The National Secular Society is promoting de-baptismal with certificates to go with it, bloggers and other Catholic sources suggest this is mere publicity seeking and nonsensical.

I think it raises one or two interesting points – primarily – are all the baptisms celebrated valid?

The Church baptises infants in the expectation that they "catch" faith from their family and community and will a later receive the other sacraments of initiation: Confirmation and Holy Communion.

But what if a child’s family has no faith, have never been evangelised, if the God parents are merely mouthing, to them, meaningless words, if there is no intention of bringing up the child in the practice of the faith or of completing the sacraments of initiation? What if someone has been brought up in a totally secular environment and has never ever expressed, even internally, any assent to the Christian faith – is the baptism valid then?

In the case of marriage or ordination the presumption is that the celebration of the rite confers the sacrament until it can be proved there was a lack of the proper disposition to receive it. Can the same be said about baptism?

The Code of Canon Law says if there is serious doubt about a child being brought up in the practice of the faith, baptism should be delayed. How one actually proves in the external forum a lack of disposition I don’t know.

I know, this is a bit of a Tablet question.