A real CURE for AIDS, Hepititis, Cancer, Herpes etc, for less than the price of a night out!

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In 1992 Dr Stephen Kaali applied for a patent (#5,139,684 Kaali & Schwolsky 8-18-92) for his recently discovered cure for AIDS. [educate-yourself.org…]

This discovery by Kaali and Lyman in the Fall of 1990 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y.C. in 1990 was the centerpiece of Dr. Bob Beck’s lectures on blood electrification. Kaali and Lyman re-discovered something that Dr. Robert O. Becker had also came upon in the 1970’s and 80’s in that direct current applied at very low voltage, delivered in the 50-100 microampere range effected amazing cellular response and achieved the de-activation of pathogenic organisms.

Bob Beck later went on to develop a non-invasive use of this technology using a simple $50 build-it-yourself ‘zapper’.
Beck claims to have cured hundreds of people at his own expense via local hospital co-operation whilst collecting copious amounts of confirmatory data.
Before the die-hard allopath zealots begin crying bogus, do a bit of background checking on Beck (and for that matter, Kaali and Becker too who both played for the home-team not the hippies lol ).
Beck was no slouch, having won many prestigious prizes for his work on neuro-entrainment devices (he developed the ‘black box’ that got Pete Townsend and many others off Heroine).
PhD in physics from the University of Southern California, Dr. Beck is better known as a researcher and inventor improving upon other’s inventions.
For what it’s worth, Beck was nominated for the Nobel Prize by a Mexican hospital for his work developing an AIDS cure.
Here’s one of Beck’s papers: Dr. Bob Beck on Blood Electrification for cleansing, parasite zapping, neutralization of HIV, etc. [www.elixa.com…]
This is a rare video, taken in 1996 at Ventura College. The video quality is awful, but the content makes up for it (2 hrs): video.google.com…

"You can have a 100% cure for AIDS … You can do it yourself, and it is cheap … You will never have a cold again … This is the best investment that you can make in your health … And we guarantee it … We have stacks of testimonials, hundreds of astounding spontaneous remissions, and we have medical records to prove it … It will work. Not maybe … It is the most valuable information that I have ever seen. It is the best that our science can offer today in the hospitals and clinics of America. [Interview with Dr. Beck, 1997]."

I was originally alerted to Beck on ATS by a poster on my DIY Cancer Treatmentthread who claimed to have cured his own AIDS. I clicked the link he gave and then promptly forgot about it for a week or two, as I was inundated with alternative healthinfo.
A week or two later, I took the time out to begin watching the video, then immediately found a source for Beck’s instruments (I just don’t have the luxury of time to build them myself).
Since then, I’ve read much more on Beck and listened to audio interviews with him. He never had a website (Beck claims he avoided the net in order to minimize the targetting of FDA, who arrived at his house one morning at 3am, guns drawn!), so all info must be dug out from alternative type websites.
I’m also half way through Robert O Becker’s book ‘The Body Electric’, which is absolutely fascinating work on electricity and cell regeneration. You can find this for free on Scribd.
A nice page on Beck here with more reports: cancertutor.com…
Beck dedicated the last decade of his life to working in the electo-medicine field. He kept all his discoveries OPEN-SOURCE, publishing detailed and complete plans on how to reproduce his results affordably at home. A true humanitarian?

Preferred electrifiers must generate a 3.9 Hz (not critical) biphasic sharp-rise-time square wave, +/- 27 volt peak adjustable output, 50% duty cycle, capable of delivering several milliamperes into a low resistance load at skin surface (+/- 2000 ohm impedance) which after losses in tissue resistance delivers the necessary 50 to 100 microamperes through flowing blood.
This suppressed medical discovery is proving to neutralize or eliminate all parasites and their mycotoxins, fungi, viruses, microbes, germs, pathogens, bacteria, or any other foreign invaders in blood without drugs.
There are no known side effects to healthy cells, tissue, or fluids.Elimination of blood pathogens can be verified by examining blood under dark field/phase contrast microscopy.

I am shocked that ATS has very little discussion about this man, who appears to have made one of the greatest contributions to human health. There’s also a mouth-watering conspiracy issue in it too: plenty of documented data and fairly obvious mainstream suppression.(See Science News, March 30, 1991, page 207; and Longevity, December 1992 page 14.)
I am currently now using the ‘Beck Protocol’ on myself (I’m fairly healthy, but a few niggling issues that I’d like to handle) and feel after a week already far more energy and have lost about 3kg in weight (Beck himself claims to have lost 130 pounds without changing his diet or exercise routine, and postulates the reason for this in the above linked video). I’ve experienced the odd Herxheimer reaction (detox) so am convinced something is going on. The issues I wanted to deal with are already abating.
My mum began the protocol a few days ago, as we had to first finish our herbal cleansing of liver and kidneys. Beck advises against using any herbal or allopathic medication whilst on the protocol, due to the effect of ‘electroporation’ enhancing the ‘accessability’ of the cells by up to 30x. He did find, however, that drinking ozonated water and colloidal/ionic silver massively increased the effectiveness of the protocol.
Obviously, we will not be able to draw conclusions about the Beck Protocol on my mum’s cancer, as we are using several alternative cure methodologies, so who knows which one will have made the most difference at the end of the day. Mum (who already looks 100x better by the way) is booked in for a sigmoidoscopy at the end of July, so I will post the results of the current state of her bowel tumor on the DIY Cancer thread at the appropriate time.
Whatever the case, I am fully confident Beck’s contribution to the health of humanity is deserved of much more attention than it is getting. If you are currently suffering from ANY form of pathogen caused disease or illness, from the common cold to Epstein Bar, from Hepititis B or C to AIDS, I highly recommend you check out Bob Beck’s work.


