Giant strange crater appears in Guatemala

Posted by Europe on Jun 1st, 2010 // 2 Comments

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Guatemala Crater Swallows Building. Following Tropical Storm Agatha sweeping through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras this weekend, a giant sinkhole has opened up Guatemala.

The sinkhole swallowed a three-story building, and is believed to have also swallowed at least one person. The enormous hole in the ground is reportedly 200 feet deep and approximately 100 feet in diameter.

The Guatemala Government recently released an aerial photo of the 2010 Guatemala Sinkhole Crater. The Guatemala sinkhole is so enormous that it doesn’t even look real. Some websites even published articles suggesting that the photo was not real, and was instead a Photoshopped image. However, the Guatemala crater is very real, and has caused very real damages.

In addition to the 2010 Guatemala Sinkhole Crater, Tropical Storm Agatha also caused death and destruction in the form of flooding and mudslides. There have been approximately 146 deaths as a result of the tropical storm, with most of them in Guatemala.

This huge Guatemala crater according to Gizmodo “is a natural depression caused by the removal of soil by water. This process can happen slowly, but sometimes the land just cracks open. In this case, the sinkhole happened suddenly.”