A Brief Esoteric History:
Evolution of Consciousness through the Rootraces

The secret history of the world is revealed in many traditions, the durations of which far surpass the miniscule figures used in modern times. H.P. Blavatsky (HPB) brought together many of these historical and chronological strands in her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine (1888), a major foundation stone for the emerging Aquarian cycle. Throughout HPB’s works are scattered details of this ancient history – culled from the Vedas, Upanishads, the Zend Avesta, Old Testament and so forth.

(In the interests of simplicity, I have elected to keep this article relatively footnote-free; most references are from HPB and can be found in my writings where they are fully referenced and footnoted.[1])

In the denial or ignorance of its true origins lies the source of disempowerment for Humanity; in not knowing its divine source, the nature of the human soul or the very lengthy evolution of human consciousness that stretches back some 21 million years.

Who today really reflects about our true history and ancient past, preoccupied in a very busy world trying to survive? Most accept the culturally conditioned views of the Bible and/or modern science, both of which do not offer more than 5-10,000 years for the origin of human civilisation. These figures are however being pushed further back into hundreds of thousands or millions of years in some cases, which is very encouraging. There are also excellent authors like Michael Cremo who are bridging from the ancient Vedic teachings to modern science, challenging many of the latter’s pre-conceptions.

The Hidden History of Humanity Vol. I (HHH-1) is based upon the works of HPB and brings to light for the first time many key points, including the chronology and unfoldment of the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Further planned volumes will bridge to several aspects of mainstream science – to blend the esoteric teaching with the best discoveries in academia; this has already been attempted (HHH-1) with the examination of the geological key to The Secret Doctrine.
HHH-1 also contains an esoteric interpretation of the first six chapters of Genesis, a blueprint for human evolution and the rootraces. Several breakthroughs were made in this area, particularly with regard to the ‘ages’ of the biblical Patriarchs and the cycles of the races.

In the Fifth Rootrace, resonant with the number 5 and manas or mind, there has been achieved a perfection, refinement and quintessential expression of the concrete mind. Although this has bought many benefits in science and technology, its shadow expression via the lower critical mind, tends to separativeness; it does not recognise whatever cannot be perceived by the five tangible senses.

The sixth sense or intuition is something that is in its early stage of development and hence the perception of the more subtle aspects of human evolution are ignored. There are many crystallised belief systems with regard to our history that influence current world thinking and they are compounded by an unquestioning acceptance of subjects such as scientific dating methods and the evolution of humans from apes – under the ‘authority’ of modern science or religion; there are also many vested interests who are committed to keeping history in a straitjacket of conformist ‘consensus thinking’.

Worlds within Worlds

The esoteric teachings of HPB tell us that the Earth (along with the other planets), incarnates over many vast cycles called ‘rounds’ or manvantaras, in the Hindu parlance. Just as the human soul does so on its tiny scale, so the greater lives that ensoul the planets, our ‘Gods’, seek perfection and eventual liberation within the Plan and Purpose of the greater entity which they inhabit, the Solar System. This solar system is of course the incarnation of a far greater Life that is associated with the star Sirius, but that is another story!

The planets are called ‘schemes’ because behind the visible outer planet are a series of worlds in more subtle matter called ‘globes’ and ‘chains’ (7 globes in a chain, 7 chains in a scheme), that represent past and future incarnations of the life we call a ‘planetary logos’.

Currently in the Earth Scheme, we are said to be half way through our evolution, in the 4th globe of the 4th chain, of the 4th scheme – and in the 4th round or vast cycle that lasts 617 million years! The ‘globe period’ thus far elapsed is about 1.973 billion years and this is the 24th globe or incarnation of a total of 49 globes in the Earth Scheme. We are halfway through our journey and the solar system as a whole is said to be at about this point also. Mind boggling time scales are they not? Yet the deeper one studies this material, the more logical and reasonable do these durations seem.

The Globes and Chains of the Earth Scheme

The Seven Rootraces

On each globe, seven rootraces are slated for unfoldment, providing the ‘physical body’ of incarnational experience for our Earth Logos. Human souls from this perspective are the ‘light cells’ within this greater body. Within each rootrace are seven subraces and within each subrace are seven branchraces, providing a myriad human expression down the ages.

Understanding how life realy comes into manifestation requires occult or esoteric knowledge plus that rare sixth sense/intuitive factor, also called buddhic (as in Buddha) awareness. Hence life always emerges from the subtle and the unseen to the material or physical.

Through the vast ages and cycles that saw humanity come into being, the first two and a half rootraces were etheric; the blueprint for future humanity was being gradually developed from its spiritual prototype.

Individualisation in Lemuria

Half way through the Third Rootrace (known as Lemuria), at the appointed time and in the correct karmic cycle, a magnificent pre-ordained spiritual event occurred on this planet; it was the coming of the ‘Lords of Flame’ who were to impart the ‘spark of mind’ to Humanity; a ‘humanity’ who were really only members of the animal kingdom with animal instinctual awareness and in reality, no mind. This period is known as individualisation and some of the greatest mysteries on Earth are connected to this era.

The Lords of Flame are also known as ‘Kumaras’ and emanated from a chain within the Earth Scheme, associated with the planet Venus. The contents of each planetary scheme are a microcosm of the entire solar system – as all the planets ‘sing together’ within the symphony of the Sun. The presence of the ‘108 Kumaras’ created a great influx of force so powerful that a mighty storm raged over the planet, destroying most of the animal kingdom – dinosaurs and ‘humans’ alike:

“The advent of the Lords of the Flame, the electrical storm which ushered in the period of man, was distinguished by disaster, chaos, and the destruction of many in the third [animal] kingdom of nature. The spark of mind was implanted and the strength of its vibration, and the immediate effect of its presence caused the death of the animal form, thus producing the immediate possibility of the newly vitalised causal [soul] bodies vibrating to such purpose, that new physical vehicles were taken.”[2]

This event occurred in the Jurassic Age 21 million years ago, the true chronology for the death of the dinosaurs. This esoteric dating differs of course from the scientific dating of 65 million years ago and this is a problem that will be resolved; it also brings into contrast the commonly held view that a fiery meteorite was responsible for this cataclysm.

Individualisation occurred in the third branchrace of the third subrace of the Third Rootrace (Lemuria), expressed as 3.3.3, the number 3 relating to the mother or form aspect that births the new. Australia is the largest surviving remnant of this once vast ‘super continent’ that stretched at one time in its evolution from Madagascar in the west to South America in the east.

Lemuria at its greatest extent

Sexual Separation of Hermaphrodite Humanity

From about 21.5 to 18.5 million years ago, various groupings of human souls had their ‘spark fanned’ by the guides of the race, up until the fifth subrace of the Third Rootrace (3.5) – which saw the process of human individualisation for a large number of Earth Chain humanity completed.

Also, over that few million year period, the separation into two sexes of the hitherto hermaphrodite and self-perpetuating Humanity occurred. There is much to be pondered here around the acquisition of mind and the separation of the sexes.

Over the next few million years, Humanity will reach a synthesis in consciousness of manas and buddhi that will be reflected by a return to an androgynous physical body. In the words of an ancient commentary, ‘the circle hath been well nigh trod and the end approacheth the beginning’; the full circle will have been scribed and liberation for the Earth Logos will subsequently ensue.

Shamballa and South America

The early Lemurian period signalled the establishment of the spiritual centre on Earth known as Shamballa, where the ‘Lord of the World’ presides and directs the plan and purpose of the incarnation of our Earth Logos. This being is also known as Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days or Melchisedek, one of the original Kumaras who came to help ‘kick start’ Earth evolution. Sanat Kumara is also known as “The Watcher” and is described most poignantly, ‘He will remain at his post until the last weary pilgrim returns home’ – that is, until the last human soul has achieved perfection and hence liberation.

From hereon in, the fledgling Humanity of the time were under the guidance of divine beings said to emanate from ‘celestial spheres far higher than our own’, giving instruction in building, agriculture, language and so forth. The human bodies of the time were much more refined since the human kingdom was created, yet were still gigantic and clumsy, requiring instruction in Hatha Yoga in order to coordinate the etheric body with the physical; this was the first spiritual goal for humanity and represented the First Initiation.

The first outpost of Shamballa in those days was ‘in the middle’ of what we now call South America. The Science of Initiation was introduced by Shamballa’s Masters and Adepts in order to hasten evolution, due to our Earth Scheme having fallen behind in a previous cycle called the ‘Moon Chain’. Earth does in fact have two major groupings of souls, those who ‘individualised’ on the Moon and Earth chains respectively.

Moon chain souls are far more developed in their mental capacity and to a degree spiritually also, though there is a rapid acceleration by their Earth chain counterparts in this, our current Fifth Rootrace, the race where the mental principle has reached its apotheosis. It is said that the difference between capital and labour on our planet is one expression of the difference between Moon chain (capital) and Earth chain (labour) souls.

Another important crisis that occurred in Lemuria was that some groups of humans procreated with animals, creating all kinds of hybrids and monsters. This went against the ‘evolutionary plan’ and occurred partly because Humanity had just emerged from the animal kingdom with the primeval ‘urge to merge’ still very strong, and an undeveloped mentality that lacked discrimination. Yet it was primarily related to the fact that there was a refusal of certain groups of souls to incarnate because the future forms that they were to inhabit were too ‘coarse’; this incurred a particular type of karma for this group of souls, not the ‘mindless’ perpetrators.

The major outcome of this event is that the modern apes descend from those hybrid creatures and proof of this esoteric fact will eventually cause a revolution in scientific thinking. Can we imagine how different the world will be when the current teaching on human evolution in all educational institutions may shift to the esoteric view?; a whole slew of other facts will emerge once this impasse has been breached, primarily the knowledge of the existence and purpose of the human soul, a far more noble origin for Humanity than the one currently held.

Madagascar was once part of the Lemurian continent and boasts dozens of species of ‘Lemur’ monkeys. Likewise in some ancient parts of Lemuria in Indonesia, the highly intelligent Orangutang ape (‘forest person’), is the most poignantly human reminder of this ancient transgression; it is notable how prominent they have been of late with regard to conservation.

In the mythology of the ancient Cyclopes, the three giants with one eye are said to represent the last three subraces of that newly ‘conscious’ Lemurian race. At the peak of their development this race has been described as, ‘towering giants of godly strength and beauty, and the depositaries of all the mysteries of Heaven and Earth.’

Of course the giants of both Lemuria and Atlantis would have been able to build large structures and lift enormously heavy stones, but later in Atlantis they also had at their disposal a technology based on sound, creating a vacuum and allowing stones weighing many tons to be lifted effortlessly.

The Atlantean Rootrace

Gradually over the next few million years, as the Atlantean or Fourth Rootrace came into fuller expression, this ‘all-seeing eye’ at the top of the head receded into the brain where its remnant, the pineal gland, sits today. At the same time, two eyed sight started to evolve in Atlantis, representing the development of mind. From one point of view, the Lemurian’s were far more spiritual, whilst the Atlanteans were deeply immersed in matter. The ancient story of ‘the fall’ is simply the ‘fall into matter’ by human souls and not necessarily a ‘fall’ from spiritual grace.

““There were four-armed human creatures in those early days of the male-females (hermaphrodites); with one head yet three eyes. They could see before them and behind them. A KALPA long cycle] later (after the separation of the sexes) men having fallen into matter, their spiritual vision became dim; and co-ordinately the third eye commenced to lose its power … When the Fourth (Race) arrived at its middle age the inner vision had to be awakened, and acquired by artificial stimuli, the process of which was known to the old sages … The third eye likewise, getting gradually PETRIFIED, soon disappeared.”[3]

The time of Individualisation in Lemuria (3.5) witnessed the virtually simultaneous appearance of the Fourth Atlantean Rootrace, its existence seeded and developed from within the previous fourth subrace of the Third Rootrace (3.4). As outlined in HHH, the numerical connections and resonances within the universal septenary system are most important to bear in mind and correspond to the various conditionings of the seven rays. (Esoteric Astrology is the astrology of the seven rays.)

These two races co-existed and warred with one another for many millions of years, the last of the Lemurian’s disappearing around four million years ago with the sinking of their last abode through volcanic activity.

The reader may consider reflecting for a moment on these enormous time cycles that would be branded ludicrous or completely fanciful by most people. But how do they know and upon what do they base their derision of these time scales? Paradoxically, scientists who scoff at these cycles, do so very unscientifically, with no investigation and an unquestioning acceptance of status quo thinking. Little does Humanity realise its ancient origins and the many civilisations that have come and gone, achieved great heights and fallen to equally great depths.

The Fourth Rootrace (the Atlanteans) saw a huge acceleration of consciousness take place, caused mainly by a large influx of souls from the Moon chain; they had been held over in a state of ‘pralaya’ (interlude), awaiting Earth-Chain humanity to catch up in their mental development, relatively speaking; the Moon chain souls are in general far more advanced and brought the karma of that particular evolution with them; this planet is unusual in this respect.

In Atlantis many scientific technologies were developed or even ‘gifted’ by the guides of the race; astronomy and astrology were evolved, the arts were developed and so forth. In HHH, it is estimated that this period was around 10 million years ago. Other ‘gifts’ were the artificial awakening of psychic perception within the race, yet this was ultimately misused and abused.

Easter Island statues

Parallel with these developments, a greater sophistication of the mental principle resulted in physical bodies becoming more refined and smaller, yet still gigantic, ten metres or about thirty feet in height! According to HPB, the statues on Easter Island were constructed by Atlantean giants in the image of themselves and measured almost twenty-seven feet in height and eight feet across the shoulders!

(Let us also reflect that the size of the members of the reptile and human kingdoms have decreased in steady proportion to each other from ancient times until now.)

Toward the middle period of the Atlantean civilisation, in the fourth branchrace, fourth subrace of this Fourth Rootrace (4.4.4) emerged a great crisis caused by the abuses of magic, selfishness and materialism. The watching guides of the race who ‘walked amongst humanity’ and who were leaders and kings of nations had to draw a line in the sand, saying: “This is the way of light, there is the way of darkness – Humanity, make your choice.” The reader must bear in mind two facts here:

First, that this period not only represented the middle point of the seven rootraces but also the middle point of the entire globe, chain and scheme periods; in other words, it represented the deepest point of incarnation into matter for the Planetary Logos of Earth over an extraordinarily vast period.

Second, 4.4.4 was rapidly approaching 4.5 – the fifth subrace of the Fourth Rootrace, the seed for the Fifth Rootrace, also known from the Hindu philosophy as the Aryan race.

The Fifth Rootrace and Beyond

At this critical juncture in history, the cream of the Fourth Rootrace were emerging as candidates for the golden age (or Satya Yuga) of the Fifth Rootrace; they were in direct conflict with those who wanted to maintain their old ways of black magic, materialism and the acquisition of luxury and anything they desired (sound familiar?); they were completely immersed in the Kali Yuga period of the Atlantean rootrace – the age of death and destruction. This conflict finally came to a head and a mighty war was fought, epitomised in the spiritual classic, The Mahabharata, of which the Bhagavad Gita is the golden kernel.

According to the ancient scriptures, the war was partially fought with flying craft known as ‘Vimana’, today known as UFO’s. That technology, along with knowledge of pyramid building, has been around for a very long time. After the war was fought, the first Atlantean flood engulfed the Earth, resulting in a large portion of Atlantis sinking entirely beneath the sea; both the war and the flood occurred about four million years ago. There were three more Atlantean floods up until relatively recently; this has been a source of confusion for scholars chronologically, mistaking Plato’s Atlantis as the only Atlantis and the only sinking – when in fact it was spread over several sinkings of many islands and continents around the globe.

This period has also generated confusion for Western and Hindu pundits regarding the history of India. The Kali Yuga period that started in 3102 BC, is for our current Fifth Rootrace, yet all the events of the Kali Yuga for the (Fourth) Atlantean rootrace four million years ago have been wrongly ascribed to 3102 BC!

Presiding over world affairs back then was Vaivasvata Manu, responsible for the incoming Fifth Rootrace and epitomised in the Old Testament as Noah. (A Manu is a highly evolved spiritual being who sets the archetype and destiny for a race.) The symbolism of animals boarding the ark two by two, relates to Manu sailing the Earth rescuing the remnants of Humanity who escaped the floods by reaching the highest land; it is said by one of the Masters that ‘humanity was salvaged in spite of themself’. (!)

In the intervening few million years the Manu created a new race from those survivors that was finally released from the heights of the Himalayas into India about one million years ago. India is the first subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1) and is the cradle of all the western subraces that have followed after: The Ancient Egyptians (5.2), the Arab-Semitic (5.3), the Latin-Celtic (5.4) and the Teutonic-Nordic (5.5). Currently the Anglo-Saxons (German/British) are the fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace (5.5) of the Fifth Rootrace and this can be expressed as 5.5.5.[4]

This Fifth Rootrace is actually the third rootrace when we count Lemuria as the first truly human rootrace. Note that the three major rootraces elapsed thus far – and crises of Humanity – are reflected in 333, 444 and 555. These are not just fanciful or clever figures but numbers of deep philosophical import. The three periods also represent the three initiations or expansions of consciousness – representing control over the physical, emotional and mental bodies respectively; they also represent three releases of intense spiritual power from the ‘crown chakra’ of the world – Shamballa.

Today in Earth’s 5.5.5 ‘crisis’, it is entering 5.5.6 – the sixth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace; it is the seed for the coming rootrace, that will eventually be based in South America over the next 25,000 years.[5] The United States is playing a critical role as a bridge between the old race (Britain 5.5.5 etc) and the Sixth Rootrace, said to be initially based in Brazil, returning to the ‘middle of South America’ where the old power spots are gradually reawakening.[6] Humanity is in a period not dissimilar from the end of the Atlantean period hence the confusion of the Kali Yuga cycles for different rootraces alluded to earlier.

World Wars I & II are occultly regarded as one war, a recapitulation of the ancient Mahabharata conflict, with the same forces ranged against each other: “The Lords of the Dark Face versus the Lords of Shining Countenance” as the Old Commentary has it. (Interesting to note how prominent UFO’s have been in human consciousness since the close of WWII.)

Hence the world is only just emerging from this period, upon the upward swing of the pendulum – from the middle period of development for the entire scheme, chains, globe periods and rounds. The war between these opposing forces still rages upon the mental plane – as Humanity find their way through the ‘darkness before the dawn’, toward the approaching Aquarian cycle, reminding us of Blake’s immortal words, “I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand …”

This 2160 year Aquarian cycle will be coinciding with a 25,000 year Aquarian cycle on a greater zodiacal wheel, said to be a very rare occurrence and the source of much spiritual opportunity, ushering Humanity to the beginning of the Sixth Rootrace. The Sixth Rootrace is where the intuition or that sixth sense will be developed and will express itself through the qualities of the heart and right human relationships. Humanity during the shorter cycle will reclaim knowledge of some of the lost Atlantean technologies, create new forms of music and art, as well as gain an understanding of the nature of the soul, reincarnation and its true place in history.

The Aquarian cycle will be an age of Science, exoteric and esoteric, where the universal spiritual laws will come into a much closer alignment with our earthly laws and a period of peace could well reign in a new Satya Yuga or ‘golden age’.

Phillip Lindsay © 2010.