Lab Test Results of HIV inactivation by electric current

from patent 5,139,684 ( Kaali & Schwolsky 8-18-92)

Experiments on HIV-1 virus with electricity. Possible AIDS Cure. decreased viral infectivity


Overview: A non-flow vessel or cell included a pair of platinum electrodes 1 mm apart inserted into a well 1.56 mm in length and 8.32 mm in depth. The non-flow vessel was connected to a direct current source capable of creating an electric field at a constant voltage and constant amperage. Into this well was laced a suspension of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) at a concentration of 1,000,000 infectious particles per ml. An aliquot of approximately 10 ul of the virus suspension was placed into the well. Thereafter, the viral suspension was exposed to direct currents ranging from 0 microamps (uA) for up to 12 minutes, to 100 microamps for up to 6 minutes. Intermediate currents of 25, 50 and 75 microamps were used to expose similar viral aliquots. After exposure of the viral suspension to electric currents, the contents of the non-flow vessel were removed and placed into sterile microtubes. 5 ul of each sample were removed and diluted with 95 ul tissue culture medium supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum (FCS. unborn calf blood)
In Experiment 1, the resuspended and treated viral stocks were incubated with a human T lymphoblastoid cell line named CEM-SS. This cell line, upon exposure to HIV-1, forms syncytia (giant cells). It is well documented that the viral titer (amount) used is directly correlated with the number of syncytia formed. Therefore, evaluation of infectivity of HIV-1 can be used with this assay. In contrast, Experiment No. 2 used a differnet human T lymphoblastoid cell line named H9. This cell line, in contrast to CEM-SS cells, produces, upon exposure to HIV-1, many viral particles. The amount of virus produced is proportional to the amount of virus to which the cells are exposed. Therefore, quantitation of viral particles, or more commonly associated viral protein (in this case reverse transcriptase), can be used as an index of viral infection. In both assays, the CEM syncytia forming assay and the H9 viral protein assay, similar type results were obtained. That is, with the CEM cells, although syncytium formation and quantitation is preferrable, one can quantitate the HIV-1 associated protein (reverse transcriptase) activity and conversely with the H9 cells, although reverse transcriptase quantitation is preferred, one can quantitate giant cell (syncytia) formation. Both of these assays are widely used as reproducible measures of viral infection and can be used to determine if alterations in viral infectivity as a product of this electrical treatment can be detected.

Experiment #1
Approximately 100,000 CEM-SS cells per sample were incubated with a treated or untreated (control) viral aliquot for up to 4 days. The cells were placed into microtiter plate wells and monitored for formation of syncytia every 24 hours by microscopic observation. In a standardized fashion, as it has been reported in the literature and is currently being conducted in many laboratories, the number of syncytia at 3 and 4 days was determined. Table 2 summarizes the results from a representative experiment using this assay. As can be noted, the number of syncytia formed was inversely proportional to the amount of electric current. That is, additionally, with increased current (100 vs 50 uA) there was a reduction in the number of syncytia formed. These results and those of additional experiments using the CEM-SS cell line indicate a consistent finding that electrical treatment of the RF strain of HIV-1 attentuates the virus potential for inducing syncytium formation in this cell line.
Experiment #2
A separate and independent assay to determine the ability of electric current to alter HIV-1 infectivity using H9 cells was employed. The basic strategy was similar to that used for the CEM cells with the exception that the initial suspension of treated and controlled (non-treated) viral stock was incubated with 100,000 H9 cells for 2 hours at 37 degees Celsius. Thereafter, the cell virus suspensions were further diluted to 5 ml in standard tissue culture medium. The cell-viral suspensions were then incubated for up to 14 days at 37 degrees Celsius with 5% carbon dioxide. At 3 day intervals (beginning at day 2), aliquots of cell suspension were removed from each sample. The aliquots were centrifuged at 1,000 rpm for 5 minutes in order to pellet the cells. After centrifugation, the supernatant and cell pellets were seperated. The supernatant was cyropreserved for subsequent reverse transcriptase assay and the cell pellets were resuspended in fixatives and maintained in a tissue bank for additional studies employing in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry to detect qualitatively and semi-qualitatively viral infection by HIV-1. At the end of each experiment, the supernatant samples from each of the tests and time points were examined using standard reverse transcriptase assay. The results of the representative experiment are shown in Table 3. The results of this experiment indicate the ability of HIV-1 to infect H9 cells is attenuated by the magnitude of the electrical currents to which the virus is exposed. Additionally, at lower current magnitude, but with prolonged exposure time, attenuation of viral infectivity is achieved. That is, analogous to the results observed using syncytium formation and the CEM-SS cell line, either increased current or increased duration of exposure time was inversely proportional to the amount of reverse transcriptase produced by the cell line.

In conclusion, these experiments which have been repeated several times, and those using the CEM-SS cell line, indicate at a statistically significant level that direct electrical current at biocompatible amperages for discrete exposure time intervals can attenuate the ability of HIV-1 to infect normally healthy cells which are susceptible to the HIV-1 AIDS virus.