The Forbidden Letters – Part 1

“Here you can read the so called the Forbidden Letters, five in total (posts 1-5). The first being quite cryptic, the rest less and less cryptic. Please excuse mistakes in our English, we are French.
Our letters are a reaction on The Serpent Grail, a book by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, launched September 15th 2005. Their website can be reached at

The Paris 4

Note: Responses to the Forbidden Letters are presented in chronological order
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Letters 1 – 5

Note:  N.N. nomen nominandum” (= name hither to unknown).

The FIRST Forbidden Letter

“N. Nominandum” <laborsolis@…> wrote:

Dear Mr. Gardiner,

Allow us to email you. We’ve been expecting your book for over 19 years know, although we must admit we only knew that it was to be launched during the reign of Pope Benedict. (There is no such thing as a free will/ (Du wirst gethan) Nietzsche.)

Let us just help you a little bit more. With a latin text. Composed in the year 1170 AD.

urbs transrhenana anno DCCXI. pupulus nudus silentio noctis conflagrat. hic incipit labor solis. gloriam olivae expectamus.

And remind you of the two last Latin verses in the list of Maleachi (the Popes). de labore solisfollowed by gloria olivae. Followed, naturally, because a shining Tree of Life (spine and brain), the olive tree, is the product of ‘the work of the sun’, as you will know. Trees well hidden for the moment of course.

It is very important that you realize that the Popes are not involved in this. They are only the vehicles in this ‘story’.

Now, you will also want to stick to these 16 words in this and no other order: beheading, stone, stone (producing) kundalini, racing to the centre of the earth, and coming back again. The stone, although it’s hard to believe, being a real stone, though not a stone like we know it. (Alchemists are not those who write about alchemy, but only those, who produce the stone in their body, which ignites the Kundalini fire).

Now, you will say to yourself: many people claim to have had this kundalini-fire. But you see, they didn’t. They were after power, money, followers, whatever. People who produce the stone, and through that stone the fire of resurrection, will never go public.

And this is very important too: if you produce that stone and were consumed and reproduced through that fire, you will achieve individual and physical immortality, and nothing less. Something for the End of Time therefore. Who ever died was not an alchemist and did not produce the stone.

By the way, your man is a gay man. Born on the 17th of January. In possession of that very special balance in microcosmic male and female forces. A balance never possessed by heterosexual men. And your stone is Christ (He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is near the fire is near the Kingdom). Also: 1 Peter 2:4.

You are going to be just in time now to produce your next and last book on the grail.


P.S. That gay man, born on the 17th of January, is not the one who wrote this email. He is the one though who allowed us to write it. This email was sent to you from a country in Europe, not being the country your man of the 17th of January is living.

The SECOND Forbidden Letter

“N. Nominandum” <laborsolis@…> wrote:

Dear Mr. Gardiner and dear Mr. Osborn,

Thank you for you second reply. We are, by the way, four. You can call us the Paris 4 (not playing with you). We have one thing in common: we know the one person who produced in a certain night not to long ago the stone. The grail. The Christ within (I will become like you, more and more, you will become like I more and more (‘Jesus’)). The production of that stone is not the goal of alchemy, like alchemists say, it’s the starting point. It ignites the fire of alchemy. This fire will, after it is tuned down, produce in many year the Kingdom within. (It grows quitte in the way Jesus tells ut it grows; like a plant, in the body, with the full grown chakra’s as the flowers in the end)

Then , the Latin was not ours. Furthermore, you say that you are going to write not on the subject of the Grail anymore, but instead, on the subject of esoterics and Gnosis. But that exactly is the field of the Grail. For you see, there is only one nature (physos) and only one metaphysos. Now, you will want to follow us just a little bit more. The endgoal of evolution is alchemy. If you are not writing about alchemy, you are writing either about nothing, or about something unimportant. Alchemy is about deification. It is about ‘God’ becoming man, and man becoming God. (I have said ye are gods, repeats ‘Jezus’ the psalmist)

You will remember that ‘Jesus’ also said: if you produce what is within you, it will save you. But, if you do not produce what is within you, it will destroy you (this unproduced thing is shakti latent).

And a last remark for now: we don’t want to be arrogant (you are both two fine men, with fine instinct and born for this goal) but you are going to write about the Grail once more. Because it’s in the stars. This is not a threat of course (we can not, nor want to, force you to write a book). But we have read about you, like we said, already 19 years ago. And you can’t escape destiny. Remember, there is no such thing as a free will. It is possible of course that our ‘book’ is wrong, but we don’t really think so.

Again, we are not the person who produced the stone. He is the one though who allows us to write you. And we are under under censorship. Naturally. And furthermore you understand that our mother tongue is French. Please excuse mistakes in our English.


The Paris 4.

The THIRD Forbidden Letter

“N. Nominandum” <laborsolis@…> wrote:

Dear Mr. Gardiner, dear Mr. Osborn,

After talking to our ‘gay man born on the 17th of January who produced the stone little over 19 years ago now’ we decided to mail you a second time this morning (after all, you invited us to post more of our knowledge).

We wrote in earlier mail ‘By the way, your man is a gay man’ without properly introducing him. We corrected that in the introduction of this mail we believe. Our apologies.

Then, our man is gay, but this is not about a gay agenda or movement. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, nor with heterosexuality (you may know that the Paris 4 are all heterosexual, and three of us are married). And homosexuality doesn’t automatically provide the perfect balance of the microcosmic male and female (so gay’s aren’t better people, because our man is gay), but heterosexuality can’t (provide that balance). That much is true. That balance is needed for the hieros gamos, the alchemical wedding. Without that balance, which, again, only a few homosexuals posess, a safe conduct of the kundalini fire is impossible.

Then, the words ‘stone (producing) kundalini’ (the 16 words in our first letter) imply the exit of the serpent through the spine. It is driven out by that fire. The lore of India is correct here. We forgot to mention that exit.

Then, we do not ‘believe that we have the answer to all’, we have the answers to this all.

Then, a general remark of extreme importance: the gospel never took place. We do not know whether a man called Jesus ever lived, it’s not important, but the gospel never took place.

Then, you say ‘the stone at the centre of the universe, like the Kaaba or the rock on the Mount.’ The Kaaba and the Rock are not at the center of the universe. The centre of the universe is in the microcosmos of the human body. The macrocosmos is in the microcosmos, not the other way around (the world is my projection/ the real sun and moon are in you, not out there). The stone (we are allowed to reveal, is a true stone (as we have said earlier), although not like an ordinary stone. It is even pointy and about the size of a child’s fist.

