The American Matrix – Official Movie Trailer

Watch and download the shocking new 2 hour film by B.A. Brooks. This 2010 release is a follow up to "The Decline And Fall Of America" which was released in 2008. "The American Matrix – Age Of Deception" details news items that all people should be aware of such as the economic collapse of The United States and the formation of the a New World Order. See what has really been going on in America today and the world we live in. Is the USA headed down a road to fascism? Will the dollar be replaced by a new world currency? Staring: George Bruch, Alan Keyes, David Icke, Steven Crowder,Chuck Baldwin, Lou Dobbs, Barack Hussein Obama and Drinking With Bob. – IMDB

The American Matrix – Age Of Deception (2010)

B.A. Brooks | MySpace Video

The Decline And Fall Of America (2008)

B.A. Brooks | MySpace Video