Voters Reject Notion That “Government Can Do Anything It Likes”

84% opposed to views expressed by pro-Obamacare Congressman

Steve Watson
Friday, Aug 6th, 2010

Voters Reject Notion That Government Can Do Anything It Likes 060810stark











A Rasmussen poll indicates that an overwhelming eighty-six percent (86%) of voters nationwide say there should be “limits on what the federal government can do”, in response to recent comments from pro-Obamacare Congressman Pete Stark.

Following criticism surrounding the constitutional basis of government run health care, Stark told an audience at a town hall meeting in Hayward California that the federal government had the power to do anything.

An attendee asked Stark to explain his claim that health care was now a right rather than a privilege in light of the fact that government imposed Obamacare “infringes the inalienable rights of other people” under the Constitution. The attendee pointed out that to mandate others to provide a service was a form of slavery and therefore violated the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

“The federal government – yes – can do most anything in this country,” responded Stark, a statement that prompted a loud chorus of dissent from the crowd.

Watch the clip:

The Rasmussen poll reveals, however, that just nine percent (9%) of people across virtually all partisan and demographic lines share this view.

The poll clearly shows that Stark was voicing a view shared only by the Political Class of the country, who voted 54% to 43% that the government should be allowed do anything it likes.

Further Rasmussen polls indicate that most voters nationwide continue to favor repeal of the health care law.

While 72% of mainstream voters oppose the health insurance mandate, 83% of the Political Class think it’s a good idea.