Bangkok under curfew amid crackdown

Thailand has imposed a curfew as riots break out in parts of Bangkok following the military’s capture of the fortified opposition encampments in the main business district.

The army has imposed a night-time curfew on the city to clear out the remaining pockets of resistance in the city. It is the first time that Bangkok has been put under curfew since 1992. The curfew is also imposed in 23 other provinces in the country.

Most of the protesters have been dispersed, but a number of protesters still remain in the streets. Thai authorities say the troops will continue operations in Bangkok overnight and medical and disaster relief teams will remain standing by.

TV stations will be allowed to broadcast programs sanctioned by the government.

Media reports say that several major buildings in the capital were set ablaze on Wednesday.

Fire is burning at least 20 buildings including those of the stock exchange, banks, a shopping mall and a TV station.

Flames have trapped about 100 of the TV station’s employees inside the building.

The fresh clashes have left at least five people dead and dozens more wounded over the past 24 hours. An Italian journalist was among the dead.

Nearly 75 people have lost their lives since mid-March, while more than 1,700 others are reported to have been injured.

The Army flushed out opposition protesters from their base with the help of tanks and armored vehicles. This is while red-shirts leaders have surrendered to authorities.

Violence flared up in Bangkok after Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva scrapped a plan to hold early elections — one of the opposition’s main demands.

The red-shits describe Abhisit’s government as illegitimate and call for his resignation.

The red-shirts are mainly supporters of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a military coup in 2006

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