The Bigbang – Flaws to the theory.

The Bigbang.

Is the Bigbang really how all matter came into being or is there another explanation? We argue around the original hypothesis illustrating obvious shortcomings.


Origins of the Universe? Or just plain silly?

In an attempt to provide some sort of explanation for the existence of the universe, conventional science has sought refuge in the theory that it came about as part of a vast cosmic bang. We are told that somehow, in the depths of time a great explosion occurred propelling energy and matter across phenomenal distances. According to the theory this matter eventually settled down to form the stars and planets and this tiny planet of ours.


But is the theory of the Big Bang really how it started? Here the answer is a resounding no! In fact anyone with enough logic will immediately see the pitfalls of a theory, that like Darwin’s Origin of the Species has been seized upon to distance science from the hand of God.

Platform Already Existed.

The whole theory of the Big Bang as the point of creation for the universe falls down on one simple point: This is the fact that for an explosion to occur it needs something to explode into. If nothing existed before the Big Bang then there was no platform for the explosion to have taken place. In which case it means that if such an enormous bang had once occurred it could only have done so within the framework of a setting which was every bit a part of the physical world as the universe is today. In other words the Big Bang exploded into a physical universe that was already extant before it occurred. Either way this proves that the Big Bang could not have been responsible for the creation of all matter.

The Conclusive Formula.

It has always been argued that the language of science is mathematics. If the Big Bang can be disproved mathematically then to all intents and purposes the theory is redundant. In this case the mathematical proof is devastatingly simple. For example scientists love to refer to the state of the universe milli seconds after the Big Bang, but we on the other hand would like to refer to The Big Bang milli seconds before it happened. In our equation we shall represent this as zero, because according to our top brains nothing existed. The trouble is that no matter what you do with zero, it always equals zero. For instance 0 x 1414141 = 0. 0/189889787 still equals 0, and 0 + 128789738237 is precisely zero ( if this last assertion astonishes you turn to ourseparate page on this theme, which illustrates that even the present logic of mathematics can sometimes be faulty). The fact is that even the biggest number you can think of when multiplied by zero, still equals zero. In plain language nothing!

Magic Formula.

Our magic formula then can be expressed simply as 0 = 0, and as we have heard no amount of mathematical manipulation will make zero any bigger. With the Big Bang it means that you cannot get something out of nothing. There has to be something there to work with. It also means that as a theory to explain the origin of all matter the Big Bang must now be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Before the Big Bang.

The obvious truth is, that even if the Big Bang theory was as sound as scientists are saying, there had to exist something that brought this bang into being. Some describe this as the hand of God, and others as yet another dimension of existence that forged the way to this present universe. Either way it shows that the Big Bang is not the answer for creation, but one more mystery of a pre-existing universe that just gets stranger and stranger.

Evolution. Is this how we got here

The Theory of Evolution.

Is the Theory of Evolution really how the human race came into being or is there another explanation? If so then what could it be? Our carefully presented argument shows that the evolution theory has glaring flaws to it that until now have never been considered.



The Flawed Doctrine.

Although conventional science prides itself with the discovery of so many strange and wonderful things, the fundamental questions of life still remain unanswered. In particular there is perhaps the most important question of all:

Who really are we?

To explain our appearance on this planet science has habitually resorted to a highly unscientific response – to distance itself, at all costs, from the creationist view of our origins as depicted in the Bible. Instead it has held steady to the evolutionary theory and its variants: The idea that in the soup of primordial life sprang the single cell of life from which every other life form evolved. The fact is that this theory, or what now remains of it – for much has been discredited – can be destroyed with one simple argument. It is the fate of the dinosaurs.


As virtually everyone is now aware, the world of the dinosaurs, which had survived several hundreds of million years perished virtually overnight. With it went most of the quadropeds of the time and almost every sizeable species of animal that then existed. It means that the evolutionary cycle – if that’s how things started – would have been dealt a fatal blow. To all intents and purposes it would have meant starting from scratch. Only there wasn’t time! Not enough time that is for the world to have regenerated itself to form the variety of species that we see today! So where did they come from?

The Garden.

Almost every ancient document that refers to the origin of the species speaks of their individual creation. The Bible says this was carried out by the gods. Like a form of enormous garden the Earth was cultivated with every good thing, till finally it was fit to receive animals and then eventually mankind.


The trouble is that on various occasions this garden was destroyed by celestial hazards such as comets and asteroids. It meant that on numerous occasions the world needed to be replenished with fresh life forms, to make up for those lost. But who undertook this replenishing? This is important because suddenly out of the blue Humanity appears. Moreover this spark of intelligent life appears to have occurred with instantaneous effect. At some point therefore the human race arose fully developed with an intelligence that outranked every other species. But what was that spark that produced this creation? Was it an arbitrary conjunction of millions of atoms, or was it something more significant – the deliberate creation of a species that was itself just an integral part of a much vaster intelligence?