Now you will also understand that there is no such thing as a God outside. And there are no such things as good and bad either. (Good I call what I think is in my advantage, bad, what is believd by me to be in my disadvantage (Spinoza)) Religion is bunk. Your God and heaven spell alchemy.

Then, Gnosis and esoterica are the knowledge of the divine spark within. Gnosis and estorica are also heavily polluted by religion and moral.

The Grail is the firestone. The stone that delivers that spark and that starts the kundalini/resurrection-fire. It is most directly revealed in 1Peter 2:4 (often translated with as al living stone, but the Greek reads lithon zoonta (the living stone) and not hoos lithon zoonta (as a living stone). And revealed of course even more in the only German Grailbook (by von Eschenbach): ‘by the power of that stone the Phoenix (Kundalini) burns to ashes and the ashes restore him to life again.’

We would appreciate a short reaction on this stuff, before we start to tell you about John the Baptist, Secret Mark and the source of The New Testament.

Again, we mailed you this morning on this email address how we can find your forum on which you publish our mail. We searched on, clicked ouserselves silly on the site itself, but weren’t able to find it.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,

The Paris 4.

P.S. Our mails are composed in Paris. Then sent to our gay friend and then sent to another country in Europe, recomposed on this email address, and then sent to you from a public computer. We kindly ask you not to publish this email address. We’d be inundated by mail. You understand.

The FOURTH Forbidden Letter

“N. Nominandum” <laborsolis@…> wrote:

Dear Mr. Gardiner, dear Mr. Osborn,

We didn’t receive a reply on our last two mails. Bur we are instructed nevertheless to go on sending you our information. Here we go.

The Christian scriptures are a vehicle for alchemy. The source-author is a Greek writer from Egypt who composed two manuscripts with sayings in around 120 BC. These manuscripts are not in our possession. We didn’t read them either. We don’t know even whether they still exist. Most of the manuscripts is found back in the parables of the fictional character Jesus about the Kingdom of God/Heaven our gay man ensures us. The most ‘alchemical’ Christian scripture is the gospel according to Thomas (the olive tree as the tree of life though is only found in Philip). The churches weren’t able to destroy this copy found in the 20th century. It was secured. Destroy, because genuine alchemy (‘ Woe the soul that depends on the flesh, woe the flesh that depends on the soul’ Jesus in Thomas) leaves no room for after-life- theology. That fundament of “churchianity” and false hope.

We informed you that alchemy is about personal physical immortality, and nothing less (like a prolonged life or good health). (Hence: woe the soul and woe the flesh.) To achieve this immortality a dragon has to be killed. A serpent. (drakon is Greek for serpent.) The ‘blood’ from that dragon is the future inner body elixir which will grow the inner light-body as it is so beautifully called. This lightbody is ‘nothing’ but a fortification of the subtle-body, with which every human being is already born. Once it is strong enough (Jesus repeats this several times) it will take over the flesh-body. (That’s the harvest.) And it is called the lightbody, because from that moment on ones body emits light too (the bridal clothes). Remember that Jesus ensures us that ‘your whole inner body will be filled with light’.

On we go to Secret Mark. We simply recommend it in combination with (public) Mark chapter 14, verse 51. Note the word naked (gymnos). Why is it used? And why is it Mark takes the effort to write in verse 54 about Peter who just left the scene ‘and warmed himself at the fire’? (It was apparently cold that night, but our fictional young man was nevertheless motivated to wear but a linnen cloth cast about his naked body.) And we recommend John 13:23, 19:26 and 27. Why is John speaking about a disciple whom Jesus loved? Didn’t he love the others? Naturally, but a certain disciple in a special way. It is not impossible that other homo-erotic parts were removed by the church in the dark ages. But these weren’t probably recognized as homo-erotic. They are too subtle. We repeat here that homosexuality is a conditio sine qua non for alchemy.

On we go to John the Baptist. How did he die? You will say: by beheading. But he didn’t. How do we know? Because a) the one and only person who talks about being baptized in fire (kundalini) is the one and only who is beheaded (alchemy) and b) the one and only historian who wrote about John the Baptist (and has no reason to lie of course), Josephus, writes in his Antiquities, XVIII, caput 5: what he (Herod) did against John, who was called the Baptist: for Herod slew him.

A word here and now too on Simon bar Jona who saw his name changed into Peter. Peter comes from the Greek petra, meaning rock. A rock is not a stone (alchemy), but the next best thing to a stone if you want to encode alchemy. A stone is lithos in Greek, but you can’t make a name with lithos. He holds the key’s to heaven (the kundalini stone). Christ’s real church consists of the people baptized in fire through that stone. So this congregation is in a way built upon that (kundalini) stone. Peter is also called Caephas. And that means three things in aramaic: head (referring to the alchemical beheading), stone and rock.

For you will remember too that in certain grail-lore heads are taken of and replaced by other heads. Now, we are not talking about the head of flesh to be taken of. That would be lethal ofcourse. It is the microcosmic, subtle head, interwoven in the head of flesh that is taken of and replaced after the fire by a new subtle head (the Christ).

We are closing for today. If you search in alchemy, at one point you will find the expression V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (= visit the centre of the earth and by rectification you will find the stone). The alchemist- writers are quite mistaking here. We recommend our 16 words from our first mail: first the stone is produced, then the journey to the inner earth starts. The stone is found in the body, not in the earth. Mind you, everything is, in the end, found in the body. If an alchemist travels through the earth, he’s doing that in the microcosmos of the body. Remember what we said: the real sun and moon (and earth) are in you. Not outside. And this explains why our friend could still hear common street noise outside his apartment when he traveled to the centre of the earth over 19 years ago with tremendous speed.

It will be more than clear to you now that nothing ‘Christian’ has happened in the year 33. Let alone something crucial. The acts of Jesus are as fictional as the acts of Parzival.

We will send you one more email. An email that will conclude our contribution to your knowledge of ‘the Kundalini-stone and the End of Time’. After that you will not hear from us anymore.

We greet you,

Yours truly,

The Paris 4.


We still were not able to reach your Forum. Very tiresome. We get page expired from 3 countries if we click on the Forum-button. We kindly ask you again how we can reach the mail you published.

The FIFTH Forbidden Letter

“N. Nominandum” <laborsolis@…> wrote:

The Kundalini-stone, Quantum Physics and the End of Time

Dear Mr. Gardiner, dear Mr. Osborn,

As promised here our last mail, being our fifth and last letter.

It is repeatedly said by Jesus that ‘if you have faith like a mustard seed’ and ‘if you make the two one’ or if ‘two make peace in the same house’ (the unification of the two opposites through alchemy), in the end you will be omnipotent (‘nothing will be impossible to you’). You could ‘move a mountain’. This moving of the mountain is often related to faith (being one in the sense that you do not doubt anymore), but this is mere pollution of the gospel. Becoming omnipotent has nothing to do with faith. It has got everything to do with ‘the work of the sun’, a.k.a the magnum opus.

