Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress,
Standing Stones, Cup-marked Stones or Rock Art
  A Masonic Village, Irish Round Towers, Poltergeists, Spirits and Dowsing

Following Ley Lines with Divining Rods:
How to find and follow Spirit Lines from graveyards:
Irish Round Towers -  They collect spirit lines from their associated graveyards:
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The only way to understand Ley Lines is to tune in with divining rods, get out and walk them, from source to destination

.Ormaig cup-marked stonesThe Chieftain, standing sstoneRocking stone of Glen TarkenPraying Hands of Mary

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  This is likely to be the book which Book on Ley Linesre-launches the concept of ley lines as fact – a must for anyone interested in the subject.

   The author walked over 3,000 miles following the ley lines emitted by the standing stones and circles of Scotland to give the first-ever modern glimpse of their reality – a compelling research which no-one can sensibly refute.
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Information on this important book "Safe As Houses?" on Geopathic Stress, Electro-stress and Ill-health.
Many types of Ill-health are exacerbated, or even caused by, Earth EBook on Geopathic Stress nergies which cause Geopathic Stress (similar to Ley Lines).

   Shunned by most scientists, the concept of ill-health in relation ship to Geopathic Stress should nevertheless be taken very seriously – the recovery of this knowledge could help enormo usly in relieving or perhaps even eliminating many types of illnesses (see also link on Ill-health below).
This book is now out of print, but is available to read or download – click on picture of book and follow links.

    CUP-MARKS   (PETROGLYPHS, or ROCK ART)                     A MASONIC TOWN

Ormaig, Argyll

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The Masonic Town of Crieff, planned with an ancient knowledge of ley lines

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       DIVINING RODS                                              POLTERGEIST

divining rodsHow to find the energies from standing stones and circles (ley lines).
Also the extraordinary discovery of spirit lines from graveyards

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city Prices shop with poltergeist

The haunted City Prices shop in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

This shop is above an underground stream and on a powerful Ley Line.

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Energies which may cause ill-healthDiagrams of Geopathic Stress passing through the beds of people suffering ill-health – Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Necrotising Fasciitis, (the flesh-eating bacteria), demonic attack, and others.
   Geopathic Stress, Earth Energies or Ley Lines are very difficult to monitor scientifically, hence the inability of scientists to understand standing stones and circles.


Abernethy Irish round TowerMost of the ancient burial-grounds in Highland Scotland were carefully placed directly above volcanic faults or volcanic anomalies – this may be extrapolated across the planet.


Left: Abernethy "Irish" Round Tower, in a cemetery in Perthshire, shows  a spiral of healthy energy emitted frrom a grave and traveling across country, probably into a person’s bed. There is also its counterpart, an unhealthy black spiral, which  is attracted into the resonant Round Tower and dumped safely back into the planet. The resonant effect can be fine tuned by partially filling the tower with earth – that’s why the door  has been placed so far above the ground.

Our ancestors understood the energies the planet emits and knew how to use them in their own very strange culture, using divining rods to locate them and find their unusual qualities, used in building the standing stone/megalithic culture, and understanding what we now call "paranormal" phenomena.

Using dowsing techniques is the only way to recover this important knowledge!

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