Maurice Strong!

Maurice Strong!

By Henry Lamb  Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, Glenn Beck asked his audience to learn all they could about Maurice Strong.  Today, on his radio show,Glenn read an excerpt from a special report on Maurice Strong written by Henry Lamb in 1997.  This special report is included in Lamb’s recent book, The Rise of Global Governance.

The report, entitled “Maurice Strong, the new guy in your future,” traces Strong’s life through his business dealings, his involvement with the Canadian government, his influential positions with the United Nations, and his manipulation of several non-government organizations.  This report appears in the context of several other well-documented special reports that demonstrate the development of global governance as it was being constructed throughout the 1990s.

An even more comprehensive study of Maurice Strong and the global governance that Glenn Beck is now revealing, is available in the written works of Henry Lamb in a single CD.  The material on the CD is a collection of .PDF files organized by year between 1994 and 2009, along with a variety of special articles and reports.

This material is searchable.  Select the file for any year, enter the search term Maurice” and instantly, every  word written about Maurice Strong by Lamb that year is identified in context and in sequence.   This is the fastest way to gain an extensive education about this important player in global governance.

There is a lot of information about Maurice Strong scattered throughout the Sovereignty International website which may be viewed for free.  These two items in our store are ready for immediate shipment to those who want to make the material a part of your permanent library.

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