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Timelines of Ancient History: An Esoteric Perspective

Abstract This essay explores the notion of TIME from the esoteric and traditional perspectives – as applied to human history thus far unfolded. It looks at the dating methods of science, precession cycles used by the ancients as well as some traditions associated with the Hindu, Egyptian and Mayan civilisations. The past is examined – from the origin of the human soul, to how the apes were created, why the great Atlantean war and devastation came about, through to the present day and into the future Sixth Rootrace in this Aquarian cycle.

There is a general tendency for mainstream and alternative authors to use a conventional view of history and time as a reference point. Whether it is the subject of 2012 and the Mayans, Egypt, India or Mexico, the timelines usually discussed are between three and six thousand years BC, maybe 10,000 years or more. Yet esoterically speaking, Humanity has required aeons for physical and mental development to evolve into its relatively sophisticated modern state.

What do you think, have you ever wondered just how long it has taken human evolution to unfold? Have you accepted what you were told at school or believed what adamant Bible scholars have declared so zealously?; or have you fallen prey to modern science’s ‘glamour of authority’ – whatever it says must be right? Perhaps you have accepted this world view unquestioningly or indiscriminately and may not have given it much thought – like most of us, being preoccupied with the vicissitudes of modern living. 

How can we consider a longer time-frame for history, which ultimately conceals the greatest puzzles of existence and the mystery of the human soul? When the traditions of the most ancient cultures are consulted, we find for instance, that the Hindu Tamil calendar known as the “Tirukkanda Panchanga”, gives the beginning of our strictly human evolution in this cycle as around 18.6 million years! [1] These cycles also go back into trillions of years and the Mayans are documented in the billions. Are these figures fanciful, symbolic or factual and literal?

Although there are paradoxes about certain time scales between ancient sources and modern science, there is agreement about some of the really big cycles – for instance, noted scientist, the late Carl Sagan said:
“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang. [2]

Also, Fritjof Capra, in his best selling book wrote:

“This idea of a periodically expanding and contracting universe, which involves a scale of time and space of vast proportions, has arisen not only in modern cosmology, but also in ancient Indian mythology. Experiencing the universe as an organic and rhythmically moving cosmos, the Hindus were able to develop evolutionary cosmologies which come very close to our modern scientific models.” [3]

In many disciplines, whether it is ‘consensus’ archeology, anthropology, geology or other sciences, there must be cultivated (or initially entertained) an awareness of a longer time-frame for human evolution; this applies even to esoteric students who struggle with conceiving the vaster time cycles, partly because of their own cultural conditioning and so forth.

Thinkers from various disciplines could consider developing a whole new paradigm, one that is based upon information that has already been given via spiritualtraditions, that can bridge to mainstream sciences and provide a framework of enquiry. Perhaps its more a matter of revitalising an existing paradigm that is an inherent part of the ancient wisdom of several cultures; part of our racial memory that we can all intuitively tap into, recognise and understand. The key here is to experiment, before reacting with an out of hand dismissal, to use the information ‘as if’ it were literal.

The enormous timelines of the Mayans and ancient Hindus are some examples, yet these have been regarded and simply ignored by those people who write about these very subjects.
Causes of a Narrow View of Time
Understanding the history of any culture is fraught with illusion, especially when its roots extend far beyond the accepted contemporary view, as taught in most educational institutions around the world today. What are the factors that have been responsible for this universal truncated view of time and human evolution – into the past 10,000 years? The fields of religion and science have both contributed:

1. The timeline derived from the Judeo-Christian tradition posits ‘creation’ at around six thousand years ago. (4,004 BC!) This old thoughtform still conditions thinking in much of the West, where it is accepted by the majority, Christian or non-Christian. Many Christian ‘creationists’, amazingly still adhere literally to this timeline as a core belief, rigidly ignoring or rationalising any evidence to the contrary, such as dinosaurs, fossils etc. Some scientists in past centuries have also been afraid to date anything before 100 AD for fear of upsetting the church. Writing in the nineteenth century, H.P. Blavatsky (HPB) observed:
“Even now evidence is brought forward that the dates for the foundations of cities, civilizations and various other historical events have been absurdly curtailed.  This was done as a peace-offering to Biblical chronology. “No date,” writes the well-known Palæontologist, Ed. Lartet, “is to be found in Genesis, which assigns a time for the birth of primitive humanity”; but chronologists have for fifteen centuries endeavoured to force the Bible facts into agreement with their systems.  Thus, no less than one hundred and forty different opinions have been formed about the single date of “Creation”; “and between the extreme variations there is a discrepancy of 3,194 years, in the reckoning of the period between the beginning of the world and the birth of Christ.” [4]
2. Despite many advances, various scientific disciplines within the lesser cycles (not the aforementioned grand cosmic cycles), seem to gravitate to a similar timeline as the Judeo-Christian, for the emergence of the ancient races. (Wikipedia states 3,300 BC for the Hindus.) This must be partly influenced by religious conditioning and its appeasement but also other factors. Darwin himself did not think that human evolution went back further than 4,000 BC. (He was originally going to train for the clergy.) Even the modern Hindus seem to mainly disregard the treasure of their ancient heritage and toe the consensus line on history, such as the emergence of the Hindu race only a few thousand years BC:
3,000–1500 BCE: Indus Valley Civilisation (Old Chronology), or
6,000–1900 BCE: Indus-Sarasvati Civilisation (New Chronology) [5]
3. The development of the scientific, rationalist approach over the past five hundred years, paralleled by a special cycle of the Fifth Ray of Concrete Science that has only recently withdrawn before the end of last century.

4. The subsequent, accelerated and ongoing development of the concrete mind in Western civilisation – the concrete mind that perceives with only the five tangible senses. This mental development relates to the fifth mental plane and has been quintessentially expressed in this fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5.5). (Naturally, the sixth sense of the intuition will start to become far more apparent as the Sixth Rootrace takes hold in the next several thousand years.)

5. The inability of intellectuals who are polarised strongly in the lower mind, to conceive of an ancient evolution that goes beyond the culturally accepted view of the world; their inability or arrogance in recognising that greater civilisations and technologies have come and gone before this current one. Some ‘new age’ authors fall into this category but may not admit it!
6. Stemming from the foregoing, the vested interests of ‘establishment’ sciences such as archeology and anthropology – that seek to maintain the status quo; anything that challenges preciously held views is quite often immediately dismissed – even to the point of hiding or destroying fossil and artefact evidence. Academics have been drummed out of universities with their careers in tatters because they dared to tilt at the authoritarian edifice of academia. An example of this was geo-chronologist, Virginia Steen-McIntyre:
“Virginia Steen-McIntyre later wrote and published a paper concerning the dating of the artifacts found. It reported four sophisticated, independent tests: uranium-thorium dating, fission track dating, tephra hydration dating and the studying of mineral weathering to determine the date of the artifacts. Their 1981 paper (Quaternary Research (1981) v. 16, pp. 1-17) suggested that these tests, among others, validated a date of 250kya [250,000 years] for the Hueyatlaco artifacts. Later analyses conducted by biostratigraphic researcher, Sam VanLandingham, were concordant with the radiometric analyses conducted earlier.[6][7] The professional report, categorizing the findings at Hueyatlaco, was delayed for years. When it was finally published in 1981 it met widespread criticism. Steen-McIntyre argues that her findings were rejected not on their failings or merits, but because her critics engaged in circular reasoning.” [6]

There is an even wider story to the above, as the US Geological Survey verified her claims; this became a big issue with the establishment archeology of Mexicowho demanded that the date be reduced – and the survey team capitulated by dropping a zero – so it is now 25-35 K! The fact that Steen-McIntyre is a woman probably did not help either!
7. The bewildering array of remnants of ancient civilisations with which modern investigators are confronted. When these remnants present themselves in one particular area (for example, the Middle East), it is very difficult for those approaching its study to untangle and discriminate between the older and newer relics and their various cultural threads. Accurate perception is impossible when compounded by the accumulations of modern cultural, religious and educational hypnosis.
8. Contentious methods of establishing correct chronology such as carbon dating, radio-active dating, uranium-lead dating etc., astronomical techniques, religious scriptures, mythology and so on.

Dating Methods, Precession Cycles and Ancient Egypt

Many investigators have done excellent work in the areas of astronomical theories, archeological data etc., yet their figures rarely venture outside the last 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000 years. For example, speculations about the date of the building of the Great Pyramid through certain astronomical alignments, have been advanced and these investigators are most certainly on the right path, having done much good work. Yet as H. P. Blavatsky states, if the three precession cycles depicted upon the Denderah Zodiac were taken into account, 78,000 years ago (26,000 X 3) would be a more accurate figure for the building of the Great Pyramid.[7]

Because the world paradigm view of history has been ‘fixed’ at a much lesser figure, few have wished to stray beyond those boundaries, even to the point of rationalising certain data as ‘symbolic’ or simply dismissing it as ‘fanciful’.

When traveling from the Giza plateau to Saqqara, the location of the Bent, Stepped and Red pyramids, one is struck by how these structures seem to be far more ancient than Giza. The established archeology supports this, though by only a few grudging centuries because of the paradigm it has created and remains trapped within. Zoser’s pyramid at Saqqara was dated by Libby and his radio carbon dating team as around 2,625 BC.

On the Egyptian king lists that have had many hands interpreting them, King Menes is given as only a few centuries earlier around 3,000 BC. Yet HPB tells us that Menes was the Manu of the second subrace of our Fifth Rootrace. [8] , [9] If Table III is consulted, it shows that the Egyptian subrace was established around 860,000 years ago. [10] If then, this author’s deduction is to be believed or better, proven, then the Saqqara site could easily be up to several hundred thousand years older than the Great Pyramid site, dated around 78,000 years ago.

Of course other radio carbon dating questions arise such as the wood that was tested from an Egyptian coffin of the Ptolemaic period – used as a benchmark for carbon dating of the Zoser pyramid. The Egyptian date was arrived at by Wilson [11] on ‘stylistic grounds’. For a civilisation as old as Egypt, certain statue designs might stay in ‘style’ for hundreds of thousands of years, using esoteric chronology!

The original Egyptian coffin date of Zoser supplied by Wilson, against which the carbon dating findings were measured, is itself contentious; it is based upon a chronological assignment made through a traditional academically-influenced view of history that has been hopelessly confused through the centuries (see further in text); it is a shaky basis that compounds and compromises the problem of the accuracy of the carbon dating system itself.

Yet many authors quote radio carbon dates as if they were infallible, like results from a horse race. There are also known problems with radio carbon and its accuracy over 50,000 years due to break down and contamination of organic material. Then of course there are magnetic reversal of the poles issues, alternative dating methods and several other anomalies, too many to do justice in this enquiry. Before carbon dating developed, HPB made some remarks regarding the science of her day in the late 1800’s:
“Unfortunately, dynasties and Pyramids have the fate of geological periods; their dates are arbitrary, and depend on the respective whims of the men of science.  Archæologists … accord in the style of art [‘stylistic’?], and in the standard of measurement employed, with the similar diorite statues of the pyramid builders of the third and fourth Egyptian dynasties … but what is the date fixed for these “dynasties”?  Sanchoniathon’s and Manetho’s Synchronistic tables and their figures have been rejected, or whatever remained of these after holy Eusebius’ handling of them; [12] and still we have to remain satisfied with the four or five thousand years B.C. so liberally allotted to Egypt.

… when we [Masters of Wisdom] talk of the Secondary and Tertiary age, of the Eocene, Miocene and Pliocene periods—this is simply to make our facts more comprehensible.  Since these ages and periods have not yet been allowed fixed and determined durations, 2½ and 15 million years being assigned at different times to one and the same age (the Tertiary)—and since no two geologists and naturalists seem to agree on this point—Esoteric teachings may remain quite indifferent to whether man is shown to appear in the Secondary or the Tertiary age. If the latter age may be allowed even so much as 15 million years’ duration—well and good; for the Occult doctrine, jealously guarding its real and correct figures as far as concerns the First, Second, and two-thirds of the Third Root-Race—gives clear information upon one point only—the age of “Vaivasvata Manu’s humanity. [18.5 million years]” [13]

One could argue that if the precession cycle of 25,920 years was known to the ancients, then they may well have studied and lived through those cycles at least a few times. Indeed, according to Pliny, in the astronomical observations of the Chaldeans , Epigenes recognises 720,000 years. Consider also Cicero somewhat indignantly relating the Babylonian  priests’ assertion – that they had preserved upon monuments, observations extending back during an interval of 470,000 years. Simplicius (6th century AD) wrote that he had heard that the Egyptians had kept astronomical observations and records for the last 630,000 years. [14]

There are numerous examples of these kind of figures from historians and philosophers like Pythagoras and Plato who lived in our relatively recent history but who were in touch with a much greater antiquity. Why would these recognised and respected commentators in many fields, contrive these figures  independently of one another? Modern authors have also ignored data that is available to them in their own disciplines such as the Hindu or Mayan systems for measuring time. As Wendell Phillips once said:

“We seem to imagine that whether knowledge will die with us or not, it certainly began with us … We have a pitying estimate, a tender pity for the narrowness, ignorance, and darkness of the bygone ages.” [15]

Reasons for a Conservative Approach to Cycles

Speculations on reasons why investigators do not depart too much from the norm vary:
1. They are not so much interested in the timeline per se, something more specific such as the consciousness or culture that an ancient civilisation exhibited, a form of astronomy that they had devised, or how it related to the present or the future.
2. Using astronomy for dating, yet not considering going beyond one precession cycle of 25,920 years. For some speculative dates, dozens or even hundreds of precession cycles would have to be adopted to ‘wind the clock back’ correctly:
“While the Egyptians have on their Zodiacs … irrefutable proofs of records having embraced more than three-and-a-half sidereal years—or about 87,000 years—the Hindu calculations cover nearly thirty-three such years, or 850,000 years.  The Egyptian priests assured Herodotus that the Pole of the Earth and the Pole of the Ecliptic had formerly coincided.  But, as remarked by the author of the Sphinxiad, “… Hindoos have registered a knowledge of Astronomy for ten times 25,000 years since the (last local) Flood (in Asia), or Age of Horror,” in the latitude of India.  And they possess recorded observations from the date of the first Great Flood within the Aryan historical memory—that which submerged the last portions of Atlantis, 850,000 years ago.” [16]

3. Hoping to keep their readers engaged by using more conventional timelines; sticking to one subject without complicating the discussion; this serves as a bridging process in some ways.
4. Not wanting to be marginalised or rejected by their peers and readers for being too radical with timelines.

5. Simply having no way of substantiating the greater timeline
and with limited tools at their disposal to do so – fair enough!
6. Lacking in imagination or being over-conservative in their approach.

These are a few reasons that come to mind, but what of the greater timelines that exist?
Time Measurement from the Ancient Scriptures

In The Secret Doctrine, HPB gave a wealth of information on the ancient cycles derived particularly from the Vedas and similar Hindu traditions. This world view sees our solar system at about the half way mark in its evolution – 155 trillion years of a 311 trillion year cycle! It posits the evolution of human consciousness as having proceeded from ancient Lemurian times about 18.5 million years ago.

These time spans are related to the ancient cycles called yugas that take place within the larger cycles of the manvantaras. All cycles take place to a lesser degree within the time-span of the so-called seven rootraces, whilst in a far vaster reach of time, the globes, chains and schemes – or the various incarnations of the planet itself. [17] HPB also tells us that we are now in the Fifth Rootrace that started with the advent of the first Hindu subrace one million years ago. [18]

In The Hidden History of Humanity Vol. I (HHH), [19] greater detail and new original information is given outlining how this world view is constructed, viewing the various cycles as they unfold through the rootraces or, to state it another way, the rootraces unfolding within the larger cycles of time allotted to them; it is essentially the history of the unfoldment of human consciousness.

HHH seeks to advance reasonable arguments about the validity of the greater time scales. If this universal view of time was adopted as a framework, investigators may see their enquiries and speculations find an empowering niche; it might enable them to move forward in their specific disciplines far more rapidly, expanding understanding and creating a greater degree of connectivity to the many facets of the one whole. The Hindu tradition is of course the oldest as they constitute the first subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1) and were heir to the ancient knowledge of the Atlanteans in the previous rootrace.

There was a reason that the Masters of Wisdom [20] worked through HPB to give this information out to the Western world – to re-establish for this next coming cycle, those eternal laws and truths which have brought us thus far. Nevertheless, Humanity is still disempowered in not knowing its true origins, for several reasons:
1. Lack of knowledge about the origin and purpose of the human soul.
2. Not having a ‘fixed time from which to reckon’, by which to measure history. [21]
3. Being saddled with a shortened chronology that is supposed to explain the entire unfoldment of the human race, quite a ludicrous situation.

Hardly any investigators use this ancient treasure trove of material, with one notable exception to this author’s knowledge, the work of Vedantist Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology. [22] Cremo takes the cycles as literal in their duration and makes claims for some even greater time-spans; this author’s work is different but in general agreement.

As noted earlier, modern science and occultism roughly concur on some of the big cosmic cycles, yet it is ironic that time scales for the sciences such as archeology and anthropology, there is required such a huge addition of time for the birth of civilisation: from 3,000 – 4,000 BC, back 18.5 million years!

Yet when equating the esoteric record of time with the current accepted geological record, there is a massive subtraction of time: from around 65 million years for the Jurassic Age, down to 28-20 million years. The big dinosaurs may well have existed 65 million years ago but according to our esoteric benchmark The Secret Doctrine, the Jurassic Age was closer to twenty million years ago – at least around the time of its reptile extinction. [23] Disparities and contradictions abound, yet they are not unresolvable or irreconcilable.

Consider that around 500 years ago, it was thought that the Sun orbited the Earth and now that illusion has been stripped away and transcended. Yet despite all the amazing scientific advances since then and expansions of human consciousness – with regard to Earth’s true history we still live in medieval times. It is interesting to note that the ‘Flat Earth Society’ was formed by a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1956!

When considering the larger time cycles, 500 years is but the blink of an eye. Now Humanity’s next phase of penetrating the veil of maya is to understand just exactly how old it is. This is most appropriate as the Third Ray of Active Intelligence that is intimately related to cycles, is currently going through a powerful cycle; third ray ruler Saturn – the Lord of Time, waits with his scythe to strip away the veil and reveal these ancient truths.
The Rootraces

Esoterically, the evolution of consciousness for humanity started about 21.5 million years ago, culminating about 18.5 million years ago with the registering of the ‘spark of mind’ that had been stimulated for the previous three million years in ‘animal humanity’, endowed hitherto with only an instinctual consciousness and a gigantic hermaphroditic form.

This period is known as Individualisation and occurred in the middle period of the Lemurian or Third Rootrace. It was one of the greatest spiritual events in the history of the planet, representing the birth of the human soul via the invocation and appearance of highly evolved beings who undertook the seeding of Humanity and its guidance. One of those remaining beings is called Sanat Kumara or Melchisidek, The Watcher, who presides over humanity ‘until the last weary pilgrim struggles home’, i.e. achieves liberation.

