Pope Benedict XVI: Goldman Sachs “Doing God’s Work”


Geoffrey T. Boisi  SMOM

As stated in Vatican Assassins III, Goldman Sachs is nothing more than an international banking house for the Jesuit papacy.  Several notorious Knights of Malta have been the true power brokers of Goldman, including Geoffrey T. Boisi (left).  Boisi is also a member of Rome’s Trilateral Commission, a former CEO of JPMorgan Chase, a member of the Board of Directors for Freddie Mac, an overseer of the Wharton School (which Papal Knight Donald Trump attended), a trustee of Jesuit Boston College and was honored by Pope John Paul II becoming a “Steward of St. Peter.”  True to typical Vatican policy, the Order has placed a Jew in the foreground while keeping its White Gentile Knights in the background.  Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein (below), openly leading Goldman, he is merely another “Papal Court Jew” doing the bidding of his master in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI.  The “Vicar of Christ” has declared that Goldman Sachs (with its up front, openly notorious Jewish business name) is doing “God’s Work,”  which description is clearly a reference to Opus Dei—”God’s Work.”  A Founding Member of the Pope’s New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (also based in New York City), is the most powerful investment banking institution within the Pope’s 14th Amendment American Empire.  And when public outrage once again is directed against the Wall Street giant due to another massive defrauding of its investors, Rome has ensured that a Jew will take the blame—further inciting anti-Jewish fury in America.

Blankfein Lloyd Goldman Saxhs CEO 2009Concerning Pope Benedict XVI’s description of Goldman Sachs “doing God’s Work,” see the article below: