Austrian government caught faking criminal charges. Jane Burgermeister to apply to European Court of Human Rights

August 6, 2010

Now that there is verifiable, unambiguous evidence that the Austrian government and state prosecutors have faked criminal charges to provide a pretext to arrest and detain me, I am going to apply to the European Court of Human Rights.

Under Article 6 of the Human Rights Convention, all Europeans have the right to a fair trial and proper judicial process, and this is being denied to me. The Austrian state prosecutor for corruption Katja Wallenschewski sent a ltter saying that criminal charges by a Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote had been  filed. But Heiner Lohmann has since signed a letter to state that he had never filed criminal charges in Austria. He had just a general protest letter forwarding a letter from Christine Cote praising my contribution in opening people’s eyes to the swine flu scam.

By faking the criminal charges, the prosecutors hoped to bury my own charges dealing evidence of file manipulation and false accusations. They also hoped to brand me as a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

On August 12th, I have to go to the court to be interviewed about being placed under a court guardianship on the basis of these fake charges too. This will see me stripped of all my civic rights and any assets I am due to inherit. The government and Big Pharma seem determined to silence vaccine critics by any means.


Icelandic MP Birgitta Jongsdottir offers to help after Jane Burgermeister inquires about political asylum in Iceland

August 4, 2010

Icelandic MP Birgitta Jongsdottir has offered to help me after I asked her about whether I could apply for political asylum in Iceland as I face being stripped of all my rights and assets at a court hearing in Austria on August 12th on the basis of allegations by a judge I can prove to be false.

The Austrian government’s attempt to smear me reached new levels this week when they created a fake set of criminal charges out a letter sent by Heiner Lohmann protesting the way the government was hounding me, never investigated those charges and dropped them almost immediately as an excuse to bury my own charges documenting concrete evidence of file manipulation and false accusations.

These fake charges will no doubt also be used to tar me as dangerous conspiracy theorist and provide another reason for my unlimited detention.

Birgitta Jonsdottir knew all about my swine flu vaccine campaign and expressed strong support for my work. She said the legislation for political asylum for whistleblowers will not be passed in Iceland until later this year.

However, she offered to keep an eye on my case.

In the meantime, Birgitta Jonsdottir must have her hands full because she the Wikileaks website founder Julian Assange is also being targetted by the US government over its leaks of compromsing documents.

Birgitta Jonsdottir is a member of The Movement and MP for Reykjavík South Constituency. She is also a writer, artist, activist, web developer, designer, and a spokeswoman for the website Wikileaks.


How Johan Niklasson tried to get critics of the swine flu jab branded terrorists

August 6, 2010

Johan Niklasson’s publication of the „10,000 list“ on the flucase website on July 4th without my knowledge and after blocking my log-in has resulted in the flu case website being classified as a terrorism website.

His report inciting people to random violence and murder of people on some indefinite 10,000 list was up for just long enough for screen shots to be made. That means not only the owner of the flucase domain name – Niklasson himself – but anyone who visited the website can now be classified as a supporter of terrorist activities.

Under new anti-terror laws in Europe, having such a classification in your file could potentially spell arrest. In Austria, supporting terrorism activities will carry a two year jail sentence under new legislation that was due to come into force on August 1st, but that has now been postponed for the next legislature.

And, nope, you can expect a fair trial under the emergency procedures.

The definition of terrorist activities is so lose it includes almost any criticism of the government or ist policies. That includes vaccination campaigns such as the swine flu vaccination campaign.

Niklasson is, therefore, delivering the ammunition to tar people who give information, documents and facts about the risks of the swine flu vaccine and other vaccines as terrorists.

The flucase website was visited by millions of people, and almost everyone who left their IP address is now a potential target.

The fact the website is now so hot is is not lost on Niklasson.

That is no doubt why Niklasson refuses to renew the domain name himself in spite of the fact that he has been asking for donations for maintaining the website, and I have repeatedly requested him to renew the domain name and put the website back to the way it was when I left it on June 13th and when he blocked my login.