The humanity of that time was enormous in stature, though evolution has been refining and decreasing its size up to our present day. Even four million years ago, when the final destruction of parts of Lemuria occurred, there were still very large giants. Indeed, HPB tells us that the infamous statue heads of Easter Island(about 30ft or 10 metres high) were representative of the height of the giants of that time. [24]

It is most curious how scientists allow a dimunition in size for the dinosaurs to the present day reptiles, but not for man. This is partly due to the ‘lack of evidence’ of physical skeletons, when in fact much evidence pointing to the existence of giants is extant. [25]
“Of all the mammalians, man is the only one whom science will not allow to have dwarfed down, like all other animal frames …” [26]

This is a key point in terms of the time period of six to ten thousand years allotted to human evolution. Because such a small time period for human development has been assigned – and is believed in by the majority – it does not allow sufficient time for thinkers to entertain the idea that giant humans gradually shrank in size over a period of millions of years – in parallel with the reptile kingdom. In other words, in Lemurian times, humans were at least the height of dinosaurs:
“But we can easily believe that the Titans and Cyclopes of old really belonged to the Fourth (Atlantean) Race, and that all the subsequent legends and allegories found in the Hindu Purânas and the Greek Hesiod and Homer, were based on the hazy reminiscences of real Titans—men of a superhuman tremendous physical power, which enabled them to defend themselves, and hold at bay the gigantic monsters of the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic times—and of actual Cyclopes—three-eyed mortals.” [27]

Almost immediately after Individualisation, the Atlantean (fourth) rootrace came into being and developed in parallel with the Lemurians for millions of years. It was in the Atlantean race that two-eyed sight evolved over a few million years, replacing the original one all-seeing eye of the Lemurians; for a while there were three-eyed beings in an interim period. (The first two and a half rootraces were etheric, only manifesting into the physical half way through the Lemurian rootrace, in its third subrace, expressed as 3.3.)
Origin of the Apes

According to HPB, human bestiality in Lemuria created an unnatural and unplanned linking with other members of the animal kingdom, and these hybrids were the ancestors of our modern apes. Certain soul groups who refused to incarnate into their ‘coarse’ habitations were ultimately responsible for the groups of humans that caused this evolutionary anomaly upon the physical plane – the so called ‘sin of the mindless’. The modern Orangutan is a peculiarly ‘human’ reminder of that ancient transgression and today these apes are getting much publicity because their habitats are being destroyed in Indonesia through rainforest logging; in this Fifth Rootrace there are certain esoteric parallels to the Third or Lemurian Rootrace. Indonesia like Australia, is a remnant of Lemuria.

Imagine if scientists in their various disciplines were to run with this one esoteric fact – that apes were created by humans mixing with animals, eventually proving it – and what a dramatic revolution in consciousness would take place in how Humanity view themselves? Currently in most educational institutions around the world, the 5,000 year history of the human race is taught, and that it evolved from apes; Humanity has a much more divine pedigree.

Atlantis was a race that attained greatly in the civilised arts, sciences, astronomy, astrology and technology. Yet much that had been ‘gifted’ to the race by its guides was abused, creating a great crisis at the Atlantean midpoint of evolution – they were forced to choose between the way of light or the way of materialism and black magic:
“To continue the tradition, we have to add that the class of hierophants was divided into two distinct categories: those who were instructed by the “Sons of God,” of the island, and who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation, others who inhabited the lost Atlantis … and who, being of another race, were born with a sight which embraced all hidden things, and was independent of both distance and material obstacle.

In short, they were the fourth race of men mentioned in the Popol-Vuh, whose sight was unlimited and who knew all things at once. They were, perhaps, what we would now term “natural-born mediums,” who neither struggled nor suffered to obtain their knowledge, nor did they acquire it at the price of any sacrifice. Therefore, while the former walked in the path of their divine instructors, and acquiring their knowledge by degrees, learned at the same time to discern the evil from the good, the born adepts of the Atlantis blindly followed the insinuations of the great and invisible “Dragon,” the King Thevetat … [who] had neither learned nor acquired knowledge, but … was “a sort of Socrates who knew without being initiated.”  Thus, under the evil insinuations of their demon, Thevetat, the Atlantis-race became a nation of wicked magicians.” [28]
Other Errors Contributing to Incorrect Dating

This crisis of choice led to a great battle about four million years ago, epitomised in the Hindu epic, The Mahabharata. There were probably several otherMahabharatas but this was the first and major one. It was an important time as it represented the half way mark of Atlantean development in the fourth subrace of that Fourth Rootrace (4.4), giving birth at the same time to the very nascent beginnings of our current Fifth Rootrace, also known as the Aryan (Indian) race.
Four million years ago the Kali Yuga age of death and destruction was in progress in the Fourth Rootrace – whilst an overlapping Satya Yuga (Golden Age) was starting for the Fifth Rootrace:


  Greek Period

  Yuga Duration







Noah (Manu 5.0)










Menes (Manu 5.2)




3,102 BC

Kali Yuga 5th R.R.

Table I: The Yugas of the Fifth Rootrace

Table I shows that the period of 3,102 BC was the start of the Kali Yuga for the Fifth Rootrace and will continue for another 427,000 years. This date has been one of the problems that have caused major misunderstandings for scholars and even Hindu pundits incorrectly dating The Mahabharata – out by four million years.
““Yudishthira—the first King of the Sacea, who opens the Kali Yuga  era, which has to last 432,000 years—“an actual King and man who lived 3,102 years B.C.,” applies also, name and all, to the great Deluge  at the time of the first sinking of Atlantis .” [29]

Again, because of cultural illusions perpetrated over the centuries in both the east and west, considering anything outside of several thousand years is a place few have wished to venture. It has been created by the Great Illusion and is also the Great Lie.

Very soon after this great war four million years ago, an enormous global cataclysm took place, flooding most of the world, representing the first and most extensive of the four Atlantean sinkings; the fourth and final sinking was that of Poseidonis in 9,564 BC. Plato’s description of Poseidon’s fate as ‘9,000 years’ is a reference to this latter period but also a veiled reference to the second major sinking of Atlantis which took place 900,000 years ago! [30] Atlantis was not in one particular place as many investigators seem to think; its islands and continents were scattered around the globe. [31]

During the period following the original Atlantean destruction, a nucleus of new humanity were nurtured by Vaivasvata Manu (known as Noah in the Bible) for a period of a few million years, eventually to become the first (Hindu) subrace of the Fifth Rootrace, emerging about one million years ago from their ‘incubator’ in or beyond the Himalayas.

The following table shows the three major rootraces elapsed thus far. Note that there are seven branchraces in a subrace and seven subraces in a rootrace, hence the expressions 3.3.3, 4.4.4 and 5.5.5 reading from left to right, denote the rootrace, subrace and branchrace respectively.

These are not fanciful figures but represent profoundly significant periods in time; they correspond with the Seven Rays of Esoteric Astrology, forces that through numerical resonance with the races, influence them accordingly. Note that the world is now at 5.5.5, the current crisis as we move into the Sixth Rootrace in the next 25,000 years.


Lemuria. Individualisation. The ‘spark of mind’. Birth of Shamballa.

21.6 million yrs ago


Atlantis. Latter part, advanced civilisation, great war, cataclysm.

4 million yrs ago


Aryan. Peak of mental development. Moving into the 6th rootrace.

Now. 2,000 C.E.

Table II: Crises of the Rootraces

This basic outline brings a brief appreciation and overview of the rootraces and time periods. (HHH-I provides many more details.) After the Hindu subrace (the ‘Mother’ of all Western races), four more subraces unfolded in the Fifth Rootrace. The races and subraces have enormous overlaps in time and a crisis always precipitates at the apotheosis of each rootrace.



Years ago





Ancient Egyptian/Mayan












Synthesis of all subraces

Next 25,000

Table III: Subraces of the Fifth Rootrace

If the figure 5.5.5 is broken down, it represents the Anglo-Saxon branchrace, Teutonic-Nordic subrace of the Fifth Rootrace – moving into 5.5.6. The sixthbranchrace represents a synthesis of all western and eastern races, particularly in the USA. USA ’s particular dharma is to act as a bridge between that which has been (5.5.5 Anglo-Saxon) and that which will come in the Sixth Rootrace, slated to start in about 25,000 years in the location of where Brazil is today. [32]

The Ancient Egyptians and Mayans

Noting the above table, the genesis of the Egytpians and Mayans is very ancient, no less than 860,000 years ago. Both groups came from a now sunken part of southern India (the old Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka) at the time of the second Atlantean submersion, finding their way to Ethiopia and Guatemala respectively. [33]Hence the similarity of their esoteric knowledge, rituals, architecture, art, customs etc., not only with one another but also ‘mother India’. Both groups acted as a bridge between the old Atlantean races and the new Fifth Rootrace. Their genesis goes back a long way into Atlantean history, or ‘pre-Vedic’, which means before the first Hindu subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1) that emerged about one million years ago. If Table I is consulted, we can see that Asuramaya (note the ‘maya’ part) lived about two million years ago in the Atlantean period.

Egypt has been the repository and guardian of the world’s Mystery Tradition for about 800,000 years. [34] Pyramid technology had been around for millions of years before that, as has the science of astronomy, going back at least 3.24 million years in the Egyptian tradition:
“The astronomical  records of Universal History, however, are said to have had their beginnings with the Third Sub-race of the Fourth Root-race or the Atlanteans [4.3] . When was it? Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the Zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted.” [35]

Elsewhere in her books HPB tells us that the poles are inverted every 1,080,000 years, [36] hence 1,080,000 X 3 = 3,240,000 years. Likewise, other popular subjects of researchers have invaluable clues, such as Stonehenge:
“The archaic records show the Initiates  of the Second Sub-race  of the Aryan  family [5.2 – Aryan = Fifth Rootrace] moving from one land to the other for the purpose of supervising the building of menhirs and dolmens, of colossal Zodiacs in stone … The fact of their crossing from France to Great Britain by land may give an idea of the date when such a journey could have been performed on terrâ firma.” [37]

Using this author’s established timeline in Table III for the ‘second subrace of the Aryan family’ (5.2 Egyptian), then Stonehenge and many other constructions in Europe are much more ancient than hitherto speculated, up to 860,000 years old. Note also, these enormous structures were erected partly through the brute strength of the giants of that race:
“Had there been no giants to move about such colossal rocks, there could never have been a Stonehenge, a Carnac (Brittany) and other such Cyclopean structures; and (b) were there no such thing as MAGIC, there could never have been so many witnesses to oracular and speaking stones.” [38]

‘Magic’ here also refers to the utilisation of the science of sound to erect those structures:
“The cycle returns, and in the days to come will be seen the re-appearance of the faculty of the Lemurians  and early Atlanteans  to raise great masses,—this time on a higher turn of the spiral … They were raised through the ability of the early builders to create a vacuum through sound, and to utilise it for their own purposes.” [39]

This fact is elsewhere corroborated in many parts of the world, where priests used mantrams or harmonious chants to raise huge weights effortlessly. Likewise the power of sound was used to destroy:
“You have in the Christian Bible the remnant of a tale which has descended to us from Atlantean days.  In those days the use of sound on physical and emotional levels was understood and practised, being utilised for selfish ends in most of the cases.  You read that at the sound of trumpets, sounded a certain number of times after a rhythmical circuit of the walls of Jericho those walls collapsed.  This was made possible by the occult knowledge of the leaders of the people who—being versed in the science of sound and having studied its destructive and creative effects,—knew just the moment to apply that science and effect the desired end.” [40]

The Mayans

Another glaring example of rationalisations that are used because researchers cannot accept literally the length of given cycles, is the Mayan chronology. Many authors place the Mayans emerging within the last two thousand years. Yet the Mayans speak much about a relatively short time cycle of 5,125 years that started around 3,114 BC. (Note, this date is close to the start of the Hindu Kali Yuga in 3102 BC) Apart from the fact that The Mayans are esoterically around 860,000 years old, various authors have speculated that they ‘worked backward’ to fix the 3,114 BC date as the start of their cycle – but emerged much later from 1,500 BC onward, depending upon who you read. These same authors do not even take into account some of the greatest Mayan cycles that go back billions of years, concurring with other ancient cosmologies such as the Hindu – from which the Mayans originally emerged.

Why have the Mayans come to assume such prominence in esoteric literature in the past fifty years? The alignment with the galactic centre of course, but also because of the approaching date of 2012 that is the end/start of a 26,000 year precession cycle. This will be taking place in Aquarius on the greater 26,000 year wheel, coinciding with the more well known 2,160 year cycle in Aquarius on the ‘lesser wheel’. A new precession cycle starting in 2012 will take Humanity up to the Sixth Rootrace proper in about 25,000 years time. The first seed location for this race will be in the centre of South America where we now call Brazil. [41]

The Mayan tradition also points the way to South America and its role for a ‘relocated’ Shamballa (the crown chakra of the world) from where The Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara) will resume his watch for the Sixth Rootrace. (Currently Shamballa is located in the Gobi Desert.) It is interesting to note that the original location of Shamballa in Lemurian times was in South America and still later connected to the Mayans, hence a ‘full circle’ cycle is nascent:
“The first outpost for the Shamballa Fraternity was the original temple of Ibez and it was located in the centre of South America, and one of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and the basic worship of the sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men.” [42]

Hence the Mayans, with their magnetic history located mainly in Guatemala in Central America, are today acting as a bridge between the USA and South America, or between the rest of the world and South America. Central America has played the role of a great meeting place for many cultures from the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans for thousands of years.

During the intervening period of the next 25,000 years, Britain [43] will sink entirely in the next few thousand years whilst a large chunk of California will disappear.[44]
“Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged, culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towards the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace.  This will usher in the infant sixth rootrace.” [45]

Yet there is nothing unusual about these events, they are a natural part of planetary evolution and have occurred in many other cycles in the past, particularly when a new race is about to be established.

“The sinking of Atlantis … began during the Miocene period  as certain of your continents are now observed to be gradually sinking …” [46] Elevation and subsidence of continents is always in progress.  The whole coast of South America has been raised up 10 to 15 feet and settled down again in an hour.  Huxley has shown that the British islands have been four times depressed beneath the ocean and subsequently raised again and peopled.  …  Within the last five or six thousand years the shores of Sweden Denmark and Norway have risen from 200 to 600 feet; in Scotland there are raised beaches with outlying stacks and skerries surmounting the shore now eroded by the hungry wave.  The North of Europe is still rising from the sea and South America presents the phenomenon of raised beaches of over 1,000 miles in length, now at a height varying from 100 to 1,300 feet above the sea-level.” [47]

Forms, whether they are land masses or humans, come and go, but the consciousness remains and moves forward; it is the soul’s evolution toward liberation that is the most important factor – individual, group, racial, national and global.

Once Humanity understands the true chronology of world history, a foundation of understanding can be established that will lead to breakthroughs in many areas of human endeavour: correct knowledge of time will then be applied in the exoteric sciences and the mystery of the origin of the human soul will be unveiled for all.

Phillip Lindsay © 2010.

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World Historical Overview.
Cambodia, Pol Pot, Angkor Wat Temples
(HHH Launch: Alexandria, Egypt)

One of my main areas of endeavour is in Esoteric History, a project inspired around 1994 and which took its brief from a passage in Esoteric Astrology:
“I [The Master Djwhal Khul] earlier gave a hint upon which definite astrological computation could be based when I gave the time of the "Great Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetary manifestation when individualisation took place and the fourth kingdom in nature appeared. I placed that stupendous event as happening 21,688,345 years ago.” [1]
With the first volume of The Hidden History of Humanity (HHH), this is where the focus of newsletters will be. Nevertheless, I always write ‘astrologically’ as this is a ‘language’ I use to interpret the world of energies and forces, so there will be plenty for astrological students to ponder. The historical inquiry ranges over many different subjects: Astrology, cycles, races, nations, astronomy, the sciences, religious traditions, mythology etc. – they are all keys to uncovering where we have come from.
On this New Year’s Eve 2006 the Capricorn full moon cycle is upon us (Jan 3, 2007) and it is most appropriate to initiate an exploration into the past as Capricorn and its ruler Saturn have jurisdiction in this area. Likewise, polar opposite sign Cancer and its ruler the Moon also relate to history and the past, as does the Third Ray of Active-Intelligence, intimately associated with both signs.
The place of this ‘launch’ is serendipitously Alexandria, Egypt, named after its founder Alexander the Great. This city has a rich heritage of being the centre of world learning, drawing upon diverse cultures and nations. It was a centre of Greek scholarship and science as well as the capital of Egypt from its founding by Alexander in 332 BC to AD 642 when the Arabs invaded it. It has had a place in the popular imagination through its association with Mark Antony, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. It also played a key role in passing on Greek culture to Rome and was a centre of scholarship in the theological disputes over the nature of Christ’s divinity that divided the early church.
For the past year the only online discussion of this Esoteric History Project has been in the online Yahoo group of the same name, working forward from the ‘beginning of time’. This has proved to be quite abstract for many as it deals with the esoteric forces that were responsible for eventually bringing about the incarnation of this planet – such as the rounds, chains and globes. The whole area of study becomes much more tangible when there is a civilisation, race or nation to consider and therefore the nature of these newsletters will be to work backward into time.
Therefore this first newsletter deals some impressions of I have had from my recent and current travels in Cambodia and Egypt, seeking to put it into an understandable framework that reaches back into the past civilisations in this early race as well as those before in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Preface: History’s Impasse

Understanding the history of any culture is always fraught with illusion, especially when its roots extend far beyond the accepted contemporary view, as taught in most educational institutions around the world today. The universal dwarfing of human history into the past 10,000 years has occurred for several reasons:
1. The past two thousand years of Christian-Judaic thinking and speculation that has attempted to date events in the Bible extending back to a world creation of 4,004 BC!

2.2. The development of the concrete mind in Western civilisation. This mental development relates to the fifth mental plane and has been quintessentially expressed in this fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace – abbreviated as 5.5.5. (The concrete mind cognises with the five tangible senses.)

3. The development of the scientific, rationalist approach over the past five hundred years, paralleled by a special cycle of the Fifth Ray of Concrete Science.

4. The bewildering array of remnants of ancient civilisations with which modern investigators are confronted. When these remnants present themselves in one particular area (such as the Middle East for example), it is very difficult for those approaching its study to untangle and discriminate between the older and newer cultures and their various threads. Accurate perception is impossible with all the accumulations of cultural, religious and educational conditioning.

5. Contentious methods of establishing correct chronology such as carbon dating, radio-active dating, uranium-lead dating etc., astronomical techniques, religious scriptures, mythology and so on.

Hence Humanity today labours under many illusions about its past, not that most of the world necessarily thinks about its origins – or the enigma of the soul for that matter; most people are too busy just surviving and making money. Even students of the Mysteries sometimes find it difficult to comprehend the vast cycles to which H.P. Blavatsky refers, when she tells us for instance that human Individualisation occurred around 18.5 million years ago and that the Fifth Rootrace which started in India, is about one million years old. [2]

As Humanity moves toward 5.5.6, the seed of the Sixth Rootrace where intuition will supercede the concrete mind, the revealing of Humanity’s true origin will gradually precipitate into mainstream consciousness. The reasonableness of proposals that have their source in the Secret Wisdom will eventually be accepted; they will constitute the substance of the antahkarana or bridge of light that will illumine the exoteric sciences and become accepted facts.

Can we imagine the revolution in thought that this would create on Earth; knowledge of our origins, the evolution of consciousness and ultimately the reason and purpose for human existence – without the filters of narrow dogmatic thinking in scientific and religious disciplines?

It has been said that the release of spiritual knowledge by such messengers as Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, has been as a direct result of Humanity invoking and yearning for more light and understanding – like a field of sunflowers leaning and stretching toward the sun; it has resulted in the past one hundred years as an evocative response from Those who watch over and guide the race. This invocative process is constant and ongoing, leading us rapidly from the ‘seeing through a glass darkly’ syndrome to a sparkling diamond consciousness.

