Upon Which I Create An Egregore
Written By: Jeff Behnke
Posted: 3/17/2010

If the universe is nothing more than a holographic lie, doesn’t this give us all permission to write our own lies directly into the fabric of the universe like the Sons of Seth do? The builders of the illusion? What gives them the right and not us? Only one reason: they know it’s all bullshit, and we don’t accept that, while we preach everything is illusion at the same time. We bitch about the New World Order implementing their lies and deceit, and we hate it, yet state at the same time that reality doesn’t exist in the way that we think it does. Logically speaking, if we are all living in a false reality of someone else’s making, yet share the same abilities, can’t we just take that reality back from them by accepting the fact that we are all playing make believe? All particles pretend they are distinct from the whole—the secret societies know this, so we might as well play make believe right along with them.
And how do we do this? By applying our consciousness to the creation and development of a new egregore on the astral plane, an archetype, and having other conscious minds place their intentions and emotions into it as well. The word egregore comes from the Greek word egregoroi, which, when translated into English means ‘watcher.’ Eliphas Levi stated that they were “terrible beings”, fathers of the Nephilim. According to Levi, the watchers have no pity on man because the watchers are unaware of our own existence. They don’t need current living people to exist once they have been defined. A future group of people arising on the planet can pick up where the dead left off—the egregores, the angels, are thus eternal, more powerful than man, and as such, can do as they please, even though they need man to exist.
These archetypal entities are the equivalent of powerful memes that infect the minds of those who are concentrating upon it until it manifests itself into particles (A Watcher thus becomes a Nephilim). The bridge between the two is conscious intent of humanity. Like the borg in Star Trek using the consciousness of everyone else, the archetype on the astral plane develops strength and grows, after which it can be represented in material reality, whereas on the astral plane it develops strength and seems to have a mind of its own. This egregore separates itself from the all through the definition of those choosing to make it real, defining its borders, stating what it is and what it is not. When it is represented in material reality, the egregore becomes the equivalent of an angel, falling from heaven to occupy the minds of men and women on earth.
It is the previous “Nephilim” (Astral/Material creations) that Jews claimed God wanted to wipe out in the great flood. It is the current Nephilim that people seek to destroy as well, as they place their hopes in a new world arising out of the ashes of 2012, resetting our interconnected natures to build new egregores on the astral plane once again.
The steps to create an egregore have generally been hidden from the mainstream, but have manifested in ritualistic magic and occult works. A portal is opened where the mental creations can come through. It has been stated, for instance, that the appearance of the greys are the result of a ritual that Aleister Crowley performed when he made contact with a being called Lam. The ritual associated with making contact with Lam has ever since been associated with humans making contact with the greys. The experience of an abductee mimics the ritual performed by Crowley’s followers, involving sex magick. Did this portal that he opened between the astral and the material cause all future experiences the past century with the greys? It’s as good of an explanation as any other, I suppose.
Ritualistic magic—the creation and summoning of the Watchers– has always been associated with the dark side, but you have to ask yourself, what is the dark side, and why do people dabble within it? The objective of the dark side is basically to teach apprentices that since everything is interconnected, they are a part of everything, the ‘good’ in the universe as well as its required ‘evil’ opposite. Rituals are thus designed to free someone from their limited feelings of separateness by forcing them to be a part of more than what they are used to. Before the ritual, man has a lesser ability to create. After the ritual, they feel more empowered as they have done what they did not want to do. The guilt of doing such rituals must be overcome, but once they sign their soul over to the ‘devil’ through ritual, they are thus more free to create manifested reality and, as such, draw on more egregores and interact with more egregores than the common man.
As such, rituals generally are used to help you break your previous limiting beliefs of separateness by forcing you to do something that you don’t want to do—in the Christian community, this would probably be classified as being indoctrinated into “evil.” But what is the purpose? To connect you with more aspects of yourself by doing what you were previously unwilling to do. This is mind-expanding as it brings you closer to the realization that you are everything, more connected to the creator god who defined this place as an experiment where anything goes in order to know itself. Mainstream religious teachings on the other hand gives you a set of rules and parameters within which you are allowed to live. In other words, be less than everything by strictly following a particular set of rules which defines how much of everything you can be—pinning you to a single egregore that wipes you of your own capabilities. When this occurs, the singular egregore possesses you and makes you its subject, turning you into its mouthpiece, deleting your consciousness and replacing yours with its own. If you are approached by someone who has been indoctrinated into a set of beliefs (a particular egregore), you get this sense that they are not fully there, don’t you? A ritual is usually needed to break these constraints, open your mind, and contradictively harden you to the point where you have more gravitational force than others, and a greater ability to create once again. Creating anything requires dualism. Without accepting the duality of your creation makes you a much less effective creator. Any screenwriter or novelist who has sold what they have written would probably agree. A story must have balance, just as all creation must have balance as well, with your consciousness being the tie breaker, allowing for both.
