarks will be enough to create stable strange liquid, thereby CERN will deconfine millions of them. It has logical consistency (as it behaves as a super-attractive proto-black hole) andexperimental proof, its probability is 100%. We have mathematical, logical and experimental evidence that black holes can be formed if string theory is right, which 9 out of 10 physicists believe it is; or if they are Einstein’s quarkcondensates. Even if we are optimists and consider that 1 or 2 of those scientific proofs might fail in each experiment, (giving us 66% or 33% of chances), we can ad the probability of both Events:

A=66% for strangelets and B=33% for less certain black holes.

This gives us: A & B =A+B – AxB= 1/3 +2/3-1/3×2/3=7/9=78% of chances of catastrophe.

Thus, according to the Totalitarian Law of Physics the probabilities of a human genocide are closer to 100%.

In legal terms, we must multiply CERN’s potential victims by risk probabilities: 6.6 billions x 78%=4.95 billions; which is  the largest genocide in history.  Each of the 1000 days the Factory of Quark Matter will continue to operate and increase energies until it reaches its maximal potency in 2013.  CERN will legally murder 4.95 billion/1000 = 4.95 million human beings, more victims than the 3 million people murdered in the factory of Zyklon-gas during its entire operative run.

Legal Shutdown

The advancements of mass-annihilation weapons achieved by the Nuclear Industry, will culminate into the creation of  quark-gluon liquid, the most potent explosive in the Universe. Because these risks  would require CERN’s LHC to close, the Nuclear Company of Europe ignores these risks and requires all workers to agree to and signconfidentiality statements of zero risk.

Because CERN cannot defend potential genocide in front of a Legal Court, it has not appeared in the lawsuits  that have been placed against the company in Federal Courts and in Human Right Commissions all over the world,.  CERN adduces Diplomatic Immunity that it achieved during the cold war as a Factory of Nuclear substances.

CERN’s employees have produced false safety statements; going against European Union regulations that ask for independent panels to review factories producing lethal substances, and its thousands of collaborators run an ‘ad hominem’ blogger’s campaign against scientists that have denounced the company, some of which are among the  world’s leading experts of Complexity, Non-Euclidean networks, fractal and chaos theory, the most advanced mathematical models used to describe the quark-gluon soup, a far from equilibrium, complex liquid.

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