The sun is becoming stronger.

Violent Sun

Data recorded over the last century shows that solar activity is on the increase. This increase has been noticeably apparent over the last thirty years and seems part of a continuing pattern.

But how much more violent will our sun become and what are the likely consequences?


The sun is getting stronger

It’s official! Latest studies reveal our sun has suddenly become more active. In fact solar activity over the last 40 years has shown a dramatic increase in comparison to the average taken over the 250 years since records were kept. Currently this increase represents no threat to us but inevitably the question has to be asked: How long will it be before the sun becomes too hot for comfort?

Worst case scenario.

The answer to this is vital for survival. Throughout this site we have outlined many possible hazards and dangers that we cannot afford to ignore. With the sun these fears become especially pronounced because solar activity is something which falls entirely outside our control. A firm and stable sun is vital for our survival and any change to its activity could prove disastrous to our existence. In plain language increased solar activity is the very worst case scenario. Asteroids and polar reversals may be terrible to contemplate but when it comes to the sun we have a source of catastrophe from which there would be absolutely no chance of escape or recovery.

Optimum conditions.

Until now the sun has proved itself to be reassuringly steady. It is precisely because of this that life thrives so well here. Without these optimum conditions life would be impossible and it is fascinating to note the critical parameters within which life flourishes. If the planet was just a little too hot or cold no life would exist, and this is why we depend on the sun to remain as stable as it is.

Massive fireball.

The uncomfortable truth is that eventually the sun will destroy the Earth. Scientists estimate that in several billion years the sun will heat up and expand to such a phenomenal extent that it will literally absorb the Earth together with most of the other planets in the solar system. Finally with its energy expended it will shrink back to explode in a massive fireball.

Solar surge.

The question is: Could the first stages of that demise be already upon us? In other words, is the sun about to enter the next – and most explosive phase of its life cycle? What is certain is that over the last century there has been a doubling of the strength of the suns magnetic field. This period there has also seen a corresponding surge of solar energy and no one can be sure what the long term consequences will be.

Global warming.

Some scientists are now saying that global warming is principally attributable to increased solar activity rather than emissions from fossil fuels. This may well be so but it would be the height of folly to ignore our resonsibilities in this dilemma. Solar forces are certainly beyond our control but if the sun has suddenly become more violent then it was never more important to maintain our atmosphere in as heathy a state as possible. Quite simply the Earth’s atmosphere is our sole defence against harmful solar energy and we need it to survive!

Worst danger.

Of all the dangers that we face, increased solar activity is definitely the most prominent. Even if we can do nothing about it, we can at least make sure we don’t make matters worse for ourselves by damaging the atmosphere – our sole protection against the universe.