The Long Count of Days.

Fantastic time periods.

Ancient texts provide a substantially different perspective to world history than the one often printed in the text books.

Indeed we find reference to Kings who lived out reigns amounting to tens of thousands of years. But can these accounts be taken seriously?


The long count.

Even a cursory glance through ancient records reveals an appreciation of time quite different to our own. We find people and rulers living out fantastic lifespans in time periods so chronologically remote they become difficult to imagine! By contrast our own ability to date specific historical events with any accuracy goes back no more than three or four thousand years! A thousand years beyond this and we arrive at the threshold of prehistory! Astonishing to think then that the ancients kept diligent accounts of events believed to have happened hundreds of thousands of years before this!

Records of Atlantis.

Egyptian priests for instance claimed to have preserved king list records from the island of Atlantis – records which went back over 12000 years! In addition ancient Indian texts speak of tremendous wars deep in prehistory. Then there are rumours of lost lands and sunken kingdoms that stretch back hundreds of thousands of years! And as if that wasn’t fascinating enough we have detailed cultural writings from all over the world describing how for thousands of years there existed an almost routine communication with celestial beings whose abode was the skies.

Back and Forth.

Not only are these beings reported to have made frequent and continuous contact with our planet, the ancient texts also tell of Earth people who travelled back with them "to the home of the gods", centred deep in the universe! Sensational indeed. And if true, this human visitation of alien worlds would explain several ancient enigmas that have baffled the scientific world for many many years.

The most important of these problems lie in the fantastic number of years associated with kinglists of ancient rulers! A hint of a celestial connection is immediately apparent in the ancient time scale of events, that though quite vast to us today, were not considered at all unusual to our ancestors of three or four thousand years ago!

Sense of Scale.

Let’s put this scale in perspective: We find for instance that when it comes to dates and distances, there is often a clear distinction between celestial and terrestrial scales of reckoning! On Earth a journey of ten thousand miles is considered long. In space one hundred million miles is considered no more than a trifling step! And along with distance there is time. In fact so vast are the distances associated with the universe they can only meaningfully be expressed in light years – the distance light travels in the course of one terrestrial year!

We see then that the various scales of magnitude relate quite accurately to the environment involved. Space quite literally necessitates the use of astronomical figures, and down here on Earth distance and time become scaled down accordingly.

Mysterious anomaly.

But now a mystery! Every once in awhile ancient texts confound our Earthly perspective and begin to describe events and people to a time scale completely at variance with what we know of this planet and it’s history! Take the ancient Mayan calendar for example. This was of a highly complex design, sophisticated and accurate to many places of decimals! Yet this phenomenal work of calculation was achieved well over a thousand years ago! In addition, Mayan knowledge of astronomy, particularly the cycles of the planets and the sidereal year were all expressed to an uncanny degree of accuracy! Certainly the work couldn’t have been better accomplished with precision measuring devices like those of today!

The Long Count.

The Mayan calendar is astonishing enough, but what interests us most is the fantastic extent of the time periods that the Mayan calendar encompasses. This ‘Long Count of Days’, as it is known, consists of the aggregate total of five kinds of time cycles! It means the cumulative total makes possible the accurate dating of events unimaginably distant. Apparently the highest unit in this calendar, the alautun, is equivalent to 23,000 million days!

In the book ‘Mystery of the Ancients’, authors Eric and Craig Umland comment: ‘In other words this "primitive agricultural" Amerind people measured time in units larger than 23,000 million days! One Mayan inscription from Quirigua mentions events occurring 90 million years ago. Another inscription from the same locality goes back even further to 400 million years’!

But why use such incredible numbers? What purpose was there for them? For although we ourselves use dates equally as long, they are usually in reference to rather vague geological time periods whose boundaries are difficult to define within a couple of million years! Yet the Mayan records display none of this vagueness. They hone in on specific dates that are millions of years old! It’s as if using our own calendar system we were to describe an event that happened on the 30th August 30,000,000 BC!!!

By contrast, the earliest recordable date; the first definite event of which we have specific knowledge, goes back no more than five thousand years. Beyond this lies an uncertain haze! Yet incredibly the Maya calendar gave them the ability to refer to events on days, weeks, and months many millions of years ago!

Comments J.Eric Thompson in "Worlds of the past": ‘Only problems involving stellar distances and interplanetary travel require units of this size’!

Sumerian King Records.

Another enigma of anomalous time periods are to be found in the Sumerian King Records of ancient Mesopotamia! These exciting early records preserved in cuneiform script give a comprehensive list of early Sumerian rulers. The most detailed of these king lists is to be found engraved on the Weld-Blundell prism in the Ashmolean Museum!

Astonishingly the Weld- Blundell prism gives accounts of rulers going back to the pre-flood age – a time period of close on half a million years! Revealingly it claims that it was in these early times that the ‘kingship descended from the skies’! In other words the rulers here on earth held power as agents of the gods, who like those of ancient Greece took on human form and likeness.

Astonishing reigns.

Where these king lists become truly amazing is in the number of years that each king is said to have ruled for. Reigns of twenty or thirty thousand years are nothing unusual!! For instance King List WB 444 reveals: " When the kingship came down from the skies the kingship was in Eridu. Alulim was king in Eridu. He reigned 28,800 years. Alagar reigned 36,000 years. Two kings they ruled 64,800 years…!" And so it goes on and on – account after account, of rulers and their fantastic years of reign!

