DISKLOSURE — February 16, 2008 — document investigated by a fantastic french journalist, Jimmy Guieu, which death is suspicious ,as a piece of uranium would have been found under his chair in the office where he was often working, he died of a prostate cancer(by the way search DCA for a possible cancer cure, proalgazyme which also already cured some aids contamined people at least for the symptoms, hemp oil also already stopped some germinal stage cancer, search search and search other solutions also, it needs a video but i m concerned in living quietly too). I hope some other of his work will be presented to you as there is some fantastic material to be discovered.
Jimmy G.:" Al Bielek (Alfred Billy Bielek), survivor of the philadelphia experiment,
before was called Eduard Cameron, we will see why and how his name has been changed.
_Al B.: the preparations were almost finished for the test expected in march on the war ship. At this point NikolasTesla realized there was a serious risk of damage for the people aboard the ship, due to the power level of magnetic fields that would be used. He asked then for more time, saying he was sure to be able to fix it. But he has not been given this time, typical reason said by soldiers was "the war is on, you have to be ready, as planned" . So they had 2 choices, test the equipment and hoppefully things would work well or sabotage the test, N.Tesla was concerned about the safety of the crew, so the day of the test, nothing really happened. He said it had failed. (Which must have been also disapointing for him). They understood the experiment was capable of succeeding, the project has been then given to john von neuman.
_Jimmy G.: tesla has been known for example as the man who built for rca (radio corporation of america) a big radio receiver which may have helped him (from what has been said) to hear messages from a humanoid ethnie of beings, tha pleiadians. People sometimes refer to a strange language tesla could understand.
he shows a book about pleiadians story with Billy Meier ,video called "travel in time and the galaxy"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7mMaP… is referred to this case)
_the second test occured .I came aboard with my brother. working also on the experiment, i was not yet named al bielek ,-are you ready?- i was born the august 4th 1916,my brother in may 1917,our father was alexander duncan cameron senior,who was also a marine.We were both inside the control office protected by a steel armor plating, the doors also were in steel armor. Everything has been normal for a few 30 seconds when electronic tubes started to explode one after the other,like in waves. They were 3000 used to control the coils used to generate the electro magnetic field. Some tried to stopp the system then but it was too late. It seemed to become so dangerous inside the room that some of us decided to get out. We run out. The crew was already worried about the situation, but none was yet "melted with steel".We both then had what has maybe been a good idea, we jumped out of the ship("reconstitution" image on the movie), we did not fall into the water, we went trough a strange phenomen, which looked like a tunnel or some sort of, with some lightnings inside. From what we both estimated ,it took around 2 minutes, we landed then; So not in the water but on the ground, and it was night. we felt like we were on a military area, and we were. Some troups found us and brought us to a building ,we took an elevator and started to go down several levels so that we understood it was underground.-how many still ON?-When the doors opened we have been welcome by a civilian, the man told us;_you re very welcome, i was waiting for you, i am the professor von neumann.
we later realized we both were living then in 1983.I answered _you cannot be john von neumann i left him less than an hour ago and he is much younger than you. _this is not the year 1943 but 1983 ,and i am the same man 40 years older.
we were there since 12hours, when he came and said this to us ;_we have to send you now back to the ship (eldridge),when i asked him how he could do it he told me:_we totaly master this space-time system here, at the montauk project, you will be sent back so that you stop the device on the ship,it will bring the eldridge to philadelphia. Later this is what happened, we were on the boat, found the equipment and destroyed it, everything started to calm down at this moment. We went out of the control room to the main area on the bridge,it s there that we saw 2 men "mixed "with the bridge of steel,(sorry for translation if incorrect),and 2 others with the armor-plating, a fifth one we saw had the hand prisoner of the metal too.I walked over one whose arms and face were coming out of the same steel.My brother saw all those persons prisoners ,he looked at me, like saying to me "come with me"..
video #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We3CsM…