The sixth extinction is already here.

The Sixth Extinction.

Some predictions estimate that within a quarter of a century over half the worlds species of mammals will become extinct. This is largely as a result of human interference.

Our feature explores the staggering implications which place in doubt our very own survival.


The sixth extinction.

Life on this planet currently faces one of the greatest threats to its existence – the sixth extermination.

Chilling Certainty.

During the course of the Earth’s biological history there have been numerous occasions when mass extinctions completely altered the balance of life. These all occurred for a variety of reasons but are all characterised by their amazing swiftness. With chilling certainty biologists warn we are now in the midst of another such extinction and the implications are clear: That we cannot guarantee that the human race will not follow the thousands of other species that are now hurtling headlong towards oblivion! In plain language our very existence is now in jeopardy and the supreme irony is that it is we ourselves who are principally to blame for this disaster.

Millions already dying.

If anyone doubts the predicament we are in they should consider the following points: Within a very short time a quarter of all animal species will be extinct. In addition at least a quarter of all natural habitats will soon be lost, and a staggering 80% of the worlds forests have now been felled. Meanwhile global warming is already leading to a melting north polar ice cap, altered weather patterns, flooding, and mass outbreaks of disease and famine. Air pollution is already killing millions world-wide, and by the year 2026 at least 70% of the worlds population will be without an adequate water supply.

Real dangers.

We must also remember that by the middle of this century the worlds population will have more than doubled and even at the best of times this would present massive problems. In these circumstances threats of our own extinction are not hard to perceive.  These are very real dangers and the most frightening thing of all is the extreme rapidity with which these events are now gathering pace.

Alarming reality.

The alarming reality is that when mass extinctions like this take place there is very little chance of reversing the trend once it has begun to make itself apparent. Essentially it means we are now reduced to the status of anxious onlookers in the face of circumstances that we have little power to control.