He claims I lost it, but here it is minus the last digit:  AfuhpRD63C3kBx.

He is now asking whether other people want to take over the domain name.

Anyone who takes over the domain name must be aware that it will classified as a terrorism website and they have to accept responsibility.

Niklasson will, no doubt, see to it that the domain name ends up in the hands of people promoting terrorism or such like.

Of course, Niklasson is now frightened of being associated with the website he arranged to be classified as a terrorism one, and is hoping the general public is so gullible that he can put up an inflammatory report for long enough for screenshots to be made, remove it and then clear his own name by putting up an invented report.

The report that Niklasson wrote incites people to murder individuals on some indefinite list and gives authorities to excuse to crack down on any associated with the anti vaccine movement.

“The list of 10.000


“10.000 names is on the list. this is the hit list, the list of people to take out, remove, kill, hide, kidnap, jail or whatever your imagination or intuition tells you to do. They are only 10.000! They are about to kill several hundred millions of us. We are many, they are few. When we have removed these 10.000 the world will very quickly be a better place and no one will be able to channel the orders from the dark lords, and they will completely loose their grip on humanity.”

How will these 10.000 individuals be identified and who will get rid of them?

If a list was published, they would be warned, the publisher of the list would soon be dead and nothing would be achieved. If an organization or several organizations was started to get rid of the 10.000, they would soon be identified and overtaken and eradicated as is done with all such organizations. In fact, organizations is what the dark masters are best at controlling.

So no list – no organization, just awakened warriors of humankind using their knowledge, wisdom, understanding, compassion, intelligence and love of humanity. If you are one such warrior, you already know where to look, maybe you have targeted one of the 10.000 already.

“It is not easy to take a life – it simply is not easy! Physically, emotionally, mentally, ideologically, spiritually, technically or practically. So make sure you pick one from the list and make sure you double check and triple check you got one on the list. Then do it without revealing yourself in any way. Behave naturally. Surf the web, have a job, eat normal food, be a nobody with no specifics and place yourself in a position in time and space where you can make the kill. Don’t team up with anyone. let no one know what you are about to do. Be sure of your target. Act when you know the time is right. Your own life matters little but if you can, save it. We are many, they are few.”


State prosecutors will not be able to explain away fake charges

August 4, 2010

Now that a letter has been signed by Heiner Lohmann saying that he never filed criminal charges, the Austrian government will have difficulty accounting for the criminal charges they have created. in order to frame me.

Even though the state prosecutor will, no doubt, attempt to come up with a simple explanation for the mix up, there is none.

In only rare cases is a letter turned into criminal charges but in such a case a letter has to describe concrete, specific events that could count as a criminal offence.

If there is strong evidence of a crime from the contents of the letter, the state prosecutor can decide to investigate even though no charges have  formally been lodged. The prosecutor then gives instructions to the police to collect information, for example, by interviewing witnesses etc.

The usual procedure is for police to then send a report back to the state prosecutor and the state prosecutor can decide on the basis of that information whether charges should be pressed or not.

It is not at all clear why the letter of Heiner Lohmann was turned into a criminal offence since he gave no concrete evidence of any crime but forwarded a letter that appears to have just protested my harrassment by the authorities and made no request for an invesigation.

If the state prosecutor, turned it into criminal charges, then there should have been an  investigation, police should have been called on to collect evidence.

I can say for sure there were no investigations by the police because I was named as the main victim, but no police ever interviewed me or contacted me. I am happy to be interviewed any time!

I am not aware of any efforts to collect documents etc from anyone else either. Also, the charges were dropped within days of the protest letter being logged as criminal charges.

And it  is not at all clear on what basis the criminal charges were dropped when there appears to have been absolutely no investigation.

But if there was no investigation or intention to investigate, why turn a mere letter with general statements and no specifics into a criminal charges in the first place?

There only explanation is the state prosecutor used the protest letter from Heiner Lohmann as an excuse to set bury my documented evidence of false accusations and set up fake charges to frame me as a dangerous and hysterical conspiracy theorist and that they never did any investigation or had any intention of doing a proper investigation before dropping the charges.