There is much that has been hidden since the great war of Atlantean times and the cycle is upon us where Humanity is starting to reclaim that which has been lost. Yet the disempowerment of not knowing human origins, must and will fade. The approaching Light of the Aquarian cycle will dispel many of these obscurations; we stand poised to receive some of the greatest revelations the world has ever seen. It is said that this Aquarian Age will develop a One World Religion based upon all traditions and no doubt many other syntheses of thought will precipitate on a global scale.

Now is the time of the ‘rainmakers’ who are seeding the ‘raincloud of knowable things’; the approaching ‘monsoon’ will provide ample replenishment for the water pots of the Aquarian Water-Bearers.
This series of essays will attempt to foster a greater awareness by ‘setting the record straight’ through the utilisation of that which has been gifted to us in such sources as The Secret Doctrine – and other works transmitted by the Guides of the race from the inner worlds.
Eastern and Western Races
There are two major kinds of consciousness expressing in the world today, reflecting the Eastern and Western hemispheres:
1. The ‘Aryan’ [3] or Fifth Rootrace consciousness that has its origins in India but which is        essentially expressed in the Western nations.
2. The Atlantean or Fourth Rootrace consciousness that has its origins in ancient Atlantis, expressed predominately in Eastern and many developing nations.
The former is predominately mental in its expression, whilst the latter is emotional or ‘astral’. The Asian races (east of India) are the descendants of the seventh (or last) subrace of that Fourth Rootrace (abbreviated as 4.7). [4]

Of course both types of consciousness know no ethnic boundaries, hence there exists many in Asia imbued with Aryan consciousness, such as one of the foremost, Japan. Yet the ‘cradle’ of the Fifth Rootrace, India – has, despite its potent expression of Aryan consciousness, millions of younger souls at the Atlantean stage of unfoldment. In other words, one can be in an Aryan body with Atlantean consciousness, or in an Atlantean body (Asian) yet have Aryan awareness.

The world hemispheres are conditioned by different rays:

The Occident      Soul Ray                 Ray II.

                        Personality Ray            Ray IV.

The Orient Soul Ray                 Ray IV.

                        Personality Ray            Ray III. [5]

Note that the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict (also called the ray of beauty and music) is the one in common between the two hemispheres. This is appropriate as the Fourth Ray conditions Humanity as a whole – in this Fourth Round cycle, upon the fourth globe of this fourthchain. [6] It is also pertinent that the Fourth Ray is the soul ray of the Orient, as those races are derived from the Fourth Rootrace, Atlantis.

Various nations in both hemispheres have feminine or masculine characteristics and generically the Orient seems to play the feminine role whilst the Occident the masculine. The ‘mystic East’ is certainly alluring and beautiful, its ‘yielding yin’ playing out in many areas of life:
“They are feminine in their psychology, — intuitive, mystical, sensitive, alluring, beautiful, fond of display and colour…” [7]


Modern Cambodia: Pol Pot’s Purge on the Fourth Shamballa Impact

Starting around 1975, Pol Pot and his genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge cast its shadow over Cambodia for about two decades, resulting in the deaths of between one and two million people, according to various estimates. The regime tried to force the people into a ‘Maoist agrarianism’: slave labour in the hot fields for sixteen-hour days with barely any food; they tried to outlaw Buddhism (can one extinguish the stars in the night sky?); they tortured and carried out the cruellest mass exterminations etc. etc. Pol Pot came forth like a ‘dark avatar’ on the fourth ‘Shamballa Impact’ [8] of 1975:
”Racial Avatars. These Appearances are evoked by the genius and destiny of a race. The typical man (in quality and consciousness, not necessarily physically) foreshadows the nature of some race. Such a man was Abraham Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmitting racial quality—a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds. Coming forth correspondingly from the realm of cosmic evil, and responsible for the focus of materialism upon the planet today was Bismarck. Both men came forth within the same one hundred years, thus demonstrating the balance in nature and the constant interplay of the pairs of opposites. They are both types of the most powerful Avatars which humanity itself has as yet produced. They emerge along the lines of government, of the first ray and in the department of the Manu, and are very sensitive to Shamballa force. Such Avatars frequently emerge at the founding of a nation. This is true of both Bismarck and Lincoln.” [9]

Memorial at the Killing Fields, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Pol Pot may not have necessarily been the equivalent of Bismarck in the 20th century but certainly had his light equivalent in Martin Luther King Jr. (died 1968) who fought for rights that Lincoln helped initiate. It is interesting that in both cases the ‘dark’ equivalent came forth after the light worker had made his mark – seeking to retard human progress. The oriental forces standing behind those such as Pol Pot are most powerful, reminding us of ancient Atlantean times when black magic was widespread and rampant:
“The dark forces are ruled on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders; of these the oriental are the most powerful because they are the oldest racially and therefore the most experienced. They work by the intensification of glamour and by the stimulation of the lower psychic powers. Their particular point of attack at this time is the group of world disciples and initiates, for these latter are responsible for the fostering of love in the world and for the binding of men together in the spirit of unity.” [10]

The point of least resistance for the Shamballa energy (the equivalent of the First Ray of Will or Power) – is the use of force. Pol Pot (May 19, 1925) had the Sun in Taurus, ruled by first ray planet Vulcan. Taurus is a sign shared by other infamous dictators such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Pol Pot also had the Moon in Mars-ruled Aries square to Mars and the other First Ray ruler, Pluto – hence his ruthlessness and destructiveness.

Ancient Cambodia: Angkor Wat and the Egyptian Connection

“Thus is it that all the religious monuments of old, in whatever land or under whatever climate, are the expression of the same identical thoughts, the key to which is in the esoteric doctrine. It would be vain, without studying the latter, to seek to unriddle the mysteries enshrouded for centuries in the temples and ruins of Egypt and Assyria, or those of Central America, British Columbia, and the Nagkon-Wat of Cambodia. If each of these was built by a different nation; and neither nation had had intercourse with the others for ages, it is also certain that all were planned and built under the direct supervision of the priests. And the clergy of every nation, though practicing rites and ceremonies which may have differed externally, had evidently been initiated into the same traditional mysteries which were taught all over the world…

What archæologist will dare assert that the same hand which planned the Pyramids of Egypt, Karnak, and the thousand ruins now crumbling to oblivion on the sandy banks of the Nile, did noterect the monumental Nagkon-Wat [Angkor-Wat] of Cambodia?” [11]

Capricorn also rules rocks and stone as it represents the densest concretion of matter. It is interesting to note that the First Ray energy of Will-Power associated with Capricorn is the spiritual Will that finds itself anchoring in dense matter. Indeed, the stone temples are places of invocation through ritual and ceremony (Seventh Ray), acting as conductors of highly spiritualised electrical forces. God is invited down to Earth and the temple spires reach toward the heavens.

Anyone who has visited these holy places cannot help but marvel at their ingenuity, precision and beauty. As in other dating methods, it seems that the history of Cambodia has also been dwarfed into the very recent 9th –14th centuries. Angkor Wat and most other temples in the region are dedicated to Siva or Vishnu; these chronological errors follow the major mistake by Eastern and Western scholars in dating the Hindu civilization only a few thousand years BC! This has partly stemmed from the confounding of the Kali Yuga of the Fifth Rootrace (3,102 BC) with the Kali Yuga cycle of the Fourth Rootrace (about four million years ago); not a difficult mistake for human investigators to make given the enormity of the time scale! Nevertheless, one error begets another; other historical ‘overlays’ such as the spread of Buddhism in the past 2,000 years has compounded the situation, as many Buddhist statues were added to the temples. HPB informs us:

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

“…1,000,000 of years are allowed for our present Root-race (the Fifth) [12] … The Aryan  Hindu is the last offshoot of the first sub-race of the fifth Root-race …” [13]

‘Last offshoot’ suggests that the Hindus emerged from the seventh branchrace of this first subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.1.7). One rootrace or subrace births another and from the first is born the second (Egyptian) subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2), it’s origin in southern India. Its Manu, Menes, travelled to ancient Ethiopia and founded the new civilisation [14] – probably closer to 800,000 years ago than a few thousand!

The famous Egyptian king-lists place Menes in the latter realm of dynasties and hence it is quite plausible that the earlier dynasties are records of the Manus of the subraces and branchraces going a long way back through Atlantis and to perhaps even Lemurian times.

The ancient Ethiopeans were known as the “Builders” a name most appropriate for this second subrace as it is one of the names for the second ray of Love-Wisdom:
“That these two nations, India and Egypt, were akin? That they were the oldest in the group of nations; and that the Eastern Ethiopians — the mighty builders — had come from India as a matured people, bringing their civilization with them, and colonizing the perhaps unoccupied Egyptian territory.” [15]

Simplicius the Greek philosopher (7th century A.D.) says that he had heard of Egyptian astronomical records dating back 630,000 years. [16] The Ancient Egyptians have left their legacy of profoundly beautiful and mysterious architecture. The pyramids, even in this modern technological age cannot be duplicated. HPB says:
“The archaic records show the Initiates  of the Second Sub-race  of the Aryan  family moving from one land to the other for the purpose of supervising the building of menhirs and dolmens, of colossal Zodiacs  in stone …” [17]

Places like Stonehenge and Carnac are referred to here. We must bear in mind also that these Initiates were giants who stature may have exceeded 15 ft in height, certainly assisting the process of building. Yet essentially most building would have been done through utilising the lost science of sound that created a vacuum, allowing an effortless lifting and placement of the enormous stones. ‘Second Sub-race  of the Aryan  family’ may be a veiled reference that has two possibilities:
1. The second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2); i.e. temple/pyramid builders up to 800,000 years ago.
2. And/or it may refer to the second branch or family race of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace – 5.5.2 (about 80,000 years ago). If we take the latter date (as a preliminary exercise in understanding longer cycles than we are used to considering), there is a close correspondence with another remark by HPB:
“Now it is claimed that it is by means of the cycle of 25,868 years (the Sidereal year) that the approximate year of the erection of the Great Pyramid can be ascertained. Assuming that the long narrow downward passage was directed towards the pole star of the pyramid builders, astronomers have shown that … Alpha Draconis, the then pole-star, was in the required position about 3,350 B.C., as well as in 2,170 B.C. … But we are also told that “this relative position of Alpha Draconis and Alcyone being an extraordinary one … it could not occur again for a whole sidereal year”. This demonstrates that, since the Dendera Zodiac shows the passage of three sidereal years, the great Pyramid must have been built 78,000 years ago …” [18] [26,000 x 3]
Whatever time-scale you wish to take – 80,000 or 800,000 years, we can catch a glimpse of the antiquity that extends well past 4,000 BC. The following table is one construct that gives an approximate chronology of the Fifth Rootrace subraces. Note that in some instances the Manus whose names appear in the Old Testament have been used; the 210,000-year increments are one linear perspective to view the races. (Other chronologies are given in HHH ):



Subrace Starts


210,000 yr. increments




























1,372 BC

The Hindu subrace is the cradle of all Western races, many of whose languages can be traced back to India’s ancient Sanskrit. Likewise in Cambodia, the origin of the Sanskrit writing and language is obvious, demonstrating that the culture and consciousness that moved westward to Egypt from India, also moved East to Burma, Cambodia across Thailand and Vietnam – even as far as Bali. (China’s origins have far more ancient Atlantean strains and an independent language.)
In fact the ancient Bharata (India) extended almost to Egypt across Asia Minor and probably also the Near East. This is substantiated in ancient myths such as the Hindu Ramayana which links to ancient Thailand (Ramakian = Ramayana) and back again to Egypt in the west:

“… Ravan, the giant, who, in the Ramayana, wages such a war with Rama Chandra, is shown as King of Lanka, which was the ancient name for Ceylon; and that Ceylon, in those days, perhaps formed part of the main-land of Southern India, and was peopled by the “Eastern Æthiopians.” Conquered by Rama, the son of Dasarata, the Solar King of ancient Oude, a colony of these emigrated to Northern Africa.” [19]

Returning to Angkor Wat:

“… it seems impossible to escape the conviction that they were built by peoples moved by the same religious ideas, and that had reached an equal level of highest civilization in arts and sciences.

There is not, perhaps, on the face of the whole globe, a more imposing mass of ruins than Nagkon-Wat, the wonder and puzzle of European archæologists who venture into Siam [Thailand and adjacent areas]. And when we say ruins, the expression is hardly correct; for nowhere are there buildings of such tremendous antiquity to be found in a better state of preservation than Nagkon-Wat, and the ruins of Angkorthôm, the great temple … the ruins of the past Egyptian splendor deserve no higher eulogium than Nagkon-Wat … “We entered upon an immense causeway, the stairs of which were flanked with six huge griffins, each carved from a single block of stone. The causeway is … 725 feet in length, and is paved with stones each of which measures four feet in length by two in breadth. On either side of it are artificial lakes fed by springs, and each covering about five acres of ground … The outer wall of Nagkon-Wat (the city of monasteries) is half a mile square, with gateways … which are handsomely carved with figures of gods and dragons. The foundations are ten feet in height … The entire edifice, including the roof, is of stone, but without cement, and so closely fitting are the joints as even now to be scarcely discernible … The shape of the building is oblong, being 796 feet in length, and 588 in width, while the highest central pagoda rises some 250 odd feet above the ground, and four others, at the angles of the court, are each about 150 feet in height.”
It has also been pointed out that the proportions of the yuga cycles (4320) have been incorporated into Angkor-Wat’s design as well as other astronomical features which render it a solar temple.

“Passing, we ascend a platform … and enter the temple itself through a columned portico, thefaçade of which is beautifully carved in basso-relievo with ancient mythological subjects. From this doorway, on either side, runs a corridor with a double row of columns, cut — base and capital — from single blocks, with a double, oval-shaped roof, covered with carving and consecutive sculptures upon the outer wall. This gallery of sculptures, which forms the exterior of the temple, consists of over half a mile of continuous pictures, cut in basso-relievo upon sandstone slabs six feet in width, and represents subjects taken from Hindu mythology, from theRamayana — the Sanscrit epic poem of India, with its 25,000 verses describing the exploits of the god Rama, and the son of the King of Oudh. The contests of the King of Ceylon, and Hanouma, the monkey-god, are graphically represented. There is no keystone used in the arch of this corridor. On the walls are sculptured the immense number of 100,000 separate figures. One picture from the Ramayâna . . . occupies 240 feet of the wall … In the Nagkon-Wat as many as 1,532 solid columns have been counted, and among the entire ruins of Angkor … the immense number of 6,000, almost all of them hewn from single blocks and artistically carved …

“But who built Nagkon-Wat? and when was it built?  Learned men have attempted to form opinions from studies of its construction, and especially ornamentation,” and have failed. “Native Cambodian historians,” adds Vincent, “reckon 2,400 from the building of the temple … I asked one of them how long Nagkon-Wat had been built … ‘None can tell when … I do not know; it must have either sprung up from the ground or been built by giants, or perhaps by the angels’ …” [20]
Esoteric History Yahoo group:

Phillip Lindsay © 2006.

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Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace:
The Coming Sixth Rootrace

A Brief Overview of History: Three Major Crises in the Three Rootraces

Although there are seven rootraces to every great round or manvantara of evolution, the first two and a half were etheric and did not ‘individualise’, hence three strictly human rootraces have elapsed. The crises of these three rootraces are symbolised by the following numbers – representing branchrace, subrace and rootrace:

3.3.3 – human individualisation, birth of the human soul in ancient Lemuria 21.6 million years ago.
4.4.4 – the Atlantean war and the physical destruction of Atlantis around 4 million years ago.
5.5.5 – culmination of the development of manas or mind around 2,000 CE – 16,000 CE.
These are not just ‘convenient’ figures (although they serve as such), but are profoundly descriptive of stages of consciousness that mark the major signposts of esoteric history.
Three Zodiacs

Paralleling these rootrace periods are the three zodiacs. Before Individualisation there were only eight signs and at Individualisation the signs of Leo-Virgo were added, representing the birth of self-consciousness via the solar angel or soul (Leo) – and the lunar angels that build human forms (Virgo).
Later, at the beginning of the Fifth Rootrace, the two opposite signs of Aquarius and Pisces were added (making 12) – because Humanity were ready to develop the consciousness associated with these signs.
“In Lemurian days, during the early period of animal man and before humanity appeared on earth, in the interim period of development, eight signs influenced the planet and the kingdoms of nature found upon it. There was no response to the influences of Leo and Virgo. The mystery of the Sphinx did not exist and these two signs were not then part of the zodiacal wheel. Then individualisation took place and the seed of Christhood was planted in man and these two signs began to influence humanity, and gradually that influence was recognised and the zodiac was then known to have ten signs. The Mutable Cross dominated, but it was then the Tau, for Pisces was lacking and only Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius were evidenced. Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience.

In Atlantean days, man had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened and two more signs were added. These two signs were the higher correspondences of Leo and Virgo and were the polar opposites of these two: Aquarius and Pisces. Their influence became active and effective and thus they formed part of the zodiacal wheel because man began to respond to their potencies. It then became possible for the Fixed Cross to function esoterically in the life of humanity, and the first reversals of the wheel in the life of the advanced men of the period took place. It was this reversal which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in The Secret Doctrine) and the Lords of Light—a contest which is today persisting. Certain men then reached the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and of Obstruction (as they are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the sign Scorpio.

Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turn of the spiral is taking place. The reason is that certain world disciples and initiates have reached the point in their unfoldment wherein they are ready to mount the Cardinal Cross and take some of the higher initiations. So the conflict is on between humanity (under the control of the Lords of Materiality) and the Hierarchy (under the control of the Forces of Light and Love), and right before our eyes the battle is being waged [written WWII]. The influences of the twelve signs of the zodiac (particularly of seven of the signs) are being engaged, for today men of all types and rays are responsive to their influences and are implicated in some form or another in the affair.” [1]

Christ and Buddha in Atlantis: Their Relationship Comes Full Circle
Note the passage, ‘man had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened …’ This phrase relates particularly to earlier incarnations of the Ones who are known today as The Buddha and The Christ:
“… in that first great demonstration of His point of attainment … the Christ was joined by the Buddha.  The Buddha had attained this same point prior to the creation of our planetary life [on the Moon Chain], but conditions for taking the third initiation were not then available, and He and the Christ took the initiation together … They stood in the Presence of the One Initiator … This third initiation was taken in a fourth ray Ashram, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict.” [2]

Their initiations, along with other disciples in the  time of Atlantis, created such an expansion of awareness that challenged the existing mental framework of the race, setting up a conflict between the pairs of opposites upon the mental plane, reflected in the battle between the forces of light and forces of materialism; hence the precipitation of the great Atlantean war.
Yet the deeper implication of this initiation together in the same ashram was that it represented the first fusion on Earth of the two types of Humanity: Buddha who individualised on the Moon Chain and Christ who individualised on the Earth Chain.
Today The Christ is poised to take over the role of the Buddha – who has almost liberated himself from this Earth sphere altogether. So as the tide of the Atlantean war (The Mahabharata) has come full circle/cycle in the World Wars of last century, so too has Their ancient relationship.
The souls who individualised upon the Moon Chain were always more generally advanced in intelligence because they had a much longer period to develop it. Hence their dominance both spiritually and materially upon Earth, despite the fact that the Master of all Masters and the Head of the Hierarchy of Masters, the One who holds the Office of The Christ – is of the Earth Chain.
Now at the high tide mark of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5.5), there has been an extraordinary acceleration in the development of mind in the Earth Chain Humanity; this will bring about a gradual equilibrisation between Earth and Moon chain souls, as the lesser and greater Aquarian Ages unfold and the Sixth Rootrace approaches.

