Cutting the Head Off the Snake

Since I was a little boy, I was interested in nature. But not in any academic sense; I purely enjoyed running around the great outdoors, through the bush, into the jungle, and onto the beach. Having grown up in Brazil, the middle-east, Africa, and of course Great Britain, I saw my fair share of warm and cold blooded animals.

What always fascinated me the most, though, were the reptiles. And my God, did we have some great big lizards and iguanas at the bottom of the garden in Rio. I developed a predator’s ability to catch these things, and learnt by experience that their bites were not that bad, for the medium sized iguanas have small and sandpaper like teeth, rather than fangs. I also learnt that you could creep up on these cold-blooded beauties and out-wit them. They’d eventually find a hole that wasn’t quite big enough to fit them, and my small hands would grab them behind the head. I’d run to my parents, terrifying my poor mother as I walked into the house with what might as well have been a young velociraptor writhing in my hands. I moved onto catching snakes. It is important to know your pit-viper from your grass-snake, and I remember receiving a bollocking for catching a poisonous snake whilst aged 10 on a dirt runway at some jungle airport in Guinea, west Africa. There was something about these cold-blooded creatures that really had me enthralled. Their alien beauty, their machine like thinking….

I think you can see where I am going with this. The boy maketh the man, and now I wish to hunt down the cold-blooded scum that are stamping humanity in the face with a big boot. Though it is currently impossible for us to stick a camera in David Rockefeller’s face, we can stick it where his ignoble influence happens to manifest, such as in the streets with Police censoring, or attempting to censor our actions. Not that we think that filming the absurd we live in will actually change things immediately, but when enough people are aware of the machine, then they can start to do something about it. Filming is only a tiny part of it.

This essay is entitled “Cutting the Head Off the Snake” because, as someone commented on one of my films recently, a fascist government is most easily dealt with when it is rising up, not once it is in full Nazi flow. I believe we are still in the stages where this machine-snake is still coiling up, getting itself ready to strike. We do not have massive round-ups, we do not have people being marched at gun-point into internment camps. All it takes, though, is one massive false-flag terror attack blamed on “domestic extremists” for the chaos to drive the public into a self-destructive frenzy of paranoia and bigoted retribution. It has happened before in history. The machine-men know how to do this. They seem to want to do this. In their mistaken role as the arbiters of how civilization will continue forth into the “new age”, they truly believe they are doing us all, and nature, a favour by declaring the enemy of man as man himself (See environmentalism, optimum population propaganda, the Georgia guidestones, UN Agenda 21 and many others).

Not on my watch, and not on yours, I hope. I received yet another email from a soldier serving in Afghanistan for the US Military stating how ashamed he is of killing civilians “by accident” fighting the Taliban. Why does he not quit? Surely the imprisonment following a court-martial is vastly preferable than taking part in colonial death-cults? He does not quit because he does not at this moment see a viable alternative.

As a close friend of mine states, we need to fight the death-cults by inverting and reversing their established order. They want order out of chaos; we must bring about chaos from their manufactured slave-order. They want to see human beings reduced to sex-obsessed and shallow scum; we will raise our fists in unison and present the resistance as an intellectually driven force with “normal people” at the helm. Just the other day, I interviewed a corporate lawyer lady who is now part of the fight-back. With the media portraying us as lazy, unemployed, and unhinged, we will show our true face. We are everywhere. We are millions worldwide. We permeate government, the military, the corporate financial world, all awaiting the right moment to truly come together. What currently prevents us coming together is a fear that perhaps we are wrong, that we may not win.

I assure you, as soon as you have woken up politically and philosophically, you are on the path to victory; you then simply, if you wish, have to bring your mind liberation into the mainfest physical world. It is not enough, in my belief, to enjoy the warm glow of “knowing” what is happening. It is not enough to be enlightened and then to move to Tibet to meditate with some monks. I feel, and this is my personal belief, that our duty as sentient beings is to reduce harm, and raise the good amongst our fellow men and creatures on this beautiful world.

Those brave men and women in WW2 France who chose not to collaborate with the Nazis, but instead chose to join “la resistance” and to mount a fight back….they did it because they knew it to be right. Not because it was fun (for all we know doing what is right is inherently “fun”). They did it out of a sense of sacred honour, and of duty to their fellow conscious beings. There is something intrinsically wrong with fascist brutality, and no amount of love and light films or Deepak Chopra presentations blaming my ego for the horrors manifest in the world I perceive before me will change my belief in this. If I am to be a man, I will be all men,  I will be the force of righteousness when faced with evil. I will not succumb to moral-relativism and look the other way, saying let bygones be bygones. No. I will stand there and draw a line in the sand between myself and those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers (Pulp Fiction? Ezekiel 25:17?).

For every evil act, there are people around who look the other way, or do not intervene in some way.  To remain neutral, is actually to side with the evil-doers. This is why the mistaken belief that peace and love alone can save this world is wrong; that way of thinking is precisely the kind of docile and lazy one-sided thinking that evil men LOVE the masses to believe, for it means they stand aside as the agenda is pushed through. If we were meant to simply be bundles of light we would never have bothered to enter this 3D playground in the first place; we would have stayed as bundles of sentience in the Nth dimension, having a great time. And believe me, we’ll probably visit this wonderful spiritual realm once our time here is up. I hope so anyway.

For now, I pledge to you all my dedication, my unconditional belief that what we are doing is right, and an assured and heart-felt knowledge that in the fight ahead we will be protected by quantuum forces none of us truly understand. We are in the middle of a war, with fronts most visible in the deserts of the middle east, but at home as well, against the death-cults and machine thinking. Do not ever compromise your ideals in the face of being offered something easy, like money. Do not look the other way as you see terrible things happen.

Stand firm, and get yourself mentally prepared as humanity is faced with its biggest challenge yet. This is not a war against nations, this is a war of consciousness.

May the spirit of resistance flow through you in the times ahead. Find the others. Our time is now.

Charlie Veitch

8th May 2010