Michael Douglas cancer cure announcement is a cruel medical hoax

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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NaturalNews-Logo_360x100(NaturalNews) Today the mainstream media is gleefully announcing that Michael Douglas has been “cured” of throat cancer. Yes, they use the “cure” word, as if to imply the cancer is gone and will never recur. Michael Douglas himself announced he has “beat cancer,” and various cancer survivor groups are celebrating Douglas as a “cancer survivor.”
Sadly, tragically, it’s all a cruel medical hoax. Michael Douglas is not a cancer survivor but rathera chemotherapy survivor. His doctors have poisoned his body’s vital organs — brain,liver, kidneys and heart — with extremely toxicchemicalsthat cause permanent, long-term damage. Yes, along the way acancertumor shrank in size, and yet even that observation is nocureeither. Why? Becausecancer tumors grow right back, usually within five years in the case of those with a history ofsmokingand drinking.

Mainstream media promoteschemotherapy

Yet, by parading Michael Douglas as an example of a cancer “cure,” themainstream mediais cruelly and unjustifiably functioning asthe marketing branch of the conventionalcancer industry, publicizing a blatantly false message that “chemotherapycurescancer.” This will have the effect of causing yet more cancerpatientsto sign up for toxic chemotherapy treatments which will, sadly, kill many of them.
In this way, the mainstream media has made Michael Douglas the poster boy for quackmedicineand fraudulent cancer “cures.” That’s not his fault, of course: He’s just trying to cure cancer the best way he knows how, and he no doubt believed the lies and deceptions his cancerdoctorswere trained to tell him. But the media is turning this into almost a celebration of the cancerindustry. And that is extremely irresponsible, given how many people don’t survive chemotherapy, even when far safer and morenaturaltherapies are readily available that really do cure cancer (but which have been outlawed in America).

The cancer industry is based on deception

If you really get down to the bottom of the issue here, the cancer industry is much like the financial industry (Wall Street) in thatit is based on lies and misinformation. In order to stay inbusiness, it must continue to promote those lies, which include messages like “There’s no such thing as a cure for cancer” unless you use their toxicpoisons, in which case they readily use the word “cure.” But you’re not really cured because 70% (or so) of people who get chemotherapy for throat cancer are dead within five years.
Whereas, in the natural realm, people who pursue radical changes inlifestyleand who undergo livefoodsjuicing therapies, Gersontherapyand other holistic approaches to cancer are literallycuredto the point where their bodies stop metabolizing cancer. They literally cure their own cancers out ofhealth, notpoison. And because of that, they survive a very large number of years thereafter.
Not every person is cured through the use of natural therapies, of course. Many people, for their own reasons, are unable to give up smoking cigarettes, or eating refined sugar, or consuming diet sodas or whatever substance probably contributed to their cancer in the first place. A genuine “cure” for cancer requiresabsolute commitment to a healthful lifestyle, including the complete avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals in personal care products (cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, etc.), in foods (processed meat), in medicines and so on. It also requires a real nutritional overhaul of thebodythat boosts levels of vitamin D, selenium, zinc, vitamin C and plant-based anti-cancer nutrients such as those derived from raw cruciferous vegetables.
None of these things, however, were explained to Michael Douglas. The conventional cancer industry isn’t in the business of “educating” patients. It’s so much easier to justpoisonthem and bill their insurance companies for the poison. Then, for those who live through the suffering of the poison, they announce a (false) “cure” and congratulate them on being “cancer survivors.”

Why chemotherapytreatmentis a crime

It is cruel beyond measure to engaged in such celebration of the medical harming of a human being.Chemotherapy should be criminalized, not celebrated. It is a kind of “medical violence” being committed against human beings who are, 100% of the time, actually harmed by it. Remember that chemotherapy chemicals are derived from thechemical weaponsof World War I(Mustard Gas in particular). What was once used on the battlefield to murder soldiers is now dripped into the veins of cancer victims and called “medicine.”
The immediate side effects tell the real story of the dangers of chemotherapy to anyone paying attention: Extreme muscle loss, vomiting, hair falling out, a loss ofbrainfunction, sexual function and healthy sleep.These are not signs of peoplehealing.These are the signs of people who are being poisoned. This should be obvious to any intelligent observer.
That some people manage to survive these poisons is not a testament to the poisonous treatment itself but rather a demonstration of the amazing ability of the human liver to detoxify the human body, even against an onslaught of chemicalweaponsadministered by oncologists. And yet, even the liver has its limits, and after chemotherapy, most peoples’ livers are permanently damaged to some degree, setting them up for yet more medical procedures, pharmaceuticals and possibly even a liver transplant (ka-ching!).
Yes, it’s no exaggeration to say thatchemotherapy’s greatest benefit is to the doctors and hospitalswho depend on repeat business to stay profitable. Send a chemo patient home after a round of treatment, and you can be sure they will be back before too long, suffering from something else you can treat and bill.
Such is the sad,toxiclegacy of our so-called “scientific” system of modern medicine, where profits consistently override the best interests of the patients.

I wish Douglas the best possible outcome

Personally, I am saddened by the way in which the cancer industry exploits human suffering for its own profit. I am saddened to see such a fine individual as Michael Douglas have his health destroyed by chemotherapy. He deserves better. He deserves holistic medicine to remind his body thathe already knows how to cure his own cancerif he is just given the opportunity and education.
I genuinely hope Michael Douglas is cured of cancer through chemotherapy. Perhaps he will be one of the rare miracles who somehow escapes the toxic effects of being poisoned by doctors. Buthistorytells me that is a statistically unlikely and foolish hope, and that Douglas will be battling cancer yet again inside of five years.
I can only hope that he awakens to the world of natural healing and seeks a more natural route while that option remains available to him. In either case, even if he chooses conventional chemotherapy again, I wish him the best outcome and hope that his own biology can help him heal as quickly as possible. It saddens me beyond belief to see people being harmed by the conventional cancer industry. I am convinced that one day, chemotherapy will be outlawed. Until that day comes, it will continue to claim innocent victims who suffer and die at the hands of quack oncology.
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