You said in a mail that we are all connected. And we are. But even in a more dramatic way most people know. We know now through quantum physics (the realm of the microcosmic sub-atomic world, the fundament of the so called real, atomic world), that distance may well exist in the atomic Einstein world, but that it doesn’t exist in the sub- atomic quanta-world.

In the Einstein-world there is one chief dirty word: simultaneous. The laws of that world dictate that every action takes time. No simultaneous reaction is therefore possible. But in the sub-atomic world, not energy is passed on to cause a reaction, but information.

But what has this got to do with the promised omnipotence to the ‘sons of man’ you will ask? How can anyone move a mountain, unless he posesses at least the energetic equivalent of the mountain itself? He can’t of course. Unless he’s deified. Because in that case you don’t need energy to do your thing, all you need is to pass information through your will. You ‘reprogram’ the mountain, that is, the mountain in your projection (the world is my projection). For the real mountain is in the sub-atomic world, not in the atomic.

And if you are deified (the harvest) you will be able to mess with your projector.

By the way, don’t take our word for it. Take the word of Mr.. Wang and Mr.. Bedford instead.

Phenomena in sub-atomic physics such as Bell’s Theorem (everything that was once connected will stay connected for ever) and the Einstein Podolsky Rosen non-locality differences have led to significant rethinking of the relationship between consciousness and reality (the world is my projection (our remark)). Such thinking forms the basis for modern conceptions of magic and paranormal (psi) phenomena, in that the human mind may have a significant, but non- physical effect on material reality. Or, as Wang and Bedford put it (1985): “one of the non-mechanical aspects of causation may be will and intention.”
[Solorion at ]

But back to ‘making peace in one house’. What is meant here?

Jesus says: do not go the broad and easy way to death. Go instead the dark, narrow and dangerous way. (Mind you, this is not very precisely put. People are invited to the Grail. You cannot invite yourself. If you are invited you will go that road, if not, you never will.)

But again, what does he mean?

You know that there is a beast inside all of us. That beast has to be let out in a certain crisis in alchemy. It is raw psychic energy (libido). And exactly that dark energy is used to build up the lightbody. It is extremely dangerous and leaves you with a pandemonium of aggression-impulses for several months( and other complaints), and in weaker form for several years (the energy is consumed more and more and the impulses gradually disappear). To safely conduct this energy you need an extraordinary strong mind (he who will overcome). This process is sometimes called the night of the soul. It is absolute horror the first two weeks. Horror still the next three months and quite a burden for about three years, till the whole beast is consumed and transformed into lightbody and chakra’s (well hidden then still). Now you will, by the way, also understand what is meant by the words: happy he who has (that still hidden lightbody), for he shall receive (omnipotence and immortality through the lightbody). He who has not that lightbody will lose even what he thinks is his. exempla sunt odiosa.

Now you will also understand the parable in which Jesus talks of a garden in which a tree is planted (the spine and brain in kundalini- fire as the tree of life). But no fruits are produced for years (the night of the soul is part two of alchemy, and doesn’t occur untill after many years (after the kundalini/resurrection)). The owner wants to cut down the tree, but his servant says: let me just shake the tree, and give water and fertilizer. Perhaps then the fruit will come. That is ‘the night of the soul’. He say’s, if the fruit is still not coming then, you can always cut down the tree. This, of course, will not happen. It’s a parable, not an analogy. Whatever the grail starts, the grail will finish. The night of the soul is by te way wonderfully described in the Parzival of van Eschenbach in the story about the Chastel Marveille (Wondercastle) where Parzival has to fight a lion.

‘Happy the lion who is eaten by a man, because that lion will become a man. But woe the man that is eaten by the lion, for he will become a lion.‘ (Jesus in Thomas) (It’s the theme of the Sphinx).

Goodbye to you Mr. Gardiner, and goodbye to you Mr. Osborn.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

From a bumpy Paris on November 9 2005,

The Paris 4.


Did we destroy your past and future books on Gnosis, the Grail and esoterics, or did we not? Do they look like child’s stories, or not? They do, n’est ce pas? But don’t despair. After all, we have great confidence in you and you have in posession the real truth behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life now. And which other author can say that? For, if we wouldn’t have mailed you, you’d still be in the dark. And stayed without a doubt in that dark all your life. So don’t be depressed: a crisis that is not for the better, is the most rare thing on earth (Persian saying).

Do not miss Part 2: PS to The Forbidden Letters

PS by Philip Gardiner

“The Paris 4 contacted me and asked me to listen to their viewpoints on the Grail legend. I get this quite a lot as you may understand. I recently spent time in a foreign land on the trail of information given to me by a very real secret society and this will become part of a new book.

I listened to the information the Paris 4 were sending, and I thoroughly enjoyed their interpretation, whilst having reservations on why they wished to remain secret. I can still only assume it may have something to do with the gay aspect spoken of in their work or maybe they just want to remain private – either way I respect their judgement as I would for anybody else.

The information came thick and fast and I was quite enjoying, if not totally agreeing, with what I was reading. Then something strange happened. Almost everybody on my own forum started being hacked. My emails and the Paris 4’s emails were intercepted and we seemingly started saying bad things against each other. I closed up and refused to listen to anymore. Then we both found that somebody had been messing with our emails. Some people on my forum also had the same thing and eventually we all managed to get filters and god knows what else to stop it.

Next I contacted, or they contact me – can’t remember and don’t care – the Paris 4. We sorted it out and we actually found that we quite liked each other and so carried on. The next set of their “letters” have now been posted on your site and of course are there for people to read and take from them what they will.

I am, though, sending this because I believe a little balance needs bringing in and because I am getting a few emails asking me what my own opinion is on the information the Paris 4 are supplying. Well, my own opinion is that I cannot agree with all I read and much of it is already in the public domain anyhow. Other extensive parts I agree with completely. That said, their research is complex and their insight into the “internal” world of the mind, that of somebody who has obviously experienced such things. I do have issues with the kundalini that I will be releasing in the future once a paper that myself and a leading psychologist have prepared is peer reviewed, but until that point I would only say to people that the kundalini can be a truly enlightening thing or a terrible thing – just like Catholicism or cults or communism or anything else we tie our hopes, dreams and lives to. This opinion is, I know, very controversial, but then I have never been afraid of controversy.