Reality that you can see, touch, feel, taste, smell, and experience could not exist in such an expansive state of everything being a part of everything. Thus, to create reality, you must develop a set of rules that separate one thing from another, a lie of separateness within the hologram, defining boundaries within the everything. By doing so, this segregation creates a thought-form—an entity which requires your own consciousness to exist since you are whom defines its limits (along with others who join you), using your collective focused energy like a battery. Your consciousness gives that thought-form power, just as that thought-form gives you a certain type of power as well, a place in the matrix, and, because of this, a feeling that you have meaning and purpose greater than yourself. “Sacrificing yourself to a greater good” is an example of you giving in to an egregore, a way to be, a way to interpret the world around you—wiping your mind of all other perceptions and replacing it with the singular perception—a tool for the egregore which has possessed you. Are birds in a flock separate and distinct from the flock itself once they become a part of the flock? Tough to say, just as it is tough to say whether or not people forming the catholic church are distinct from that church. The church is more powerful than man—but the church relies upon man to exist.
When more than one person creates a group for a common purpose, they help define a collective mind which suddenly takes on a life of its own where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, much like a corporation that seems to have a purpose of its own. The more consciousness which believes in the egregore’s existence, the more semblance and definition this structure will have. The Watchers themselves exist on an astral plane—when they ‘interbreed’ with human consciousness, their form grows and creates half man/half god (material realization of a thought form). Fallen angels, the Nephilim, thus manifest in the same way that a self-aware flock seems to manifest in a collection of geese flying through the air. Whether or not these thought-forms truly exist on some other dimension or level is obviously up for interpretation and, again, personal belief.
The knowledge of how to create an egregore has always been kept from the people. What was not kept from the people, however, was their existence, for the creators of the egregores knew that the more consciousness which believed in their existence, the more battery-like power the egregore could use to manifest itself in reality, and if you have created that egregore yourself, you would hold the reins over the hearts minds of millions of people who obtain meaning and purpose through the perpetuation of the egregore’s ideals.
Eventually, the “giants of the land” always take over. It is at this point that these creations meant to serve man inflict punishment upon them. Ask yourself, for example, does the catholic church still serve man, or does man now serve it with no benefit? Does the corporation serve man, or does man now serve it? The Nephilim seek eternal life, working as desperately as possible to make it so, regardless of man. When you work for the catholic church, you do not want it to lose power. When you work for Microsoft, you do not want it to lose power. Your will is thus drawn upon by the egregore of these structures on the astral plane for their own eternal life and you generally aren’t even aware that your consciousness has sacrificed itself upon an altar of the gods. You just see a larger than life entity that continues to manifest itself in the hearts and minds of millions of people—but it is you that has made it so. Man is ultimately his own worst enemy.
There truly does seem to be some collective being known as the Roman Catholic Church. There truly does seem to be some collective being known as Microsoft. Do they exist? Does a flock entity exist? It would seem as if they do, and it is only the universe itself that can ultimately destroy these larger than life entities, through a catastrophic event, or in some other unknown way.
So then, why create, if your creations all become monsters? Because it gives the interconnected consciousness of man something to experience in order to understand itself and dream new dreams. Picture how you would dream, for instance, if no thought-forms were created that you could experience. Could you have a dream about a motorcycle if you never experienced one? Could you have a dream about a church if you have never experienced one? What would you dream if you didn’t have a material life upon which to reflect? These astral monsters are needed. They create a resistance for us all. We create our own resistance. It is every man’s right to create them, and it is this gift which will allow us to destroy those that have surrounded us all like a runaway train that is headed straight towards the dark cliffs of eternal abyss.
Be a creator, and not just a mentally vacant vessel of the thoughts and creeds of the current egregores around you that have possessed you and others from the astral plane. You are the starseed, the stem cell of something new. Own it. Be it. The collective god existing above the astral plane will sort the chaff from the wheat when we cannot. But it has given you purpose: a deep need to create. Don’t throw that purpose away.


