Troy from London on Royals Serving Papal Antichrist in Rome


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Guy Sainty, author of the article below, is a powerful English Knight of Malta.  Sainty was interviewed by a valued associate, Troy from London, covering several topics, one of them being international banking.  During that exchange, Sainty declared the most powerful bankers in the world were not Jews, were not the Rothschilds, a point that I have made many times over the years.  Now, one of the papacy’s most influential and well-connected English Knights of Malta verifies the same enabling those of us Bible believers to further sustain the fact that during the “times of the Gentiles” when “Jerusalem is trodden down by the Gentiles,” Gentiles rule the world—not the racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites.   Troy from London as one of my greatest and most astute advisers as it was he who directed me to this article—and many others.  Sainty can be further understood as a powerful papal knight at the following:

Here is a list of his published works:


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Below we have all the proof that is needed of how the Church of Rome’s octopus arms clasp a stanglehold embrace on the now largely apostate Protestant nations of Europe & Britain.

Note in the following article that we find that the head of the Dutch Order of St. John was Bilderberg Group co-founder, Lockheed Scandal criminal & Nazi SS member Prince Bernhard.  Also very interesting is the fact that the administration of the Chivalric Alliance of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem is based in the HQ of the Swiss commandery of the Order of St. John in Basel, Switzerland – just perfect to oversee the Bank for International Settlements (“the central bankers central bank”) which is also based there (below).  See the following post on the Bank for International Settlements:

Bank for International Settlements Basel Switzerland

The “Christ” that these branches of the Order of Malta/St. John fight for is their “Christ on Earth”, he who is put in the place of Christ & is thus an Antichrist, the Pope of Rome.

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