What seems to be happening is a spread of these Letters and the so-called secrets they hold, which if proven correct isn’t a bad thing and if incorrect then at least they are out in the open for people to make up their own minds. I am firmly of the opinion (because I believe in very little) that the information from the Paris 4 is a great starting point for discussion as we have seen across the net. I think it has inspired people to “think” and thats good. I think my contact in the Paris 4 is a gentleman and a scholar and that he has only true and good intentions and I can fully relate to that.

For me, I am evading the kundalini and inner “fire” from now on because I have researched it to death and our new “paper” is my final word (unless something else crops up). My future is looking very strange for me actually as I am currently hacking out 3 tv documentaries and a reality tv show that I have been asked to put together. I am about to go off and film for a new Channel 4 doc too on secret societies and then its back to New York for more chat shows before the Da Vinci Code comes out. Added to that I have just finished 2 new books which should be out next year. So, as you can probably tell, the Forbidden Letters, the Paris 4 and myself are at an end of our discussions and correspondence, as I simply do not have time to follow it up and I think they were nearly at an end anyhow. I would suggest that this is somebody else’s role now not mine.

My best to all the good people who read this wonderful website, my warmest wishes and thanks to the Paris 4 and especially my contact (who I can’t name), especially as they have given me such an amazing amount of undeserving publicity!

May truth, honour, justice, compassion and above all love be your guides.

Philip Gardiner, 2006.”

I also have a new site,, set up to answer some of the issues being raised by the Paris 4 and other things…

* * *

Note: The Paris 4 have requested the following to be added in to the PS:

We have one little request though. It is not clearly stated in your PS that is was us who proposed to stop the contact because we felt everything has been said. This is so important, because from the PS as published now people think we might have more information, and we don’t.


The Forbidden Letters – Part 2

Here is some extra information on The Forbidden Letters taken from emails sent to Philip Gardiner
by the Paris 4 between November 10, 2005 and January 29, 2006.

The Paris 4.


In letter number two we wrote ‘this fire will, after it is tuned down, produce in many years the Kingdom within. It grows like a plant…’ etc.

We were summarizing there a little bit to boldly. For, it is not the fire which does that. The fire lasts for about 20 minutes and then stops. Our gay man tells us that after that fire about 36 hours later the top chakra opens.

India says this is the last chakra to open, but it’s just the other way around. The top chakra is an ‘airy’ chakra, not a bodily chakra, like the other ones, who are to open after the Night of the Soul. This top chakra has two exits. On top of the skull, and on the forehead, but not between the eyebrows, the famous third eye chakra, or Ajna-chakra.

The front-exit of the top-chakra is about 4 centimeters above the eyebrows. The ajna-chakra (between the eyebrows), is, again, not to be opened till after the Night of the Soul, like all other bodily (non ‘airy’) chakra’s too.

We don’t know why there is a period of 14 (!) years between the Kundalini and the Night of the Soul. Perhaps the top chakra is in a way preparing the body/soul for the Night of the Soul.

There is no Kundalini involved in the Night of the Soul.


A correction on Letter number five. It is not Parzival, but Gawan who has to fight the lion. This makes no difference alchemically. Because Parzival, Gawan, Anfortas, Feirefiz, plus the beheaded man (Sigunes?) are all one and the same person. They all represent different stages in the Work of the Sun. One is guarding the Stone, another one figthing the lion (Night of the Soul), and yet another one is beheaded.


On your question, mister Gardiner: (on being gay) is that the one sided male, or rather ‘the place between’?

Our gay man is, as we wrote earlier, Anfortas too. Meaning that he has that mysterious pain in his left testicle. That pain started a few months before his Kundalini. It is described by von Eschenbach in his Parzival. Especcialy the part about the wound getting cold as ice is correct (there is no visible wound on our gay man though).

During the months that lead up to the resurrection the pain gets worse and worse. In the end he had difficulties of walking even. This pain made it impossible for our man to have sex. And there we have the famous sperm-saving-theory from Tantra.

Now, we don’t think you can simply raise the Kundalini-snake by not having sex for a few months. The gate to Paradise would be very public indeed then. But it is somehow needed too, that ‘not wasting sperm’.

Our theory: the stone is either also composed of libido (pychic energy) saved in those months, or the saved libido is the ‘fuel’ to the Kundalini (not only needing that/ see our remark about the Gate to Paradise). We don’t know. The odd thing though is that after the resurrection the pain is lowered, but it stays there (even till today).

This might mean the following thing: we once heard that in a physical hermaphrodite (and our man is not a physical hermaphrodite, he’s built normally/ we think the original mythical hermaphrodite is describing microcosmic balance of the male and female and that this term is later used by doctors of medicine to name a physically mixed up human being), that in a physical hermaphrodite the left testicle is often missing, but the left ovarium is there (in the body ofcourse). So, the left testicle in our gay man is perhaps the microcosmic left ovarium. And shakti (Kundalini) is said to be female. Perhaps the microcosmic female ovarium in our gay man doesn’t tolerate the female shakti (++ gives repulsion + – attraction).

Although, that doesn’t explain why the pain started months before Kundalini. Perhaps the shakti was growing because he was not getting orgasms anymore. And in him that (the increase of shakti/the female force) would result in the famous testicle-pain, because he possesses that famous balance in male/female forces. Just sharing this with you. We don’t understand this either,
what is causing what?

But what about The Gospel of Thomas, 114? Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.” Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

In other words: can’t females be resurrected because the microcosmic female (Kundalini) wouldn’t be tolerated in the macrocosmic female?

People are very uneasy with this logon. We understand. So are we. That uneasy even, that some say ‘this logon is added to the Gospel’ without giving evidence to that adding. We feel that we had to discuss the logon within the stuff on the resurrection nevertheless.


Then, you asked us whether ‘we would recommend the use of drugs as part of the process’
(of resurrection).

Philip, the grail is not on drugs.


A little metallic like wheel (like in a clock) starts to spin in the decapitated head, either on the left side, or the right side (our gay man doesn’t remember), near the ear and then, spinning fast, makes a 90 degree move to the forehead. (We can’t help thinking about Revelation/ the sign on the foreheads.)


One is on the floor during resurrection and if one wakes up the next morning one discovers that one is firmly attached to the floor at two points: the coccyx and the back of the head. (So the spine is ‘straight’ and the snake can escape through a ‘straight’ spine?) It took our gay man 30 minutes to free himself. The coccyx was very painfull for days.


The answer to the question: which God was conceived through homosexual union: Thot, the later Hermes. Father of Alchemy.

Pellerano has that story on dragonkeypress:

“Sexual Magick cites another incident in Egyptian Myth where Seth lusts after his brother Horus and seduces him. Horus stealthily applies the sperm of Seth onto a lettuce, the preferred food of Seth. Seth eats the lettuce, is impregnated thereby and gives birth to Thoth.”

