Australian Doctors ‘consider genital cuts for girls’

Posted by Europe on Jun 13th, 2010 // 2 Comments

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Australians need to get outraged over Female Genital Mutilation legalization! Female Genital Mutilation can kill women and their babies!!

Australian doctors may soon perform genital mutilations on baby girls in a bid to curb a dangerous rise in backyard surgeries, according to a report.

The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians is considering allowing doctors to carry out “ritual nicks” on baby girls whose families may otherwise turn to illegal operations, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The practice, though illegal, is widespread among African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities.

Doctors are reportedly seeing increasing cases of girls who require surgery after botched operations, which are often performed in domestic situations with razors or pieces of glass.

RANZCOG spokeswoman Gino Pecoraro told the newspaper that any decision would require widespread consultation.

“If a nick could meet the cultural needs of a particular woman, then it might save her from going through what can really be drastic surgery,” she said.

“But we need to make sure we do not legitimise the ritualistic maiming of children.”