Did a biocatastrophe wipe out a former civilisation.


Incredible ancient texts speak of events and happenings that now have more relevance than ever before.

These accounts seem to tell of a far distant era when Mankind embarked on a hideous manipulation of the genetic code. Tampering that led to complete disaster.



Did a super race of master scientists once indulge in the most hideous forms of genetic engineering? Experiments so bizarre and ghastly that they involved transplanting the head of humans on goats and eagles? Creatures literally built together and constructed of the limbs and features of every other animal?

Impossible? Well certainly to our ears not just impossible but quite ridiculous to even contemplate! But keep on reading! Keep on reading because incredible as it may sound there was once a widespread belief that in the earliest prehistory this horrific Master Race of people did actually exist! In fact there are some who believe that the experimental abilities of these people substantially altered the genetic makeup of our entire species. Some go even further to suggest that Mankind is himself the product of a genetic experiment originated by aliens!

Even more intriguing is the fact that all this is said to have occurred many many millions of years ago, during a period when the world was otherwise in a complete state of chaos!

Unknown Race.

It was thought that an unknown race of beings that inhabited the world of that time acquired the knowledge and ability to be able to control and distort the genetic makeup of all human and animal life forms! Eventually however this experimentation went horrifically wrong and the whole habited world of that day was almost completely destroyed!

An intriguing story, but where is the evidence? We are afterall talking of a period in the deepest prehistory – a time long before Mankind is thought to have even existed! And yet now we are talking not only of a developed species at that time, but also one capable of altering the very blueprints of our existence! To many this will sound like crossing the very boundaries of credulity! But wait! Let’s take things in order! Let’s look at the evidence! Let us look first at the earliest records. Mostly these are composed of myths and legends. Not very reliable one might think! But here you would be wrong!

Coded History.

The language of the myths may be flowery and hard to fathom but this is mostly because they are riddled with allegory and symbolised happenings! In fact they are something of a code! Ignore them and you ignore a very real source of historical evidence! Treat them with respect however and you invariably open the door to a whole new avenue of thought and enquiry! Here one has only to remember Schliemann’s faith in the Iliad and his subsequent discovery of Troy! In fact the truth is that whenever there have been people willing to trust in ancient legends major discoveries have invariably followed! Even so Troy rates as recent history compared to the timescale we are now thinking of! And yet a record of these times still exists! It is to be found written as part of the annals of one of the earliest cultures on Earth!


We go now to Mesopotamia and the ancient records of the Babylonians! It is here in the land of the two rivers that our modern understanding of civilisation arises! Significantly this ancient land of Sumer possesses a richly developed series of creation myths and many of the later Judaeo-Christian writings, are thought to have been passed down from this once fertile area of Mesopotamia!

It was the belief of these early authors that the world was subject to frequent catastrophes that periodically wiped out nearly all living matter! To a certain extent they believed these catastrophes were predictable, and rather than face the loss of their records and traditions they buried a history of their people in the "city of the Sun at Sippara"! This was a wise precaution because a fresh disaster is said to have wiped away the entire world of it’s day! Finally when survivors returned they remembered the secret records which were unearthed and used to reconstruct the city of Babylon!

Classical Testimony.

The nature of these records might well have been lost to us forever, but fortunately fragments of what they contained are still to be found! They originate from a source with personal access to these records – the historian Berossus. This Babylonian priest of the temple of Belus, who most commentators credit with an unusually developed sense of historical accuracy lived and wrote in the time of Alexander the Great! Unfortunately his great work Babylonian History,is now lost to us, but fragments of it have been preserved by the classical authors Abydenus, Apollodorus, and Alexander Polyhistor!

Much of the work contained in these fragments is an account of early prehistory! Yet unlike the myths it uses no sense of allegory, and is obviously intended to be treated as historical reality. This makes it all the more remarkable because we find a reference to a remote period of time when the Earth was populated by the most hideous creatures:

" There was a time in which there was nothing but darkness and an abyss of waters, wherein resided most awful beings, which were produced of a two-fold principle. Men appeared with two wings, some with four and with two faces. They had one body but two heads; the one of a man, the other of a woman. They were likewise in their several organs both male and female. Other human figures were to be seen with the legs and horns of goats! Some had horses’ feet; others had the limbs of a horse behind, but before were fashioned like men, resembling hippocentaurs. Bulls likewise bred with the heads of men; and dogs with fourfold bodies, and tails of fishes. Also horses with the heads of dogs: men too and other animals, with the heads and bodies of horses and the tails of fishes. In short these were creatures with the limbs of every other species of animal. "

Technological nightmare.

To any other age – to any other people, this account would have read as no different to any of the many myths and legends! Yet surely now on the eve of the 21st century we are able to see things differently! In this era of high technological achievement it is possible to re-look at this account with eyes not of incredulity but astonishment at the reality of these dramatic lines of early history! For are we not seeing here the description of a technological era gone crazy?

Hideous Creatures.