“Thoth, conceived through homosexual union, dually represents the creative act that is both divine and artistic, especially in relation to literature. Thoth is traditionally the god of wisdom, scribes, and the occult arts; he is also associated with “the Word.” The concept of “the Word” is of supreme importance in the creation myths embraced by esoteric schools of Judeo-Christianity. God is said to have uttered the words that emanated forth the spheres of creation. Language and godly powers are closely related in mysticism. This concept is resonant in the sacred or generative powers attributed to alphabets such as Hebrew and Sanskrit.”

“Since alchemy is generally suspected to have originated in Egypt, Egyptian mythology is particularly pertinent to alchemical lore. The Greek personification of Thoth, who features highly in the art of alchemy, elucidates the connection even further. For the alchemist, Thoth is the equivalent of the all-encompassing genius, Hermes Trismegistus. Trismegistus was said to be the greatest of all kings, priests, and philosophers; and was, if viewed vis-à-vis the Egyptian myth, the product of homosexual love.”


We (and that includes our gay man) in Letter number four said that we never saw the source manuscripts of the New Testament. So how can our gay man ensure us (because that’s what we write too) that ‘most of the manuscripts is found back in the parabels of ‘Jesus’ about the Kingdom of God’?

Our gay man was informed about the manuscripts in emails in 2000, just before his night of the soul. By a mailer on an alchemy-website. This man informed him that the manuscripts were packed with alchemy in farmer-allegory (like in the Gospel). But how, you will ask, did our gay man know so sure that his informant was speaking the truth? He didn’t. But he decided to trust him because of a very odd incident. A very odd incident indeed.

For that anonymous mailer could tell our gay man about his sexual fetish. A thing our gay man had only shared with a few lovers. And it was our gay man who contacted the mailer, not the other way around. Because if it would have been the other way around, it could simply have been an ex-boy-friend having a pratical joke ofcourse.

Our gay man admits that he is, therefor, not absolutely sure about the theory on the manuscripts from 120 BCE, but that he trusted the man’s statement, because he could tell precisely about his (our gay man’s) deepest sexual feelings. The header of the email in which the informer told our gay man about his feelings was ‘Adam Kadmon will give you a foot, instead of a hand.’


(taken from a Forum)

“Researchers found that the shape of the human skull has changed significantly over the past 650 years. Modern people possess less prominent features, but higher foreheads than our medieval ancestors. Writing in the Britsh Dental Journal, the team took careful measurements of groups of skulls spanning across 30 generations. The scientists said the differences between past and present skull shapes were “striking”.”

In the Forbidden Letters it is said that he ‘who overcomes’ the aggression impulses of the Night of the Soul will successfully produce the lightbody. You need higher brain function (neo cortex) to ride that bull of aggression impulses, and it is said in The Letters that Alchemy is the “end goal”of evolution too.


One of us has read in literature about 15 years ago that ‘Melchisedek opened the earth for Christ’ (it’s a detail on Melchisedek not given in the Bible). Christ has descended too in the earth, only here, Christianity says, to ‘free souls’. This is, in our view, pollution of the Gospel. Orthodoxy that couldn’t ‘fill in’ the-descending-into-the-earth-theme’ (alchemy) and came up with the soul-theory.

Now, it is said of Melchisedek that Christ ‘is priest after the rule of Melchisedek’. What is meant here? We brainstormed. That Melchisedek is in our view the ‘microcosmic, alchemical law’, after which the great work has to be performed. He’s made into a person in myth. So Melchisedek the alchemical structure in the body, the law, if you want. The Phoenix is the human body in the first phase of alchemy (resurrection), and the christ the completed, deified body after the second phase (night of the soul).


Let’s have a closer look at the foot washing. And why? We are to reveal some more of the sexual preference of our gay man. And you’ll be astonished, as we were once too.

Remember what we said about ‘Adam Kadmon will give you a foot, instead of a hand.’

There is a very odd story in history. It is supposed to have originated in the first century. We were never able to trace the story in literature. And that’s a weak point. But we are begging for your attention nevertheless.

How do we know about that odd story? Our secretary (the one who gives our English a last boost and sends the emails to you from public computers) had coffee at the end of the eighties with the parents of a friend of his. They were shocked because of an incident that happened on television the other night. They told that (on a evangelical) talk-show somebody told a very strange little story. It went like this: The Son of God descended from heaven, saw Adam, loved Adam, kneeled down, kissed his feet and tickled (!) his feet. End of story.

Our friend wondered how this ‘gay’ story could have been broadcasted by Christians, and found out that it was a live program. It couldn’t be cut. We, unfortunately, are not allowed to name the country and the program, we don’t want give away the home country of our secretary. You understand.

Now, keep all this in mind and let’s look at the foot washing. It’s only brought by ‘John’, who’s the only one who has ‘the beloved disciple’. Why did Jesus wash feet? Not for reasons of hygiene. Because the meal was over already when he started to wash the feet. And this is very important: nowhere it is told why the disciples should was feet at all. They are told to wash because Jesus is Lord, and they were servant. But why they should was in the first place, it is not explained. And John knows that too. The ‘but thou shalt know hereafter’ in our opinion is 2000 years later.

Here we go:

The Gospel According to Saint John
John 13: Chapter 13

13:1 Now before the feast of the passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.

13:2 And supper being ended (ended !), the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him;

13:3 Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God;

13:4 He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself.

13:5 After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.

13:6 Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet?

13:7 Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.

13:8 Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. [What is ‘Jesus’ saying here?]

13:9 Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.

13:10 Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.

13:11 For he knew who should betray him; therefore said he, Ye are not all clean.

13:12 So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you?

13:13 Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.

13:14 If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.

13:15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.

13:16 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.

13:17 If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.


Summarizing the resurrection.

1978 : Pope John Paul (de labore solis = of the work of the sun) comes to power. During his reign 90% of the work of the sun in our gay man is taking place.

March 1986 : testicle-pain starts (the work of the sun starts)

July 1986 : testicle-pain is at his height and stays at his height till a about a week after the resurrection (September 4 1986)

End of august till September 4 1986 : our gay man becomes a child. That is, psychologically during certain minutes. During those minutes, and to his own surprise, he even produces a child’s voice. (pupulus nudus means the naked young boy and this reminds us of the words of Jesus too: you must become like a little child again if you want to enter the Kingdom of God.)

