Will G20 Police Succeed In Covering Up Reports of Rape and Torture?

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now that Canada is officially the most oppressive and backward dictatorship in the west, will authorities be allowed to cover-up the Abu-Ghraib style incarceration methods Toronto police engaged in during the G20 summit this past weekend, where women were arrested and subsequently raped by male cops?

In the video below, journalist Amy Miller describes how women arrested by Toronto police were threatened with rape, that numerous women were strip-searched by male officers and that one severely traumatized woman was sexually molested by police who stuck their fingers up her vagina.

“I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail,” she said.

Sexual penetration of an individual against their will is called rape. If these reports are accurate, and there’s no reason to think otherwise given everything else we’ve witnessed not only over the past few days but over the past several years in Canada, Toronto police officers are not only brutal thugs who like to lie about the law, unlawfully arrest people, snatch and grab protesters using unmarked cars, and beat up journalists from major newspapers, but they are also rapists who prey on innocent women.

We have now learned that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair engaged in mass public deception bylying about the claim that Toronto’s “Public Works Act” mandated G20 protesters to show their ID. The law doesn’t exist, it was never passed. The police officers who cited this law when arresting Charlie Veitch were knowingly engaging in wrongful arrest and should be sued.

Likewise, the goons who brutally molested women Abu-Ghraib style need to be identified and prosecuted. Miller should seek out the victims and bring charges against those involved, and not allow these monsters to cover-up their shameful behavior.

UPDATE: We have now learned that four journalists, including Miller, have “filed complaints with Ontario’s police watchdog, with allegations that police physically assaulted or threatened to sexually assault the females when they were arrested during the Toronto G20 summit.”

In addition, Guardian journalist Jesse Rosenfeld has spoken publicly of his ordeal at the hands of G20 police.

“I was grabbed on each side and hit in the stomach and back and pounced on by officers. I kept asking them why they were beating me because I wasn’t resisting arrest. But they lifted my leg and twisted my ankle,” said Rosenfield.

Police Lied About Law Demanding G20 Protesters Show ID

Investigation into direct violation of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should follow

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Jun 30th, 2010

Police Lied About Law Demanding G20 Protesters Show ID 300610police

The Ontario government has declared that it never passed any secret emergency law allowing police to demand ID from protesters on threat of arrest in the vicinity of the G20 meeting in Toronto last weekend.

Last week multiple reports suggested that police had been given unprecedented powers to to arrest anyone near the security zone who refused to identify themselves or agree to a police search.

The Toronto Star reported:

“The regulation was made under Ontario’s Public Works Protection Act and was not debated in the Legislature. According to a provincial spokesperson, the cabinet action came in response to an ‘extraordinary request’ by Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who wanted additional policing powers shortly after learning the G20 was coming to Toronto.”

The Globe and Mail reported that there were no limits to police powers during the summit, and no clear legal precedent specifying what they could and could not do.

Throughout the weekend reports flooded in of protesters and even citizens of Toronto who weremerely passers by being stopped outside the security perimeter and questioned by police under the amended law.

However, the truth has now emerged that no such amendment to the law was ever made.

“The Ontario government did not pass a secret law that gave police additional power to arrest people during the G20 summit in Toronto,” said Laura Blondeau, a spokeswoman for Community Safety Minister Rick Bartolucci.

Blondeau said that the rules only applied to a limited area within the security perimeter, not up to five meters outside it or beyond, as earlier reports quoting Police Chief Bill Blair had suggested.

Canadian Press reports: “Asked Tuesday if there actually was a five-metre rule given the ministry’s clarification, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair smiled and said, ‘No, but I was trying to keep the criminals out.’”

As the Canadian Press article points out, police did cite the Public Works Protection Act when detaining and searching people outside the security fences. Furthermore, “Neither the province nor police set the record straight. In fact, both made comments about the necessity of such powers” in media interviews all weekend.

Yesterday, the Chief said he was originally under the impression that the five-metre rule applied to an area outside the perimeter but once he was told otherwise, a directive was issued to officers “on the appropriate application of that regulation.”

Asked if failing to clarify the five-metre rule misled the public, he said: “No, I never spoke publicly again about that regulation.”

As The National Post points out:

So he informed the entire city of something that wasn’t true, and, despite the ensuing uproar he kept his mouth shut. And that’s not misleading?

Wrong, chief.

Though Blondeau, the government spokesperson has said that no arrests were made under the phantom law, there is clear evidence showing that this is not true.

As we highlight in our feature article today, British activist Charlie Veitch was arrested last Thursday, outside the security perimeter, for failing to provide identification which, he was told, was a crime under The Public Works Act.

Veitch appeared on the Alex Jones show after he was eventually released from hours of captivity at the giant movie studio turned temporary prison during the G20 summit.

Veitch even received a form documenting his arrest that said he had been detained under the phantom amendment to the law.

Surely realizing that the truth would emerge, authorities re-arrested Veitch yesterday on the charge of “impersonating a police officer” – a weak accusation that stems from deadpan comments Veitch made in his exchange with his original arresting officer when he joked that he was a British police provocateur, in Toronto to instigate trouble so that a harsh crackdown by Canadian security would be justified.

