The Monstrosity: Why Genocides Happen.

Published: February 25, 2010

The Monstrosity: Why Genocides Happen.

How do genocides happen? 5 elements converge in genocides:

1. The evolution of military technologies.

We must recognize the danger the LHC poses. The evolution of ‘atomic cannons’ and nuclear bombs has reached a point that has now made it possible to blow up the Earth. Quark-gluon liquids that the LHC is posed to create are the most lethal substances in the universe. They are the detonator of mass-bombs (M=e/c2) that blow up entire stars. Improvements in technology have now increased the level of lethal power:

Without the technological advances that R.H., praised by the SS-Authorities for being ‘a true pioneer in this area, because of his new ideas and educational methods’ achieved with his research on crystal poison, the +3 million victims of his factory would have never been possible.

Without the technological advances that R.H., praised by the SS-authorities achieved with his research incrystallized poison, the +3 billion victims of his factory prepared to be a true pioneer in this area, would have never been possible.

2. The ethics of a technological civilization.

To apply these lethal technologies people must worship machines rather than life. They follow the ethics of a technological civilization, as industrial cultures do: ‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even if they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics.Erich Fromm

This ethical statement explains what LHC is designed to do. To make a bigger, more powerful atomic cannon, because we now have the capacity. CERN will undertake this mission regardless of its harmful collateral effects to mankind. This project also means big contracts for technological companies and jobs for Nuclear Physicists, many unemployed since the end of the Cold War. As CERN said: ‘Whatever the discoveries ahead for physicists working at LHC, the experiments will’, according to CERN’s Chief Scientific Officer, Jos Engelen, “keep physicists off street corners for a long time to come’.

The costs and risks of this experiment are so high that Public funding should be used in wiser ways. Research within other areas of science, such as cosmology done with telescopes, and social and biological sciences provide jobs and harmless results. In the XXI century a series of technologies of extinction have appeared that now require immediate judicial and political action to effectively avoid the end of our species.

3. Sheeple behavior. The psychology of death.

The holocaust of mankind could not be achieved without the passivity and sheeple behavior of those victims, whoare murdered while respecting authority. Enter the phenomena of ‘wishful thinking’, trying to avoid the reality of death till the end. Psychologists show this occurs by:

1) denying it, 2) blaming those who tell them the truth, and 3)bargaining for a positive solution, which means to believe what the perpetrators say…

In Auschwitz, despite all the warnings, many people wanted to believe till the end that they were safe. Many ran towards the showers, since the SS-authorities ‘endeavored to fool the victims into thinking that they were to go through a delousing process.’ R.H.

For that reason, the infantile, obvious lie repeated by CERN, saying that the LHC is a factory of cosmic rays has been very successful. ‘People believe a lie if you repeat it many times’ Goebbels.

Indeed, people will deny till the end any risk. The media and the sheeple have played step-by-step into this psychology of death, dismissing the messengers with bad news, instead of solving the issue.

4. Denial and censorship.

Denial is the longest step of sheeple behavior and the psychology of death.  Human beings will not consciously set about to commit a mass massacre and suicide. So Denial and censorship is a needed element in all cultures that commit holocausts, achieved through:

Group thinking’ and respect for ‘authority’: physicists follow a law of silence that denies their responsibility in the nuclear terror, since the age of Hiroshima. Europeans and especially the French and Germans, the biggest contributors to this machine, have rejected all suits placed against the nuclear company. Both countries have followed ‘group thinking’, respect to authority, and a sense of arrogant ‘grandeur’, which overcome individual ethics, and their own traditional societal morals in this megalomaniac project.

Ideological indoctrination: Since Galileo invented ‘Ballistics’, physicists, due to their worldly profession as makers of weapons, tend to accept only energy/entropy theories that justify weapons and big-bangs as the end meaning. They overlook and censor the time arrow of creative information and life evolution in the Universe. For example, the Nobel Prize cannot be given to an evolutionist. The work of Einstein on black holes as informative vortices of mass is substituted by Hawking’s never proved idea that they ‘evaporate information’. The fractal, informative theory of the Universe is sided despite its many proofs for the explosive big-bang; the arrow of information and life is called ‘nengantropy’, the negation of entropy as if life were negative. This Shivaite cult to energy and weapons justifies among physicists the search for the energy of death as the meaning of it all, and the highest goal.

The LOL method: Don’t worry be happy. Society has perfected the LOL method and applied it to our problems, thereby avoiding confrontation. CERN’s members even made a little dance to calm their fears of genocide: physicists made a party of the end of the world at the mass-annihilation factory.

As a journalist put it: ‘CERN’s black holes have had excellent press… Never has nuclear physics looked so sexy since Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb’. Indeed, the press called sexy bathsuits bikinis, like the name of the islands nuclear physicists blew up with the H-Bomb.

Murder at distance. Denial of responsibility is easier among physicists because they murder at distance through interposed machines. So they can pass the blame to the military that throw the weapons physicists create. Their irresponsiblity is granted by the military-industrial complex that imported all the weapon-makers of Germany and acquitted the scientist that manufactured Zyklon-B. He affirmed ‘he didn’t know’ what his product was used for. We are told Mr. Oppenheimer who said ‘I am become death’ is not a mass-murderer. Despite Oppenheimer’s hand in ±250.000 Japanese civilian victims, mainly children and women. Again Oppenheimers role was an act of murder at distance.