September 4 1986 (little after midnight ‘silentio noctis’ ( in the silence of the night): resurrection.

a) Our man is on the floor on his back. He had his eyes closed during the whole resurrection. A ‘thread’ (very thin) is closing around his neck. The head is decapitated by that ‘thread’.

b) The stone is produced about where the liver is. The stone ignites the Kundalini fire (the fire can actually be heard) and starts to move about, increasingly violently. Fire getting stronger. Arms and legs break into pieces.

c) The snake is driven out. Our friend doesn’t know where it went. Up the spine, but after that: no clue. (Into the earth?)

d) The wheel starts to spin and is raised to the forehead.

e) One starts to descend into the earth. After 2 minutes our man ‘fell asleep’ or passed out in another hypnagogic way. Hypnagogic, because he couldn’t remember that moment the morning after. If you lose consciousness you remember. So he ‘fell asleep’.

f) 10.30 in the morning. He woke up. Coccyx and back of the head firmly attached to the floor. As said before, it took him about 30 minutes to free himself.

g) September 5 1986 : the top-chakra opens.


October 2000 : the night of the Soul starts.

November 2001 : the lightbody starts to grow.

Springs 2005 : The lightbody is already very strong. Pope John Paul dies. The bulk of the Work of the Sun is performed during his reign ‘of the work of the sun’/ ‘de labore solis’.

Ratzinger then becomes Pope. The last pope, and he has the slogan: gloria olivae (the glory of the olive tree: the Tree of Life (spine and brain)). So gloria olivae: the sons of God revealed with the becoming visible of the lightbody. The harvest (“if everything is strong enough, you will have your harvest”).

There is an extra Pope, Petrus Romanus, in the list of Maleachi, but he is not clearly identified as a pope. We don’t know how to solve this Petrus Romanus problem. Because surely, history as we know it (and that includes churchianity without a doubt) shall stop after the revelation of the sons of God. Not?

The Paris 4

The Forbidden Letters – Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4</CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”>

Dear Visitors of World Mysteries,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As the Paris 4 we have been following the international discussion on the Forbidden Letters, as you may understand. And we feel we have to bring in some balance.
Balance when it comes to homosexuality being a conditio sine qua non for alchemy in particular.
Because we have seen many people worried on Forums about that part. People who ask themselves: can’t we be saved, because we are not homosexual?
Let us just correct that here and now.
We have that information on homosexuality from the man we described in paragraphe 8 of part 2 of the Letters.
Here is the part.
“We (and that includes our gay man) in Letter number four said that we never saw the source manuscripts of the New Testament. So how can our gay man ensure us (because that’s what we write too) that ‘most of the manuscripts is found back in the parabels of ‘Jesus’ about the Kingdom of God’?
Our gay man was informed about the manuscripts in emails in 2000, just before his night of the soul. By a mailer on an alchemy-website. This man informed him that the manuscripts were packed with alchemy in farmer-allegory (like in the Gospel). But how, you will ask, did our gay man know so sure that his informant was speaking the truth? He didn’t. But he decided to trust him because of a very odd incident. A very odd incident indeed.
For that anonymous mailer could tell our gay man about his sexual fetish. A thing our gay man had only shared with a few lovers. And it was our gay man who contacted the mailer, not the other way around. Because if it would have been the other way around, it could simply have been an ex-boy-friend having a pratical joke ofcourse.
Our gay man admits that he is, therefor, not absolutely sure about the theory on the manuscripts from 120 BCE, but that he trusted the man’s statement, because he could tell precisely about his (our gay man’s) deepest sexual feelings.”
It was this man who said to our gay man that ‘only certain homosexuals posess the necessary balance of the microcosmic male and female to safely conduct the kundalini-fire’.
We failed to point that out. If one just reads the Letters and part 2 as published, one might think that we had some kind of ‘divine revelation’ on this.
Which brings us to the article by the CE2.
“Alchemy is not only the ‘goal of evolution’, as the Paris 4 say, it is on top the one force that fights entropy. And is thereby evolution proper.
Another important detail on alchemy that wasn’t mentioned by the Paris 4 in the Letters is the alchemical saying ‘You need Gold, to make Gold’. Important, because we wouldn’t be surprised if it is fetched by some, for the benefit of many…
(And would they be called solar heroes? Microscosmic solar heroes? They would indeed!)”
We are more than sympathetic to that quote.
Then, this newsletter gives us the opportunity to react on the excellent article by
Mr. Otto Reich too.

The part about Fulcanelli:
In The Gnostic Science of Alchemy, chapter 12, Vincent Bridges writes
“And so, at long last, we arrive at the point where Fulcanelli began, the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe. In his 1926 masterpiece, The Mystery of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli claimed that the Gothic Cathedrals were Hermetic libraries in stone with the secret of alchemy displayed for all who could read it. When our investigation began, this seemed, in its own way, the most incredible of all Fulcannelli’s claims. It was easier to believe that someone had stumbled privately onto the real secret behind the alchemical
transformation, than it was to believe that some secret society, or societies, had encoded this information deliberately into the design and the decorations of the greatest of all Christian monuments.
For this to be true, several important preconditions would also have to be true, such as the existence of a secret, or not so secret, group with access to the highest levels of the church, bottomless wealth, connections with the Holy Land and the Moslem world, and knowledge of the inner core of alchemy.”
“(Otto Reich:)One is tempted to think for a moment that the Paris 4 are exactly such a ‘secret, or not so secret group’. And if they are, this group would then be at least as old as the French Cathedrals.”
We are in no way connected to Fulcanelli. His riddle is, in our opinion, correctly explained by Reich, and the Notre Dame indeed has alchemy encoded (like many other French cathedrals). But we are not connected to Fulcanelli, or to any other group, secret, or not so secret. We are simply the four friends of the gay man.(Although the Fulcanelli-theory is correct in our view of course, that alchemy is about the End of Time).
Yet, the question arises now of course: is September 4th 1986 and the things that are, according to us, going to happen in the not so far future a fulfillment of the Hendaye Cross and the theory of Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges? We don’t know.
Then, we are sympathetic to this quote too:
“The Paris 4 are all heterosexual too. And quite enjoying their mission at the same time. That might just mean not all is lost when you’re heterosexual. That only certain homosexuals, like that gay man, are perhaps capable of fetching the Gold of Immortality, but that it is fetched at the same time for the benefit of all, as the CE2 say. And isn’t the Alchemist in the end a Christ? And isn’t a Christ a saviour? In other words: I feel quite relaxed about all this.”
(Our gay man likes to point out though that it is not a human who saves, but the alchemist, so beautifully called ‘the only living god’. The ‘god within’. Our gay man feels like an ‘object’ in all this. He points out that he is of the opinion that he had no active part in the past 20 years of his Work of the Sun. It was all done by the ‘inner alchemist’ he says. It is the alchemist that saves, not the vessel, meaning our gay man.)
And we think this quote, from the Reich article, makes sense too.
“Reading the Forbidden Letters, all of a sudden the mystery seems solved why Kundalini-awakenings in the past didn’t lead to physical lightbodies and physical immortality. And why, in teachings on alchemy, that lightbody was gradually turned into an after-death-body and physical immortality into
soul-immortality or a prolonged life. (Only certain Tamil schools still stick to their teachings on physical immortality.) – Because a Kundalini-awakening is not yet the Work of the Sun.
You apparently need the whole thing. To produce that stone, to be decapitated, to have that wheel
raised in the head and to descend into the earth. All the things described in the Great Work of Alchemy apparently have to happen to you.(…) The Kundalini-awakening will be a vital part of the Great Work, but on itself without a doubt only a sub-atomic phenomenon, although a potentially
extremely dangerous one.”
And please, dear Visitors of World Mysteries, remember what Mariette points out, quoted in the Hanno Temming article:
‘There is nothing any of us can do that would change the metaphysical destination of our world in general, or of any human being in particular. It is very important to realize that the alchemical process is utterly autonomous.’
Whether our Pope-theory is correct, or not, we all simply have to wait. Our gay man, you, and we too.
With our warmest wishes to you all,