Berossus speaks of hideous creatures "with the limbs of every species of animal"! Today we can scarcely open a newspaper or turn on the television without learning of a new procedure that cross matches animal and human tissue. Pigs hearts in humans! Lungs of oxen considered as human substitutes and a whole new area of spare parts surgery made possible from animal organs! In addition to this, cloning of animals through biological manipulation is now a distinct possibility!

Scientists fears.

Even scientists are expressing alarm at the rate at which this research is developing. Essentially it means that in the near future it will be possible to clone identical herds of cattle from a single specimen! Imagine being able to clone a hundred Red Rums – the famous race horse – in terms of ability and fitness and you have some sort of idea of where we are heading. The know-how is all there and even scientists are becoming concerned as to where this is leading.

David Hopkinson, director of the Human Biochemical Genetics Unit at University College London said in a recent interview in the Times that he viewed this achievement "with some trepitude"! Another scientist said the whole thing was a truly "appalling prospect"!

We’ve already done it.

The reality is that we are fully capable of replacing human organs with animal equivalents! This capability represents the here and now! We’ve already done it! It stands to reason then that if there once existed an advanced civilisation in deepest prehistory, they too would have had the capability of doing such things. Perhaps they even went further and didn’t stop at simply transplanting animal organs into people. Perhaps their curiosity got the better of them! Maybe they took this genetic engineering beyond all moral and ethical limits to create terrible hybrid species of the sort described in the writings of Berossus.

We can laugh all we want but the fact is that with our current rate of progression science will again be able to create these hybrid monsters of antiquity! There is nothing to stop us except our own conscience, but as history has shown, this has never been an impediment!

The fact is that even the most cursory study of ancient texts shows that reference to this idea of hybrid creatures is never hard to find. We see it in the Minoan legend of the minotaur, that was half bull, and half man. We see it in the legend of the Unicorn, and the winged horse Pegasus. We also see it graphically immortalised in half-human mixtures like the famous sphinx of Egypt!

Greek Legend.

Across the Mediterranean in Greece the sphinx was an even more complicated creature which possessed the head and breasts of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of a bird. The ancient Greeks also believed in the legend of the Chimeras, which were composite monsters, constructed of "incongruous parts"! This was said to have been the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent. In plain language nothing that the science of the future will find too difficult to duplicate.

Human Experiment.

There are even those who go further and say that Mankind himself is the result of an alien experiment. In short we are the product of a long term project, frequently altered and manipulated and sewn on this planet like seeds in a vast terrestrial garden!

As a theory of our origins this is fast gaining converts. Best-selling authors such as Erich Von Daniken, and George Adamski are almost insistent on this point. They highlight the fact that loopholes in our ideas on human evolution, particularly the famous missing links are only explainable by the fact that the answers must lie in the hands of an influencing power!

Full identity.

The certain truth is that out of the blue our species arose from being little better than an animal, to one capable of travelling to another planet. And remember that ecologically this occurred over a time period that is barely more than a blink of the eye. Instead of evolution we have world of species that to all intents and purposes appear to have been created instantaneously in full corporeal identity. Significantly this is just the way that ancient texts like the Bible say it happened! In other words each living thing was a separate creation!

Faced with this reality it seems certain that our species was at some point in it’s development impregnated with special qualities that set him apart from the animals! Some see this as the hand of God and others as the intervention of aliens! The fact is that it happened!

In his book Return to the Stars best-selling author Erich Von Daniken puts things into the following context: "I think it likely that unknown cosmonauts brought with them to our earth branches of knowledge of the kind we are now acquiring and that they made our ancestors intelligent by their manipulation of the genetic code!"

The Ageing Process.

Elsewhere Von Daniken talks of this manipulation extending to the very heart of our ageing process. Curiously in all the ancient records such as the Bible people were living out fantastic lifespans. This was originally explained as an error in their counting of the years, but detailed study of these manuscripts show this not to be the case! A year in the Bible is just as long as the year we know today. Yet people of that time were living five to nine hundred years!

Von Daniken amongst others explains this in terms of a malignant ageing virus that was deliberately sent to make our days shorter! If so it was put there a very long time ago.

Increased Life-span.

Now at last the mysteries of ageing are at last being unravelled! Breakthroughs in our understanding of degenerative cell damage mean that we can once again look forward to much longer lifespans. In fact Michael Rose, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of California says "There is no limit to the potential life of human beings"! He also insisted that eventually with this new understanding people could easily live out lifespans of four hundred years or more!

Dangerous precedent.

On the face of it this may all seem like a cheerful development. Afterall living out indefinite lifespans does have attractions, but tampering with the genetic code can be dangerous. It’s rather like fiddling with the registry of a modern day computer! Mix up the messages and you finish up with an insoluble crisis!

Perhaps this is what happened thousands of years ago, in the days of the monstrous hybrids. Perhaps the scientists of the day didn’t know where to stop, and brought on themselves a biocatastrophe of epic proportions! This would be all too possible as changes in our biological make-up could also introduce lethal viruses capable of wiping out all living matter. As one Harvard scientist observed: "The ability to manufacture, transplant, and combine genes is at the heart of a potential catastrophe that threatens the entire human race with a biological doomsday!"

Who says events don’t move in cycles?