Do planetary alignments really affect us?

Alignment influence.

The last decade has seen some of the biggest planetary alignments on record. This has also been a determinative period for the world.

On many different levels much has changed. Is this just coincidence or is it due to planetary influence?


Do the planets affect us?

Do the planets have an effect on events down here on planet Earth? For thousands of years astrologers have believed that they do. In fact anyone who is even moderately conversant with serious astrology is quickly impressed by how accurate it can be. In many respects a detailed horoscope undertaken by a skilled astrologer is like an inner blueprint of the person that we are.

The bigger issues.

There is no doubt that astrology works. Quite how this might be is discussed in our separate topic. In this particular feature however we are more interested in the way planetary alignments affect the bigger issues in life. In this we include natural disasters, wars, financial stability and a whole host of other social and natural factors that govern every aspect of our lives.

Biggest alignments ever.

The truth is that our very own research shows a distinct connection between major planetary alignments and major natural disasters. This connection can also be extended to social and political upheaval which also shows a marked increase at the time of extended planetary activity. Significantly enough the last decade has seen some of the biggest planetary alignments for thousands of years. If therefore our theory is correct then this must have also exerted a decisive influence over every aspect of our lives. So lets just look at the facts.

Massive changes.

People often look back over the last decade or so and point to massive changes. There can be no doubt that socially and politically much has altered. In a relatively short space of time we have witnessed a seminal reorientation of the worlds balance of power. The fall of Soviet communism is just one example, and right across the globe there has been a steady evening out of ideological differences. As a result we have a new term – globalisation, and whether for better or for worse the world is moving closer together.

The most disastrous year ever.

On an entirely different level there have been changes of an altogether more serious kind. Our climate is altering. In fact taking into account every type of catastrophe the year 2000 was the most disastrous on record. It is surely no coincidence that the year 2000 also saw one of the biggest grouping of planets for over 2000 years. In the event many of these disasters were erroneously attributed to global warming and the effects of fossil fuel emissions. While these may well account for some degree of climate change it could never account for the whole range of natural disasters and accidents that have no relationship to the climate.

The wrath of the planets.

Is it global warming?

Recent events with extreme weather patterns and stress draw many to suspect global warming. But could the planets be to blame? The report below investigates the evidence.


Turbulent Time.

The chances are that over the last few weeks or months you will have been feeling stressed out to a degree that you may have found concerning. In the same period extreme weather patterns have wreaked havoc over various parts of the planet and global news bulletins carry unhappy scenes of great hate and violence. All in all there is the unmistakable impression that the last months have been a particularly turbulent time.

Common Link?

But is there a common link to these happenings or are they just random acts brought together by a strange quirk of fortune? Some experts say the grouping of these events is no coincidence. They insist that recent troubles including so called “climate change” are really the result of major planetary alignments. An on going study by Atlantis Publishing into the effects of planetary influence on our planet has shown a clear link between certain alignments and problems here on Earth.

Planets of War.

It is well known for instance that alignments of Mars and Jupiter lead to widespread unrest and turmoil. The fact is these planets aligned on the 18th of September 2004 They usually align every two or three years and habitually cause conditions of great unrest. However what made this recent alignment even more potent is that on this occasion Mars and Jupiter were also in alignment with the Sun, appearing to come closer together in the Sky than they have done for very nearly a hundred years. This makes this current period very tense and volatile with  consequences that are apparent on a personal as well as a global scale. Indeed recent months have seen an above average flurry of major alignments making 2004 a particularly difficult year for a great many people.

Very rare alignment.

As if this wasn’t enough the celestial atmosphere was further complicated by another massive, and very rare alignment featuring the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Earth, and Mercury. (see pic below) This was rare because on the 28th of September their position was almost exactly on the Point of Libra – the position of the Autumn Equinox. Since the building of the pyramids in Egypt, over 4500 years ago there has been only one alignment like it.

The accompanying photo on the right (courtesy of NASA ) shows the rare alignment involving The Sun at centre – behind the occulting disk – together with Mars (the smaller dot) with Mercury (the large upper dot) and Jupiter (the large lower dot) These occupy barely five degrees of the sky but owing to its proxmity to the Sun the alignment was not visible to the naked eye.

In the image the full glare of the Sun is avoided by an occulting disk without which the image would be completely bleached out.

More trouble ahead.

The influences will also be especially high between the 12th to 14th of October when this arrangement of planets – albeit not as close together – will be joined by the Moon. This is certainly a spell to be wary of and one that needs to be handled with the greatest of care.

Global Warming – Could it be the planets?

This latest spell of major planetary alignments raises important questions regarding the causes of global warming. Many believe this is solely due to man made pollution. However it is clear that planetary alignments have a big influence on our weather and indeed all aspects of our life on Earth. In a way this is only natural. Like it or not our world is a product of the Universe and therefore very much influenced by it. On going research illustrates a definite link between our climate and Solar activity, as well as volcanic and earthquake activity. And the story doesn’t stop there. In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that we as humans are more influenced by celestial influences that any other factor. These influences govern our daily lives and also have a decisive affect on political affairs as well as wars, social turmoil, sickness, and epidemics.

Immense benefits.

Although it may be hard to convince some die hard traditionalists that celestial influences do exert a major influence on our lives, it is surely in our best interests to explore and investigate this subject with the fullness it deserves. If as we believe the planets do have a fundamental affect on the planet then knowing precisely how this works would be of immense benefit to the entire Human Race. With this in mind Atlantis Publishing together with NASCA has been conducting long standing research into celestial influences and believes that an understanding of the forces that affect us is crucial to the future development of the Human Race.