Knight of Malta John F. Queeny: Founder of Monsanto


SMOM John Francis Queeny

According to the Count in Venice, John Francis Queeny—founder of The Monsanto Company—was a Knight of Malta.  Irish-American Roman Catholic Queeny (1859-1933) founded the company in 1901 within the Jesuit stronghold of St. Lewis—hosting the Black Pope’s Saint Louis University since 1818.  This is the same year J. P. Morgan, Papal Knight of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, founded U.S. Steel Corporation and in 1911 would appoint Knight of MaltaJohn A. Farrell as its president.  Interesting:  Queeny, Morgan and Farrell were all wicked, pope-serving, White Gentiles—not a Jew in the mix!

Monsanto Logo

Headquartered in Creve Cour, Missouri, Monsanto has become a monster of evil, destroying the health and environment of the targeted “heretic and liberal” White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist peoples of North America in accordance with the Black Pope’s Counter Reformation Council of Trent.  Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide “Roundup,” as well as producing 90% of the world’s genetically modified seeds.  Once the manufacturer of the now outlawed DDT and Agent Orange during Francis Cardinal Spellman’s CIA-directed Vietnam War, the company also developed and now markets bovine growth hormone, further poisoning the food chain here in America.  It is most intriguing that Europe—the pope’s Revived Holy Roman Empire deceptively called “The European Union”—refuses to purchase beef produced in the United States!  Upon purchasing G. D. Searle and Company in 1985, Monsanto, via its NutraSweet Company, is the manufacturer of aspartame, the notorious neuro-toxin sold to the public as an artificial sweetener.  Aspartame is the “sweetener” in the “soft drink” “Pepsi,” Pepisico once employing JFK assassin/FBI liaison to the Warren Commission and Knight of Malta Cartha D. DeLoach.  And to continue the Order’s modus operandi of placing a Jew at the head of their cartel-capitalist enterprises, Robert B. Shapiro was Monsanto’s CEO from 1995 to 2000.  The devil’s Great Conspiracy for world government must always appear to be led by Jews, never by the Pope of Rome using select, Masonic “Court Jews” as his underlings!

Monsanto has strong ties to The Walt Disney Company, it having financial backing from the Order’s Bank of America founded in Jesuit-ruled San Francisco by Italian-American Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Amadeo Giannini in 1904.  Disney owns ABC Television Network and its Director Emeritus is Roy Disney (brother of the late Walt Disney) who was inducted into the Knights of St. Gregory during the same ceremony with Fox Network owner Rupert Murdoch.  Interesting: ABC and Fox are both controlled by Rome through brother Knights of the Order of St. Gregory!  Much more could be said but be assured that Knights of Malta, along with other papal orders, rule the monopolist economy of the pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment, Cartel-Corporate Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire from Wall Street, Monsanto included.  For the complete picture, see Fred Parson’s “Satanic Business Model Chart” under “World” on this site.