As we also highlighted in a previous article, plain clothes security were witnessed literallyscreeching up in black vans and abducting protesters outside the security perimeter, while “kettling” those who remained and eventually firing rubber bullets and tear gas at them.

Below is another video of this incident which shows the makeshift movie studio prison in the background. The building is five kilometres away from the security perimeter:

The long and short of this is that the Chief of police in Toronto knowingly misled his officers about a secret law granting them unfettered powers of arrest, which those officers then put into force aggressively, setting a new record for the largest mass arrest in Canadian history.

Further reports of the extreme threats and abuses those arrested, including journalists, were subjected to by police have also exacerbated the situation.

Despite multiple opportunities to set the record straight, Chief Blair opted to publicly state that such powers were necessary and allowed officers all over the city to detain and arrest people under laws that never existed

Given that this activity is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and tramples over the right to peacefully protest, there needs to be an immediate investigation into the matter, and Chief Blair should face the consequences that go with such a violation.


Charlie Veitch of England charged with impersonating a undercover police officer at G20 summit

TUESDAY, 29 JUNE 2010 22:12


On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, police arrested a man for impersonating a peace officer.
It is alleged that:
– on Thursday, June 24, 2010, the accused was filming the G20 Summit security fence area at Front Street/York Street,
– he was approached by a security officer and was requested to provide identification,
– he indicated that he was not carrying identification because he was working undercover as a peace officer,
– later a warrant was issued for his arrest by officers from the Toronto Police Service,
– the accused was about to board a plane at Toronto Pearson International Airport when he was arrested by officers from Peel Regional Police.
Charlie Veitch, 29, of England, has been charged with:
1) Impersonate a Peace Officer,
He is scheduled to appear in court at 2201 Finch Avenue West, on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, room 203, at 2 p.m.


G20 public inquiry momentum grows

WEDNESDAY, 30 JUNE 2010 06:18



What began as peaceful protests during the week leading up to the G20 unfortunately escalated to dangerous violence by Saturday afternoon. Police reacted with mass arrests and temporary detention centres, reaching a record of 900 arrests. Many personal horror stories of these arrests and inhumane treatment by the Toronto Police have surfaced.

Montreal-based journalist Amy Miller told a news conference on Monday that officers threatened to rape her when she was arrested Sunday afternoon. "I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail," she said.

The Toronto Police Service, the Federal Integrated Security Unit, the mayor and the head of police services board defend the police actions, however, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and other human rights groups, including Amnesty International, are calling for a public inquiry into police conduct over G20 weekend. They are also calling for changes to the laws they used to beef up security and an apology to those claiming their civil liberties were trampled.

General counsel Nathalie DesRosiers referred to police conduct in relation to summit security as “disproportionate, arbitrary and excessive,” at times. She added that while there are understandable challenges to policing a large-scale international summit, the violation of individual rights during summit policing “exceeded the threshold of a few isolated incidents” and included the lead-up to the summit itself.
The CCLA says over the course of the weekend, detained people were not allowed to speak to a lawyer or family members. They also said people were subjected to arbitrary searches and peaceful protest were broken up with force.
Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said “We acted to facilitate the rights of all citizens to be heard, the rights of all citizens to speak out on issues of concern. But we also know that some people came to Toronto not to protest around a specific issue or to advocate for any change. They came to attack our city. They came to attack the summit. They came to commit crimes. And to victimize the people of the city.”

The Toronto Police have announced that they are conducting an internal investigation, however, CCLA is pressing for an independent inquiry.


Activist Arrested On Bogus Charge To Cover For Illegal Conduct Of Toronto Police

Canadian authorities lied to media and made unlawful arrests for refusing to show ID at G20 – “Public Works Act” was never passed

Activist Arrested On Bogus Charge To Cover For Illegal Conduct Of Toronto Police 300610top

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALERT: Charlie Veitch is being held by the Toronto Police at the 51 Division. Telephone: 416-808-5108. Point out that the charge is bogus and that Toronto police have been caught making illegal arrests.

Activist Charlie Veitch has been arrested for the second time by Canadian authorities for “impersonating a police officer” on a bogus charge designed purely to cover for the fact that Veitch’s original arrest on June 24 for refusing to show ID was based on a law that didn’t exist and one that Toronto’s Chief of Police lied about to media outlets before the G20 summit.

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth in Canada told Infowars.com yesterday that Veitch was detained at Toronto International Airport. Veitch was scheduled to return to England after attending demonstrations against the G20 globalist confab held over the weekend.

Veitch sent an urgent text message to Dicks indicating he was detained. “They’ve got me,” Charlie said. “Get help!”

Veitch is the founder of activist group “The Love Police”. He produces videos of his confrontations with government officials and police.

It is now known that Canadian authorities arrested Veitch at Toronto Airport under the charge of “impersonating a police officer” because he told cops last week that the name of his group was “The Love Police”.

A video of the incident shows Veitch telling cops that his group is called “The Love Police,” before explaining that he is an “absurdist, surrealist film maker.” At no point could it reasonably be claimed that Veitch was actually pretending to be a real police officer.