The Paris 4.
Paris, October 26, 2006.


The Forbidden Letters – Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4</CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”>

Paris, October 2007

Dear Mr. Osborn,
Dear Gary,

We discovered why Philip called us fraudulent and psychotic in the summer of 2006. Two weeks after we first contacted you in 2005 we received an email by somebody from Phil’s Forum who warned us and said Philip couldn’t be trusted. That worried us of course. You too warned us that Phil couldn’t be trusted (plagiarism). We decided to put him to the test by inventing a character, meaning a second alchemist. A person claiming he had the same experience our gay man had. We used the Latin text as a spill, that person saying ‘I’m pretty sure I live in the same town as your gay man.’ – This was daring of course, because we don’t know whether possibly more alchemists exist at this moment.

And we didn’t want to blur the knowledge we sent to you on alchemy. But then we all decided that a possible second alchemist is not a threat to the alchemy itself and had our fictional alchemist mail Philip. It then showed, we still regret to say, that Philip did not past our little tests: he produced two fabrications and twice didn’t do what he promised to do.

Last week we found out that this little email-correspondence was the reason he later called us fraudulent and psychotic. Because he contacted the British Secret Service (you know about that) through a friend who then checked our IP’s. And of course every email (including the one by our fictional alchemist) came from one and the same city, being the city of our secretary. And they all came from about 10 public different computers. So it was discovered that IP’s of the Paris 4 were matching the very IP’s of the fictional alchemist. And then he jumped to his conclusion.

Now, the conclusion was partly correct: that second alchemist didn’t exist, but we were surprised that

a) he didn’t contact us to confront us (was his request to the Secret Service illegal and that the reason why he couldn’t disclose his info?)

b) he didn’t understand that the fictional alchemist could have used the same public computers we used (after all, that fictional alchemist already said in his mail that he was pretty sure he was in the same city as our secretary).

Anyway, this email gives us the possibility to react on a few other things as well.

1) New York is in no way involved. We don’t know how that Washington Arch entered the (very excellent!!!) response articles on WM (through the CE2-riddle?), but we have no connection with New York. We’re all in Europe.

2) A friend of Graham Hancock suggested that we are a ‘much larger group’. We are not. We are surprised that people can’t simply accept 4 Parisians, an alchemist and a ‘secretary’ helping us with translating.

3) The ligthbody of our gay man is still growing. But we have surprising details contradicting the assumptions of the spiritual world on that body. Since spring 2007 the big chakra’s are slowly disappearing. The little ones in the hand, arms, legs (back of knees), and under the feet have disappeared already since over a year. But to our surprise the large ones are disappearing too. The only bodily chakra that is still active is the heart-chakra. The head-chakra’s though are still active like on day one (they opened not after 2001, but on September 5 1986, as you will recall). They are steady. No change. They can become a little bit stronger and then weaker again now and then, but this change is the same since 1986.

It appears then that the bodily chakra’s are possibly only phases, and will not show up in the end-product, the Lightbody. That they do their work, but after that disappear. This is new. We found that nowhere in literature. But of course, there is the possibility that they will return again, or show up in the Lightbody in the end again. But for now they are silent for months. And the minor chakra’s for over a year.

The Lightbody is by now so strong that there are strong ‘electrical’ currents in his body, mainly in his hands. If for instance he washes his hands in warm water then the current becomes so strong that the hand starts to pulsate. The pulsation cannot be seen though, but he can feel it.

4) In two alchemical texts we once found the phase of torture. We always thought that was an exaggeration, pointing to unpleasant moments in either the phase of Resurrection, or the Night of the Soul. But we think we know now what that word stands for. In March the heart-chakra started to work in a new, very painful way, for almost 24 hours. Our gay man was that much ‘tortured’ that he even contemplated going to a hospital. But he was afraid of that too, because the physicians would ask questions, or want to make scans. And he wished to remain hidden.

It fortunately all stopped after 24 hours. And didn’t return till September (2007) with two less violent attacks. The first about 12 hours, the second about 10 hours. He said he had never had so much pain in his life and that he couldn’t have imagined before that a human body could produce so much pain. So the phase of torture seems to exist and seems to point to a certain phase of the transforming work the heart-chakra does.

5) We have an amusing (and possibly childish) story we decided to share with you and the public. Our gay man last summer asked himself whether he was the only one who had produced the Stone. He had done that before, contemplating the possibility of more alchemists being on earth right now. But now, in a funny moment, he did something which he had once read in book about magic: if you want to know the answer to a question: open up a big book with your eyes closed and point down on the page given and then you might get a hint. But first things first:

The life of our gay man, in spite of the fact that he has a very down to earth mentality, has many strange coincidences. We are talking about the period before 1986 here. Two numbers were somehow in his mind from childhood. The numbers 171 and 172. But not those numbers exactly. These numbers could turn up in different ways. And a zero didn’t matter. So 100072 was valid, and so was 7110. Or 117. It was not untill September 1986 that he discovered that his birthday was under that number too (January 17th being 17.1). Now, there are three important data till now in his life: his birth (171), his resurrection (September 4 1986/ we couldn’t make anything of that date) and the starting point of the Night of the Soul: October 7 2000 which is 7 10 2000 = 712). Keep this all in mind.

Back to our story now. He opened a big book blindly, being a German dictionary, the Duden (1996 edition). He pressed down blindly and interestingly pressed down on the word ‘hindruecken’, which means ‘to press down’. That had us laughing of course.

