From: Saturday, September 30, 2006 3:04 PM EDT
The existence of a hideous plan to sacrifice a U.S. Aircraft Carrier as a pretext for war with Iran is presently being uncovered!
The Hal Turner Show has been told that within the next five (5) weeks, the United States will "suffer" a missile attack upon the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, presently on patrol near the Persian Gulf. This attack will appear to be from numerous "Silkworm" and/or "Sunburn" missiles which will sink the vessel and kill most of the 5,000 crew onboard.
The "attack" will be blamed on Iran and thus provide the Bush Administration with an excuse to go to war with that nation.
The Hal Turner Show has learned that the missiles used to attack the USS Enterprise will not be fired from or by Iran, but rather will be a "false flag operation" made to LOOK as though Iran carried out the attack!
The USS Enterprise is the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It was Commissioned in 1961 and is due to be decommissioned in 2014 or 2015. The ship was selected to be the "victim" of this "attack" due to its age.
THOSE PLANNING THE ATTACK ARE INSIDE THE U.S. AND ISRAELI GOVERNMENTS and view the loss of the Enterprise crew as a necessary sacrifice to induce Americans to support war against Iran. Put bluntly, the ship and crew are to be cannon fodder.
. . . . .
Extract from Voice of the White House, September 29, 2006.
Now, they tell me, Cheney wants the entire National Guard activated and shipped over here along with every reservist or discharged GI with former combat service. They have the orders drawn up there and we have copies. Engineers have been putting up miles of new barracks and the supply services are tipped to expect ‘significant very large shipments’ of food, clothes, shoes, helmets and so on. A quarter of a million men are supposed to be reactivated and sent over here before Christmas. A general officer said, in my office, that they were just waiting until after the elections in November.
. . . . .
Rumour: The Michigan will be leaving drydock ahead of schedule with a newly developed surface to surface/air weapons system.
U.S. Navy ballistic missile submarine USS Michigan SSBN-727 (NUCLEAR-POWERED)
Extract: The Michigan is scheduled to enter Puget Sound Naval Shipyard sometime in late 2003 to begin a Refueling Complex Overhaul and to be converted to an SSGN.
Extract: The Ohio class cruise missile submarine (SSGN) program entails the refueling and conversion of the four SSBNs to dedicated cruise missile launch submarines to support the Land- Attack/Strike mission. Each new Multiple All-Up-Round (AUR) Canister (MAC) launchers contain seven Tomahawk land-attack missiles (TLAMs) and fit within the existing Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) vertical launch tubes. Each SSGN will accommodate up to 22 MACs, for a total of 154 TLAMs.
The SSGN will also support Special Operations Forces (SOF) missions. Two of the large vertical launch tubes will be converted to SOF lockout chambers and the ship will feature dedicated accommodations for SOF personnel and their equipment. The SSGN is capable of hosting the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) and Dry Deck Shelter on its upper deck. In the future, the extensive payload capacity of the SSGN may be used to support other offboard systems, including large unmanned and autonomous underwater vehicles, as well as alternate weapons systems.
The Navy plans to conduct operational evaluation (OPEVAL) of the SSGN’s Strike and SOF missions in FY07.
Trident SSGN also provides the CINCs and Battle Group commander a large SOF contingent (4 platoons or 66 SEALs) capable of carrying out a sustained and continuous level of effort of Special Forces missions. Each boat could carry up to 66 SEALs or other commandos, and a minisub currently under development would be affixed to the bow. However, there are not many missions in which such a large force of SEALs would play a significant role.
Extract: BMD Watch: Trident Subs Will Fight Terror
The U.S. Navy is converting some of its prized nuclear strategic submarines to launch precision, conventional munitions strikes against terrorist bases and similar targets. Four ultra-stealth Ohio-class SSBNs are having their 24 Trident II D-5 nuclear ballistic missiles removed and replaced with up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles, Defense Industry Daily reported Jan. 18.
. . . . .
Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group to deploy
Norfolk, Va. – Nearly 6,500 Sailors will leave their homeport in Norfolk when the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group (IKE CSG) deploys Tuesday, October 3 in support of the on-going rotation of forward-deployed forces.
Commanded by Rear Adm. Allen G. Myers, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 8 (CCSG 8), IKE CSG includes the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), with its embarked air wing, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7, embarked Destroyer Squadron (CDS) Twenty-Eight, guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68), guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61), guided missile-destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) along with the fast attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN 750), all homeported in Norfolk.
. . . . .
Plus many recent reports of an already huge naval buildup in the Gulf and Eastern Mediteranean.
TerraHertz comments:
Hmmm… Very interesting.
A report (no confirmation) of plans to ‘false flag’ sink the USS Enterprise.
A nuclear powered carrier, and a strong symbol of American pride. A name of psychological significance. A death toll even bigger than that of 911, and of ‘brave American servicemen’ – all the better to psyop the public!
This fits very well with the present desperation of the Bushies, their needs, the election timing, and other military movement reports. Not to mention it solves an awkward disposal problem of an outdated hulk, just like with the WTC towers. Wonder if it too is over-insured?
However, there’s the fact that surely the Bushies can’t want to radioactively contaminate the Gulf so much that the oil stops. Blowing up and sinking a nuclear aircraft carrier would do that. So how…?
Ah! But here’s a little hint in the Hal Turner site comments: "My daughter was on the USS Enterprise. She said that it was being decommissioned back in 2000."
Well, well, well! If true, I wonder how far that ‘decommissioning’ got? As far as removing the reactor fuel, but not the heavily irradiated cores which will cost a heap to safely dismantle to EPA standards? Did/does the Enterprise have backup diesel motive power I wonder? Judging by how multiply redundant naval warships tend to be, I’d expect so. Good enough to get it to the Gulf.
And what a coincidence! The navy recently ran two ‘dress rehearsals’ of sinking aircraft carriers, so now they can get it just perfect for the cameras.
Take 1 – USS USS America: May 2005.
Got it wrong, took 25 days to sink it.
Take 2 – USS Oriskany: May 2006.
A little overdone, took 45 minutes instead of the intended 5 hours.
Then we may have the very stealthy, nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine USS Michigan, secretly out of refit way early, lurking close to Iran’s shore supposedly to deliver Special Forces & Seals into Iran. But it also happens to have a bunch of cruise missiles capable of submarine launch. They’d look like they came from Iran. We can assume the Michigan will be sinisterly involved here, since we’ve been told it will ‘fight terror’ – and we all know what that means.
With the USS Enterprise being ‘third time lucky’, we can expect a well-timed photogenicly tragic sinking, with no awkward stuffups like the ship not sinking for days; drifting around with obvious demolition charge damage exposed for all to see. Or even worse, doing a USS Liberty – not sinking at all. Much like WTC Building 7 sitting there loaded with explosives but the scheduled plane not showing up. That must have been such an awkward moment.
Now it makes sense. The US sinks the USS Enterprise in the Gulf, claiming Iran blew up a nuclear ship in their own backyard. Thus appearing to demonstrate that Iran is run by a bunch of belligerent loonies, who don’t understand the environmental dangers of nuclear power, and most definately can’t be allowed their own nuclear reactors. Why, its only by miraculous luck and heroic efforts by the brave but doomed crew that the ship’s reactors didn’t leak (much) and create a new Chernobyl dead zone in the Middle East oil… uh, Holy Lands!
Insert coin (5000 US naval dead) to begin WWIII. By sheer chance all our forces are in place already! Oh, and incidentally to activate the final stage of Police State America, arrest all those pesky election fraud and 911 conspiracists as enemy combatants, set the November election software to ‘win by a mile’ (without any troublemakers around to yell ‘Fraud!’), bring in the Draft, and save Decider Bush & Co. from trial and execution as war criminals.
Brilliant plan, really. But guaranteed to go wrong to a shocking and awesome degree.