Is Oil Spill Cover for Massive Foreclosure?

July 24, 2010


by Jack Ragnarok
See the Gulf of Mexico oil spill not as an engineered environmental disaster but rather a savvy political move that diverts attention from foreclosure action by foreign financiers. 
The lands have been offered by successive elected governments as collateral for the enormous cumulative debt of today. The Federal Reserve has issued unlimited debt instruments as fiat and electronic currency to government only through consent of its foreign owners. Ten foreign financial institutions are the corporate owners of the world’s biggest alchemy machine, the Federal Reserve system.
Government is an agent of Plutocracy to transfer wealth from serfs to aristocrats. And the military serves to protect the economic interests of Plutocracy. Until recently the US has been Plutocracy’s chief global policeman to enforce foreclosure and inflict punishments. Busily policing and bullying other nations, US citizens have yet to understand the time has come to foreclose upon the lands of the New World of Amaracu (America)..
PANMAP.jpgIgor Panarin predicted that the USA would begin balkanization in 2010 through secession and civil war.  Professor Panarin’s map depicts 4 new zones on the continent. Secession and civil war will come, but the initial phase of the lands restored to  foreign ownership by foreclosure appears to be by an engineered environmental disaster that will undoubtedly trigger ubiquitous social convulsions.
See the Gulf action as part of a larger political process to balkanize the USA, restoring the land to its legal foreign owners to partition as they see fit. Now that the USA is effectively a bankrupt sovereign nation, the region east of the Mississippi from the Gulf to the Great Lakes/Canada is the first designated zone of an agreed-upon foreclosure target.
Worry little about the oil spill. There exist bacteria and other mechanisms that can eliminate the nuisance of the oil. Besides, naphtha and gases leak regularly from earth’s crust and generally pose little harm.
Worry about Corexit.  Corexit is the chief toxin of depopulation and mind control through unhealthy blood leakage into the body and brain; it also has a chemical prophylactic to neutralize its toxins. After the body absorbs corexit, blood leakage weakens human immunity and any energy that might otherwise be directed to resistance is suppressed (BP executives are unlikely to get ill from corexit).
The aforementioned comment does not detail the history of the original owners of the lands of the New World, their legal heirs, and the skulduggery and machinations which finagled a temporary Constitution that was replaced with corporate ownership in the fashion of The Virginia Company in the time of Lincoln. Each sitting President since the civil war has acted properly as a CEO of the corporate US.


"Second Oil Spill Confirmed -Smaller than the First (which was the largest in history.)"
(From Ken Price)

Dear Henry,
Here is an interesting tv news broadcast from July 21st that reveals a second deep water oil well, called the "Ocean Saratoga," has been leaking since April.  What I find most interesting is that this information was just released by the coast guard.  In the report,they state that the size of the spill is SMALLER than that of the Deepwater Horizon’s, but that it is now visible as a slick on the ocean that is miles long.  
Can you believe the rhetoric!  Smaller than the Deepwater Horizon’s?   So, it could have been as large as the aforementioned oil volcano, or, it was so small that the US Coast Guard didn’t even need to mention it, or something in-between.  Thanks for presenting a potential second disaster as though it is nothing!
It is amazing what kind of confounding/worthless information these supposed professional newscasters are getting away with.  "Hey it’s just another accident in the already accident-prone Gulf of Mexico."
Is it possible that there is a tie-in with the Mathew Simmons story about the original and uncontrollable Deepwater well being ignored with this now recent report of a confirmed second leak?  Why?  For confusion purposes.
Go here for a map of the total number and location of oil rigs currently in the Gulf region.  There are 3,858 platforms.
Go here for a hurricane forecast.  The forecast is for gale force winds to be in the vicinity of the cleanup efforts five days from now.
With these conditions and changing events noted, one thing I think we know is this:  
In the aftermath of the next hurricane striking the gulf region (which could be soon), Government data vs. BP data vs. TV media data vs. Internet data won’t matter, as it will be impossible to sort out the real truth in the midst of forced evacuations and media cowardice.