Upon Which My Oversoul Speaks
Written By: Jeff Behnke
Posted: 11/1/2009

You can look at everything in two ways: it has meaning, or it is meaningless. It is intentional—or it is random. And most of the time, you have difficulty deciding which is which, because when you review an event that has happened to you and you twist it around in your head as if it were a cube in your hand, you can see it both ways—laced with purpose, or you can see all that purpose as just wishful thinking. Why did this happen to me? You wonder—hoping that it wasn’t all for nothing. The fact of the matter is, because you can look at things in your life in such a fashion, you get confused, depressed, because you don’t necessarily want it to be a choice—you want it to be true—there is purpose or there is none. But it is a choice. And it is this choice of interpretation that I have spent the past couple months exploring in detail only to open my eyes to something I have never before considered: the oversoul.
Most individuals need their meaning handed to them on a stick, which is why you get things like dream dictionaries and tarot card readings from ‘the professionals’ and preachers explaining why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Other individuals need to invent their own meaning, and they do so without remorse, without guilt, without thinking their own ‘made up’ meaning is any cheaper than the one handed to them by some higher presence. But a third option is also possible: the external presence that hands out meaning like cotton candy is the same exact presence as the internal one, just on a different level. I mean, there are millions of external sources that you could turn to in order to receive your meaning…so yourselection of which external source you listen to…is almost impossible to separate from the internal one that generates meaning from apparently nothing.
The external meaning is one that you wear, as if you are an actor in someone else’s script—the internal meaning is one that puts clothes on itself—it is fine being its own script. The internal one can look at the events in life and say, you know what? This whole place is run by reptilians. The external one says, tsk tsk, you silly fool—there are no lizard people—that is just your own active imagination as it does not want to take responsibility for the planet. It is your own cry to get into politics and fix that which is broken—but believing in the lizard people gives you an excuse not to fix things for yourself and your children. It is a cry of lazyness–not of revelation.
So who is right? The external source, or the internal? It is a choice—so which do you choose? You don’t want to be wrong—but when you choose, you head down a slippery slope—in either direction. Is there any way to reconcile?
I believe there is.
Let’s just imagine, for instance, that you are making both of them up. Since you can select an internal meaning, and you can select an external meaning, why are they any different? You can apply beliefs of a buddhist or catholic or christian or satanist…and you can come up with meanings that match one from a buddhist or catholic or christian or satanist. And since both are a selection…you are both defining your own god…as your god defines you. And since you are defining each other, that would imply that both your god, and that god’s current instantiation—is you. You are thus your own meaning…both externally applied and internally invented. Like..two strands of RNA which, combined, make DNA. Life. And through such activity in your mind, life has purpose because you and your oversoul are giving it that purpose.
So, what do I mean when I say that I am an instantiation? Well, take a look at astrology. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and you are currently one of them. You more or less take on the qualities of your sign—if you want, but you don’t have to. It is a choice, and in the center of that choice is a neutral core, attempting to know itself.But the outer shell which could be a Capricorn or a Leo or an Aries this time around gives you an inclination to be a certain way, as if, in this life, the scales are tipped ever so slightly to bring about a new variation—out of a much more long term “you.” And it is this long term you which is going through all the variations that is the oversoul. That is who you answer to—yourself, on a much higher level. At the end of this life, your body collapses, and what escapes heads straight to the center as the oversoul prepares yet another incarnation which will help it to know itself.
While it is doing this, while you are going through this life…it watches from the center, an all-seeing eye, peering from behind, giving you suggestions, but its language is much more evolved than these words or the words that you use on a day-to-basis. It manifests itself to you only through symbolism that you alone feel is meaningful and powerful. For instance, recently I wrote an article about the symbol, in Hebrew, for the phrase “in the beginning” which aligns itself perfectly with the symbol for Gilgamesh that also talks about the origin of man. And it is this very symbol which I am absolutely overwhelmed by as I am currently residing in Minneapolis, the world headquarters of “Target” whose symbol is everywhere. I cannot escape it. That is the symbol for Gilgamesh, and when I see the symbol, I do not think I am making it up—I feel an oversoul is making me notice, which is why I’m here. If you say that is just wishful thinking, then you don’t understand the relationship between the oversoul and the self—both, combined, create meaning, because there is no other meaning. When I look around and see Gilgamesh everywhere, reminding me of the origin of man, couldn’t it also be telling me something important about myself and where I am at with everything in my life at the same time? I don’t just think so–I know so.
So when you look around yourself and see meaning in otherwise trivial things, maybe instead of fighting it and assuming nothing has meaning and it is all random nonsense, you should, instead, give in to it, and allow yourself to experience the meaning, even if you feel you are making it all up. You and your oversoul, combined, are inventing everything yourself based on what you two notice and call out as being important. By not doing so robs yourself of the ability to manifest meaning and purpose—without which, there truly is none.