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Gulf Gusher – Dire Effects
Today, we offer a special report on the Gulf Oil Volcano (because it’s far more than a
mere spill) from the perspective of family survival…lots of families…during hurricane
We do so, because from what we’ve researched – including what has simply been hinted at –
this looks like being the hurricane season of ultimate disaster; a disaster which has the
potential to bring our fragile political and economic house of cards down.
Katrina, Ivan, Mitch, – whatever the names of the past might be – they all bring to mind scenes
of massive destruction and thousands of dead.
It’s all very well for politicians and corporations to tell us daily that they’ll have this gusher
under control before long. The truth is, they do not know when it will be harnessed, and even
their best guess is sometime in August.
That is two months into the hurricane season, two more months in which millions of gallons of
oil will erupt from that underwater cavern, two more months of dying wildlife, sea life, ocean
shores and marshes.
Within those two months, NOAA is expecting many tropical storms to develop – and perhaps
14 of them will become named
hurricanes. (More precise detail
available at The National
Hurricane Center).
Think what will happen if much of
the East Coast is disabled by this
oil spill being driven inland with
hurricane storms
It’s unlikely they’ll all affect the
Gulf of Mexico. It’s more likely that
This satellite image of the Gulf of Mexico released June 9 2010
is in RGB (Red Green Blue) enhanced format. Presumably, the
greenish "waves" in the ocean are oil.
they’ll wreak havoc around the Caribbean, parts of South America and Mexico – but some of
them will, we suggest, inevitably find their way through the Gulf of Mexico and over the oil that
is spreading like a creature out of an alien movie – taking over the oceans, killing whatever is
in its path, and worse.
This creature from the deep is capable of morphing into a variety of killer parts – from
crude oil, to whatever it becomes when treated with toxic dispersants, to its invisible
character as poisonous gases of various kinds.
It is those molecules, mixed with rain, that we say are threatening the livelihoods and in fact
the very lives of thousands of families. It may not be obvious today – but that deadly
combination – that invisible menace – is building up strength with every new belch from that
Gulf oil geyser.
Even though NOAA says a hurricane won’t do more than drive the oil ashore with tidal surges,
it’s important to realize that while some of the oil will be churned into a sort of chocolate
mousse, other toxins are going to be picked up and then fall as acid rain.
This disaster is going to continue spreading, in the ocean, on the shores, in the air, and over
far more territory than we can comprehend. Think what will happen if much of the East Coast
is disabled by this oil spill being driven inland with hurricane storms.
Acid rain is nothing new. It is the consequence of our long-standing addiction to fossil fuels. It
has killed vegetation world wide. And now, we face the prospect of far more of the same –
perhaps so severe that our entire food chain, from ocean floor to inland agriculture is in
complete jeopardy.
Do we need someone from a government agency to confirm or deny this scenario? No. All we
need is a clear mental image of what has already happened to our food supply with the way
the weather has been changing, and storms have become far more devastating – and add to
that, the indisputable fact that rain can be contaminated with air-borne toxins.
Remember, we are The Survival Center. We have a belief that it is wise – not foolish – to
contemplate best-case and worst-case scenarios, and to be prepared ahead of time.
Therefore, we decided to do our best to see how far inland a hurricane might pull oil-polluted
rain in this hurricane season.
This is what we found (image at right) – a record of the way hurricanes are known to track
through the Gulf of Mexico, and far inland. And even when they are reduced to mere storms,
the rain continues.
Bear in mind too that over the next couple of
months the oil is likely to be running up the
East Coast, so any storm – and it doesn’t
have to be a hurricane – that comes in from
the Atlantic is going to do something similar to
that region.
Perhaps, like the dust storms of long ago, one of them will get some real attention when it
comes driving up the Potomac. Perhaps only then will we see a change of attitude toward our
desperate need for alternative sources of energy.
The fact is that there are alternative energy sources that could supplant oil – but to date
corporations and the politicians they so ardently lobby have ensured that we must rely
on oil, and we have lazily embraced the soft option.
Convenience, comfort and consumption is what we’ve been about.
That is to say, quite frankly, that we are as much responsible for this disaster as BP, the Bush
administration and its secret deals with the oil companies, and the agencies that rubber
stamped permits and licenses for the corporations that gave them bribes of all kinds.
For us, it’s convenient to drive a car. In fact, it’s also an ego trip for many.
It’s comfortable to use a credit
card to fill it up with gas.
And when it comes to
consumption, we are both
insatiable, and indispensable to
the corporations not to mention
the politicians who supposedly
regulate them, while at the same
time accepting tens of thousands
of dollars from them with which to
get our votes so they can become
self-appointed ‘leaders’ – who
promptly forget their promises and
instead make life and legislation
ever more favorable to the
corporations. (Do you really believe no favors are expected or promised in return for those
donations?) Corporations run the world – not governments.
It is because of the oh-so-cozy relationship between government and corporations that
alternative technologies have been scoffed at, suppressed, bought off – or their inventors
That has so far been enough for the big corporations to continue their plundering of oil
resources (and other natural resources as well) around the globe – with we as
consumers being just as culpable when it comes to disasters such as this.
But there really are alternatives – and this catastrophe is going to see public attention
redirected from its dependence on oil, to a demand for alternatives. Do we really need to rely
on nuclear power (with its super-toxic waste), or coal and oil fired power stations? No.
As just one alternative, as an example, there is a low-cost solar cell
that could be used to build electricity generating windows like the
one that has been awarded this year’s Millennium Technology Prize.
Professor Michael Gratzel of the Lausanne Federal Technology
Institute received the €800,000 (£660,000) prize at a ceremony in
Professor Gratzel’s innovation mimics the way plants turn light into energy. Imagine if all the
windows in New York used these things – or in your own home.
Black Ops
You may or may not be aware that so-called "black ops" programs have brought some of
these alternatives to fruition. They are actually in use, albeit secretly. Yet they have been paid
for with public funds, and should be available to the public at large.
Hopefully, as the economy collapses, and as this Gulf gusher wreaks continuing havoc,
whistle blowers will come to the fore. (Many of you had suggested in our survey that you have
inside information. Now is the time to get it out).
When they do, they will help break the stranglehold the global corporations have on the
situation at present – all in the name of profit for the few at the expense of the very
environment in which we are privileged to live. If not, Nature will find its own way to remedy
the situation.
Nature’s first move just might be to make life extremely uncomfortable – perhaps even deadly
– for human beings, because without us, this would never have happened. We are out of
harmony with Nature.
In that regard, the potential effects of acid rain must be considered, especially if we are wise
enough to look ahead, plan ahead, and be prepared for what’s likely to happen.
You can’t have too much food and supplies stocked up. This will not be a short term event.
Do you have water..water filter..extra medical supplies..a back up shelter…somewhere to go in
case you have to evacuate (especially if you’re on the East Coast)?
Okay, so you have to evacuate – you have no place to go, how are you going to get there,
what are you going to do when you get there, who is waiting for you? Nobody? No Red
Cross…no FEMA…no supplies…no morning coffee and doughnuts. Remember – they don’t
care about you. You are a number, not a name. It’s time to think this through and make some
It hasn’t made the Mainstream Media yet, or at least not at the national level as far as we’re
aware, but this could be a precursor to what will happen when those storms pick up those
toxins and bring them far inshore.
Crops are already being killed off in some places by a mystery substance that has just
appeared as if out of nowhere. It is killing all types of vegetation, raising concerns that it may
be the result of acid rain.
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