4 July 2010



Dear Johann,

Whilst I acknowledge the work you have put into, previously as webmaster for the ‘official’ Jane Burgermeister website, it is my considered opinion that it is NOT appropriate for you to effectively trade on Jane’s name and previous work, by continuing to use and put up articles such as this:
“The list of 10.000
“10.000 names is on the list. this is the hit list, the list of people to take out, remove, kill, hide, kidnap, jail or whatever your imagination or intuition tells you to do. They are only 10.000! They are about to kill several hundred millions of us. We are many, they are few. When we have removed these 10.000 the world will very quickly be a better place and no one will be able to channel the orders from the dark lords, and they will completely loose their grip on humanity.”
How will these 10.000 individuals be identified and who will get rid of them?
If a list was published, they would be warned, the publisher of the list would soon be dead and nothing would be achieved. If an organization or several organizations was started to get rid of the 10.000, they would soon be identified and overtaken and eradicated as is done with all such organizations. In fact, organizations is what the dark masters are best at controlling.
So no list – no organization, just awakened warriors of humankind using their knowledge, wisdom, understanding, compassion, intelligence and love of humanity. If you are one such warrior, you already know where to look, maybe you have targeted one of the 10.000 already.
“It is not easy to take a life – it simply is not easy! Physically, emotionally, mentally, ideologically, spiritually, technically or practically. So make sure you pick one from the list and make sure you double check and triple check you got one on the list. Then do it without revealing yourself in any way. Behave naturally. Surf the web, have a job, eat normal food, be a nobody with no specifics and place yourself in a position in time and space where you can make the kill. Don’t team up with anyone. let no one know what you are about to do. Be sure of your target. Act when you know the time is right. Your own life matters little but if you can, save it. We are many, they are few.”

This is the way humanity finally will defend itself against this utlimate attack. It is like activated white blood cells in an organism that finally gets their targets and goes to action.
Remember – no organization, no contact with anyone about your plans, be normal, act normal and choose your target with utmost precision. Never trust any published list of 10.000. That list only exist in the minds of the army of humanity. You have to guide yourself and do so wisely. You take on a role in humanity with great responsibility.
A sleeping and hidden army as awakening and humanity will defend itself and choose a completely different leadership. You know in your heart if you are part of this warrior army and you know in your heart what you have to do to save millions of lives and future generations of evolving human beings. You know and understand karma.
This is your marching order. Walk in peace and do what you have to do. The time is now”
Jane is currently under attack, and by effectively taking over what was the ‘official Jane Burgermeister’ website, with links still to Jane, you are undermining her and her work, in quite a treacherous way, in my considered opinion Johann.
If you want to put forward effectively ‘agent provocateur’ articles such as the ‘List of 10,000′ Johann, I suggest you set up your own website, and don’t link it in any way to or Jane Burgermeister.
You will just give the authorities the excuse they are looking for to crack down on those of us who are trying tell the truth.
Your ‘personal’ comments about Jane, at this time, in my view, are just playing into the hands of the Austrian authorities.

What I think would be the right and proper thing to do Johann, would be to remove all articles after the 13 June 2010 from website, then archive it.
That way it would be the historical record of the fight that stopped the 2009 $WINE FLU SCAM and the great work that was done, including your own Johann.
If is no longer the ‘official Jane Burgermeister’ website – in my view – you should no longer be using it Johann.
End of story.


Penny Bright
Media Spokesperson
Water Pressure Group
Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ for Metrowater, water and Auckland regional governance matters.
“Anti-corruption campaigner”
Auckland Mayoral candidate


Johan Niklasson says:                                                    

July 4, 2010 at 1:36 pm

Dear Penny                                                                     

Thank you for your input and opinions. There are many things you seem completely unaware of and therefor it makes no sense for me to publicly debate this issue with you. You are welcome to e-mail me aalways.

Best Regards
Johan Niklasson