False Flag Operations

By Dark Politricks

When discussing false flag operations with people its very hard to get someone to believe that their government would engage in something as horrendous and evil as killing its own citizens or others and then blaming it on someone else usually a group of people that they wish to sway public opinion towards wanting to attack. However much evidence, facts and logical arguments you employ its hard to make someone with little idea of the true ways of the world come round to the idea that a false flag operation is possible.

Therefore to remind people that our leaders and elected politicians have no qualms about employing such underhand methods I will refresh your memory with two very recent examples.

1. Seymour Hersh’s revelation that George Cheney openly discussed a false flag operation to start a war with Iran. He wanted to dress Navy seals up as Republican Guards and then start a shoot up in the straight of Hormuz with other US navy boats in the area. You can watch the interview below.

For those that doubt Hershes credibility we must also remember that he was the reporter that broke the Cheney assasination squad story some months ago that wasn’t believed by many until proven true recently.

2. George Bush and Tony Blair both discussed over a phone call a way to start a much wanted war with Iraq by flying a plane in UN markings over Iraqs no-fly zone and shooting it down and blaming it on Iraq.

Both of these false flag plans involve leaders of democratic countries discussing plans that presumably end up in theloss of lives of people from the armed forces they were commanding. They are also both underhand ways designed to start wars with other countries that would end up killing thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers.

These are just two examples of false flag operations that were not carried out for whatever reason however the fact that they were even discussed shows the mentality of the people involved and how these sorts of deceitful methods are deemed as just another set of tools in the warmongers arsenal. Luckily the plans were leaked or exposed but imagine how many other ideas of a similar vein are discussed behind closed doors that we never know about. How many more are actually carried out?