Under this definition of “impersonating a police officer,” Sting of the band The Police should also be arrested. Of course, this is a completely contrived and trumped up excuse for Veitch’s arrest.

Authorities could have made it easier for themselves by merely allowing Veitch to return home to England, but his arrest for the second time in the space of days was blatantly an act of revenge for Veitch going public about the circumstances behind his June 24 arrest in Toronto for refusing to cooperate with the police after he was asked for ID.

It has now emerged that the “Public Works Act” which police cited as a law to demand identification and bar journalists from filming was never actually passed.

Veitch was originally arrested, “Not for impersonating an officer, but for failing to provide identification which, he is told, is also a crime under The Public Works Act. Wrong, wrong, wrong,” writes Frank Moher. “On Tuesday, the Ontario government announced that it never did pass “a secret law that gave police additional power to arrest people during the G20 summit in Toronto,” despite widespread reports to the contrary. And apparently the Chief of Police knew it.Reported Canadian Press: “Asked Tuesday if there actually was a five-metre rule given the ministry’s clarification, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair smiled and said, ‘No, but I was trying to keep the criminals out.’”

So in re-arresting Veitch on the trumped-up charge of “impersonating a police officer,” they are trying to cover their asses on the fact that his first arrest on June 24th was completely illegal because it was based on a law that didn’t exist. If he ever escapes the clutches of the Canadian authorities, Veitch now has a very strong legal case to prosecute Toronto police for wrongful arrest.

The methods employed by the thugs protecting their criminal G20 paymasters who call themselves “police officers” represent brazen acts of oppression and torture. If these kind of things happened in Iran or Zimbabwe, there would be an international outcry, and yet they are happening on the streets of a supposedly civilized western country and the mass media is largely silent.

Journalist Amy Miller describes how women arrested by Toronto police were threatened with rape, that numerous women were strip-searched by male officers and that one severely traumatized woman was sexually molested by police who stuck their fingers up her vagina. See video above titled “ G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched – Amy Miller”

G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched – Amy Miller

As we reported on Monday, peaceful protesters were again aggressively taken down, violently handcuffed and then bundled into unmarked police cars and kidnapped, just as they were at the Pittsburgh G20 last year, in scenes that wouldn’t look out of place in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany.

Other videos show police seemingly randomly grabbing peaceful demonstrators for no reason other than getting too close to the police line.

Journalists who were reporting for major global newspapers and were not even involved in the protests were also violently beaten by these shameful goons.

“A newspaper photographer was shot with a plastic bullet in the backside, while another had an officer point a gun in his face despite identifying himself as a member of the media,” reported the Canadian Press news agency.

Journalist Steve Paikin of public broadcaster TV Ontario described the brutal beating of the Guardian reporter.

“As I was escorted away from the demonstration, I saw two officers hold a journalist. The journalist identified himself as working for ‘the Guardian.’ He talked too much and pissed the police off. Two officers held him a third punched him in the stomach. Totally unnecessary. The man collapsed. Then the third officer drove his elbow into the man’s back. No cameras recorded the assault. And it was an assault.”

We saw similar scenes when the G20 was held in London in April 2009, when cops targeted people who were not even involved in any protests but were merely unfortunate enough to be in the area. Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper delivery man walking through the streets trying to get home, was killed after a brutal and unprovoked attack by a police officer who later faced manslaughter charges.

Canadian police who wrongfully arrested peaceful protesters, violently assaulted journalists, and sexually molested women now need to face charges for the crimes they have committed in Toronto over the past few days.

Notice how no matter what country the event takes place in, G20 policing methods are standardized across the board. This is what law enforcement will look like under the new world order – paid thugs in riot gear kidnapping undesirables, beating up journalists, incarcerating innocents, and sexually molesting and raping women.

This is how those who merely speak out against the move towards global governance are being treated, while the black bloc anarchists, many of which are undercover cops, are allowed to smash windows and cause mayhem in order to justify the brutal police response, which is always metered out against peaceful demonstrators while the hooded anarchists are left alone.

Travel Advisory

Canada is the most despotic, free-speech hating, criminally run country in the western world. It even rivals many third world countries in terms of how its authorities treat visitors. Nothing compares to Canada when it comes to police brutality and an aggressive disdain for liberty. Canadian police and immigration officials are ruthless criminals who get off on brutalizing innocent people. These thugs would have enjoyed themselves manning the death camps at Auschwitz or Treblinka.

Canadian journalists and media advocacy groups need to realize that they have a major problem on their hands because the country has now officially “gone dark” and entered into the realms of a dictatorship judging by the way it treats visitors who are merely exercising their right to peacefully engage in free speech.

Since we’ve already reached the stage of seeing protesters and journalists beaten, kidnapped and sexually tortured, how long will it be before cops simply put a bullet in the head of anyone who dares step out of line?

Policing methods at G20 summits represent an international crime against humanity and need to be properly investigated and reversed unless we are to simply admit and accept the fact that the western world now mimics some of the most vulgar dictatorships in history in terms of how it treats people who dissent against the state.