How to Find energies from:

Standing Stones and Stone Circles,

Spirit Lines from a Graveyard,
Earth Energies (Geopathic Stress) which May Cause or Exacerbate Illnesses.


Making and Using Divining Rods

There are no scientific instruments yet available which can easily detect Earth Energies.
    The best way to find them is to use the ancient art of water divining, sometimes called water witching, dowsing, or bio-location.

To make one divining rod, first obtain a 20 inch (51 cm) length of fairly heavy fence wire – even wire coathangers will do at a pinch.

      Bend it to an “L” shape, about 5 inches (13 cms) from one end.

      For handles, a length of 1″ dowelling, with a hole down the centre, or several cotton reels glued together will do very nicely. Some people even use Biro pens/felt pens with the centres removed.

     To avoid injury, the long end must be covered with Rawlplugs, masking tape, or any similar material.  Make two of these.

    These are called angle rods, and are very sensitive, even in the hands of a complete beginner.  <>

(Left: a simple pair of divining
or angle rods)

Finding the Energy From a Standing Stone

    To find the energy emitted from a standing stone, for instance, is very simple. Walk across the face of the standing stone, tips of the rods slightly down from the horizontal, and ask the rods “to find the energy emitted from this standing stone”.

    You will find that the tips will swing gently either away from, or towards, the standing stone. Follow the tips carefully, and you will notice that the divining rods will take you in a smooth, sinuousoidal wave. See illustration below.
The wavelength of the energy or ley line which you have found, is generally about 5-6ft. between the crest of each wave. The amplitude is about 10-12 inches (30 cms.) (see illustration). The shape of the waves from this typical standing stone, is similar to the medical caduceus.
   There are also other forms of energy around standing stones (not shewn) – two lines which wander around in a haphazard fashion and without wavelength crossing directly beneath the stone from underground streams or fissures, which gives it its power, a “shape wave” around the stone and a spiral, among others. Standing stones emit quite a variety of telluric (earth) energies.

Standing stone near Comrie

(Above) the pattern on the ground of one wave

Comrie standing stone at Dunruchin

(Above) showing the vertical aspect of one wave – there will be many hundreds of waves like this from any ancient standing stone
Spirit Lines from Graveyards
Gravceyard spirits
(Above: This burial-ground is on the Highland Boundary Fault of Scotland. Most of the old burial-grounds around my home town of Crieff, Scotland, have been placed aove volcanic anomalies).

You can also find the energies from any burial-ground by this method. You will find that each burial has two spirals of energy emitted from it, one clockwise, one anti-clockwise.
After some distance they combine (see double wave at top of picture).  Most of the waves travel in the direction of the nearest town, where the occupants came from.  They tend to leave the site by the easiest route, like a broken wall or an open gate – they will not pass through an iron gate (illustration to be changed). They often travel to the home they had in life, sometimes to their bed, sometimes favourite armchair.
They are attracted to the black spirals a sick person leaves in his or her bed, and may be conducive to their ill-health.
Bed with spirit lines
(Left). A sick person leaves a black spiral in his or her bed. Here  a spirit line from a graveyard is attracted into it. Notice that it will not pass through glass and creeps in between the glass and the  brickwork.
They are also attracted into cavities, like the  steel pipe placed to the right of the window, to divert some, but others, attracted down a chimney, or even passing through the bedroom door  will  still  be attracted into the centre.

These black spirals are not to be confused  with the energies emitted from an underground fissure or stream (see below).

See also page on Irish Round Towers


You can find similar waves from a variety of sources, but with varying wavelengths and amplitudes: TV sets, microwave ovens, TV repeater stations, microwave towers, nuclear submarines, electrical substations and generators, quarries, etc.

Everything emits microwave energy, and you can find this if you put two identical objects a few yards apart (wine glasses, for instance). The band of energy is emitted from the top of the glasses and can be found as a band the same width as the glassses. If you follow the line along you can also find the waving sinuous line. This is similar to the red line of unhealthy radiation in the bed below.