CERN will murder mankind at distance if it is not stopped or its LHC broken. It will be producing invisible strange liquid or invisible black holes that will fall to the center of the Earth, first provoking an increase on Earthquake activity, and finally collapsing the planet, 6000 kilometers away from the dark matter factory. Nobel Prize Wilczek , who defended the company in its lawsuits, said laughing in a public conference ‘it was easy to sign the safety statement, since if something goes wrong…’

The European technocrats that paid for CERN and its SS- authorities, (strange science self-appointed experts) willcontinue to deny the facts until the end’, as they receive all kinds of homages. French and German reconverted military industries will praise this new mass-annihilation factory that now researches under the LOL method, planetary bombs to ‘find God’s particle’ and ‘the meaning of it all’. They may, indeed fulfill the dream of Mr. Nobel, called by the less censored, politically incorrect press of the XIX century, Dr. Death:  Nobel prophesied that his weapon factories would achieve peace ‘before Congresses does, annihilating entire armies with a single shot’.

On the other hand, all the letters and articles of those opposed to this genocide are NOT being published. The biggest mass-media agency in the world, William Morris Endeavor, had agents initially backing the film ‘Quantum Roulette’, and praised it in personal emails after watching its final cut. They retired the offer to distribute this ’Inconvenient truth’ to avoid problems with the powerful Nuclear Industry, which has a big ‘war chest’ and pays for the very convenient truth of a much less dangerous environmental catastrophe, called Global warming thereby promoting its nuclear plants as ‘clean energy’… Never mind that its residues poison into the Earth and its mass- bombs can blow us all up.  Which brings us to the 4th cause of this genocide:

5. Go(l)d Corruption.

Genocides and global wars have occurred in technological cultures during certain ‘fascist’ ages, when a military-industrial system comes to control a corrupted political system. Mass-media companies establish complex structures that repress important information, allowing the creation of lethal machines, the ‘eviL=anti-live=deadly fruits’ of the tree of science to continue unchecked. Censorship of life ethics and violent indoctrination is also promoted during ‘fascist’ ages by Mass-media, for example hate-radio in the age of Hitler, hate-TV and the LOL method in our ‘neo-fascist’ age of ‘just wars’ and violent films. The informative ‘castes’ of the society, journalists, politicians, judges, the industrial-military complex and fundamentalist scientists and religions come together to permit, provoke and implement a genocide mostly unknowing, uncaring, or unaware.

CERN, a $10 billion USD company, finds no opposition. It has even achieved Diplomatic Immunity to avoid appearing at Courts, where it will never could defend its actions, its theories, and its potential genocide. CERN is a powerhouse that collaborates with half of the world population of nuclear physicists. Money has bought theoretical ‘experts’, who initially opposed CERN, and now defend it in court.

6. Selfish, individual agendas.

We live in a world in which the Law of the survival of the species is denied. Social love, solidarity, eusocial behavior, love religions are overlooked as unimportant. Only the individual agenda matters. The ego is king.

This aberration of the laws of nature, which evolves socially from atoms to molecules to cells to social, historic organisms, planets and galaxies, favoring the survival of species over individuals, expressed in the wor(l)d language through religions of love, is the main reason we are tending to our extinction. Arguably it is produced precisely by the obsolescence and substitution of humans by machines, which we generally consume individually, becoming alienated from other human beings.

People rarely engage with other people to fight for the rights of life and mankind. The sheeple always look to the other said. Millions of Germans knew about the massacres of concentration camps. Millions today know about the black hole risks but they will never talk about it and will do nothing.

The perpetrators, our physicists and technocrats, will keep to their daily agendas, which might seem ridiculous from the perspective of mankind but essential to their individual p.o.v. Strange Scientists at CERN, who perform the‘rat race’ of scholar publications will keep publishing ‘SS-papers’ about Z-particles. Never mind those Particles they study are irrelevant to society and kill our matter.  If they were mutating ebola virus they would also publish their articles. So those scientific terrorists will keep publishing a detailed account on how we will be extinct with the same methodical zeal used by R.H. in their counting of Z-Crystal units spent at his facilities.

The rest of the world, politicians and common people are busy with daily life, often unknowing, uncaring, or simply feeling we are too important to die. In this sense, the risk of human extinction makes CERN a monstrosity; yet from a selfish perspective it seems to lower risks. People think yes, 6.6 billions might die but the share of probability for me and myself must be then much smaller :‘I’/6.6 billion…

Unfortunately the probability is very high, because we are a single species. And death is half of the equation of reality. In the Darwinian Universe species, who dont fight for survival die for other species to survive. Only those species that are brave enough to fight for life and repress death survive. Yet, instead of preserving Gaia, we make the most lethal substances of the Universe in our Courtyard.

Our culture of selfish, clueless scientific nations and physicists who act like ‘big boys with big toys’, is currently not fit to survive…

We are not the center of the  Fractal, Infinite Universe. The Universe which is not anthropomorphic, but it is dominated by dark matter. The Fermi paradox, given by Mr. Fermi after realizing of the dangers of Nuclear Weapons is clear: why we do not observe intelligent life in the Universe, when there are so many planets fit for life? Do physicists blow them all up before they can evolve socially into a peaceful world that worships the arrow of information and life NOT only the arrow of entropy and death, as physicists do. We must urge politicians and technocrats to take a humble step backwards and a giant leap for mankind, by closing the big-bang factory.

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