Olbermann on Blackwater/Xe: Papal Crusading Knights of Malta


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The videos are further exposure of CIA-connected Blackwater Worldwide, Inc., renamed Xe Services LLC, under the leadership of Roman Catholic Erik Prince and especially Jesuit Georgetown University adjunct law professor, Knight of Malta/CEO Joseph Schmitz.  Unfortunately, Keith Olbermann is also controlled by the papacy overseeing MSNBC via New York Archbishop Dolan’s Council on Foreign Relations.  This dialectic is the Order’s Democratic party-led, socialist-communist, “radical left” opposing the Order’s Republican party-led, socialist-fascist “radical right.”  Olbermann’s reporting, overseen by MSNBC’s Roman Catholic Irish-American, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Lawrence O’Donnell, is secretly intended to further incite the Muslim world against the “heretic” Protestant/Baptist and “liberal” Roman Catholic American Empire; to provoke more Islamic crime within the U.S. and Canada (backed by the pope’s FBI/CIA/NSA; and to thereby drive all Whites in general to a unified, outraged desperation then manipulated into the hands of the Jesuit-fascist “New Right” backed by the Council for National Policy!  Then the Pope’s International, 12th Crusade against Islam (both Shia and Sunni) will begin in dead earnest.