From June:
Did you see this video on youtube, by any chance? It states the entire gulf oil leak was created and is controlled by the NWO for depopulation:
My husband and I watched it and we must admit, it does make us wonder if this entire gulf oil leak was indeed purposed and created by the NWO to cause a phony disaster in order to enable them to depopulate (use bio weapons (dispersant) and kill off low income coastal populations) and gain control of all waterfront properties! I do know that much of those waterfront areas are populated by low income and black people.
The video does not give the name of the person who says he or she received this info firsthand from the top levels of government, so it lacks credible witness, but it does provide for an extremely credible possibility that what this person is saying is true. After listening to it, we do wonder why there is not more oil, not tar balls, but oil, coming up on the beaches.
This should be more evident. Could this ‘illusion’ be the reason the government is breaking the first amendment and keeping the media from knowing too much? Could they have played the ‘illuminati card’ for real, drilled into the volcano side to create a  ‘controlled’ oil leak, and tell the world it was a real accident–now playing the world into thinking this is a huge out of control disaster…thus giving them an easy way to commit mass murder?
This video by a person shows that the oil in the gulf can be cleaned within 6 weeks by the use of natural microbes that live in the ocean:
This is how the oil during the 1979 gulf oil leak disappeared and got cleaned. So, the NWO was not concerned about allowing oil into the gulf back in April, as they know the microbes would dissipate it eventually, like the1979 scenario.
I saw a news video ( showing that gulf disaster back in 1979, and this gulf oil leak seems to be an exact copycat, except this leak is in a deeper area of the ocean. Back then, they performed all the exact same procedures that they are doing now, and in the end nothing worked until they drilled  ‘relief’ wells. This was 4 months after the spill, and thus they were finally able to cap that well.
Could it be that they staged that oil leak back in 1979, and now, repeating the process again to further their global agenda? Or could it be that they used the 1979 oil disaster as a blueprint to create a ‘staged’ oil leak in 2010?
What does concern me is that many news sites are using this Simmons fellas’ (oil expert from the Bush era) interview…yet he is CFR, right? So, can he be trusted? Or is he a plant to make this illusion look real?
I am sure we will all know more later as time passes, but the above first video is compelling information to consider…what do you think?
The facts remains…highly toxic dispersants were used and is now raining down on the gulf populations…and soon humans will get sick and die just like some plants and trees are currently doing.  (Dispersants were used in 1979, by the way). It is unbelievable, simply unbelievable, that they can get away with using such a toxic dispersant…yet, here they are, legally killing people all under the guise of stopping the oil….what genius by these madmen!
Ken Price comments on Second Video
I think everyone should watch this video.
I haven’t had much time to research asphalt volcanoes, but I intend to.
I think this video is extremely valuable in that it gives us a different direction to look and think.  I believe that depopulation of the Gulf Region and a redevelopment toward a modern Riviera is very believable as it fits in line with what we saw from Hurricane Katrina.
It explains why not one world leader has threatened the United States with retaliation for not stopping what appears to be a breach in the world’s food chain.
This young man is very courageous.  He gives us the background of the police state that is in existence as we speak and yet his main message is to not worry about the world’s oceans.  He is a man I want to believe.
I almost weep to think what life would be like if we allowed people like him to be our real leaders.


BP accused of trying to silence science on spill

By Agence France-Presse
Friday, July 23rd, 2010 — 10:03 am

 BP accused of trying to silence science on spill

LONDON (AFP) – The head of the American Association of Professors accused BP Friday of trying to buy the silence of scientists and academics to protect itself after the Gulf oil spill, in a BBC interview.

"This is really one huge corporation trying to buy faculty silence in a comprehensive way," said Cary Nelson.

BP is facing lawsuits after the oil spill, which has destroyed the livelihoods of many people along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

A copy of a contract offered to scientists by BP, which the BBC said it had obtained, said scientists are not allowed to publish the research they do for the oil giant.

They are also not allowed to speak about the data for at least three years or until the government gives final approval for the company’s restoration plan for the whole of the Gulf, said the British broadcaster.

BP said it had hired more than a dozen scientists "with expertise in the resources of the Gulf of Mexico," according to a statement given to the BBC.

Bob Shipp, the head of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama, said BP’s lawyers had approached him and wanted his whole department.

"They contacted me and said we would like to have your department interact to develop the best restoration plan possible after this oil spill," he said.

"We laid the ground rules — that any research we did, we would have to take total control of the data, transparency and the freedom to make those data available to other scientists and subject to peer review.

"They left and we never heard back from them."

Nelson warned BP’s actions could be "hugely destructive".

"Our ability to evaluate the disaster and write public policy and make decisions about it as a country can be impacted by the silence of the research scientists who are looking at conditions," he said.

"It’s hugely destructive. I mean at some level, this is really BP versus the people of the United States."

BP said it "does not place restrictions on academics speaking about scientific data," according to the BBC.

The environmental disaster began on April 20 when the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers. The rig sank two days later rupturing the pipe that connected it to the well.