August 3, 2010

It has emerged that the Austrian government has attempted to frame Jane Burgermeister by inventing a fake set of criminal charges.

The criminal charges attributed to a Heiner Lohmann have, in fact, been invented by the government, which appears to be working hand in hand with Big Pharma to discredit swine flu jab critics and find a pretext to detain them by filing fake charges that can be used to classify me as a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist.

Yesterday evening, as the story about by impending court session on August 12th — where I am scheduled to be stripped of all my civic right and my inheritance  — spread on the alternative media in the German speaking world, the real Heiner Lohmann emailed me to say he had never filed charges on July 15th 2010 as stated by the state prosecutor for corruption, Kata Wallenschewski in a letter dated July 27th.

Heiner had seen the report on Wake News website and contacted me immediately. He also sent a hand written letter as a pdf attachment confirming he has not filed the charges that the prosecutors alleged.

In addition, he said he knew Christine Cote, another other person who allegedly filed charges on 5th July 2010. He had tried to contact her but got no answer.

Heiner Lohmann has just informed me by email this afternoon that he sent a letter expressing his concern about the way I and other free thinking people in Austria are being hounded. He said he had forwarded a letter by Christine Cote dated 4th July in which she states that I helped uncover the swine flu scam and save people from compulsory vaccines.

It appears that the state prosecutor simply kept the letters, filed them on a secret list of activists and pulled out the names later to use for fake criminal charges.

The real Heiner Lohmann was clearly never going to be informed about the criminal charges that the Austrian government created just to smear me. According to the letter to me from Wallenschewski, no address was available for him. As a resident of Steinfurt in Germany, he is even more far removed.

Heiner told me that he has campaigned against damaging bluetongue jabs for his own herd of cows and had been persecuted by the authorities as a result. The police have even raided his farm.

Heiner had written letters asking for the release of Austrian bloggers and government critics Natascha Koch and Harald Matschiner.

Austrian Blogger Natasche Koch was recently detained by police and forcibly consigned to a mental institute after an alleged murder threat was made to a clinic. Only a big public campaign freed her in spite of the overwhelming evidence she had been set up.

Matschiner finds himself in the same position.

Worrying are the indications that the government is keeping a secret list of free thinking people who defend human rights and justice such as Heiner Lohmann and is taking names from that secret list to use for the purposes of filing fake charges to smear people it wants to silence.

By creating a fake set of criminal charges against the very same judge who has been persecuting me, the government hoped to bury my own criminal charges dated July 23 which document the corruption of Judge Michaela Lauer and how she manipulated files and made false accusations in order how to start a Sachwalterverfahren to strip me of all my inheritance and civic rights.

This Sachwalterschaftsverfahren or court guardianship is usually used for extremely elderly people who are diagnosed as senile, and means you give all your rights to the court.

But it seems such a court guardianship can also be used to eliminate any critic of the Austrian government or of vaccines because there is absolutely no control over what judges put in files.

The government clearly decided to make the fake charges look like they were filed by my “supporters”. But what these charges really are supposed to do is leave the impression I am an hysterical and potentially dangerous conspiracy theorist who has to be confined to a mental institute.

It remains to be seen if the charges attributed to Christine Cote are also fake. It certainly appears from what Heiner has said that Christine only wrote a letter expressing her concern about how I am being hounded and nothing more.

This episode throws a worrying light on the extent of the corruption in the Austrian judicial system.

It seems  a network of judges and prosecutors work had in had can invent any fake accusation and justice officials can even get their hands of secret lists of activists to create and file fake criminal charges to be used to bury and be switched out with real ones. And absolutely no action is taken.

Everyone in the justice system turns a blind eye, including the so called Justice Ombudstelle that have been informed about what has been going on from the beginning but which has refused to intervene.

The nature of the fake charges concerning the swine flu campaign also indicates that the Austrian government and Big Pharma are closely cooperating to eliminate critics.