Three Shamballa Impacts [3]
Also paralleling the rootrace crises and the three zodiacs are the first three major releases of power from the planetary centre called Shamballa – all of them extremely destructive.
The first Shamballa ‘impact’ was inaugurated upon Earth some 18.5 million years ago and was responsible for many cataclysms and the wiping out of animal-human and animal species alike. Shamballa was established – from whence the Lord of the World or Sanat Kumara wielded his mighty sword. This period also marked the culmination of the Individualisation process and the transformation of the hitherto hermaphrodite Humanity into two sexes.
The second Shamballa ‘impact’ was responsible for the great floods of Atlantean times that inundated the entire globe and wiped from the face of the Earth much evil that had accrued.
The third Shamballa ‘impact’ culminated at the end of World War II with the dropping of the atom bomb. This war is regarded as a recapitulation of the Atlantean war – with the same issues at stake.

Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace

Aquarius the Water-Bearer is prominent for the next 2160-year cycle, yet also for three other reasons:
1) A greater 25,000 year cycle of Aquarius is coinciding with the lesser:
“This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity … we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years and is also the sign into which the sun is now moving for a period of 2300 years—a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history…” [4]

2) The cycle of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic coincides with Aquarius:

“… that revealing light only finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order  is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray  is active and when the Sun  is in Aquarius . Such a combination of relationships  is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age  is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race ) is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth .[5]

3) This culminating Fifth Rootrace is ruled by Aquarius. (See next heading)

Note that this combination of the Seventh Ray cycle with Aquarius is happening for the seventh time in the history of the Fifth Rootrace. Seven is a number of completion, particularly in relation to the seven rootraces, seven subraces and seven branchraces.
Lamech: Manu and Progenitor of the Fifth Rootrace

In the book The Hidden History of Humanity [6] (HHH), this author demonstrates how the Biblical Patriarchs of the Old Testament are actually the Manus, or archetypal representatives of the various subraces – from Lemuria through Atlantis to this Fifth Rootrace. This was indicated by H.P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, but the author of HHH has developed this further, demonstrating the key to the ages of the Manus as representing the duration of their subraces. (These time periods are given in HHH)
The following table shows the Patriarch ‘propagation pattern’, one Patriarch ‘begetting’ another, i.e. a subrace Manu spawns the seed of the next subrace or rootrace. The reader will note that the number of the previous subrace always determines the same number of the following rootrace:

Lemurian Patriarch

Atlantean Patriarch

Aryan Patriarch


3.4.5 Adam 930 years

3.5.5 Seth (Cain) 912 yrs

4.1 Enos         905 years

3.6  Cainan 910 years

4.2 Mahaleel     895 years

3.7  Jared  962 years

4.3 Enoch         365 years

4.4 Methuselah 969 years

4.5 Lamech    777 years

5.0 Noah        500/950

5.1 Enoch                   

5.2 Menes  

5.3 Abraham   

5.4 Jacob         

5.5 Joseph       

5.6 Moses        

Patriarchs of the Races

Note that the bolded races above are highly significant and represent a major seeding period for the next rootrace. Lamech ‘begets’ Noah – the fifth subrace of Atlantis (4.5) gives birth to the Fifth or Aryan Rootrace. H.P. Blavatsky tells us,
“Lam-ach means Lam — the father, and Ou-Lom-Ach is the father of the age; or the father of him (Noah ) who inaugurates a new era or period of creation after the pralaya  of the deluge; … Furthermore, both father and son answer to Aquarius  and Pisces  in the Zodiac ; and thus the former belonging to the airy and the latter to the watery trigons, they close the list of the biblical myths.” [7]

It is fitting that Lamech (Aquarius) is the father of the Fifth Rootrace. Aquarius has only the Fifth Ray of Science passing through it; the destiny of the Fifth Rootrace is the development of mind or manas, symbolised by the number five and of course the five-pointed star of Venus, ruler of the Fifth Ray.

Lamech’s wives, Zillah and Adah, also represent the previous synthesis of the Lemurian and Atlantean races that go toward the seeding of the Fifth Rootrace. [8]

Although Noah is the Patriarch or Manu of the Fifth Rootrace per se, his assignation to Pisces is appropriate symbology for the Atlantean floods and the Ark in which he rescues the remnants of the Atlantean Humanity – ‘in spite of themselves’ (as The Tibetan has it [9] ). The ‘animals’ are not so much that kingdom per se but symbolic of the diverse peoples that the Manu gathered from the Atlantean races, in order to create the next race.
The Apotheosis of the Fifth Rootrace: 5.5.5.
Now, several million years later, this mental development has reached its quintessential expression in the fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace – 5.5.5. This is the Anglo-Saxon branchrace (British) of the fifth subrace (Teutonic/Nordic) of the Fifth Rootrace (Aryan, with its roots in India). The fifth branchrace has a little way to go:

“…  the weal and woe of nations is intimately connected with the beginning and close of this [25,868 years] sidereal cycle … [this cycle] took place nearly 10,000 years ago … which gives humanity in general, and our civilised races in particular, a reprieve of about 16,000 years.” [10]

Bear in mind that there are several identifiable cycles of this duration – such as the greater Aquarian cycle just beginning or the Mayan cycle which finishes in 2012. Overall however, the Fifth Rootrace has around 427,000 years to diminish (paralleled by the emerging Sixth Rootrace), as it completes the Kali Yuga cycle that started in 3102 BC. The rootraces span enormous periods of time, overlapping each other for millions of years. There are seven rootraces to each round of evolution upon Earth and five have practically elapsed.
The Aquarian vibration that Lamech inaugurated around four million years ago (whilst the Fifth Rootrace was in its nascent development), is now coming full circle/cycle in this lesser/greater cycle of Aquarius. Part of our ‘grand finale’ will be the achievement of the Third Degree Initiation by thousands of world disciples. This will occur through natural evolution and also by the experiments of some of the Masters:
“Other Masters are doing the same as I [DK] am doing. We hope during the next five hundred years to present several such groups to the One Initiator. All who are in these groups have taken the first initiation, as have so many thousands of people in the world today.” [11]
The ‘next five hundred years’ constitutes the greater part of the first decanate of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, ruler of the Third Ray and associated with the Third Initiation. The ‘One Initiator’ is of course Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World who presides over initiations from the Third Degree upward.
Can we imagine that if these experiments are successful and if the rest of the World Aspirants and Disciples play their part, that the balance for the Forces of Light will be tipped permanently in their favour?; the ‘door where evil dwells’ may again be firmly shut – with a resounding clang!
This period would also represent the major ‘harvesting’ cycle of the achievement of the Aquarian cycle that inaugurated the Fifth Rootrace. Aquarius is the generic ruler of the Third Degree Initiation:
“In Aquarius—In this sign, the long effort of the soul is consummated and concludes the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. The man then takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control, taking the next two initiations upon the Cardinal Cross.” [12]
Beginnings of the Sixth Rootrace: Aquarius, Soul of United States of America

Currently Western evolution is unfolding the fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5.5) – moving into the sixth branchrace (5.5.6), the seed for the sixth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.6). The latter 5.6 is the seed for the Sixth Rootrace proper – due to unfold in about 25,000 year’s time:

“They [United States of America] are, in short, the germs of the Sixth sub-race, and in some few hundred years more, will become most decidedly the pioneers of that race which must succeed to the present European or fifth sub-race, in all its new characteristics. After this, in about 25,000 years, they will launch into preparations for the seventh [5.7] sub-race.” [13]

‘Sub-race’ here should read ‘branchrace’ as it refers to the ‘subrace’ of the Sixth sub-race, hence 5.5.7. Branchraces 5.5.6 and 5.5.7 are the seed of the sixth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace [5.6]. Note that the 25,000 year time period corresponds to the greater Aquarian cycle of 25,000 that will lead Humanity into the Sixth Rootrace proper. The United States of America is ruled at a soul level by Aquarius [14] and hence, combined with its status as 5.5.6, it will bridge from Britain (5.5.5) to the Sixth Rootrace. A branchrace has an approximate duration of a precession cycle of 25,000 years:
“It is somewhat curious to mark the comparative approximation of duration between the lives of a  “Family-Race” [branchrace] and a “Sidereal year.”” [15]

Although other nations (such as the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand) are part of the 5.5.6 branchrace that unfolds for the next 25,000 years, the United States of America has the responsibility of the immediate short term Aquarian cycle of 2,160 years (and perhaps the following Age of Capricorn cycle), because the duration of nations is about 4,000 years at most:

“… the nations or the innumerable spines upon it [rootrace tree], vary with each succeeding “season” of three or four thousand years.” [16] (See diagram below)

The USA separated from the mother country in order to pursue religious and political freedoms, culminating in the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Bear in mind that Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered between the American and French Revolutions in 1781, both dealing liberating blows for the whole world, not just those nations; hence the Uranian power of freedom and the humanitarian qualities of the Aquarian Water-Bearer – who pours forth for thirsting Humanity.
1775 was the beginning of a cycle of the Fifth Ray [17] which, as harbinger of the Aquarian cycle, inaugurated the Industrial Revolution, followed closely by the technological and communications revolutions. This period of the past couple of hundred years has also been a major part of the cuspal period between the zodiacal ages of Pisces and Aquarius.

"…genealogical tree of the Fifth Root-Race generally, though hardly correctly, called the Aryan race …

1. There are seven ROUNDS in every manvantara; this one is the Fourth, and we are in the Fifth Root-Race, at present.

2.    Each Root-Race has seven sub-races.

3. Each sub-race has, in its turn, seven ramifications, which may be called Branch or “Family” races.

4. The little tribes, shoots, and offshoots of the last-named are countless and  depend on Karmic action.  Examine the “genealogical tree” hereto appended, and you will understand."

Rootrace Tree [18]

Great Britain
, United States of America, Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace

It is said that the Sixth Rootrace will eventually inhabit Brazil. Great Britain and the United States of America play a very important role as they represent the past and present that builds for this future.

Great Britain is the ultimate expression of 5.5.5 – the Anglo-Saxon fifth branchrace. The United States of America is Europe transplanted, without too much of the old baggage. Hence the following conditioning triangle that also depicts the soul and personality rays of those nations:

Britain (5.5.5) 2/1

  USA (5.5.6) 2/6  Brazil (6th RR) 4/2

Note that the ray in common is the second ray of love-wisdom. Brazil is the only nation given [19] as having a second ray personality. Even though the UK and USA have a strong expression of this 5th mental aspect, they both have their respective national souls conditioned by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom [20] and this is evident by their recent histories – where the principles of democracy, freedom and liberation have unfolded. [21] The Tibetan Master explains:

“You will note that of the major nations only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America are definitely under the influence of the second ray.  An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping.  Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect of the second ray force for the Aryan race [5.5.5.], so called.  The United States fulfills the same office for the sixth or coming subrace [5.6], which is the germ race for the future sixth great race, whilst Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixth race.  These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of the second ray, and will demonstrate it through wisdom and wise government, based on idealism and love.  The United States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-Saxon element dominating.  Brazil will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give.  This presented fusion will be considered from the angle of the ray types and the basic unfolding principles, and not from the angle of culture and civilisation.

Great Britain therefore represents the aspect of mind which expresses itself in intelligent government, based eventually on just loving understanding.  This, I say, is the ideal before her, but not the fulfilled achievement.  The United States represents the intuitive faculty, expressing itself as illumination and the power to fuse and blend.  Brazil (or rather what that country will then be called, for the time of this expression lies thousands of years ahead) will represent a linking interpreting civilisation, based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty.  But the period of the development of this great civilisation lies too far ahead to make speculation possible.” [22]

It is no accident therefore, that the United States of America is now around 30% Spanish-speaking and that the Hispanic population has increased so dramatically in recent years. The USA is truly the bridge between the races and the eventual unfoldment of a new race in South America.

Nuclear War Will Not Be ‘Allowed’?
But in this new era of opportunity can Humanity rise to the occasion? We live in precipitous and perilous times; the world sits somewhat upon a knife edge. Can Humanity make the right decisions that can lead it to liberation or will it miss this great opportunity?
As the astronomical cycle of Aquarius draws close, with the possibility of massive human transformation, the Earth teeters upon the brink – politically, culturally, economically and environmentally. The planet is experiencing the profoundest darkness before the dawn, a collective ‘dark night of the soul’, and much rests upon decisions that will be made – in this time and the near future.

The situation is reflective of the greater Kali Yuga cycle, the age of death and decay, yet also the lesser Satya Yuga or ‘golden age’ which arises within the greater cycle. Some may be familiar with The Tibetan’s statement about a future religious war; it has been commented upon frequently in this new century by various students – in relation to the uncertain state of affairs in the world, whilst the fundamentalist expression of the waning Sixth Ray cycle gives its last gasp:
“If none of these things happen [reconciliation, dialogue], humanity is headed towards a religious war which will make the past war appear like child’s play; antagonisms and hatreds will embroil entire populations and the politicians of all the nations will take full advantage of the situation to precipitate a war which may well prove the end of humanity. There are no hatreds so great or so deep as those fostered by religion.” [23] (Written before 1949)

No truer words uttered by D.K. and it is easy to project this statement onto recent events of terrorism and negative relations between religious faiths. Nevertheless, there is a lesser known statement from which we may take hope, from the book Changing Esoteric Values by Foster Bailey. Foster was the second husband of Alice Bailey and supported her enormously in The Tibetan’s work. He may have had contact with the Master Djwhal Khul, or at least was privy to some inner knowledge from the Hierarchy. Foster is discussing cycles of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS):
“When the war [WWII] was over the forces of darkness were pushed back but they were not crushed. And ever since then there has been the possibility of a third world war that would end the whole human experiment up to date and start us back again as an infant humanity to begin to learn it all over again. And in 1954, it was established subjectively and in reality that there will be no third world war … 1954 was a great year, a very spiritual significant year.” [24]

Students may contend the veracity of this statement. If it is true then obviously it does not mean that workers of the light can be complacent. Yet there are deeper implications; it means that a major decision by the Hierarchy was taken around 1954 that would prevent Humanity from wiping itself out. This is somewhat contrary to the policy of Hierarchy not interfering with human free-will; yet the decision around the year 1954 was made in those intervening years of the atom bomb in 1945 and the 49-year cycle of the Decision Initiation [25] taken by the Masters in 1952.

The Earth is already behind in its evolution since the failure of the Moon (Third) Chain within the Earth Scheme, those many billions of years ago. [26]For evolution to fail again within this Fourth Chain would set back Earth’s evolution even further and hold up the progress of the solar ‘body-corporate’.

The Earth Scheme would truly merit the label of ‘laggard’ amongst its planetary brothers and sisters in the solar system. One could speculate, from how ‘high up’ did this ‘decree’ emanate? Was it from the Solar Logos himself, the one who ‘interfered’ in the Moon Chain?:
“The progress of evolution on the moon was abruptly disturbed and arrested by the timely interference of the solar Logos.  The secret of the suffering in the Earth chain, which makes it merit the name of the Sphere of Suffering, and the mystery of the long and painful watch kept by the SILENT WATCHER, has its origin in the events which brought the moon chain to a terrific culmination.  Conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme.” [27]
Bearing some of these factors in mind, let there be reiterated some of the current transitions which are causing conflict and pain upon the planet – yet which veil the new emerging consciousness: The world is moving from Pisces to Aquarius, from a cycle of the Sixth Ray to a cycle of the Seventh Ray and from this Fifth Rootrace to the Sixth Rootrace.

Phillip Lindsay © 2007.

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Shamballa and the Mayan Calendar:
Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace

Part I
Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace
Shamballa and the Temple of Ibez
The Symbolism of Ibez
The Teaching of Ibez
Part II
Mayans and Ancient Egyptians
Mayan Origins in Ancient Southern India
Mayan Language
Mayans and Asuramaya
Mayans: Master Astronomers
Mayan Quetzlacoatl: The Christ
Mayan Calendar
Maya of the Mayan Calendar
Part III
The Greater Aquarian Cycle
Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force
Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa
Shamballa and the ‘Gobi Zodiac’
Shamballa and the White Island
Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa
Return of Shamballa to South America

This next series of essays picks up from the last where the future Sixth Rootrace was discussed along with the roles of Brazil, Great Britain and the USA. To read that article please click on the link in the heading. This ongoing series will discuss in more depth the role of Shamballa and its relation to current cycles, the Mayans and the reappeaarance of Quetzacoatl or Christ at the dawn of the coming Sixth Rootrace. This is newsletter is part I of three parts.

Part I

Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace

“… Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixth race … [Brazil] will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give … Brazil, (or rather what that country will then be called …) will represent a linking interpreting civilisation, based upon the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty.” [1]

As the Sixth Rootrace does not manifest for another 25,000 years, the reference to ‘Brazil’ (‘what that country will then be called‘) probably includes an area across South America that incorporates other nations like neighbouring Bolivia and Peru.

Note the phrase relating to Brazil, ‘based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty.’ Brazil is conditioned at the soul level by the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, the ray of art and beauty. It is the only nation that the Master D.K. gives as having a second ray personality. Both the second and fourth rays are on the ‘love line’ of 2,4,6 – as indeed is the Sixth Rootrace. The fourth ray is the major ray that conditions Humanity and is the linking ray between the fourth ray soul of the East and the fourth ray personality of the West.

Using the analogy of a greater entity for an individual human, what does it mean to have a second ray personality? Is the expression of love immediate and tangible in the personality and has one worked hard in previous incarnations to ‘earn’ a second ray personality? Although, depending upon the soul ray, that personality expression is not always easy or obvious to discern.

However, anyone who has visited Brazil or met Brazilian people (or many other Latin peoples), will attest to their loving nature; this is the essence of Celtic and Latin races. As the line of development is 2,4,6 – it includes the passionate and emotional sixth ray. In advising one of his (Latin) disciples about a second ray personality, The Tibetan has the following to say:
“Were it not for your second ray personality, you would find it hard to work in my Ashram, but it is this second ray quality of yours—strongly marked and the product of a long series of incarnations in a second ray vehicle—which can make you, if you so desire, one of the focal points for the work which I plan to have this band of disciples do. [2] … In your next incarnation, you should function through a second ray personality … You have, therefore, to transmute your sixth ray devotional and fanatical tendencies into spiritual love and strength [3] … only love, consciously, intelligently and deliberately applied, can make for successful work, both in Europe and South America—your two recognised fields of service. Only your second ray personality will have the capacity to reawaken contact with your students in Spain or hold steady those already working in South America …” [4]

The strong preponderance of the Latin line is currently expanding with great rapidity in the United States of America – the bridge between the Fifth Rootrace and the Sixth Rootrace. The Spanish language is now spoken in about one third of the population of the USA.

