End of Run

Published: December 6, 2010

A moment of peace… the first run of the machine has ended… and we are still here… providing dibaryons are not forming inside the Earth, which we shall not know since CERN has not even tuned the machine to detect the formation of low mass, slow speed strangelets, only high energy ones. Imagine the embarrasment, if it had detected them. It would have to tell now that the extinction of the Earth has actually already started , and publish a paper with forecasts for the speed at which we will be swallowed up… So this possibility explained in detail in our two previous posts is lurking ahead on the following years, but CERN has ensured that we will not know or be able to blame them. This is not new anyway. As Penrose, from the heavyionalert.group points out: ‘exactly the same thing with the official searches at RHIC for( effectively) slower moving undetectable strangelets.  These searches were limited – extraordinarily -to a massive lower limit of 30GeV rest mass , well above the maximum produceable strangelet mass suggested by CASTOR, or more relevantly ALICE, strangeness distillation theories at relevant energies – 15GeV . ‘

In any case if dibaryons have been produced in the ion run they are now in their journey to the center of the Earth or ‘still’ there, and so nothing could be done. And this, makes our fight no longer one for freedom and life, but a contemplation of destiny: Alea Jacta est, the dices are thrown, only that the result is not known… yet.

But CERN will keep lobbying, the press will keep selling the success of a machine that is risking our lives and discovering nothing. This, they already know.

REASON why paradoxically CERN has decided to ‘extend’ the present run at 3.5 Tev for 2 years. Why indeed, if THEY HAVE NOT FOUND ANYTHING AT 3.5 TEV, they want to run at 3.5 Tev 2011 and 2012, at huge costs? What is the meaning of NOT running faster, repairing the machine? Do they fear as we do to run at faster speeds/energies? Are they becoming rational, caring for the dangers of the upgrade? Hardly. What all this means was explained to BBC by the previous Chief officer: ‘whatever the LHC discovers, it will keep nuclear physicists for many years to come out of the street’. One year more 2012…

One has to read between the hype lines with which the  Global PR department of the military-industrial complex, before called the Independent Press, has acclaimed the decision.

– The press said the run will be prolonged another year because of their success, after ‘discovering’ the quark-gluon liquid. False. The QGL was discovered at RHIC. The ion run ‘thanx god’ has not discovered anything that we are aware of, since it could only have created stable strangelets and other dangerous quark condensates. So what they mean is that they know they won’t discover anything, but they must earn their salary; so they will run the thing 2 years to get their paychecks.

No problem with that, another year of tested risk is a year of likely life for all of us. I gladly exchange their salaries for this nothing. I just comment to set the record straight on the falsities of this argument.

– The second reason is that unlike what the Global PR department of the military industrial complex is telling us – that the ion run was a great success and the machine is smooth – the run suffered all kind of minor accidents that were not reported. They even had a fire brigade entering in the tunnels after a magnet quenching ‘fire brigade access to cavern’ was posted, the 11/16.

Power systems went down and had to be replaced;

ion streams were lost, precision in collisions was minimal, the limits of luminosity reached low – and perhaps for all those reasons we were ‘lucky’ and strangelet formation didnt happen. In any case they are cautious about ramping it up: an accident like the one of 2008 would be detrimental for the hype.

We are winning the war to understand the big bang (of mother Earth), and that enthusiasm MUST not decay. This is the message for the press. The reality. We are not risking our salaries with this plumbing thing to find the toilet particle. So far works ok and our checks get home.  Again no problem with that, as long as we know the situation.

Peace indeed fills my soul. Till 2014, basically this machine will do nothing more but absorb a few billions from tax payers and maintain the caste of Shiva believers, aka nuclear physicists when the next huge chances happens – collisions at 14 Tev to make black holes

So, in essence, all reduces to this: if we have to die by strangelet formation, the process is no longer reversible. There will be now dibaryons in the center of the planet and sooner than latter they will crush us. If not, and each day we are still here the oportunity of life grows, in 2014 CERN will have another chance, this time bigger, to kill us all.

Since ‘man is the only animal that always stumbles in the same stone’ as a Spanish Proverb says.