Knight of Malta/Bilderberger/SS Nazi Officer Prince Bernhard


Cross of Knights of Malta White on Red

Now you have the evidence in pictures.  Secretly a Roman Catholic, Prince Bernhard initiates Dutch Queen Beatrix as an “Honorary Commander” into the Order of Malta on June 19, 1959, in The Hague.  Behind and on the left is the Queen Mother Juliana and a sister of Beatrix, Princess Irene.  The Maltese Cross, with four Nazi “Suavastikas” (not “Swastikas” evidenced by the direction of the tips of each broken cross) pictured below, is the Spanish Cross, awarded primarily to Luftwaffe pilots who participated in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).  Hitler’s alter ego, German Knight of Malta Franz von Papen, promoted Nazi support in fighting the “Spanish Communists,”  the republican nationalists having expelled the Jesuits from Spain in 1932.  Thus, the oversight of the Nazis by the German Knights is evident in the message of the medal.  The rule of the Pope of Rome over the Bilderbergers—founded by Knight Bernhard—is fulfilled by his Knights of Malta and occult, Jesuit Spiritual Coadjutors advising the Knights.

Maltese Cross Spanish Cross 1939 Luftwaffe Black and White

SMOM Prince Berhhard Kinghts Queen_Betricx_1