The fraudulent charges appear to be related to my role in the swine flu vaccine campaign and so written as to discredit those people who warned others that there was no pandemic and that the vaccines were not tested – and who have been proved to have been right by inquiries held since.

All the signs are that Big Pharma and WHO as well as national governments are planning the next pandemic.

WHO has refused to take down its alert level from pandemic level 6. Theoretically, therefore, forced vaccinations and quarantines are still possible.

In addition, the people in the USA are facing unprecedented pressure to take the seasonal flu jab as part of the new Obamacare legislation. Novartis just announced it is shipping 40 million doses to the USA.

A seasonal flu jab campaign in Western Austrian had recently to be suspended because so many children had convulsions and even died.

The seasonal flu vaccine incorporating the swine flu virus that the increasingly sceptical people in the USA and Europe will be expected to take.

In addition, this episode shows a frightening light on the ease with which corrupt European government officials will be able to frame people – and we are talking potentially millions of people – under new terrorism laws.

No evidence is needed to frame someone even under current laws as my case shows. So how much less evidence will be needed to frame people under terrorism laws!

Anyone who has some piece of paper in their files that is classified as a terrorism document – such as screenshot from a website and an IP address — could well be arrested or have their bank account closed and be stripped of all their assets. Just owning some property could make you a target to be plundered. Because at the bottom line that it what it is all about: plunder of citizens through useless jabs, wars, financial crashes.

In Austria, under tough new terrorism laws that almost entered into force on August 1, there is even a two year jail sentence for “terrorism”. The definition is so broad that it includes almost anyone who expresses legitimate and founded criticism of government policies.

It is time for all freedom loving Europeans to wake up to the extent to which the basic freedoms and rights, also the right to a fair trial, have been eroded by governments corrupted to the core.



Austrian government INVENTS fake criminal charges to frame Jane Burgermeister: Heiner Lohmann emails in to say he never filed any charges

August 2, 2010

An email has just come in from Heiner Lohmann, resident in Germany, saying he never filed any criminal charges against Judge Michaela Lauer, as maintained in the letter from the corruption state prosecutor.

Heiner Lohmann said he himself is being persecuted by the German authorities for his opposition to the mass vaccination of his cows.

That strongly suggests the notion that the charges by Lohmann mentioned by the Austrian prosecutors have simply been invented out of thin air for one purpose only – and that is to bury my charges against them containing evidence of the manipulation of files and lies to frame me.

The aim of the invented charges appears to be to frame me by means of a fake set of hysterical charges allegedly by Heiner Lohmann that have been used to switch out my charges and that make me look like a dangerous conspiracy theorist and discredit the anti vaccine movement.

This is part of the email string with Heiner Lohmann in German where he says he never filed any charges.

2010/8/2 Heiner Lohmann <>

Nein, ich habe keinerlei Anzeige erstattet, nicht gegen Sie oder sonst jemanden.
Ich kenne Christine Cote aus Österreich über einen Verteiler und ich habe mich wie einige wenige andere für die Freilassung von Natascha Koch und Harald Matschiner vor kurzer Zeit schfriftlich eingesetzt.
Vielleicht ist es eine absichtliche erfundene Anzeige….. keine Ahnung, was sich hier abspielt.

jane burgermeister schrieb:

Sie haben keine anzeige erstattet?

Das ist wahnsinn!

Der Brief sagt sie haben es erstattet.

Oder ein Heiner Lohmann von unbekannten Addresse.

Haben diese Leute dann die Anzeige erfunden?

2010/8/2 Heiner Lohmann <>

Frau Bürgermeister, ich habe keinerlei Anzeige erstattet, es sei denn, es gibt unter dem Namen Heiner Lohmann, eine andere Person mit anderer Adresse.
Ich werde selbst aufgrund einer Zwangsimpfung meiner Rinder (die einzigste Zwangsimpfung der Blauzunge in Deutschland) von den Behören bedrängt.
Ich habe keinerlei Erklärung für diese Zusammenhänge!!