The Celtic/Latin race is the fourth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.4) and is very ancient, coming forth within the first few subraces of the Fifth Rootrace about 800,000 years ago. [5] This fourth subrace carries within it the ‘four’ of the Fourth Rootrace (Atlantis) vibration, conditioned in its evolution by the second ray of Love-Wisdom and the sixth ray of Devotion or Idealism. The fourth heart chakra was the highest line of expression and unfoldment for the spiritually evolved of the time – and still is in many ways!

5.4 carries with it certain qualities and karma associated with Atlantis that can only work itself out in a rootrace on the ‘even ray’ line. Even though toward the end of this Fifth Rootrace we have seen a recapitulation of what was achieved and where humanity failed in the Atlantean race, there is still much more to unfold in the Sixth Rootrace.

The rays influencing the races are a study in itself as the following tabulation indicates:
Lemurian Race…………………………..Rays 1. 7. 5.
Atlantean Race…………………………..Rays 2. 6
Aryan Race……………………………….Rays 3. 5
Sixth Race………………………………..Rays 2. 4
Seventh Race…………………………….Rays 1. 7. 2. [6]

The development of the expression of love-wisdom (the heart) and the intuition will be the major goals of the Sixth Rootrace. Note that the Sixth Rootrace is governed by the same rays as Brazil – most appropriate as she has a major role to play – ‘she’ meaning a feminine nation.

No doubt a major cycle of the fourth ray will span the unfoldment of the Sixth Rootrace. Even in this Fifth Rootrace and at the dawn of the Sixth Rootrace, a fourth ray cycle is imminent in 2025, paving the way for the externalisation of the Hierarchy, the reappearance of the Christ and manifestation of the Mystery Schools.

This fourth ray cycle will also bring new forms of music and art, expressive of the new frequencies that Humanity will contact; a major cultural seed that will bear its fruit in the Sixth Rootrace, as it represents the best of the race that has been.

The fourth ray cycle will offset many of the excesses of the previous cycle of the fifth ray of science where the concrete mind has dominated. The theme of the Sixth Rootrace will be continued in the last section of this discussion.

Shamballa appeared at the momentous time of human individualisation 18.5 million years ago. It is known as the ‘centre where the will of God is known’, the planetary crown chakra from whence Sanat Kumara (or Melchizedek) directs the Will and Purpose of Deity, ‘God’ – or the Planetary Logos. The Shamballa force is in a sense the most ‘pure’ spiritual force upon the planet. Because Humanity is inexperienced at handling this energy, the point of least resistance for many is destruction and the use of force. Yet that is part of Shamballa’s role as the ‘first’ centre, it wields the force of the first ray of will or power, destroying that which prevents spiritual evolution. It is ‘constructively destructive’ as opposed to ‘destructively destructive’.

It is highly probable that very few of us have ever had an experience of Shamballa. The modern day aspirant and disciple is still engrossed in what ‘soul’ and Hierarchy are. We can read therefore, what the Tibetan has told us about Shamballa, what is detailed in ancient myth and scripture and formulate mystical perceptions about it – as opposed to direct experience.

Nevertheless, it is not an impossible place to reach in consciousness, in meditation or dream experience, many have visited the ‘fabulous city of Shamballa’ – or Shangri La as it has been mythologised and idealised in the West. Some may not have realised that they have come in contact with Shamballa force, but it may be very potent in their particular service work.

The Shamballa force has only been applied directly to Humanity relatively recently; before Hierarchy acted as a shield to this most potent of spiritual force, embodied in the energy of the First Ray of Will or Power. Hence factually and energetically Shamballa remains an enigma. Yet we can gain a lot through the information that has been given about it, exoterically and esoterically. [7]

From Beyond by Nicholas Roerich

“Towards the end of the century and during the first few decades of the twenty-first century, teaching anent Shamballa will be given forth. The effort of the abstract mind of man will be towards the comprehension of this, just as the goal of hierarchical contact marks the present effort of the disciple. Glamour is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; the stage of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase of effort and of attainment is rapidly being promulgated.” [8]

The following tables establish some esoteric time frames: [9]



Time Period


Lemuria: Human individualisation, birth of the human soul.



Atlantis: Advanced civilization, great war, cataclysms.



Aryan: Culmination mental development. Start of new 6th race.

2,000 -16,000 AD



Time Period

(in 2000)


Start of Individualisation : Hierarchy’s “Great Approach”.



“Spiritual Ancestors”, Sons of Fire Mist, ‘Elohim’, White Island.



Sexual Separation  and anchoring of the manasic impulse.



The coming of Hierarchy & founding of Shamballa



Physical plane organization & H.Q. for the mysteries


Shamballa and the Temple of Ibez

“Let us consider the founding of the Temple of Ibez …

This covered a vast period of time, and though the Brotherhood made its headquarters at Shamballa and directed its activities from there, it was found necessary during the first sub-race of the Atlantean Root Race [4.1] to make certain efforts, if the evolution of the race was to proceed according to plan.

It was decided about seventeen million years ago (the coming of the Hierarchy and the founding of Shamballa being about eighteen and a half million years ago) to have on the dense physical plane an organization and a headquarters for the mysteries, and to have a band of Adepts, and Chohans who would function in dense physical bodies and thus meet the need of the rapidly awakening humanity.

The first outpost for the Shamballa Fraternity was the original temple of Ibez and it was located in the centre of South America, and one of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and the basic worship of the sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men.  A second branch was later established in Asia, and of this branch the Himalayan and southern Indian adepts are the representatives, though the work is materially changed.” [10]

The ‘centre of South America’ falls in Brazil. Whether this previous statement implies that there are various branches of Shamballa in different physical locations or whether the Shamballa base moves around according to racial need, is unknown. The Masters of course, reside in various locations on the planet and move at will if necessary.

If Shamballa does move according to need, it stands to reason that in the Sixth Rootrace, the location of Shamballa will shift from its current (etheric) location in the Gobi Desert back to its original position. One could argue that in terms of directing energies and forces, Shamballa would not have to move physically; the ‘eye’ of Sanat Kumara can see all.

Nevertheless, the magnetism of the original Shamballa remains, waiting to be reactivated; perhaps it is being reactivated already and workers are already in situ,co-ordinating with the Shamballa base in the Gobi Desert?

South America

It may well be that as Humanity reaches its apotheosis in the Sixth Rootrace, that Shamballa comes ‘full circle’. Those who reach liberation during this period will have completed the journey they set out upon at the period of Individualisation, around the time of the founding of the original Shamballa. Likewise, those of current humanity who individualised on the earlier ‘moon chain’ and who came in later during Atlantean times, will be part of this process.

The above passage is a further confirmation of the duration of the ancient races: 17 million years ago for the founding of the first subrace of Atlantis, or 4.1.

The Symbolism of Ibez
”… Ibez is literally in the nature of an acrostic [11] [acronym] veiling the true name of the planetary Logos of the earth, one of Whose principles is working in Sanat Kumara, making Him thus a direct incarnation of the planetary Logos and an expression of His divine consciousness. These four letters are the first letters of the real names of the four Avatars on the four globes of our earth chain who have embodied four of the divine principles. The letters I B E Z are not the true Sensar letters…”

The Seven Chains of the Earth Scheme

The Seven Globes of the (fourth) Earth Chain depicted above (middle of diagram) have taken several billion years to elapse; they represent the first four incarnations of Earth’s  Planetary Logos – of which Sanat Kumara is the personality expression. In the whole series of chains, these globes represent the 22nd to 25th incarnations!

If we consider the numerology of Ibez and Shamballa, they both equal 24:
I B E Z                  S H A M B A L LA
9 2 5 8 = 24.         1 8  1 4 2 1 3 3 1 = 24.

“The number 24 … expressing as it does the double 12—the greater and the lesser zodiac. Just as the number 6 expresses space, so the number 24 expresses time, and is the key to the great cycle of manifestation.  It is the clue to all cyclic appearance or incarnation.  Its two figures define the method of evolution; 2 equals the quality of love-wisdom, working under the Law of Attraction and drawing man from one point of attainment to another; whilst 4 indicates the technique of conflict and the achieving of harmony through that conflict …” [12]

This ‘greater and lesser zodiac’ expresses the greater 25,000 year cycle and the lesser one year cycle of the zodiac. Yet the celestial zodiac also finds its earthly reflection through the location of Shamballa in the Gobi Desert, the so-called ‘Gobi Zodiac’:
”In the same manner and on the plan of the Zodiac in the upper Ocean or the heavens, a certain realm on Earth, an inland sea, was consecrated and called “the Abyss of Learning”; twelve centres on it in the shape of twelve small islands representing the Zodiacal signs—two of which remained for ages the “mystery signs” and were the abodes of twelve Hierophants and masters of wisdom.  This “sea of knowledge” or learning remained for ages there, where now stretches the Shamo or Gobi desert.  It existed until the last great glacial period, when a local cataclysm, which swept the waters south and west and so formed the present great desolate desert, left only a certain oasis, with a lake and one island in the midst of it, as a relic of the Zodiacal Ring on Earth. [13]
Returning briefly to the numerological symbolism:

“This word equals the number 24 which in its turn equals 6. I would call your attention to the fact that the word has in it nine letters … nine is the number of initiation.  The goal of all the initiatory process is to admit mankind into realisation of and identification with the will or purpose of Deity.  The number 6 is the number of form or of manifestation, which is the agent or medium through which this realisation comes …  Again, 6 being the number of the sixth ray, it is therefore the number of idealism and of that driving force which makes mankind move forward upon the path and in response to the vision and press upward towards the light.  It is in reality devotion to an unseen goal, ever on ahead, and an unswerving recognition of the objective.  Like all other divine qualities, it has its material counterpart, and that is why 666 is regarded as the number of the Beast or of materialism …  In an ancient book on numbers the initiate is defined as "the one who has experienced and expressed 666 and found it naught; who has dropped the 6 and become the 66, and thus has found himself upon the WAY; later, again, he drops the 6 and becomes the perfected 6—form, the instrument and expression of spirit.

…. the sounds which compose the word "Shamballa" are predominantly along the line of will or power or of first ray energy.  Of the nine letters, six are on the first ray line of force.—spirit and matter, will and intelligence.  Two of them are along the second line of force, 4 and 2.  The number 8 inaugurates ever a new cycle, following after the number 7, which is that of a relative perfection.  It [8] is the number of the Christ-consciousness; just as 7 is the number of man, 8 is the number of the Hierarchy, and 9 is the number of initiation or of Shamballa.  Forget not that, from the angle of the Hierarchy, the third initiation is regarded as the first major initiation.” [14]

The Teachings of Ibez

The work of the guides of the race in those ancient days was markedly different to the methods employed now:
”Their objective was to stimulate mysticism and the stimulating of the kingdom of God within the human atom … The Ibezhan adepts had to deal with a humanity which was in its infancy, whose polarization was most unstable, and whose coordination was very imperfect. There was very little mentality to be found and men were practically altogether astral; they functioned even more consciously on the astral plane than on the physical, and it was part of the work of these early adepts, working under instruction from Shamballa, to develop the energy centres of the human unit, stimulate the brain and make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane  … It was necessary in those days to employ methods more definitely physical than are permissible now, and these methods of physical stimulation were employed and the laws of energy as they work through the various centres were taught … All this took a vast period of time and it is the remnants of the earlier Temple practices which have come down to us in degraded phallic teaching, in Tantrik magic and the practices of Hatha Yogis.  The infant humanity of Lemurian and early Atlantean days had to be taught what they were by means of symbols and methods which to us would be crude, impossible and of a nature which the race should have transcended for many millions of years.” [15]

Obviously The Tibetan refers to those Lemurian times when the polarisation of the race was in the sacral chakra and ‘sex magic’ was the norm; it may have been a teaching tool of the time but redundant today. Of course, as evolution proceeded with the development of the mental faculty, schisms developed:
“When the Ibezhan adepts … under instructions from Shamballa … began to withdraw into the Temples, to make the mysteries more difficult of attainment and to work against abuses and distortions, a number of Their erstwhile followers, many of great power and knowledge, fought Them and thus we have one of the causes of the appearing of black and white magic, and one of the reasons of the purifying waters of the flood being deemed necessary.” [16]

The flood referred to here is probably the one that occurred much later in Atlantean times, when the black magicians had reached the height of their powers:
“… the Atlanteans; the giants whose physical beauty and strength reached their climax… [17] …those antediluvian giants, those terrible sorcerers and magicians …”[18]

A great cleansing took place and this flood was the time of the second ‘Shamballa impact’ in world history, the first one was when Shamballa was established. More remains to be rectified from those early Lemurian times, probably in this approaching cycle:
“The work of the black adepts and the followers of the left hand path. The powerful thought-forms built up in the early Ibezhan mysteries and which (particularly inAmerica) are as yet undestroyed. This gigantic "Dweller on the Threshold" of all the true Mysteries has to be slaughtered before the aspirant can pass on.” [19]

Whether ‘America’ means north or south America or both, is unknown – probably both. If it refers to the ‘early Ibhezan mysteries’, that is when part of the Lemurian continent extended into parts of what is now called South America, whilst in the north, Lemuria reached into a large part of California and extended as far in as Colorado and Wisconsin. Many who are aspirants and disciples upon the path today were those giants of yesteryear and have some of this old karma to expiate, constituting their personal and group ‘dweller’.

In reviewing the past, we must bear in mind that geographical locations represent the evolution of continents at any particular time, whether it is Lemuria, Atlantis or this Fifth Rootrace. Below is a reconstructed map (theosophical) of Lemuria at its ‘greatest extent’, noting that not all of the above descriptions correspond to it.

Lemuria at its ‘greatest extent’

Phillip Lindsay © 2008. To donate to my work, please click here or email.

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Part II
Mayans and Ancient Egyptians
Mayan Origins in Ancient Southern India
Mayan Language
Mayans and Asuramaya
Mayans: Master Astronomers
Mayan Quetzlacoatl: The Christ
Mayan Calendar
Maya of the Mayan Calendar
The Mayans and Ancient Egyptians
An earlier passage mentions a ‘much later period [for the Shamballa base] … in the ancient Maya institutions’. Mayan cosmology has come much to the fore in recent times. The year 2012 is the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar. Given the close similarity between the Mayans and the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans were most likely part of the second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2):

“The author [Le Plongeon] seems to believe and to seek to prove that the esoteric learning of the Aryans and the Egyptians was derived from the Mayas.  But, although certainly coeval [the same or equal age] with Plato’s Atlantis, the Mayas belonged to the Fifth continent, which was preceded by Atlantis and Lemuria.”[1]

The ‘Fifth Continent’ can be counted two ways. Exoterically and geographically it is the Americas, but esoterically it is Europe. Either way, the Mayans are associated with the Fifth Rootrace in consciousness:

“The Fifth Continent was America; but, as it is situated at the Antipodes, it is Europe and Asia Minor, almost coeval with it, which are generally referred to by the Indo-Aryan Occultists as the fifth. If their teaching followed the appearance of the Continents in their geological and geographical order, then this classification would have to be altered. But as the sequence of the Continents is made to follow the order of evolution of the Races, from the first to the fifth, our Aryan Root-race, Europe must be called the fifth great Continent … There was a time when the delta of Egypt and Northern Africa belonged to Europe, before the formation of the Straits of Gibraltar, and a further upheaval of the continent, changed entirely the face of the map of Europe.” [2]

Hence, looking at Europe and its association with Egypt, or the Americas and its association with places like Guatemala – the main habitation of the Mayans, there can be seen an association or derivation from the Fifth Rootrace, not the Atlantean race.

Although ancient Egypt constituted the second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2), it was regarded esoterically as a bridge between Atlantis and the Fifth Rootrace; likewise, the Mayans probably functioned in a similar manner:
“The perfect identity of the rites, ceremonies, traditions, and even the names of the deities, among the Mexicans and ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, are a sufficient proof of South America being peopled by a colony which mysteriously found its way across the Atlantic. When? at what period?  History is silent on that point; but those who consider that there is no tradition, sanctified by ages, without a certain sediment of truth at the bottom of it, believe in the Atlantis-legend.” [3]

The period in question is around 860,000 years ago, at the time of the second major flooding of Atlantis when the majority of the ‘troublesome sorcerers’ met their watery fate.

(India) Vanadevata’s (wood spirit) hand issuing from tree trunk offering water.
(Egypt) deceased drinking water offered by tree divinity. [4]

Mayan fresco from Bonampak Chiapas, Mexico.[5]

Note the temple pictured above and its resemblance in colour and style to that of the Egyptians. South American pyramids are of course related to Egyptian pyramids:
The GREAT DRAGON has respect but for the ‘SERPENTS’ of WISDOM, the Serpents whose holes are now under the triangular stones,” i.e., “the Pyramids, at the four corners of the world.”

… This tells us clearly that … the Adepts or “Wise” men of the three Races (the Third, Fourth and the Fifth) dwelt in subterranean habitats, generally under some kind of pyramidal structure, if not actually under a pyramid.  For such “pyramids” existed in the four corners of the world and were never the monopoly of the land of the Pharaohs, though until found scattered all over the two Americas, under and over ground, beneath and amidst virgin forests, as in plain and vale, they were supposed to be the exclusive property of Egypt.” [6]
Note also the reference to the ‘serpents of wisdom’ and the later theme of Quetzlcoatl.

Mountain element represented by the Mayan culture in pyramidal stone temples. Temple of Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico. [7]

Mayan Origins in Ancient Southern India
If the Mayans have much in common with the Egyptians, then they must share a common origin. The Egyptians come from Southern India:
"Under the reign of Viswamitra, first king of the Dynasty of Soma -Vanga, in consequence of a battle which lasted five days, Manu -Vina, heir of the ancient kings, being abandoned by the Brahmans , emigrated with all his companions, passing through Arya , and the countries of Barria, till he came to the shores of Masra [Cairo].” (History of India, by Collouca-Batta). Unquestionably this Manu-Vina  and Menes , the first Egyptian King, are identical.

Arya , is Eran (Persia ); Barria, is Arabia, and Masra, was the name of Cairo, which to this day is called,Masr, Musr, and Misro. Phœnician history names Maser as one of the ancestors of Hermes .” [8]

“Egypt  herself had, in those unknown ages when Menes  reigned received her laws, her social institutions, her arts and her sciences, from pre-Vedic India.” [9]

Menes is undoubtedly the Manu of the second subrace (5.2 Ancient Egypt) and there is a close connection to India which persists to this day – as any traveler to both nations will attest. If the Mayans have a ‘perfect identity of the rites, ceremonies, traditions’ of Egypt then it is further proof that their genesis is in India, also known as ‘Bharata’ in ancient times.

”There is definitely an important connection between the old Vedic people and Maya-ancestors. The Mayas are actually referred to in The Mahabharata, one of the main Hindu scriptures, as a tribe having left the Indian subcontinent. There are sources who have revealed those people to be the same as the Nagas, one of the oldest Indian tribes recorded. Those Nagas seem to have been a people, later called Danavas, with a capital Nagapur. They are referred to in another main Hindu-scripture, the Ramayana, as belonging to a Naga-Maya tribe, who is said to have transmitted their culture towards Babylonia, Egypt and Greece.” [10]

Naga is the Sanskrit word for serpent or snake. [11] The feathered serpent represents the Mayan God Kukulcan or Quetzacoatl, a Christ/Krishna-like figure. In those days the ancient serpent  religion referred to the Serpents of Wisdom. Mercury or Hermes (Narada – see further in text) – his symbol is the caduceus : two serpents entwined around a staff. 
“The four principal groups in ancient India were the Asuras (Assyrians or Indus Valley people), Panis (Phoenicians), Yakhus or Yakshas (subjects of Kubera, god of gold and treasure a.k.a. Nagas) and Mayas. We know them today as the Dravidians (Tamils, Malayalam, etc.)