    You have to keep moving when you tune into this type of energy.

    Make sure that the divining rods swing freely in their holders or your hands.

   Once you become proficient, you can use the wire/s in your bare hands, which give a better feel.

      Keep the points slightly down – if they are higher than horizontal they will swing uncontrollably, if they are too low they will be at their most insensitive position – use this in a high wind once you are proficient.

      Give the rods a brisk rub lengthwise with your free hand, which makes them more sensitive.

      Holding a piece of stone in one hand also helps to focus the mind when tuning into a standing stone.

      When you have had a little experience, try using just one divining rod, which is much more accurate.

    Colouring the rods will help you separate out the different types of energies – try using a white divining rod to pick out the healthy waves, and black to sort out the unhealthy ones, blue to find the subterranean water which is beneath almost every standing stone – the colours help you tune your mind like a radio receiver – this is not magic.

     To find what a ley line or any type of earth energies does, you will have to follow the energy wherever it takes you. This may take many miles of walking, but is absolutely fascinating – an ancient knowledge which can only be acquired using the ancient art of dowsing (bio-location) – that is the way our ancestors designed and built their very strange culture, and that is the only way this knowledge will be recovered.


Earth energies can cause various types of ill-health, from M.E. (PVFS) to MS and cancer. to find if you are suffering from unhealthy earth energies, try and check your bed first. This is the most important place.

   Walk along the side of your bed, with your divining rod painted black, which helps to focus your mind, asking it to find “unhealthy energies”.When your divining rod swings to one side, carefully follow it. If there is an unhealthy line through your bed, from an underground fissure, It should travel in a slightly erratic, wandering course, like the red line on illustration to the left.

     Now try a slightly different method. Again walk along the side of your bed and ask your divining rod to find the unhealthy sinuousoidal waves which focus into the line. Unhealthy waves can be found entering the bedroom at the side of windows and mirrors – they will not pass through glass like the healthy waves. These black  waves may focus into a point along the black line which passes through your bed, or more correctly, into spirals which run down the length of the black line.

As each incoming black wave touches the outside of the spiral it is automatically deflected at a right angles from the outside wave of the spiral into the centre.

      The sinuous effect of the incoming waves or the spiral is not shewn in illustration to left. The main culprit, shown here in red, does not have wavelength and amplitude.

(Left): A bed above a fissure or underground stream). The red line is the most powerful, and is actually a band of microwave – type of energy about 4-5 inches in width, rising vertically from below the ground.

Spirals are also induced above such microwave lines (only one shewn here).

    Black waves (arrowed) flow horizontally across the ground  and focus into the spiral or vortex of

earth energies.   Sleeping in a bed with unhealthy energies like these will cause ill-health sooner rather than later.
    These spirals and waves, etc., are transmitted vertically through all the floors of a building.

Standing stone shewing waves

(Left). This is an illustration of the type of wave which focus into black spirals, such as in the bed above. Originally healthy energy from the standing stone, they can change their character after passing through polluted areas, such as sewage farms, rubbish dumps, etc.
Similar waves can be found from TV masts, cell phone mast such as O2 and Tetra, microwave towers, nuclear submarines, missiles and any electrical apparatus which has a transformer.

If you can accurately find these energies, there are several ways of eliminating them:

GLASS: A mirror or sheet of glass under the bed can distort the black line away, but has the disadvantage of being prone to breaking, and if there is a crack in the mirror/glass, then the line will creep through this.

WIRE SPIRAL: A spiral of fence wire, say about 2 feet diameter, fairly closely coiled, clockwise or anti-clockwise, will also deflect the incoming line. The disadvantage here is that the line may move and find its way past it.

   The best way of avoiding unhealthy earth energies is to find a “Safe Place” in your bedroom which is clear of “black energies” and shift your bed there, even if it looks odd.

But still be aware that you put your own field of energy into your bed/armchair, and these will attract spirit lines.