A few hours later he went to bed and as he was about to fall asleep, something in his mind urged him to open that dictionary again. He first refused, but the feeling came back and back. He then left his bed and opened the book and looked at ‘hindruecken’ again. Only to find out that, like in the afternoon, he was not pressing down ‘hindruecken’. ‘Hindruecken’ was the word that appeared above his nail. In other words, he had been pointing at ‘hindruecken’ but pressing down the word below. And that word was: Hindu, a Hindu. Coincidence you will say, but here comes the kicker: the page on which he was pressing down was 712, with 711 on the back…

For what it’s worth (at least a smile, we’re sure).

The Paris 4.


The Forbidden Letters – Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4</CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”>

Paris, August 2009.</CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”>

Dear Visitors of World-Mysteries,

Here is our small, but possibly important third Newsletter.

In our second Newsletter we wrote:

“The ligthbody of our gay man is still growing. But we have surprising details contradicting the assumptions of the spiritual world on that body. Since spring 2007 the big chakra’s are slowly disappearing. The little ones in the hand, arms, legs (back of knees), and under the feet have disappeared already since over a year. But to our surprise the large ones are disappearing too. The only bodily chakra that is still active is the heart-chakra. The head-chakra’s though are still active like on day one (they opened not after 2001, but on September 5 1986, as you will recall). They are steady. No change. They can become a little bit stronger and then weaker again now and then, but this change is the same since 1986.”


“In two alchemical texts we once found the phase of torture. We always thought that was an exaggeration, pointing to unpleasant moments in either the phase of Resurrection, or the Night of the Soul. But we think we know now what that word stands for. In March the heart-chakra started to work in a new, very painful way, for almost 24 hours. Our gay man was that much ‘tortured’ that he even contemplated going to a hospital. But he was afraid of that too, because the physicians would ask questions, or want to make scans. And he wished to remain hidden.

It fortunately all stopped after 24 hours. And didn’t return till September (2007) with two less violent attacks. The first about 12 hours, the second about 10 hours. He said he had never had so much pain in his life and that he couldn’t have imagined before that a human body could produce so much pain. So the phase of torture seems to exist and seems to point to a certain phase of the transforming work the heart-chakra does. “

That was almost two years ago. We have more news on that. The ‘torture’ returns in a irregular pattern. Sometimes two times a month, sometimes not for months. The other bodily chakra’s are still silent or almost silent, but the one chakra (of the heart) that is situated where the diaphragm is situated is always the center of pain. It is from here that the attacks are orchestrated and the pain spreads out. (After an attack our gay man is very exhausted.)

Here we have a picture of the diaphragm. It is just below the lungs and the heart. Right where the heart chakra is.

This is strange, but maybe not. Because we once read a curious remark by, if we remember well, Jung (but, again, we are not sure). He said that the Ancient Greeks thought that the psyche (=soul) was not in the brain, but that it is situated where the diaphragm is.

And in ‘Depth Psychology’ Dennis Patrick Slattery says:

‘Freud’s understanding seems to me close to that of the Ancient Greeks who located psyche (=soul) in the diaphragm.’ [ Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field, Second Editionalt
also available from ].

For what it’s worth,

And with our warmest wishes,

The Paris 4.

Paris, August 2009.


The Forbidden Letters – Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4</CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”></CLASS=”Q”>

Paris, December 2009.

Dear Visitors of World Mysteries,

Our gay man decided to inform the readers of the Forbidden Letters about something that happened in his youth and that might be important in respect to the Great Work. When our gay man was five years old he was playing ‘household’ with his sister. They used several items from the drawing room to fake a kitchen in which they would ‘cook.’ In one item, a little jar that was on the piano, there was, as his mother told him later, a needle. And not a small one, as she said later. Our gay man apparently swallowed that needle while pretending that he was drinking fluid from it during ‘diner.’ The moment he had swallowed that needle his mother came in and questioned him. She found the jar empty and then wanted to bring him to the hospital. Our gay man remembers though that he said to his mother that he had only swallowed spaghetti (Our gay man is surprised here too, remembering this). His mother took him to hospital nevertheless.

He was operated, and a few days later he was dreaming at night that his operation-wound opened. What he saw was the following thing: first a globe (earth in space) appeared, slowly turning in the open wound. Then a baby appeared and it turned into a young man (a man he later recognized when he was in grammar-school and fell in love with!!!). Then the head of the young man came off. Something in his dream caught fire, but he can’t remember what: the head, the young man, the baby, or planet earth. The funny thing as we found out later was that he saw that globe as it was photographed only years after by Apollo-crew: a beautiful big blue ball:

Now, the scar of this operation leads from the navel to three centimeters under where the sternum begins.

(You can see the sternum here (on top of the liver/the bone in the center of the rib-cage) as well as the liver itself.)

Now, children have a very lively mind. There memories can be totally wrong. But there is alchemical symbolism in his dream, and it might just be possible that not a needle was removed but the Stone of Alchemy put in. This sounds outrageous. It would mean that stone is macrocosmic too, and that possibly his mother knew about this, but at least the surgeon. (Possibly his mother, because it is possible that he swallowed a needle indeed through ‘destiny’. That destiny, in other words, took care of the fact that he would be on an operation-table to receive the Stone.) But the staff (or at least the surgeon) would be involved in this plan (not?).

We decided to take this all to World Mysteries (in spite of the fact that it sound all very Omen-like), because it is coincidental that the very man who ‘produced’ the Stone of transmuation produced that in a place that was accesible for the surgeon (‘just about where the liver is’).

For what it’s worth,

and with our warmest wishes to you all,

The Paris 4

Paris, December 2, 2009.

* * *



On the Forbidden Letters – by H.K.

Dear Mr. Gardiner,

This image is my response to the Forbidden Letters by the Paris 4.

Click on the image to enlarge.


Conspiracy thinkers say: Wake up!
New agers say: Awake!

“The endgoal of evolution is alchemy.” write the Paris 4.

Modern secret societies with ancient roots (Authority) are fighting evolution to prevent spiritual alchemy.

Click on the image to enlarge.

The vision of the New World Order is Hell on Earth. The elite is trying to imprison humanity in a dualistic, hierarchical, competition-based and material reality.

While due to the forces of evolution, humanity is ascending toward a unified, co-creation-based immaterialistic reality where all is one, a New Atlantis.

The heart attracts reality.
The conciousness locks it.

Any reality we can imagine is possible.

We are currently physical reincarnations, while actually we are free spirited souls.

The coming battle will not be between races or religions or nations.. it will be a battle between Good and Evil, between Freemdom and Authority, between Truth and Betrayal… between the very dualistic forces of the Universe and is therefore a battle of God.

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The Forbidden Letters have opened my eyes to a whole new reality.

In Lakesh,