The truth about Astrology. 

New found respect.

To conventional science astrology has no basis in fact. However times are changing. New knowledge and sense of direction mean that astrology now has a more wider respect.

Today Astrology is even  the subject of study courses at University. But how does it work?


Astronomy v Astrology.

Science v Mysticism.

Today professional astronomers heap buckets of cold water on astrology, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact up until the turn of the last century there was almost no distinction between astronomy and astrology.

Then a new so called "new enlightenment", persuaded the pseudo intellectuals that the stars and planets couldn’t possibly have any effect on what goes on down here on Earth – least of all to the point of predestining a persons character. From then on astronomy became the sensible interpretation of the stars, while astrology was downgraded as the provenance of fools and eccentrics.

Exact Science.

The fact is astrology does work. The stars and planets do affect our lives. An example of this is our own sun. Without it we could not exist. We depend on it for life. Then again there is the effect of the moon on the tide. Just two examples that prove planet Earth is very much affected by celestial affairs The ancients realised this connection far better than we do. Even in the very earliest societies astrology was already an exact science – probably the second oldest profession that exists.

Working science.

The amazing thing is that even the most skeptical astronomer is forced to admit that astrology works. What they do somehow find hard to accept is that a persons entire outlook can be shaped by the stars and planets. Even astrologers find it hard to explain the mechanics of the process, yet surely the answers are not so difficult to understand. In fact the explanation falls well into the realms of pure science.

Celestial Forces.

Although we look upon space as an empty void the reality is far different. Instead we find a maelstrom of competing forces – turbulent energy and radiation streaming out in all directions. The sun is a prime source of this energy, and our planet receives a heavy bombardment from it. If it were not for the filtering effects of the atmosphere much of this energy would be dangerous. As it is only a fraction reaches through to the surface, and is of little harm to us. Nevertheless it does have an effect on us, influen cing weather patterns, affecting broadcasting equipment, electrical devices, and undoubtedly our moods and character.

Energy Streams.

This is the crux of how astrology works, because this stream of energy is constantly fluctuating. It means that a person born now will be subject to different forces than one born in five minutes time. If anyone doubts the veracity of this assertion we can do no better then illustrate our point with photos taken from SOHO – NASA’s solar space telescope.  As can be seen from the images below the energy streaming away from the sun is always different These differing fluxes of solar energy clearly demonstrate why it is vital for the astrologer to know the exact time of a persons birth. It is also vital to know ones precise location of birth because different latitudes receive hugely varying amounts of this energy.

Cosmic Energy.

In addition to the energy we receive from the Sun there is the additional Cosmic energy that permeates through from the rest of the Earth’s Galaxy and also the Universe beyond it. This interacts with the Suns energy, and the planets, so that broadly speaking the effects are predictable when studied over a very long period. This is because the Sun completes its apparent yearly course to the same background of stars – the indomitable Zodiac – whose stars and constellations all emit fantastic amounts of energy that despite the enormous distances involved still finds its way to our planet. This creates cycles of influence which for thousands of years were observed, noted, and written down.

Stamp of character.

In turn this energy imposes a virtual stamp on a persons character, so that if their date and birth location are precisely known, an incredibly accurate assessment of that persons character can be made by any competent astrologer. This includes every aspect of their character, as well as their optimum choice of career and leisure activities. In short a complete dissection of the person that they really are!

Planetary Influence.

The planets play a defining role in astrology. When major planets align on the sun they create massive forces, that in turn cause extra solar activity sending out streams of energy that affect every aspect of our lives. From early times it was noted that when planets align in a certain way events repeated themselves to a certain pattern. Likewise people were also shown to be influenced in a predictable pattern, and so the science of astrology was born. A science in the truest sense of the word. One that today’s scientists and astronomers would do well to explore.

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