The non Indus Valley people in ancient days were exceedingly superstitious and fearful of the Mayans. The latter were excellent international shippers and traders, builders and astronomers. Their superstitious enemies thought their accomplishments had to be magic and beyond human ability. They were ultimately driven toCeylon where they inhabited the province of Maya. Later, they went to the Americas, having been taken there by Kubera and his Yakshas.” [12] ‘Ceylon’ in those ancient times was more than likely the now sunken land to the south of India and connected geographically to the Ceylon of today, Sri Lanka. This is the ancient Tamil country of which today’s Tamil Nadu in India is but a small remnant:

Ancient Tamil Nadu

The skill of the Mayan astronomers is also well known:
"Recent studies suggests a link between Indus Valley and Mayans of Central America. The studies focused on the calendars of the two advanced civilizations. The Indus Valley inhabitants followed a calendar based on the movements of Jupiter, and the Mayans followed one based on the Venus. In the Puranas, a secondary Hindu scripture, Jupiter, Brihaspati, was acknowledged to be the leader of the gods, while Venus, Shukra, was the leader of the asuras. The texts further state that the devas and asuras lived on opposite sides of the Earth.

Mexico and India are at opposite sides in longitude. The correspondences were pointed out by B. G. Siddarth, director of the B. M. Birla Science Centre in Hyderabad. He also said the Hindu story of the churning of the ocean has been found in carvings in Mexico, as well Mayan representations of a tortoise carrying twelve pillars similar to Indian illustrations. Dr. Ganapati Sthapati of Chennai, a foremost expert on Vastu shatra, the ancient Hindu architecture, has visited the Mayan structures in Central America and found many similarities between the design and construction methods of the Mayans and that of the ancient Hindus.” [13]

South of Mexico lays Guatemala, the major centre for the Mayans, yet they ventured north and south of this location, spreading their knowledge widely.
Mayan Language
Language is one of the major keys to determining the movement and migration of races. Two-thirds of all the aboriginal regional names of Mexico are either variations of the name of Lanka or Tamil names of West Indian regions. This is a major key to the understanding of their ancient Sri Lankan origins which, with southern Tamil India, extended much further south, now since sunk hundreds of thousands of years ago.When speaking of their origins, the Mayans (like the Hopis) had several names for their land: Shilanka (Xilanca) – an ancient name of Ceylon (Zeilan-Ka) Shikalanka (Xicalanca) – Ceylon. In Tamil, Shikalam.

A Mayan culture hero was Ishbalanka (Xbalanca) meaning in Tamil, "Shiva of Lanka" who was supposed to have made the footprint on top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka; modernly, in line with the prevailing Buddhist culture, it is known as (Gautama) ‘Buddha’s footprint.’

Palenque, the ancient capital of Guatamala, Palenke (Palenque) derives from the Tamil Pal-Lanka, meaning "Protectorate of Lanka." Guatemala (the main habitat of the Mayans) may derive from Gautemala, meaning "A Subsidiary Land of Gautama Buddha."

Ceren was a name of Ceylon, some Mayan ruins in El Salvador are called Ceren. Mayon was one of the names of Ceylon’s cult religions, still existing among a few aboriginals living on the island.

Asuramaya and the Mayans

“The ancient Hindu and Mayan civilizations exhibit other interesting convergences. Hindu records say that a member of a great race which preceded ours, a highly-developed personage known as Asuramaya, learned all the basic cosmic cycles and used his knowledge to determine the durations of the various geological and cyclical periods of human evolution. The chronology and computations of their still used Tamil calendar, say the Brahmans, are based upon the works of Asuramaya and upon carefully maintained collateral zodiacal records. Their most ancient extant work on astronomy, the Surya Siddhanta, says that Asuramaya lived toward the end of the Krita-yuga, a former age that ended approximately 2,165,000 years before the present. This would place Asuramaya at something less than 2.5 million years ago.” [14]

The figures above are commensurate with the esoteric doctrine, whose source is the same. When the date of the start of the Kali Yuga for the Fifth Rootrace is considered (3,102 BC), then working back from there gives the following table:


Greek  Period

Yuga Duration

Dates (2000 AD)






Noah (Manu 5.0)










Menes (Manu 5.2)




3,102 BC

Kali Yuga 5th R.R.

The Four Yugas  of the Fifth Rootrace

Readers can observe where the Satya or Krita age ends (2,165,100 years), about one million years before the start of the first (Hindu) subrace of the Fifth Rootrace. The death of Krishna was supposed to have heralded the Kali Yuga and there may well have been a Krishna (as there have been many Buddhas) in 3,102 BC. But the Krishna referred to in The Mahabharata heralded the Kali Age of the (Fourth) Atlantean race a few million years ago. The date of 3,102 BC is the Kali Yuga of this, our Fifth (Aryan) Rootrace. This fact has caused confusion amongst scholars and is partially responsible for Hindu and Western pundits diminishing the time-scales of the Hindu scriptures. Regarding Asuramaya, H.P. Blavatsky says:
"The best and most complete of all such calendars, at present, as vouched for by the learned Brahmins of Southern India, is the already mentioned Tamil calendar called the “Tirukkanda Panchanga,” compiled, as we are told, from, and in full accordance with, secret fragments of Asuramâya’s data. As Asuramâya is said to have been the greatest astronomer, so he is whispered to have also been the most powerful “Sorcerer of theWHITE ISLAND, which had become BLACK with sin,” i.e., of the islands of Atlantis.
The “White Island” is a symbolical name.  Asuramâya is said to have lived (see the tradition of Jhána-bhaskara) in Romaka-pura in the West: because the name is an allusion to the land and cradle of the “Sweat-born” of the Third Race. That land or continent had disappeared ages before Asuramâya lived, since he was an Atlantean; but he was a direct descendant of the Wise Race, the Race that never dies.  Many are the legends concerning this hero, the pupil of Surya (the Sun-God) himself, as the Indian accounts allege … Asuramâya, “as great a magician as he was an Astrologer and an Astronomer.”” [15]
The ‘third race’ is of course one of the latter subraces of the (third) Lemurian Rootrace, from where the Hindus and Egyptians have their ancient genesis. (More on the ‘Wise Race’ later.) Due to the deterioriation of the Atlanteans, what were once divine names of the Asuras in that race gradually became applied to those who had abused their god-given powers until,

“Asura was the generic appellation of all the Atlanteans who were the enemies of the spiritual heroes of the Aryans (gods).” [16]
The word Asura comes from Surya, Sanskrit for the sun; Asuramaya learned his art from studying and meditating upon the Sun. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it is said that, “Through meditation, one-pointedly fixed upon the sun, will come a consciousness (or knowledge) of the seven worlds.” [17]
Maya is illusion, particularly in its densest manifestation upon the physical plane, the most powerful domain of the sorcerers of those days. All these events were occurring at the time of the gradual emergence of the Fifth (Aryan) Rootrace and the conflicts between the old and new races went on for some few million years after the original Mahabharata.
It is interesting to note that The Lord of the Rings is a story gleaned by J.R.R. Tolkien from our racial memory and is probably a fairly accurate account of those Atlantean days of war, monsters, giants, angels and magic. The chief sorcerer against whom Gandalf (the White) fights is Saruman, whose name is virtually an anagram of Asuramaya. The Hobbits are of course, Humanity and perhaps their six toes on either foot represent the coming Sixth Rootrace! In the emerging new race Asuramaya had his counterpart (and mentor) in Narada or ‘Pesh-Hun’, the old Vedic Rishi from whom he learned all, a highly elevated Mercurial type:
“… in Hindu Esotericism, Narada—who is called in Cis-Himalayan Occultism Pesh-Hun, the “Messenger,” … is the sole confidant and the executor of the universal decrees of Karma … who leads and guides human affairs from the beginning to the end of the Kalpa. “Pesh-Hun” … is the mysterious guiding intelligent power, which gives the impulse to, and regulates the impetus of cycles, Kalpas and universal events. He is Karma’s visible adjuster on a general scale … Narada … surpasses Garga’s Guru in his knowledge of cyclic intricacies.  It is he who has charge of our progress and national weal or woe.  It is he who brings on wars and puts an end to them.  In the old Stanzas Pesh-Hun is credited with having calculated and recorded all the astronomical and cosmic cycles to come, and with having taught the Science to the first gazers at the starry vault.  And it is Asuramâya, who is said to have based all his astronomical works upon those records, to have determined the duration of all the past geological and cosmical periods, and the length of the all the cycles to come, till the end of this life-cycle, or the end of the seventh Race.

There is a work among the Secret Books, called the “Mirror of Futurity,” wherein all the Kalpas within Kalpas and cycles within the bosom of Sesha, or infinite Time, are recorded.  This work is ascribed to Pesh-HunNarada.  There is another old work which is attributed to various Atlanteans.  It is these two Records which furnish us with the figures of our [The Hierarchy] cycles, and the possibility of calculating the date of cycles to come …

The chronology and computations of the Brahmin Initiates are based upon the Zodiacal records of India, and the works of the above-mentioned astronomer and magician—Asuramaya.  The Atlantean zodiacal records cannot err, as they were compiled under the guidance of those who first taught astronomy, among other things, to mankind.” [18]
Note one of Narada’s appellations is ‘The Messenger’ equivalent to Mercury, Hermes or the Egyptian Thoth. (Note the earlier reference to the Mayans coming from the ‘Naga tribe’.)
The Mayans: Master Astronomers
As noted earlier, The studies focused on the calendars of the two advanced civilizations. The Indus Valley inhabitants followed a calendar based on the movements of Jupiter, and the Mayans followed one based on the Venus. In the Puranas, a secondary Hindu scripture, Jupiter, Brihaspati, was acknowledged to be the leader of the gods, while Venus, Shukra, was the leader of the asuras.” [19]

The Mayans are well known for their astronomical accuracy through their studies of the cycles of Venus, yet their whole system of astronomy and cycles derives from their ancient Hindu past:

“Modern students of the ancient Mayan numerical glyphs have found that the dating of major series of events noted on Mayan stelae invariably give such reckonings in terms of the time elapsed since a date known as 4 Ahau 8 Cumhu. They know that for the Maya chroniclers this date represented a commencement point in time-reckoning of such awesome magnitude that it was central to all else in subsequent Maya history; but they don’t know what it meant or why it was so important to the latter.  Among other ancient nations only one, the Hindu peoples of the Indian subcontinent, is known to have developed a system of calendrics accounting for such vast periods of time. For computing the age of the earth and various geological and other epochs, as well as the age of mankind, the learned Brahman caste still employs a Tamil calendar derived from archaic astronomical data, known as the "Tirukkanda Panchanga" (The Secret Doctrine, II:49-51).” [20]
Other diverse commentators corroborate these facts:
"The Mayan culture flourished in Mesoamerica during the early Christian era, before being completely wiped out by the Spanish conquest. Astronomy played a significant role in Mayan culture. Venus in particular had a pre-eminent status. Testimony to this rich tradition is borne out by Mayan temple art and the few available Codices, or sacred books, of the Mayans. Western scholars have attempted to relate the Mayan concepts to those of Greek astronomy. The sidereal Mayan astronomy is more akin to the Hindu system and does not easily fit into the Greek model.” [21]
The theories about Greek astronomy are related to the misapprehension of cycles by historians and researchers down the ages – both east and west. Greece is a much more modern and recent culture, Indiaand the Mayans are very ancient. Confusion has arisen do to cross fertilisation of ideas between Greece and India in the past few thousand years, as well as the ‘Greek-centric’ view held by many western historians.
”Striking similarity is found between certain Mayan and Puranic stories, and their related astronomical interpretation. In the Puranas, Lord Vishnu is represented as resting on the serpent Ananta or Sesa, after having dissolved all creation. The serpent represents the eternity of time (Ananta), and the "remainder" (Sesa) in subtle form, of prakriti, the germ of all that has been and will be. After waking up from the yoganidra, Vishnu rides on the eagle Garuda. Both Garuda and Sesa are shown in association with Vishnu in the temples of India. It is said that Garuda represents the Vedas and the solar deities, and Sesa represents the watery deities. The serpent [Naga] is of great significance in the Mayan culture also. A supreme example is the serpent of sunlight and shadow seen at Chichén Itzá. At the time of the equinoxes, as the Sun moves from east to west, a pattern of light and shadow appears on the west balustrade of the north stairway of the Castillo at Chichén Itzá. This display resembles a descending snake whose head is the monumental serpent head carved out of stone at the foot of the stairs. The feathered serpent represents the Mayan God Kukulcan, who is associated with rain water and new life, among other things. Kukulcan appears to be Sesa and Garuda combined into one.” [22]
"In the book The Conquest of the Maya by J. Leslie Mitchell, he explains that the basis of the old Maya empire was not of the work of the ancestors of the present day Maya, but was an import from the same foreigners that built the palaces and temples of the Chams and Khmers in Cambodia, and the temples in Java. He also points out the similarities between the Maya rain-god Chac and the Vedic Indian Indra, and the Maya monkey-god and the Vedic Hanuman. The Vedic origin is further enhanced by the frequency that the elephant motif is found in Maya art, especially the earlier works of the Maya, such as at Copan, although the elephant never existed in the region.” [23]

The reader will note that the temples of Cambodia are commented upon in the newsletter “Ancient Cambodia: Angkor Wat and the Egyptian Connection.” (

The ancient Khmer (Cambodian) culture probably belongs to the second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2), the same as the Egyptians and Mayans, but of a different branchrace lineage. One is reminded of the vast extent of the Indian empire that stretched from South East Asia to Persia (Iran); it also extended southward to the old Tamil country, since sunk.

"One reason for these similarities between the Americas and India is that in ancient Vedic times there were two great architects, Visvakarma of the demigods or Aryans, and Maya of the asuras. Surya Siddhanta was revealed to Mayasura by Sun. The Mayan people, also known as technicians, were no doubt named as such because of being connected with this person named Maya or Mayasura and Maya Danava. They were a part of his clan or tribe. They had fallen away from the Vedic way of life and were sent or escaped to the region of Central America. They also carried with them much of the science of astronomy and navigation for which this Mayasura was known. Mayasura’s knowledge is more fully explained in the classic work of Indian Vedic astronomy known as the Surya Siddhanta for which he is given credit. Many people have wondered from where the Mayan acquired their astronomical knowledge. This would explain how the Mayan people had such a high degree of understanding in astronomy, from which they also developed their calendar. The Mayan calendar was a science they had long developed, carrying it with them from their previous location and civilization.” [24]

Note the reversal of Asuramaya’s name but the same historical details are intact. The Mayans were known as ‘technicians’ a very interesting word that denotes strong influence of the Fifth Ray of Science, which of course is related to astronomy. This ‘fifth aspect’ not only corresponds to the Fifth Rootrace and ‘fifth continent’ mentioned earlier but to possibly a fifth branchrace (clan/tribe) ‘signature’ such as 5.2.5 – the 5thbranchrace of the second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace.

The second subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.2) came forth around 860,000 years ago [25] – at the second great Atlantean flood and coincident with the migration from India that established the Egyptian civilisation on the Nile.

Atlantean Islands

This map is one of many speculations of the location of the Atlantean islands. It has been included to illustrate how it would not have been very difficult for the ancient Mayans (renowned mariners), to ‘island hop’ their way across the Atlantic from Africa to where Guatemala is today; if they came the same route as the Egyptians from India and kept heading west.

"Like the Vedic culture, the Maya had a pantheon of demigods, many of which have similarities to the Vedic deities. Mayan gods like Xiuhtechutli and Xipe Totec have their Vedic counterparts in Indra and Agni. Indra, like Xiuhtechutli, was the rain god and guardian of the Eastern Quadrant, and Agni, similar to Xipe Totec, was the god of sacrificial fire, born in wood and the life force of trees and plants. Then there is the Vedic Ushas, the beautiful goddess of Dawn or Sky, who is similar to the Mayan view of Venus, goddess of Dawn … Furthermore, hymn 121 of the book ten in the [Hindu] Rig Veda is very similar to the description of creation as found in the [Mayan] Popul Vuh.” [26]
None of this pantheon of gods would be complete without the legendary Quetzalcoatl:
”A Mesoamerican Christ: Quetzalcoatl is to the New World what Christ is to Europe [or Krishna to India]: the center of a religious cosmology and the pre-eminent symbol of the civilized nations of Mesoamerica. Both were considered to be men who ascended into heaven upon their death; Christ to sit at the right hand of God, Quetzalcoatl to become the Morning Star [Venus]. Both were tempted by evil powers; Christ by Satan, Quetzalcoatl by the wizard-god Tezcatlipoca. And both were prophesied to one day return to earth, Christ as the Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven, Quetzalcoatl as a god-king returned to claim his kingdom in Central Mexico. To understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ is to understand Christianity, the root religion of what we refer to as Western Civilization. To understand the life and mystery of Quetzalcoatl is to understand the religious thought of what we call Mesoamerica.” [27]


Mayan Calendar
“The Vedic, Maya, and Hopi calendars all describe our current age as the fourth world. The Maya and Hopi calendars also describe the ending of a great age around the year 2000 (several Mayan calendar cycles end at winter solstice, 2012). Mayan cycles describe the Earth’s Great Year (a ~24,000-year cycle caused by the Earth’s wobble) as well as an additional rotation of our sun and galaxy around Alcyon, central star of the Pleiades. The Maya are one of many cultures (as far-flung as the Australian Aborigines, the ancient Greeks, and several Native American nations) with stories about the Pleiades.” [28]

“Incredibly, at the early Maya site of Izapa in southern Mexico, the galactic cosmology and a profound spiritual teaching are preserved. Izapa speaks to us of the Galactic Alignment in 2012 as a transformative nexus in time, a still-point turnabout, inviting us to reconnect with our cosmic heart and eternal source.”[29]

"The doctrine of the World’s Ages (from Hindu Yugas) was imported into Pre-Columbian America … the Mexican sequence is identical with the Hindus …The essential fact remains that they were derived from a common source … It would be ridiculous to assert that such a strange doctrine was of spontaneous origin in different parts of the Old and New Worlds." [30]

The above passage is a more exoteric view but nonetheless testifies to the origin of Mayan astronomy. These yugas contain other yugas within them, or cycles within cycles:
“The Dvapara Yuga  differs for each Race. All races have their own cycles, which fact causes a great difference.  For instance, the Fourth Sub-Race  of the Atlanteans  was in its Kali-Yug , when destroyed, whereas the Fifth was in its Satya or Krita Yuga. [Approximately 4 million years ago.]  The Aryan  Race is now in its Kali Yuga [3,102 BC] , and will continue to be in it for 427,000 years longer, while various “family Races ,” called the Semitic , Hamitic, etc., are in their own special cycles.  The forthcoming 6th Sub Race [of the Fifth Rootrace or 5.6] —which may begin very soon—will be in its Satya (golden) age while we reap the fruit of our iniquity in our Kali Yuga.” [31]

These dark and golden ages (Kali and Satya) overlap as one cycle finishes and another starts. The above statement is confirmed in the Puranas where Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in theKali Yuga. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the begnning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years.
The Mayan Calendar measures the unfolding evolution of consciousness – as do all cycles that are impelled by the rays, planets, yugas or zodiac signs; they all embody a much higher consciousness it is actually two calendars that are closely inter-related: The Tzolkin (Daily Calendar) of 260 days, and the Tun (Prophetic Calendar) of 360 days. These two ‘calendars’ intermesh like gears, the smaller Tzolkin with 260 ‘teeth’ (days) intermeshing with the larger Tun (360 ‘teeth’/days), then as the Tzolkin turns so does the Tun.
It takes 72 turns of the Tzolkin calendar (‘gear’) and 52 turns of the Tun calendar (‘gear’) for each ‘tooth’ (day) of each ‘gear’ (calendar) to come into contact. i.e. 18,720 days (72 x 260 or 52 x 360), or approximately 51 Gregorian calendar years. (18,720/365).