Another curious feature of this king list is that after the deluge, these remarkable tenures of rule come down quite dramatically. In fact we find that "Utul Kalamana, son of Urnungal" ruled just 15 years! Labaser only nine! That’s quite a come down from thirty thousand years! And also quite a mystery! Why for instance were the period of these reigns so incredibly shortened? Why were they so long to start with?

Another mystery is that several rulers appear to have ruled twice! Even stranger is that in between their separate reigns occurs a gap of thousands of years!

Heavenly Emperors.

A mystery indeed, but before we look at explanations, let us go further east to China, another ancient land with a long history of regal power and tradition. Here like ancient Mesopotamia we find historical accounts of great antiquity! They refer to a an age when "Heavenly Emperors" ruled here on Earth. These emperors of whom there were thirteen, are each said to have lived out reigns of 18,000 years! And here again the ancient records insist this kingship arrived from the skies! A kingship that was to last for well nigh half a million years!

If it were just a case of one or two isolated examples of these seemingly inflated time periods we might easily ignore them! The fact is, that in virtually every cultural tradition of any note, there is a reference to an earlier more glorious period of existence, when "sky rulers" reigned on this planet for thousands of years! In his book " According to the Evidence" Erich Von Daniken speaks of an ancient Amazonian manuscript ‘The book of the Jaguar’! In one part this "tells of the colonisation of the Earth by the gods up to the time of the second world catastrophe." Another book, ‘The book of the Eagle’, apparently refers to a time period over 11,000 years ago!’

Yet another ancient Amazonian treatise, The Chronicle of Akakor, deals with the prehistoric origins of the Mongulala tribe. The Chronicles claim this was ‘a tribe chosen by the gods 15,000 years ago!’

History of the oldest people.

In 1972 a detailed narrative of the tribes incredible history was recorded on tape by the noted historian and sociologist Karl Brugger!

In one of the taped interviews, chief of the tribe, Tatunca Nara described that the Chronicle of Akakor is "a history of the oldest people in the world…" He explains that for a long time the tribe existed in a highly primitive state until the gods came and brought them light!

According to the chief this occurred in the year 13000 BC, "in the year of the white barbarians"! It was in that year "gleaming gold ships suddenly emerged in the sky. Huge beacons illuminated the sky. The earth quaked and thunder rolled over the hills. Men bowed down in awe before the mighty strangers who came to take possession of the earth!" The chief went on to say that their home planet called Shwerta lay in the depths of the universe: "a mighty empire consisting of many planets as numerous as particles of dust in the street"! On earth these beings ruled from Akakor, erected around 14000 years ago!

Indian Legacy.

In India these early time scales become increasingly colossal. In Secrets of the Lost Races author Rene Noorbergen remarks that numerous Sanskrit books "contain references to divisions of time that cover a very wide range. In Hindu texts dealing with cosmology we find at one extreme a unit called the ‘kalpa’, or ‘Day of Brahma’, a period of 4.32 billion years!"

The sheer extent of these time scales must surely indicate a celestial significance. These are truly astronomical figures! They belong to the realms of the universe, a dimension of existence considerably broader than our own! And the riveting truth is that ancient records freely admit to this celestial connection. In ancient Sumer we are clearly told the kingship arrived from the skies! In China it was rule by ‘Heavenly Emperors’!

Von Daniken Explains.

As for the fantastic number of years in each reign, Von Daniken, has a clever answer! In a nutshell he believes these rulers from the sky journeyed to and fro between earth and their celestial domain. Interstellar travel of this sort would mean a dilation of time. For instance a person leaving the Earth aboard an immensely fast space ship could return after a journey of no more than several weeks and find that several thousand years had elapsed. This means that references to rulers who reigned twice may not be in error. A "sky ruler", could conceivably split up his reign with a visit to other worlds.

If these space journeys were made close to the speed of light, thousands of earth years might elapse before the time of his return. To the journeying "sky ruler" however, the interval would seem like no more than two or three years! Relates Von Daniken: "If this is accepted as fact, it is no longer so absurd to presume that the god-kings were either living extraterrestrials, or had at least been taken backwards and forwards on flights to other systems by extraterrestrials! ConcludesVon Daniken: "The impossible figures for the royal reigns and the assurance that the kingship came down from heaven entitle us to suspect that we are not dealing with things of this world"!

In other words it comes down to a simple question of scale – the earthly against the celestial – the narrow extremities of Earth compared with the boundlessness of space! The ancients clearly knew of this connection. As we saw, the Maya had provision for a calendar capable of pinpointing precise dates millions of years in the past! In other parts of the world diligently kept records with no hint of myth give incredible figures for the reign of their rulers!

Fantastic History.

With this and other discoveries, the cosy world of text book archaeology is constantly having to be revised and reformulated. New finds and fresh insight mean we are facing a picture of our past, much more complex than we ever dared imagine. In this context we find ourselves faced with a fantastic mystery, where two overwhelming realities surface again and again. The first of these is that man has a history of fantastic deeds and accomplishment going back tens of thousands of years. The second is that this history is inextricably linked to celestial beings who arrived from the stars!