Mayan Calendar or Sunstone

The carvings in the stone represent the four cycles of creation and destruction. The skull at the center depicts the god, Tonatiuh, the fifth sun. The calendar was also adopted by the Aztec and Toltec nations after renaming the days and months.

The Maya of the Mayan Calendar (Maya = Illusion)
“One of the secrets of initiation is concerned with the apprehension of cycles , and with their duration … before a man is considered a true occultist .” [32]

One problem with comprehension of the Mayan Calendar is the hype about it in ‘New Age’ circles. Esoterically the whole subject is ‘glamoured’ – there have been so many speculations, claims and distortions by academics, mystics and ‘new agers’.
The exact astronomical date in 2,012 is something that the general public tend to get somewhat fixated upon, creating confusion, fear and much futile speculation; this is a perennial problem and other ‘significant dates’, including the yearly cycle of eclipses, that continually attract superstitious and uninformed reactions.John Major Jenkins, a leading scholar of the Mayan Calendar, has the following to say:
“So, in point of fact, we have a previous testimonial of Don Alejandro, from an interview he did with reporters that was published as "The Mayan Worldview of the Universe" by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez, Universal Press Syndicate. The Denver Post, January 2, 2000. In it, we read:
"Based on thousands of years of astronomical observation, a cataclysm is indeed predicted by indigenous elders, as opposed to "prophesized." No one is predicting that at the strike of midnight, Dec, 20, 2012, the world will end. Instead, Mayan elders predict that the cataclysm can occur within a year or 100 years—and the cause would be something astronomical as opposed to metaphysical."

[Jenkins continues…] I’ve always agreed with this idea, that we should think of the 2012 end date as being a "zone" stretching on the order of decades. I don’t agree with the above view that the end date is only an astronomical event, for the physical dimension and the metaphysical (or spiritual) dimension unfold in parallel. We further read in the interview that:
"We don’t know what will happen in the next few days or in the next 12 years. What we do know is that it wouldn’t hurt to listen to the worlds of Don Alejandro who said that on Dec. 20, 2012 Mother Earth will pass inside the center of a magnetic axis and that it may be darkened with a great cloud for 60 or 70 hours and that because of environmental degradation, she may not be strong enough to survive the effects. ‘It will enter another age, but when it does, there will be great and serious events. Earthquakes, marimotos (tsunamis), floods, volcanic eruptions, and great illness on the planet Earth. Few survivors will be left.’"

[Jenkins continues…] “Thus, beginning on December 20, as stated, the events stretch almost three full days ("60 or 70 hours") through December 21st. The Earth passing "inside the center of a magnetic axis" is a striking description and sounds like the way I described the alignment in the last chapter to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. "Darkened by a great cloud" almost sounds like a reference to the dark-rift in the Milky Way. Notice the difference between this conception of "earth in the darkness" and my alignment description — where I describe it as the sun passing through the dark-rift, through the "galactic axis," with different magnetic or gyroscopic effects on either side. I suppose Don Alejandro’s wording works fine, it’s just a translation or interpretation of where the effect is really to be felt (on Earth, ultimately) …
"He [Carlos] said Mayan Daykeepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy. At sunrise on December 21, 2012for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world’s spiritual traditions. Some observers say this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration."" [33]

Interesting to note that the winter solstice period (in the northern hemisphere) will have its inherent symbolism of the ‘greatest darkness’ of winter extraordinarily amplified within the cosmic macrocosm in 2012. The winter solstice is a time of initiation where the candidate to the mysteries must ‘find their way through the dark’. The conjunction of the Sun with Pluto in December 2012 signifies the darkness of the underworld experience, transformation and initiation. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, reflecting the new revolutionary cycle that will begin in consciousness. Perhaps Humanity has an opportunity to do this en masse? A shift that may occur several years around this date is confirmed by other sources:
“In the time of the Buddha  and through the stimulation He produced there was a great gathering in of Arhats  [4th degree Initiates]. These were men who had achieved liberation through self initiated effort. This period, in our Aryan  race, marked a climax for the East . Since then the tide of spiritual life has steadily flowed westward, and we may now look for a corresponding climax in the West , which will reach its zenith between the years 1965 and 2025.” [34]

Phillip Lindsay© 2008. To donate to this work, please click here or email.

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Part III
The Greater Aquarian Cycle
Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force
Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa
Shamballa and the ‘Gobi Zodiac’
Shamballa and the White Island
Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa
Return of Shamballa to South America

The Greater Aquarian Cycle
If the 26,000 Great Year Cycle of the Mayans is ending in 2012 (coinciding with the lesser 5,125 year cycle), it is highly significant because it may also relate to ‘the greater wheel’ and its cycle of 26,000 years – finishing one cycle and starting another. The twelve zodiac signs take 26,000 years to precess the full circle of 360 degrees, the same time span as it takes for one zodiac sign in the greater zodiac.

The world is entering the Age of Aquarius on both the smaller and greater wheels, an event that has only occurred six times (this is the seventh) – in the history of this Fifth Rootrace, hence a time of great opportunity. [1]

Nevertheless, we are on the cusp of these cycles, 500 years for the lesser wheel and 5,000 years for the greater wheel; it is doubtful (as mentioned by other authors) that something will ‘happen’ on December 21, 2012. We are going through a process of unprecedented change during this cuspal period. If the above date is accurate, then this is an advantage for students of astrology and cycles – as it may allow some accuracy to use this as a time marker to work forward or backward.

Another factor to consider is that the 26,000 year cycle coincides with a 104,000 years cycle of the ‘fourth Sun’. (104,000 = 26,000 X 4) In other commentaries this author has dated the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5) as starting around 100,000 years ago.

Indeed, in this fifth branchrace of 5.5 (5.5.5), the race has reached its apotheosis, and in this Kali Yuga cycle of destruction, is ready for a major shift. According to the Mayans, Humanity will shift to the ‘fifth sun’ phase, "El Quinto Sol", where a golden age of higher consciousness will emerge.

As discussed earlier, there are ‘yugas within yugas’ and a Satya Yuga (golden age) may well be emerging and overlapping the Kali Yuga (black age) of 432,000 years. The Sixth Rootrace is only about 25,000 years away[2] and a parallel may be drawn with the previous Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years) for the Fifth Rootrace when it was in its nascent inception about four million years ago – at the decline of Atlantis when Atlantis was going through its Kali Yuga. Alternatively in this cycle, there may be a smaller Satya Yuga cycle emerging within the Kali Yuga.

Aquarius, Polaris and the Increasing Shamballa Force

The sign Aquarius and the pole star Polaris have a direct connection with the planetary centre called Shamballa. In this 25,000 year greater Aquarian cycle leading up to the start of the Sixth Rootrace, the direct influence of the Shamballa force will come  to bear upon Humanity:

“Polaris—The Star of Direction—governing Shamballa … The influence which emanates from the Pole Star and which is such a potent factor in our solar system reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius.  The reasons will be noted if the student bears in mind the significance of water as a symbol of the emotions, which are but a lower manifestation of love-desire.  Aquarius is a force centre from which the adept draws the "water of life" and carries it to the multitude.  This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power at this time and the day of opportunity is therefore great.  It is one of the agencies which make the coming of the Great Lord a possibility.”[3]

Of course the ‘Great Lord’ is The Christ or Lord Maitreya who intends to culminate the externalisation of the Masters of Wisdom, starting about 2025.
“Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the “star of re-orientation” whereby the art of “refacing and recovering that which is lost” is developed. This eventually brings a man back to his originating source.” It is also said that ‘concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars.’[4]
What is ‘his originating source’, the soul or even the monad? Note also the earlier statement about ‘meditating on the Sun’ in relation to Asuramaya and the gleaning of similar knowledge.

Polaris and the revolving heavens.

The axis of the Earth determines the poles – our planet is tilted toward the northern pole star, Polaris. The ancient story of Hamlet’s Mill is an allegory for the axis of the Earth, the ‘world tree’ or ‘spindle’ whereon the Earth rotates, angled toward the Pole Star. The Pole Star is where the ‘axle of the mill’ periodically aligns itself. The Earth’s axis symbolically passes through Shamballa, driving the Wheel of Karma, presided over by Sanat Kumara and other great Lords.

Earth’s Orientation to Polaris

Melchizedek, Libra and Shamballa

“Libra occupies a unique place in the Great Wheel, for it is the energy coming from this constellation which controls what we might call (for lack of a more suitable word) the "hub of the wheel." This is that point in intermediate space where the twelve zodiacal energies meet and cross.[5]… Libra admits the soul into the world centre which we call Shamballa.”[6]

Libra is also potent in the planetary horoscope during this transition from Pisces to Aquarius.

“Melchizadek…was lord of the Ecliptic, or balance, or line of adjustment, and therefore was THE JUST ONE … lord of the eighth [planet], which was Mater Terra [Mother Earth].”[7]

‘Melchizadek’ is Sanat Kumara, Lord of Shamballa. The ecliptic is the apparent passage of the Sun upon which the zodiac signs are ‘hinged’. The ‘balance’, ‘line of adjustment’ and ‘Just One’ are all Libran descriptions – “Libra admits the soul into the world centre which we call Shamballa”.[8] The following diagram with its central line illustrates this ecliptic in relation to the zodiac:

Zodiac: Apparent Path of Sun as Seen from Earth

So what does all this mean and what is its purpose? Basically the Planetary Plan is related to the three planetary centres of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity being reduced to two centres:

“It is interesting to note (though it is of no immediate moment) that the work of destruction initiated by the Hierarchy during the past one hundred and seventy-five years (therefore since the year 1775) has in it the seeds—as yet a very long way from any germination—of the final act of destruction which will take place when the Hierarchy will be so completely fused and blended with Humanity that the hierarchical form will no longer be required. The three major centres will then become the two, and the Hierarchy will disappear and only Shamballa and Humanity will remain, only spirit or life, and substance as an expression of intelligent love will be left. This corresponds to the experience of the individual initiate at the fourth initiation, when the causal body, the soul body, disappears and only the monad and its expression, the personality (a fusion of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will take place only at the close of our planetary existence, when the door to individualisation is finally closed for a pralayic period and the Way of the Higher Evolution will be more closely trodden than the Path of Initiation.”[9]

Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity

Note that the year 1775 was not only the start of a lesser cycle of the fifth ray, but also signalled the start of the 500 year cusp of the Aquarian Age; hence the destructive processes needed to break down the past Piscean cycle.

For Humanity to be blended with Hierarchy can only mean one thing: That Humanity will be initiated into higher consciousness en masse. It is still a ‘long way from germination’ let alone fruition as the impulse in the year 1775 only carried the ‘seeds …. of the final act of destruction’; the latter will occur in a smaller degree in the next 25,000 year cycle, in a greater degree in the Sixth Rootrace and ‘final dissolution will take place only at the close of our planetary existence’. The Tibetan continues:

“Therefore, my brothers, the closer relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, the stimulation of its own interior life, and the readiness of humanity for revelation and for certain unexpected development, will condition the cycle into which we are now entering. This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added to this, it must be borne in mind that we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years[10] and is also the sign into which the sun is now moving for a period of 2300 years—a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history [11]
Kalachakra Mandala: Map of Shamballa
“Kalachakra is an aspect of Buddha–mind representing Time and Space; past, present, future come together in a timeless union of wisdom and compassion. Buddhists regard the Kalachakra mandala at Shamballa as a blueprint for the planet. The sages of Shamballa (Kumaras, Chohans and Masters) perform its meditational practice, or Sadhana, to implement the Plan on Earth.

The Kalachakra mandala is a cosmogram of the outer and inner worlds in idealised form, free from imperfections. In Sanskrit, ‘kala’ means ‘time’ and ‘chakra’ is ‘wheel’. ‘Kala–chakra’, therefore, is ‘The Wheel of Time’; it is a process and an event.

The Wheel of Time implies cycles and therefore astrology, the Science of Cycles. Saturn of course, rules astrology and cycles generally, and is also the Lord of Karma. Saturn is exalted in Libra, a sign intimately related to Shamballa. The Wheel of Time is also known as a Peace Mandala, or a road map to the universe, and is the most complex of Buddhist mandalas. It describes the interrelationship of heavenly bodies, the workings of the human body/mind—the macrocosm and the microcosm. It also describes the stages of meditation followed on the path to inner peace. That inner peace attained is the Peace of Shamballa, and hence relates to Libra the Peacemaker.”[12]

Kalachakra Mandala: The Wheel of Time

Shamballa and the Gobi Zodiac
“In the same manner and on the plan of the Zodiac in the upper Ocean or the heavens, a certain realm on Earth, an inland sea, was consecrated and called “the Abyss of Learning”; twelve centres on it in the shape of twelve small islands representing the Zodiacal signs—two of which remained for ages the “mystery signs” and were the abodes of twelve Hierophants and masters of wisdom. This “sea of knowledge” or learning remained for ages there, where now stretches the Shamo or Gobi desert.  It existed until the last great glacial period, when a local cataclysm, which swept the waters south and west and so formed the present great desolate desert, left only a certain oasis, with a lake and one island in the midst of it, as a relic of theZodiacal Ring on Earth.  For ages the watery abyss—which, with the nations that preceded the later Babylonians, was the abode of the “great mother” (the terrestrial post-type of the “great mother chaos” in heaven), the parent of Ea (Wisdom), himself the early prototype of Oannes, the man-Fish of the Babylonians…”[13]

Recall the image of Melchizdek directing astrological and ray forces whilst bearing in mind the importance of Shamballa as an earth zodiac reflecting the celestial zodiac, then the above passage is a natural extension of this idea. The distribution occurs through certain Masters or ‘hierophants’ who help distribute these forces to all the kingdoms of the planet, not just Humanity. Recall also that there are seven Masters or ‘Chohans’ who are the custodians of the Seven Rays and who help distribute and ‘step them down’.

Shamballa and the ‘White Island’

“The last survivors of the fair child of the White Islandhad perished ages before. Their (Lemuria’s) elect, had taken shelter on the sacred Island (now the “fabled” Shamballah, in the in theGobi Desert)…”[14]

“Mysticism … is reported to have originated in the fabulous country Sambhala … beyond the Sir Deriáu [Yaxartes] between 45º and 50º north latitude. 110º east and 45º north is exact centre ofGobi.”[15]

The Gobi Altai rising from the edge of the Gobi,
southwestern Övörhangay, Mongolia. [16]

“The legend given in Isis [Unveiled] in relation to a portion of the globe which science now concedes to have been the cradle of humanity—though it is but one of the seven cradles, in truth—ran, condensed, and now explained, as follows:

Tradition says … that long before the days of Ad-am, and … He-va [Eve], where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation.  An island, which for its unparalleled beauty had no rival in the world, was inhabited by the last remnant of the race which preceded ours.

The last remnant” meant the “Sons of Will and Yoga,” who, with a few tribes, survived the great cataclysm. For it is the Third Race which inhabited the great Lemurian continent, that preceded the veritable and complete human races—the fourth and the fifth. Therefore it was said in Isis that—
“This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire, for it had an unlimited control over the elements.  These were the ‘Sons of God’; not those who saw the daughters of men, but the realElohim, though in the oriental Kabala they have another name.  It was they who imparted Nature’s most weird secrets to men, and revealed to them the ineffable, and now lost ‘word.’”

The “Island,” according to belief, exists to the present hour; now, as an oasis surrounded by the dreadful wildernesses of the great Desert, the Gob—whose sands “no foot hath crossed in the memory of man.”[17]This ‘race’ was the primitive archetype of Humanity before the dawning of consciousness and the separation of sexes in later Lemuria (3.5). Adam and Eve (Heva) are the sexually separated hermaphrodite, now endowed with the ‘spark of mind’. These ‘Sons of God’ therefore, were the Lemurian (hermaphrodite) subrace before 3.5 (fifth subrace): 3.4.

It is logical that the Elohim lived in this highly magnetized area of Shamballa under the watchful eye of Sanat Kumara. These ‘Sons of God’ were the ‘ideal humanity’ cared for in the ‘nursery’ of Shamballa by Sanat Kumara and The Manu. This is a profound point as HPB says,

“The gradual evolution of man in The Secret Doctrine shows that all the later … Races have their physical origin in the early Fourth Race. But it is the sub-race, which preceded the one that separated sexually [5th subrace, 3.5], that is to be regarded as the spiritual ancestors of our present generations, and especially of the Eastern Aryan Races.”[18]
At present all this may read like pure fiction, given the incredulity that may accompany the extraordinary time scales, let alone the concepts of Shamballa and Melchizedek. Yet,
“At a later date than the present, discoveries will be made, revealing the reality of the old form of hierarchical work; ancient records and monuments will be revealed, some above ground and many in subterranean fastnesses.  As the mysteries of central Asia in the land stretching from Chaldea and Babylon through Turkestan to Manchuria, including the Gobi desert, are opened up, it is planned that much of the early history of the Ibezhan workers will be revealed.”[19]

A reminder to the reader of the overlapping periods and durations of the races in the following table. The Patriarch ages are code for the durations of the races, discussed at length in The Hidden History of Humanity.

Lemurian Patriarch

Atlantean Patriarch

Aryan Patriarch

3.4.5   Adam (Elohim)  930

3.5.5   Seth     912

4.1  Enos           905

3.6      Cainan   910

4.2  Mahaleel      895

3.7      Jared     962

4.3  Enoch          365

4.4  Methuselah  969

4.5  Lamech      777

5.0 Noah            950 yrs 


5.1 Enoch          


5.2 Menes      

5.3 Abraham      

5.4 Isaac         

5.5 Jacob       

5.6 Moses

Patriarchs or ‘Manus’ of the Rootraces and Subraces

Return of Shamballa to South America
The Sixth Rootrace promises the greatest human achievement through the expression of the buddhic principle and love-wisdom. That achievement will be paralleled or caused by the fusion of the two planetary centres, Humanity and Hierarchy into one centre that is in direct relationship with Shamballa.

If the new humanity of the Sixth Rootrace are going to be initially based in South America, then it stands to reason that Shamballa will be physically close to them; just as the Elohim or ‘Sons of the Fire Mist’ were in close proximity to Shamballa and the White Island in the Gobi Desert.

In this future time many initiates and Masters will walk amongst Humanity again, something that has not occurred since the time of the Atlantean war when They withdrew. We are now in the time of the ‘forerunner’ and from 2025 onward, the externalisation of the Hierarchy will proceed.

Eventually Humanity will once again become androgynous Elohim, returning to the state of their original beauty and purity, but with a highly expanded awareness resulting from Earth life activity in the intervening period.

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